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TGIFriday Faves.

Oh heck yes! It’s Friday and that deserves some sort of celebration. I am in need of my chill weekend time for sure. Running, maxin’ and relaxin’ and good times with friends! Can’t wait.

Let’s get to the faves from this week!

-Scoping out summertime party recipes on Pinterest. I’m pretty sure I need to be making this pineapple salsa immediately.


-Tina’s post on HRG about something every runner needs to do. Preach, girl!

-A fun happy hour jaunt with my run club. I never thought running in 98 degree heat could be so enjoyable. First running, then wine.


-Pretty maxi dresses like this one…I kind of get never tired of maxis. Even though they are basically just crotchless yoga pants. Gotta love it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.39.17 AM

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone going on summer vacation/weekend getaway soon?
I’m thinking a visit to down to the TX hill country for some wine tasting would be nice. Hmm…

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TGIFriday Faves.

Who’s excited for Friday? Oh yeah, that would be me…got me doing the Friday dance kinda like this.

Looks like we may have some cooler weather coming…should be good to go to get my running in.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.18.47 AM

And we all know I have to get my running in. Happy running…happy Chelsea. See, even Kristen Wiig agrees.

Let’s get to my faves this week!

-Kind of digging this poncho. I have an odd obsession with these things lately via Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.10.50 AM

Pumpkin chili…yum yum…might have to throw this in the crockpot this weekend.

9 thoughts you immediately have after a big race. The last one…for sure. I’m addicted.

10 signs you’re having a love affair with your phone. Me, always.

These brown boots for fall. Gimme gimme.


What are you loving lately? Doing anything fun this weekend?

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TGIFriday Faves.

Oh yes, I am. In la la love.
TGIF! I am doing a little boogie in my office right now that kind of looks like this…
Hope you have some fun in store for your weekend! I will definitely be letting my hair down a little bit. Looking forward to some running and relaxation for sure!
Let’s backtrack to my faves this week…
The 28 Funniest Notes Written by Kids in 2013. This kid and I would without a doubt be best friends.
Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 8.34.49 AM
-Awesome workout clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I bought this outfit on a whim on my way to sub a spin class and I’m totally digging the pink and black…and of course the leopard. The guy at the front desk kept calling me fancy pants.
Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 8.58.08 AM
-I definitely don’t plan on doing any Christmas baking due to laziness but if I made anything it would be this cookie. Just because they look pretty.
-Speaking of pretty…this Bobbi Brown set for shimmery eyes. Hot for the holidays.
-I love me some John Legend. And I seriously have a girl crush on his wifey (check out her blog btw). This song…I could put it on repeat forever and ever.
-Coffee is back in my life this week. It gives me happy vibes.
15 Strange Things Runners Do. Love every one of these.
What’s on tap for your weekend? Any strange things you (or your runner friends) do on a run? 
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A Great Tactic and Weds Spin Playlist.

The holiday gift exchange/purse party last night was too much fun! It’s always crazy when you get a room full of women fighting for merchandise. We went around the room and got to pick wrapped bags from under the tree. Well…you could choose to do that or just steal someone’s bag that was already open. Once the bag is stolen twice it’s considered ‘dead’. I had my eyes on a beautiful brown Jessica Simpson bag but it was jacked from me! So I ended up with this black Steve Madden. I actually love it though and I definitely needed a cute new black purse so I went home happy.
This morning I slept in (oops) until about 7:15 am. A great tactic to trick yourself into doing speedwork is to wake up late and still try to squeeze your run in before work. 4 quick miles on the ‘mill.
8:25 overall pace. Finished at a 6 minute pace. 6 minute pace?! Who am I? I don’t ever think I’ve run at level 10 on a treadmill. Um, like EVER. Crazy town.
Tonight I’m teaching spin and I have a new playlist to bring along with me. Lots of twerk-able tracks to keep you goin’.
Give it All U Got- Lil Jon feat Kee: Warm up
Let the Groove Get In- Justin Timberlake: Standing run/double time at chorus
Do What U Want- Lady Gaga feat R. Kelly: Climb 7/8/9
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)- Pitbull: Sprints
Push the Feeling On- Nightcrawlers: Active recovery
Young and Beautiful (Cedric Gervais Remix): Lana del Rey: Rolling hills
Let it Whip- Dazz Band: Jumps
Tom Ford- Jay-Z: Rolling hills
Let it Roll- Flo Rida feat Lil Wayne: Jumps on a hill 7/8/9
Glamorous- Fergie: Easy run
Right Now- Rihanna: Accelerations
Feel this Moment (Reidiculous Remix)- Christina Aguilera feat Pitbull: Recover 1 min, back to rolling hills
Hold On We’re Going Home- Drake: Jumps
Feel So Close- Calvin Harris: Climb 8/9/10/11
Miley Cyrus- Ying Yang Twins: Downhill to 7, 30 second sprints to finish
Bad Habits- Maxwell: Cool down
Any twerk-able songs you are loving right now? Have you ever been to a gift exchange type of party? 
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Surviving the Storm and Leopard is a Neutral…Wknd Recap.

Back to the grind today…feels good to be out of the house after surviving the Texas Icepocalypse winter storm!
What would a Monday be without leopard?
Definitely. Best quote ever.
I have to say I did make the most of my 3 day weekend…lots of running on the ‘mill since the streets were covered in ice…smashed some NTC workouts…and pretty much ate every item I had in my house…including these yummy strawberries. 1 carton gone in less than 2 days. YUM.
Friday was a rest day, then Saturday morning I was up for 12 miles while catching up on some of my shows.
Also threw some weights in there for good measure. Did lotsa plank rows, sumo squats, and tricep extensions.
Oh and I finally put the Christmas tree up! Love my sassy white tree with the purple accents.
Red wine by the Christmas tree is the best way to go when you are iced/snowed in.
Sunday I was up for 8 miles ending strong with an 8 minute pace. 20 miles total over the weekend.
How was your weekend? Do you like wine…like me? What’s your favorite vino?
Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?
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TGIFriday Faves.

I am definitely ready for a little down time this weekend to loosen up and have some fun. I have 12 miles to knock out tomorrow, followed up by some chill time and then dressing up to celebrate my friend Nat’s birthday at Wolfgang Puck!
Love this girl. She’s seriously my ride or die BFF. Can’t wait to celebrate her last year in her 20’s with her!
Let’s get on to my faves this week!
-These camel colored boots. They make my tootsies so happy.
23 Signs You’re a Morning Person. These are all embarrassingly me.
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 9.34.15 AM
-Nutritional yeast. I actually think that kind of sounds gross. I just call it nooch. It’s so good for you and I sprinkle it on everything. If I ever go vegan this will be a lifesaver. You can sprinkle it on stuff like pasta or popcorn and it kind of reminds me of parmesan cheese.
Fleece lined leggings? Need these in my life.
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 9.42.44 AM
-2 buck chuck. Yet another thing from Trader Joe’s that I’m loving this week. Post spin class pinot grigio is best served on the rocks…not with ice but with frozen strawberries.
-Getting my Asics winter running swag from Luke’s Locker. One of the awesome perks of volunteer coaching is we get some fun freebies. New pullover, jacket and running tights.
What are you up to this weekend? 
Is it chilly/snowing where you live? 
Temps are back in the 30’s for us!
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5 Day Weekend and a TILT.

Since I’m jet setting out tomorrow I thought I’d check in with you all before my 5 day weekend! Gotta love all those vacation days I’ve been stashing away. I am flying to Houston Friday morning to visit this hottie…should be fun.
TGIFriday Faves will have to be pushed up a day so I’m doing a TILT – Things I love Thursday!
This week I have been loving…
-A little boost of early bird endorphins to get the day cranked up. This morning’s 6 mile run was no exception.
-I saw my absolute favorite fall candy in the gas station the other day. Brach’s is the best brand of candy corn hands down. I was too excited and had to yank it off the shelf.
-Sporting a brand new Essie shade this week from their fall collection…’For the Twill of It’. It’s a shimmery grey that changes colors in the light like a mood ring. Remember those?
-High low dresses. Loved this one I tried on the other day…so lightweight and comfy.
-Tuscan white bean hummus. I attacked nearly half of this last night after teaching spin class. It’s way too good.
Happy Labor Day weekend! See you all next week.
What do you have planned for the long weekend? 
Visiting my honey in Houston…12 mile run in Memorial Park…bbqing and chillin’ out.
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TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday! Let’s do the TGIF dance. Whatever that looks like. I am thinking something like the cupid shuffle or maybe the wobble…
Finally the long weekend is upon us! Hope you’re doing something fun. I was up early this morning to kick things off with an 8 mile run. Humid, warm, a little bit of a breeze.
Sun peeking through the clouds to greet me good morning.
Moving on…what am I loving this week? A few things…
Stacked bracelets from Stella & Dot. I especially am loving the spiked ones. Love me some arm candy.
Skinny funfetti cookies. I made some for my mom last weekend and they were a big hit.
Running in my pink Newtons. They are like my power shoes this week.
Signature necklaces…how cool is that? Have your loved one tatted on your neck at all times.
Praying this week for Oklahoma. Lots of ways you can help out those in need here.
Stalking this girl’s Pinterest for yummy eats and inspiration. Holding onto this quote.
Getting off early from work then I’m off for the quick hour long flight to to see my sweetheart!
Have an fantastic weekend.
What are you doing this weekend? Anyone traveling or going somewhere fun? 
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TGIFriday Faves.

Gosh I love Fridays. Don’t you?
Hope you all had a marvelous week! I am ready for the weekend for sure. Time to kick back, relax…oh and more time in the day to RUN!
Today’s my rest day…oh how I love rest days. Recharging the batteries for tomorrow’s 11 mile run. Pretty pumped about it.
Let’s talk about my favorites this week…besides you guys, of course.
-Maxis and jean jackets. This outfit is basically my work day go to right now. Very lucky I get to dress pretty casual at the j-o-b….easy breezy.
-Loving this nude shade for spring and summer. OPI’s Care to Dance. Love all the sassy nail polish names.
I also kind of wish this was a real job because I would apply for it.
-Kind of wanting to make these cookies. I really have to stop looking at this girl’s blog because I want to make EVERYTHING she makes. All about it.
And just in case you need a good laugh…check out this little throwback of me getting my cert for Hip Hop Hustle. I’m the one hiding in the background on the right in red.
Have a fabulous Friday!
What are you doing this weekend? Anyone racing or long running it? 
What’s your favorite spring fashion (or running) essential? 
Do you like to dance?
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TGIFriday Faves.

Finally Friday! So ready for the weekend. I am already starting to count down the days til I get to visit the BF in Houston for Memorial Day and the start of SUMMER! It will be here before you know it.
My faves this week –
Morning runs by the lake. My time to reflect, ponder the day, and pound the pavement a bit. Plus how could you ever get tired of this view? Hasn’t happened yet.
Essie nail polish. I can’t wait to add to the collection. So many yummy colors.
This shirt. Describes me to a T as I am quite the party animal during the work week.
Watermelon and feta? Sign me up. Anything with feta or goat cheese and I’m on board.
Blushing a little bit at being able to Ship my Pants.
These triathlon ready Asics Gel Noosa running shoes. Just slip ’em on and go. I have a love affair going on with Asics plus the colors are so right up my crazy alley.
This Trader Joe’s find. I am loving coconut anything lately. I must warn you though they are addictive and delicious.
Statement necklaces. Because every girl needs a little bit of sparkle in her life.
What are you up to this weekend? Are you going to spoil your mama silly for Mother’s Day? What’s your favorite running shoe?