Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s cloudy HUMID run was quite blissful! I saw just a little bit of color in the sky peep out so I had to get a shot before it went back into hiding.

I’m back to loving getting up extra early. Mostly because of these HUMA gels. My Amazon shipment came in and I have to say I’m loving these little packets of happy. Chia gels for the win.

Down here in Texas our Memorial Day weekend is looking like lots of rain but there may be a few rain breaks. I’m really needing some pool time so hoping the sun does make an appearance.

I’ve decided to hold off on paying for virtual runs mostly because I really have been loving running on my own timetable. It’s helping me fall back in love again not having such a strict schedule. And I have STRAVA and running friends for the accountability part.

A small part of me does hope that the Hachie 50 still happens in October though. It may not happen but it’s local so I think I’ll keep my name on the list just in case. If not – there’s always 2021! Damn I miss me some ultras.

Who has a super long weekend coming up?! I know weekends don’t really feel all the same since the quarantine but I really am looking forward to some time off from slaving away with work. I may even just try to clock out a little early tomorrow.

Plus a little funny for your Thursday. YES. This is so Texas. Mmm brisket.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Today’s run was absolutely splendid! It’s amazing what a change in route will do. It was nice and hot and there were a few hills to climb also which made me very happy.

I really do love changing up my routes for running especially lately with things being so dull lately in the quarantine. I feel like maybe it’s because it’s one thing I have control over right now?? Not sure.

I finally went to my local ENT/allergy specialist (with mask and all of the things ON) and they sucked my ears clean with this awesome vacuum thingy. I had a blockage in my ear that I couldn’t get out on my own. It was incredible and I don’t think I’ve ever heard so well in my ENTIRE LIFE. HA. 5 stars highly recommended.

Where my allergy sufferers at?! Let’s moan and complain about the pollen and rant together. Everyone also likes to cut the grass when I’m out running. It’s just lovely.

I’m looking forward to free time from work this weekend. I actually think my pool is going to open up soon too (social distancing style) so I may have to make a visit there soon. I’m working on my tan.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

I am back from a short hiatus…it was my birthday on Sunday so I took a little time off from the blogosphere! I’ve still been getting my runs in and enjoying the amazingly splendid weather. Seriously, this view?! Could not get any more amazing.

I think the gym is going to slowly but surely start incorporating the instructors back to teach classes!! I am SO VERY READY to get back to teaching my spin class. Teaching is probably one of my top passions in life and I feel so off without it. Miss my tribe.

Of course the bikes will have to be social distancing style. I’ve been off of the spin bike for so long now though, I wonder if it will feel funny to be back in the saddle again?! I guess you can’t forget how to ride an indoor bike. HA. Muscle memory.

I’m going to have to get on someone’s boat soon. Or be on or nearby someone’s pool or a body of water. Probably this weekend. It is going to be temperatures in the 90s on Saturday. Time to get the swimmy suits out.

I need a hot pink mask with diamonds on it. Someone point me in the direction of how I go about getting one.

Tell me something random about your week?? Is your state going to start opening back up businesses soon?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend yet again. This morning I got up and got a little sunlight and fresh air which was quite glorious. Miles for breakfast.

Let’s share some randomness today, cuz we can.

I still keep going back and forth in my head whether or not I want to do my birthday run. 36 miles…I gotta start taking up bike riding outdoors to make this easier. HA. I mean I do have a good track record like here and here and here. But it’s not like I’m going to get an ultra buckle or anything.

The weather has been freaking amazing for running though. I’ve been run streaking and loving every minute of it.

I’m craving sushi lately something SERIOUS. I know….it’s my fave so when I haven’t had it in a while the hankering comes back. I need to hit up some curbside service to go. Maybe tonight.

I seriously do not know what I’m going to do if I can’t go to the pool this summer. Should I get one of those plastic pools or something? Something to think about.

Also, this. I think I’m going to make my eyebrows my priority this weekend.

Share some randomness with me! Ladies have you been struggling in the beauty department with this quarantine going on?!

I guess I’m not seeing a whole bunch of people so it shouldn’t matter but I just like to BE cute for ME! What can I say.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve been getting my sunshine runs in on the daily which has been much needed for this quarantine craziness. I seriously think I would lose my mind without the sunshine. Vitamin D for the win.

This week has been crazy busy work wise but my ZOOM chats with my girls have been keeping me a float! Seriously do not know what I would do without good girlfriends in my life. It has been hard to stay in touch with people but times like these definitely make you realize the REAL ONES. Real recognize real that is for dang sure.

I found a nice sized bottle of hand sanitizer the other day and I am telling you it legit was the highlight of my day!! Never mind that I paid 8 freaking dollars for it.

How are y’all feeling about races lately? Do you think our fall marathons will be canceled?! I certainly hope not but also the virtual runs are not that exciting sounding to me like they were a week ago. Still planning on doing my birthday run come hell or high water.

Share some rants with me today! Or something random. What did you have for breakfast??
Breakfast tacos on corn tortillas. They are my jam lately.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was all too lovely with a nice breeze in the air. Pretty much spring time perfection. Can’t all days be like this? Love it.

-I am starting to truly embrace morning runs again especially since the entire community likes to walk their dogs in the evenings which is quite the ridiculous scene. I mean it get it — you all are cooped up all day in the home but my goodness. I think it defeats the purpose of social distancing if we are on top of one another on the sidewalk.

Because of what I mentioned above I’ve also been finding new routes all over the neighborhood in order to avoid people. Shakes the routine up a bit too.

I had a virtual happy hour with some of my favorite running buddies. Which was AWESOME. Many more of these to come.

Oh, and I got an entry into the Marine Corps Marathon!! It will be my 31st marathon and enter me into their VIP Runner’s Club (if you run MCM 5x it gets you automatic entry). Woohoo for that.

How are y’all holding up?! Share something random with me today?
My nails are atrocious. I’m going to soak them off soon but I just broke one nail yesterday. Can’t wait to get my nails done when this is all over.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been rather balmy for running down in Texas! We are slated to get close to 90 degrees today. I’ve been trying to find as much shade as possible. Plus all of the trees are lush and green. Loving this view.

Well, since my TV job as a producer/writer (yep, fun fact) is considered an ‘essential business’ (media) I have been working in the office. I keep my doors all the way closed while I write and ARM MYSELF with all of the cleaning things. Do what I gotta do for now. Blessed and thankful to stlll be working. What can I say.

Is it just me or is everyone and their grandma outdoors lately? I will be honest I try to avoid the main parts of the park for this very reason. I have been finding new routes lately which is great. People outside with their germs make me nervous.

It also doesn’t help that allergy season is very real. Please be nice to those of us who have allergies. We are gentle souls who mean well.

This quarantine activity book is forever cracking me up.

Plus a little funny for your Thursday.

Share something lighthearted and funny with me! I need some good news.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! Hope you all are staying safe and surviving these crazy times!! And hopefully getting your RUN on a bit. Let’s chat about some stuff that’s random! Just because we can.

It is interesting to see how the elites are handling the whole quarantine thing! I for one know I’ve had to cancel lots of events lately. But hey, this incredible SPORT called running – it cures all of the worries. Trips will always be there.

Yes, Desi. I feel you sis.

Lately I’ve been thinking about not super upping my mileage for my up and coming race (if it even happens). Part of it is that I just feel like I’ve run so many ultras in the last few years and I want to be more mentally in this game this go round. We shall see. Just hoping this whole Corona situation settles down before May.

I signed up for MCM (lotto) in October! Well the lottery at least. This will be the 5th time I’ve run MCM (and my 31st marathon) if I get in which qualifies me for their veterans Runner’s Club. I also am thinking about Brazos Bend 100 in December. YES. It’s official. I miss 100 milers.

A little funny for Thursday.

Stay happy y’all! And be well.

How are y’all holding up?! Share some randomness with me today!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week for running has been downright glorious! A tad humid especially this morning but still sunny. Yesterday was almost 90 degrees! Time to find me a pool (and a grill) somewhere.

Why does grilled food always taste better when guys do it?! I just like to sit and look pretty while a man cooks my food on the grill. Just saying.

Do not know about you but about 90 percent of my plans this weekend have been canceled due to the CORONA. The other 10 percent is running.

Thankful that my sport can mostly be done alone without human contact haha. Introverts unite. Actually I am more of an AMBIVERT but I’m letting my inner introvert shine bright right about now.

Share some randomness with me today! Are u an introvert, extrovert? Both??

Both. The only child in me wants to forever be introvert but I also love me some keep it real people.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The trees are blooming everywhere down here in Texas lately which has been lovely for the morning runs. Yay for the springtime feels. I saw the one above after my jaunt this morning and it made me smile.

What doesn’t make me smile though – I haven’t seen my TEXAS BLUEBONNETS anywhere yet. Last time I saw them at the end of February?! And the place that I see them on my usual route is desolate. Oh bluebonnets, where have you gone?

I may have to make my way out to this bluebonnet festival just to see them.

Allergies have been in full effect lately. There’s all kinds of sinus stuff going on. Gotta love that (HA) especially for running.

I’ve been enjoying all of my slower ‘time on my feet’ runs lately. They’ve been good for my mind body and soul. And for my ‘higher mileage’ building. Still building back up.

I’ve also been enjoying my ‘Tina Turner’ wild hair. These are hair extensions but I am loving them and you may be seeing me wearing more of them soon. At least until summer when I can sport my all natural curls. Cheers to changing up the hair and being fabulous.

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