Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! It is one of my favorite days of the week…that would be random thoughts Thursday!! Let’s rant and rave and talk about all of the things today…in no particular order…so gather ’round!! 

For whatever reason this week just seems longer than ever. I am also annoyed by anything and every little thing and I do not know why. Like I almost went AWF yesterday when this girl at the front desk at the gym looked at me all up & down like I was not an instructor coming back behind the desk to get the mic to sub a class. You think I’m coming back behind the desk for what?!! To steal protein powder heffa?? But…anyyywaysss…I am OVERJOYED that I will be getting a massage tomorrow evening because all will be happy and well in the world. Woo-sah.

Isn’t this photo of 2018 Boston Marathon winner Des Linden the best?! One of my training buds ran the Boston Marathon and his wife captured this awesome photo so just thought I’d share it. She just looks so focused man!! That weather looked crazy too. Love me some Desi. 

Next week is my BIRTHDAY WEEK (holla holla) and I’ve already taken Thursday off (which is the actual day) but not Friday?? I guess I didn’t think that one through. I think I’m going to take Friday off too…so I can have a SUPER long luxurious weekend next weekend. Yaaaas. Genius. Hopefully I can get away with sneaking in an extra vacation day. My boss is usually pretty nice about this stuff so we shall see. Lord knows I need the stay-cation DO ME time. 

I’m starting to realize that I need to listen to a little bit of gangsta type music to get through the day. Specifically Cardi B’s new album has been getting me by. It’s just so catchy. Cardi B you sure do know how to crank out those BOPS. 

RBF is kind of my favorite Instagram selfie pose at the moment. I think someone said smiling causes wrinkles anyway? Serious RBF face is where it’s at. If you don’t know what RBF is you can google it. You’re welcome. 

What are some of your random thoughts this week!? 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday! This is the day that we dish on all of the latest and greatest in rants/confessions/whatever!! It is a no judgement zone. Okay, I may judge you a little bit. It’s okay, feel free to judge me too. So…mostly no judgement zone then? I stand corrected.

Let’s get to it…

We are getting into that time of year again in Texas where the humidity is insanely thick and all of the big nasty bugs are out. I LOVE me some springtime temps but the one thing I don’t love about the warmer weather down here are the life sized flies flying around. I am constantly desperately trying to keep all of my doors and windows shut tight so one doesn’t fly into my car or home. And don’t even get me started about mosquitoes trying to bite me while running like I am some sort of caramel mocha crunch frappuccino. Apparently I am just that tasty.

If I see one more dog off leash I just may lose it. Why people think it is okay for their mutts to run free all willy nilly in a public place with people running around is completely beyond me? This and people who just block sidewalks walking really slow. Drives me absolutely freaking nuts. Lately I have just been jingling my keys at people walking all slow on the lake to tell them to move out of the effing way.

Okay, confession – I have a separate IG account that I don’t have anyone added but people that I don’t know that post FUNNY memes and videos. And I love to just log into it all incognito and find funny stuff to like. Hey, it is nice to take a break from the RUN/workout/I’m a hero IG account that is my main one. Some days I don’t want to see how many miles you ran or the 80th friend of mine that is currently pregnant. I love ya but need a break. K thanks.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to dance while working. Actually this makes my creative mind flow even more to be able to listen to music and dance while I work. Or WERK I should say. It’s okay my office mates totally get it and now ignore me because they are used to my A.D.D. quirks.

The other day I was uploading my Strava runs and I also have a “thing” where I have to post a pic even if it is like a screenshot of the song I was listening to on the run. Strava would NOT upload my pics and I swear time stopped for like 30 minutes. I also get agitated when my Garmin sync does not want to work. And then when it finally clicks and does start working again, I take a blissful exhale and all is well with the world. First world problems. You feel me.

A friend asked me what I was doing for my birthday (woohoo for the April babies! Mine is 4/26) and I seriously told her that my wish list had running and brunch on it. Done and done. Honestly I don’t know how people plan extravagant parties or outings for themselves over the age of 28? I mean hey I’m all for celebrating YOUR birthday but I feel shy throwing something for myself. Also I am entirely too lazy and don’t like that kind of attention. I DO know that running is definitely on the agenda though. It’s either run my birthday in minutes or miles like last year. We shall see. HA.

And that’s my time, y’all.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Can I get a YAY for random thoughts Thursday!? Yes…this is that day of the week where we dish on the randomness…rants, confessions, it is all welcome here!! So let’s get straight to it.

This weekend I am running a trail marathon which is hilarious because it has been a hot minute since I’ve done any type of trail running. I have definitely been pounding the pavement lots and keeping the weekly mileage high though. So this should be a nice time to get back on the dirt path. Plus, I mean seriously you cannot beat a FREE race especially when it is on trails. I am actually using it more as a training run for my next Hachie 50 miler. You gotta love it when a MARATHON is actually your training run? and not the real race.

I think that those little Alexa devices are too funny and also very terrifying all at the same time. I was at a friend’s house last night and did not realize you could talk to people through the device? So the person on there heard everything I was saying…I guess when the mic is open you can just call someone up and start talking on there even if the other person doesn’t want to talk to you. I thought it was just for the internet or something like Siri. Clearly I’m way behind on technology.

I’m really loving the spring temps in Texas…I mean truly they are incredible for running. I know for sure I’m going to miss these days in a few short months when it is 4383437 degrees outside. Texas summer doesn’t play around.

How creepy was this YouTube lady shooter that killed herself…seriously people have just lost it nowadays. I guess she was a vegan bodybuilder or something. The power of social media and how crazy it makes people just baffles me.

I just downloaded WhatsApp for my phone (really it was for work purposes) and I really love it. We are working on an international project and it is just so easy to use and doesn’t use up all your data on your phone in the process like texting does. It is a win win.

I used to be one of those people that was really bad at turning down events and said yes to any and everything…but lately I have been embracing the power of no. Anything that feels more like an obligation and less like something I actually want to do…yeah goodbye. Erase, delete unfollow. I love it.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to you! Yes, it is the day that we rant, rave and just talk about the randomness! Because we can. So feel free to grab a snack, cup of coffee and/or vino (depending on what time it is) and let’s hop to it!

People that talk to you when you have headphones on. I am not understanding what the logic is in this?? I mean, literally just walk up to you and start talking like I am not blasting music in my ears. At least be polite and kind of gauge if I can hear you or not before you start blabbing at the mouth about whatever it is that you want. Manners…thank you.

Are you a snooze button fanatic? I think it is a tease to be able to take like a 5 or 10 minute nap after pressing the snooze button. Because for some reason 5 minutes always turns into 45 and then I am late for everything. I would rather just go to bed early then get up when the alarm goes off to start my day. Seriously, going to bed early is probably one of my favorite things in life. Hashtag life in your 30s.

Is it boujee to want to have a maid to clean my apartment? For real, I feel like I need a cleaning lady at least once a month just to kind of keep things tidy during my busy work weeks. My problem is I like running more than cleaning my apartment. HA…just take care of the basics for me and we will be fine.

I feel like every runner on Instagram must have paparazzi follow them around all day to take these incredible action shots of them running. Either that or a pretty epic self timer? I’m totally guilty of using the self timer a time or three.

My GPS has an Australian accent and I think it is the best thing ever. I like the Australian lady better than the British one. Specifically because the British lady tells me to get on the “slip road” when I’m approaching the highway and it makes me uncomfortable. I think the term slip road is awkward. And kind of sounds dangerous? I would rather just “proceed to the ramp” like the Aussie lady says.

My obsession with YouTube is very real. I cannot even tell you the last time I turned on my tv other than to watch Real Housewives. There is plenty of ridiculousness on YouTube for me to look at and be entertained for hours. Like a kid on Christmas morning. Well, except for when there are commercials.

What are some random thoughts you have this week?! I want to hear it all.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Oh yes, it is one of my favorite days of the week. RANDOM thoughts Thursday!! And yes, I have lots of things to unpack today so buckle up! It will be a bumpy ride.

Well, spring has SPRUNG and I have to say that I have the ultimate spring fever. I just want to go outside, play all day and do minimal work. Which doesn’t quite work out because…I have TWO jobs. Yeah. So much for the whole play all day thing. I am not home until 8 PM most nights since I teach classes after my 9 to 5 at the gym. At least I have weekends off.

I am FED UP with the maintenance people at my apartment complex. My shower is backed up for the second time and I thought they came in and fixed it a week ago. I think the folks that do maintenance are just lazy because a lot of times I will ask for things to get done only to have them come back and do it again? When I moved into my apartment the door knob broke off (like came off, in my hand) THREE TIMES in a row, I kid you not. I am about ready to throw in the towel.

To top it off I’m paying $1200 a month now for a 1 bedroom. I know those of you on the east coast might think this is a steal, but in Texas it is not. I may as well just buy a house.

The only thing keeping me there is the fact that I live right by this. It is sheer heaven. Now you know why I am running every second that I get. I think I need to just pitch a glam tent on the lake and live life out there like a gypsy. It would be cheaper for sure.

The ONLY thing keeping me on Facebook right now is the fact that I feel like my event calendar and life planner exists there. How else will I find out about my weekly social runs and run club events?

I am also so over people trying to carry on full blown debates and arguments on the internet. I mean, sometimes it is entertaining but I am not going back and forth over religion or politics with you.

This weekend I will be running the Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon…it will be like my 3928757th half marathon and probably the 6th or 7th time I’ve done this local race. I actually have lost count. I actually don’t see why people keep count of races that they do anymore. I wanted to do the whole run a marathon in 50 states thing…but honestly I think I will end up doing it on accident. Just because I love RACE-cations and going to different parts of the country to run.

I am really excited about running the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah this fall especially because I have not been there. For some reason I have felt a draw to go to Utah specifically in the last year or so. I want to go visit all the pretty parks and play in the canyons and mountains. That will be fun.

What are some random thoughts that you have this week? Spill it!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to random thoughts Thursday! This is the day where I dish on the latest and greatest in running related (and not so running related) material! So, without further ado…let’s get to what’s going on inside of my crazy mind lately.

I got my hair done yesterday before going on a date and can I just tell you how much I absolutely NEEDED that pampering session?! I kind of wish I could do this once a week but unfortunately income tax money only comes once a year. It was lovely though. See I even have a selfie to prove it.

-This is without a doubt my favorite time of year. I love it when the sunshine is loud and proud and I especially love the extra daylight in the evenings. It is making my double run days that much more fun.

How awesome is this coffee mug!? My favorite little coffee shop has the best ones. YOU GO GIRL. Great way to start the morning after a good run.

Of course, it is DARK AS ALL GET OUT in the mornings now though for my early runs. But it does help when you have your frans to get you up in the a.m. & knock it out.

I saw a coyote in broad daylight during my lunch run the other day. It was actually kind of funny because we both just kind of hung out there a sec and stared at one another for a bit. Like, we were both asking each other, “WTF are you doing…on MY trail?!” So finally I threw in the towel and re routed my run.

I am thinking about doing a BIRTHDAY RUN again this year. Yes, I will be turning the big 3-4. As most of my faithful readers know I ran 33 miles on my birthday last year. And it’s perfect training for my upcoming 50 miler. So I will probably have to take off work and make it happen. It’s either that or run for 34 minutes (HA) we shall see.

Okay – confession time, sometimes I just read blogs for the comments. Just me? People can be funny.

Also, if you do not have a little bit of a sense of humor I am probably not going to be an avid reader of your blog. Sorry not sorry. There is just too much seriousness out on earth right now. A sister needs a good laugh.

Maybe it is just that my IDAGF light shines a little brighter as I get older? Welcome to being in your 30s. It’s fun here.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?! Tell me any and everything! It is a no judgement zone. Usually.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi, hey and hello! It is my favorite day of the week. Random thoughts Thursday! This is the day that we just talk about any and everything under the sun, sometimes it is running related and other times it is definitely not! So let’s get to it…

My little breakfast run club is absolutely everything right now. You’ve gotta love reliable run buds, right? Well next week we have decided we are going to start up “track party” on Thursdays. I have been doing most of my faster runs and speed work on the roads lately so I’m actually so excited to get back on the actual track. I love the SOFTNESS of the track too!! It’s all bouncy and fun. Way better than the harsh pavement.

Are you a person who actually enjoys running on the treadmill? I am not going to judge you either way but I kind of wish I liked It more than I do. I am just a tad too A.D.D. to really feel like I am getting much accomplished via the ‘mill. I know people enjoy doing their speedwork sometimes on there? I used to do that back in the day so I could see how that may be enjoyable. But a long run on a moving belt while staring at the wall – you can forget that noise. I guess since we don’t have a ton of bad weather in the winter time I am never in a situation where I HAVE to use it. Oh well.

Do you know what drives me nuts?? When spellcheck continuously corrects what I type. YES I know it is not in your dictionary but trust me, “turnt” is a word. I don’t care about your little red line that is telling me that it isn’t. I do what I want.

Okay so there is still absolutely nothing that interests me on television (hashtag I’d rather be running) but I am back on a RHOBH/Beverly Hills housewives kick. I think I mostly enjoy this one because I feel like they are probably the most LEGIT of all of the housewives in terms of their wealth and living status. Their houses are just insane and I feel like I’m watching HGTV because I’m just in awe of all of it. Also, they have a new girl on there and her name is Teddi Mellencamp – yes she is John Mellencamp’s daughter. Love her! And I usually don’t like the newbies. I like the dynamic of the group this year.

Also, who remembers the dinner party with the crazy medium lady? I could watch that episode a million times. LOL that lady was a trainwreck.

Is it just me or are all Chipotles NOT created equal!? I love going there for my chicken/rice/veggie bowl but I have now realized I can only go to the location by my job. I’ve tried going to the one by my house but the kitchen in the back always looks messy and MORE THAN ONCE the rice has been undercooked. I am sorry but you are playing with my emotions, Chipotle. Get it together please.

I have been trying to hunt down this wine for the last week or so because a friend keeps telling me how amazing it is and I have a feeling I will never find it. Apothic Inferno. I love all of the Apothics I’ve tired thus far especially Apothic Red. Apparently the wine is aged in whiskey barrels and that just sounds incredible. I think it may be a seasonal item? Anyways if you all track it down please alert me ASAP. Not being able to find it is driving me nuts.

What is on your mind today? Tell me about the randomness!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and happy RANDOM thoughts Thursday to you! If you’re new here, this is a day where I share my deepest darkest thoughts and confessions…sometimes it is regarding running (because yes, this is a blog about that very topic) and sometimes it definitely is NOT!! So, stay a while, grab a snack or a cup of TEA and let’s go ALL IN, shall we?

First of all, I am tired and through and ready for it to STOP RAINING down in Texas. Last week, it rained basically every day and then this week has been a lot of the same. I’m starting to sound like a broken record talking about rain. And yes, when it rains in Texas it pours people. We will get torrential downpours, usually they are short bursts of rain thankfully but still annoying.

Running in the rain can be kind of lovely though. Cleansing to the body mind and soul. I prefer more drizzles than intense rain though.

I have some new readers lately which is kind of fun and also kind of funny at the same time. Mostly because I feel like new readers come in here and kind of read my blog and think, “WTF am I reading”? Yes, I am an ultrarunner who runs a lot. And I may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I am someone’s shot of whiskey! Keep reading and you will catch on to the crazy. I am like a train, jump on for the ride or you will get left. kthxbye.

Although I run a heck of a lot (and love it) I still love to help new runners and get new people motivated to run. So, I am going to start writing more “running for beginners” type posts, just kind of sprinkle ‘em in there. Because yes, you do have to start somewhere. I know I sure did…you can read my story here. I’m 8 years strong of ultra and marathon running, still rocking. Running and I have been through hell and back too. But build the foundation for that strong brick house and you can get better and increase your endurance. Patience. Promise.

Moving on – I mean I have to say as much as the Kardashians make me gag at times, my goodness do these folks make some pretty babies!! I love me some cutie pie mixed babies that is for sure. So freaking adorable. Loved the pics of Chicago West. Yes, I know it was a surrogate that popped that one out. But still cute.

Kombucha is quickly becoming my favorite beverage (next to wine). I think I have it at least 2-3 times a week now. They must put magic in those bottles. Organic probiotic goodness, so good for ya. This one is local and phenomenal.

I have kind of a pet peeve. Don’t get mad at me? But I get annoyed when people ask a lot of questions. I don’t mind questions in general but I feel like sometimes people just ask questions that they already know the answer to, to be annoying? Or maybe because they want to see your reaction. I’m just saying…Google is your friend Curious George. Do your research. End rant.

This is kind of how I feel when people ask questions that google can answer…HA. *walking away*

I also get annoyed when people TEXT you without a purpose. Like when they just text and say, “Hi” or “What are you doing – aka WYD”. What do you want? Please have a purpose when you text. This kind of explains how I feel perfectly. LOL.

I have lately been needing some new podcasts to listen to. NOT running ones, really. More like pop culture? I don’t really like listening to people talk about running while I’m running. I did find this interesting one though called “Missing Richard Simmons” (it was a short series) that I listened to while I was running and I was hooked. But now I’m done with that one. Give me some recommendations.

Tell me something random and/or rant about your week! Any good pop culture type podcasts I should listen to?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I don’t know about you, but I really get excited when Thursday comes around. Mostly because it is RANDOM thoughts Thursday and I enjoy spilling the tea (translation, this means dishing all the latest and greatest) on my life and just the craziness that goes on in this brain of mine. And yes, sometimes the talk is about running/fitness and sometimes it is not!! So let’s do the “it’s almost Friday” dance and get to it!

Have you all seen Black Panther yet?? I was actually supposed to go see it last weekend with my mama (we went Sunday thinking the crowds would not be as bad) and all of the theaters were sold out. It was insane. I did not know how many people were really checking for that movie! (Apparently I live under a rock sometimes) And now I will be seeing it this weekend but I kind of feel like that ODDball  that missed out on the opening weekend excitement. Did you like the movie? Don’t spoil it for me.

I bought some new shoes and they came in yesterday so I went for my 2nd run of the day to test them out. Yes, I think Brooks Running Pure Flow was made just for me. My feet love them. It has been raining ALL WEEK here (are we in Seattle?) so I am going to wait a few more days for the rain to clear out to test them some more. Yeah, because jumping in puddles and mud with colorful bright shoes on- no thanks. But, it is amazing how new shoes make your feet move a little faster.

I am an official pacer for the Cowtown 50k this weekend (Sunday) and super excited for that. I’ve been a pacer for a few races in the past (half and FULL marathons) but this will be the first time I’ve paced the ultra. Kinda nervous and excited for that all at the same time! 10 something pace is fairly slow for me lately so I have a feeling I will be looking at my watch a lot. Glad I have a pace partner. He actually ran the 100 miler with me last year so at least I’m pacing with someone I know.

Can we talk about how reckless drivers are in the mornings during early morning runs? This morning I ran with my buddy and we were dodging puddles like crazy because of all the rain – then almost got splashed several times by drivers. I really do think some drivers purposely drive through puddles to splash runners. Especially rednecks driving pickup trucks. Gotta love Texas.

Sometimes I really want to just delete all of my social media and focus on just blogging. I am NOT going to do that by the way (I am in TWO running clubs right now and would miss out on all of the social run invites talk about FOMO) but I have fantasies about it. I really still love blogging though. Do y’all watch vlogs? Maybe I should do some of those. I’m kind of shy and awkward though on camera, lol. Not sure how well that would go.

And there you have it!

Tell me some of your random thoughts this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well, it is RANDOM THOUGHTS Thursday and I have to say that I am here for it!! I hope you are having a great week so far. It is without a doubt that day of the week where I spill all of the latest and greatest on what is currently going on in my life right now. Sometimes it has to do with RUNNING (because yes, this is a running and fitness blog) and sometimes it definitely does not! So, come along for the ride…let’s go!

I fell like lately every blog post I am talking about the weather. But I kind of can’t help it because Texas weather has just been so up and down! Today, the high in Dallas is just about 80 degrees. I kid you not. When I heard that on the radio this morning, I just about went home to grab my swimsuit. Take me to the nearest pool please and thank you. Drink with an umbrella in it, in hand.

Never mind the fact that it was just about 20 degrees a few short days ago. Yeah, never mind that nonsense. I am more than ready for spring and my Texas bluebonnets to start popping up everywhere.

I’ve been listening to The Love Below album by Outkast this week. Love that album. “She Lives in my Lap” – on repeat. Ha, great song.

I love my new road running group. Like, I think they are all excellent and cool and really good looking. And also, I want to continue running with them until I qualify for Boston. So I can get a cool Boston jacket, you know like the popular kids/jocks in high school with the letter jackets?! Kinda like that. (I know some of you already have jackets that read my blog so don’t rub it in my face – my ego is fragile.) But, I am going to wait until the FALL to shoot my shot since I am only a few minutes off from a BQ. I do all of my long runs with them right now so I think that is helping. Until then, I will just keep running my 50 mile and 50k races and pounding the dirt path. Because, I love my trail running group too. It’s fun to have 2 groups to run with.

You know what is funny about TRAIL and ROAD runners?! You don’t have many hybrids. Meaning, runners that really enjoy and dabble in both surfaces. For instance, I do both ultras and then shorter road races. But then I talk to my good looking BQ roadie friends and they are all like, “Oh, NO I don’t do trails- that is too hard” or something to that affect. And then, the trail/mountain goats are all like “Road?! Pssh….trails are where it’s at. Who does road races anymore??” I’m telling you – there are very few runners that really like both. I feel like you are either good at one or really good at the other. I just so happen to like both. So I think I am a unicorn.

Speaking of unicorns, my mama bought me this unicorn for Valentine’s Day?! Isn’t it super cute – his name is Fluffy.

And there you have it!

Tell me something random about your week! What do you like better – road running or trails, or do you equally like both?