Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well it is one of my favorite days of the week…yes that would be random thoughts Thursday! I actually really like Thursdays because I feel like it is like all downhill rolling on into Friday and the weekend. And usually my Thursdays are productive and go by rather quickly. So that is a win win.

Plus well, today is actually my Friday (I‘ve got some vacation days to burn off before they re-up me in August) so hello Friday and lonnnng weekend.

Let’s get right into the randomness!

So my friend invited me to road trip it to the lake next week and I am super stoked because I have not been on a BOAT in ages. Probably the last time was when I went on a cruise ship and got violently ill. Anyway, this is going to be great. I am already getting my boat gear/bikini/attire whatever ready.

Speaking of cruises, how do y’all feel about them? I kinda feel like they are a waste of time. Because honestly if I am going to be going somewhere like Jamaica or the Bahamas I want to just go STRAIGHT there. Let’s cut out this boat middleman and business where we are on the ship playing card games/bingo and talent shows or whatever other foolishness they do on cruise ships these days. And of course I’m bias because I’ve been sick on one.

One of my friends from college really wants me to go on one with her. Maybe I’ll suck it up and try again one day. Just to prove to myself that I can do it. Ha.

I feel like I miss NEO soul music. Whatever happened to Kem, Maxwell, those guys? I feel like all of the good music has fallen to the wayside. Also getting tired of all of the mumble rap culture as of late. Sometimes I can get down with some Migos (only certain songs whilst partying) but Lil Uzi Vert/Fetty Wap whoever Tom Dick and Harry no. Just over it now. Give me old school all day every day.

You guys can I just say the best thing I’ve eaten in quite some time was CRAWFISH mac and cheese the other day. I feel like this is a southern thing. It is all in the name of carb loading for my 20 mile run this upcoming weekend. haha.

Um, this video was oddly intriguing to me (for some reason I could not stop watching it, losing brain cells and all) watching Kylie interview her baby daddy Travis Scott on facts about her to see if he knows her well. Apparently they hooked up and she got pregnant after a week of knowing each other…I am laughing at the fact that he doesn’t know all of the names of her DOGS? What a hot mess express.

That’s all folks!! 

Let’s talk about some of your random thoughts today! 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there! Welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday. Let’s get straight to it with the (running and non running related) rants and raves this week…just cuz we can and it’s fun.

It truly feels like THROWBACK Thursday today. As I type I’m listening to “Ghetto Superstar” on my Spotify. Anyone remember that song? Whatever happened to my girl Mya?? I so had a girl crush on her back in the day. Loved all of her songs for sure.

That fact makes me one to kind of create a #TBT playlist on the spot for teaching tonight’s spin class. Sometimes I will throw a bunch of random songs on there from the 90’s. My Irving classes love the throwback hits.

Speaking of spin class…we are dealing with more technical difficulties…YET AGAIN. Yeah, remember when I told you about the stereo issues we were having? Well they are back again. Tonight they are providing us with a portable speaker though while they make the stereo replacement. Good thing because I’m literally about to go AWF the next time this happens. I ain’t a killa, but don’t push me. Yep I’m all gangster like that.

Which brings me to people just saying whatever they want all up in the comments on Instagram…y’all I have no shame at all. I will block you so fast you will not see it coming. I love you but I know how to use the block button. So, be nice. Thanks much. Love you mean it.

I went out last night and may or may not have stayed out a little bit past my bedtime but had the BEST conversation with the most awesome friends over delicious sushi. It was kind of the best thing ever. You know I usually go to bed early. But, YOLO.

What do you think about Cardi B naming her kid, Kulture? I think it’s kind of a cute name. I mean, you’ve gotta love Cardi B right. It’s like she is so darn cute you can do no wrong. This baby pic of her makes me smile, every time.

What is on your mind this week?? Come at me with the randomness!!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday! I have a few rants and raves for you this week. Let’s jump in.

Training for this marathon (and ultra) is actually going pretty well. I’ve been doing track work and hills and all of the stuff a good runner is supposed to do. I actually cannot believe we are in July already though!! I have my eye on a couple of summer HOT races to kind of rev up my racing engine to get it ready. One of them is the Hell’s Acre 25k and the other is the Habanero 30k. Not sure which one to pick!! I do think I will have more fun at Habanero and that one is a trail race. So I would get to party with my trail fam. Decisions, decisions…

I am craving Korean food again…I think I may have to have bibimbap for the 2nd time this week. Someone teach me how to successfully make this dish? Or perhaps I should just follow this recipe. Yum yum yum.

I think it is cruel for everyone to have to go back to work the day after partying on the 4th of July? Seriously why can’t today and Friday be considered holidays as well. I get it, that would just make too much sense.

More run talk…so I found out not too long ago that they CANCELED the Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon?! At least I got to run it one last time after running it basically every year since it started. I mean, I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming but it truly made me real sad to hear this news. You should have seen the expo this year, talk about bare bones with barely any good merchandise to purchase. It really was different from the other years. Now I don’t have a legit half marathon to run as speedwork in the springtime so I have to go find another one. Talk about #firstworldproblems. I really did enjoy this run though. RnR Dallas you have been so good to me over the years. I’ll never forget you.

This legitimately made me laugh this morning when I saw it on IG. And the comments made me laugh even harder. So which one do YOU say? I call it “poor people food”. OK I’m not going to lie I will partake if I’m waiting on payday. Skip the salt packet and add some veggies and your own spices and you have yourself a gourmet meal. Don’t hate.

What’s on your mind today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to ya!! It is a day where I share some randomness with you all. Sometimes it has to do with running- and other times it absolutely does not…SO, let’s get to it…shall we?

UM so it is the FIRST day of summer, apparently. But why is this such an anti-climactic day…well probably because down here in Texas it has felt like the first day of summer for the last few months.

The new group I run with during the week (I kid you not I am in like three running clubs right now, haha love it) is always running and they want to run together everyday pretty much. It’s like dang I love y’all but I am going into social fun friend time overload? I am an only child you guys!! I need my solo run time too. So I need to figure out when my solo run days will be. Mondays and/or Fridays are always good days for that.

Can we say I’m actually ready for FALL to get here?? State fair, fall scarves and boots, cooler non death like weather…and dare I say it. Pumpkin spice everything?? I’m serious y’all can we get straight to it? I simply cannot wait. Here for all of it.

In other news I do love me some pool time so that is one thing that is winning about summer. I took THREE straight days off next week and I will be at the pool 99.9 percent of that time. It is not a game you guys.

PET PEEVE of the week (Yes I am making this a thing)- Social media friends that either like something from 800 years ago on your feed, when you just posted something new…OR will like a whole crap ton of things ALL AT ONCE. I know…pretty PETTY right…but just funny/annoying to me. End rant.

I am feeling like a hairstyle change is coming again soon…and just change in general really. First it was curls, then I wanted straight. Now I am thinking about color again. Remember when my hair was sangria colored? Perhaps we will do that. Or DARE I say braids of some sort. I get tired of the braids look real fast though. Braids I feel like can be so 1997. We will see…I may have to experiment in the coming week.

Apparently it is also national selfie day. So get to snappin’. I want to see all of yall’s mugs on IG today.

Tell me some of your random thoughts/pet peeves this week?!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! AHH yes it is that day of the week again. Where I just kind of throw my random thoughts out for the universe for you to read and judge. Well hey it’s whatevs. Come on random thoughts Thursday!!! Let’s just get right to it…

Strangely I’m still on this country music kick (y’all it was so bad that I even listened to it on a long run not long ago…I kid you not) and it is making me miss country dancing. Me and my bestie Natalie used to go country dancing ALLL the time in the summer back in the day. I think It is time I head back over there. Also…the country Tailgate Party station on Spotify…find it…go get you some. What can I say, I am your typical Texan.

Also my kombucha addiction has come back to play. Particularly this apple berry one. Oh so good.

For some reason this week I’m on the struggle bus a bit when it comes to dealing with the Texas heat + humidity. I think this is mostly mental, so I’ll get over it soon. I’m thankful for running friends though who get up early with me to combat this fact. Next week I will be buckling down with the early morning speedwork too. I mean honestly without running friends I probably would have thrown in the towel already with this running thing. And take up knitting or something. No shade to those who knit. Ha.

Anyone care about this TEA regarding Tiffany Haddish outing who BIT Beyonce at a party?! Like for some reason Tiffany keeps bringing it up? Maybe she has it out for Sanaa Lathan or something. Not sure. I will always love me some Sanaa though. Brown Sugar was my movie. Hey, what she does in her personal life ain’t my business. Even if it was a “love bite”. Oh my.

PET PEEVE of the week: People walking reeeallly close to me on the street as I’m headed somewhere, just all up in my kool aid behind me for no good reason. I get it we may be going to the same place. I just need at least a few feet between us…or better yet if I’m going too slow for you just pass me? You aren’t going to rush me because you are in a hurry! Also people who just stand in your personal space in general. Not a huge fan.

I think I’m going to have to move to Chicago or wherever they teach this HIPLET class. Hip hop ballet for real?! I am so here for it. Teach me how to stand on my tip toes like that too.

And yes admittedly I kind of miss taking dance classes. I dance at my standing desk at work all day long because of this fact. They do have a hip hop class at the gym that I teach at. The girl that teaches it too used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and I hear she’s pretty good. We shall see. I’ll do some dabbling in dancing maybe as cross training this marathon/ultra training season.

What is on your mind this week? Any pet peeves come to mind?! 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday! How about we just get straight to it. Here is rolling around in my mind this week…

I have absolutely loved bouncing around and meeting new run groups this week. I ran with a new one this morning (actually met someone on a long run Saturday who mentioned that they do track and hill workouts in my ‘hood during the work week – score!) and it was just so much fun! It’s amazing how a new route just changes the game all around. Hello pretty sunrise.

Side note. I also think it’s kind of a universe thing when you have a falling out of sorts with (someone who you thought was your) friend, and then somehow you are rewarded with all of these new people and friendships that enter your life? Isn’t it funny how that happens? Yasssss it is going to be a lit summer, y’all. Blessings all around.

Texas is in for another HOT HOT HOT few days and I am loving how this is looking for my pool time. I am already starting to get a nice toasty tan and I aint even mad.

Also, spell check just underlined my use of aint. HELLO, that is totally a word and don’t you dare correct me. Thanks.

At this time the only thing that makes logical fashion sense is flip flops. You Texans and southerners know what I am talking about. Hey, I would get away with being barefoot if I could. I am just saying.

OMG Oceans 8 is out already and I am so here for it. Rihanna in a movie…fabulousness. I am going to try and squeeze it in and see it this weekend.

What is on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is random thoughts Thursday and I am ALL IN for it!!! I hope that your week has been lovely so far. Today we are ranting and raving on anything and everything this week. Running related or not. So, grab a seat and perhaps a cup of coffee (iced for me) and let’s play, shall we?!

You guys it is just getting hotter and hotter down here in Texas and I am not sure how much more I can take with these hot runs in the evenings. We are already starting to hit the triple digits and we are not even in June yet. Admittedly though I kind of like the HEAT training. The problem with this time of year in Texas is that it does NOT cool off at night or even really in the mornings for that matter. You know, like in places like California or whatever how y’all need a light sweater or something when the sun goes down? Yeah, that doesn’t even happen here. Like not at all. We just keep taking clothes off.

It was funny because last night one of the girls at the happy hour social run (she’s from the east coast) was like…”now I know all about summer in Texas”. I was like sis really…it is not even summer yet, boo. Buckle up.

I am kind of obsessed with finding funny videos now on Instagram. Let’s be friends by the way on there if we are not already! Really if I could just turn my RUNNER IG account into all funny videos I would be happy. Hey who says you have to post every single dang run? That is boring anyway. Leave some mystery to your life. I am just saying.

Also, we all care about your time and your mileage and we are all impressed. Right.

I want you to win.

Have y’all been keeping up with the Drake/Pusha T situation? I feel like it is so much to unpack but here is a little synopsis if you need to catch up. The whole Drake in blackface had me shook though. I cannot cancel Drake though, y’all. I just can’t. I like too many of his songs right now. Plus…my spin class playlists would just be naked without him. You feel me? End rant.

What are some of your thoughts this week? Tell me everything!!!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello…yes it is that RANDOM day of the week! Random thoughts Thursday that is. Sometimes we talk running on here and sometimes we definitely do not. So feel free to join in on the rants and raves. Here’s what deliciousness is on my mind today…

I cannot get enough of ice cold everything lately. And I know…I have been told that cold water is a shock to the body?! But if it is going to kill me or something then I’m just going to have to go out enjoying me some ice water when it is 112,000 degrees outside in Texas okay. I can’t do the room temp water, sorry. My thirst is just not quenched.

Confession…I faceplanted twice during the PK Lake 56k trail run and you know what I have lived to tell you the story. I think it’s kind of awesome anyway when you fall during a trail run (I used to totally NOT feel this way – but hey spend more time on trails and trust me you will get it) provided that it is a graceful fall. Plus falling on the soft dirt is way better than tripping and falling on hard ass pavement. Thankfully no injuries or anything but I still have a scratch or 2 on my legs. I like to think of it as a rite of passage.

I used to like craft beer (like all of my trail buds) but I think I am losing a taste for it? Like IPAs were really my jam. I am back on my wine kick and I am starting to get back into my white wines especially while the weather is warmer. Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc for the win.

Racing back 2 back ultras lately has made me miss my road running club. Thankfully I will be back with them this weekend and I need to start ramping the marathon training stuff back up. I’ll be running 26.2 in September – time to crank up the speed work. Should be a fun summer.

I think I’m going to try and spend at least 99.9 percent of my time outside this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The goal is to look like toasted mocha when the weekend is over. I will let you know about the results. Ha.

I need some good sports bra recommendations. Preferably some cheaper ones that support the girls AND are comfy? I am tired of paying 3 thousand dollars for sports bras. Like for real, can Wal Mart make some good ones and we can just call it a day? Really though.

Tell me all about the randomness in your life today!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to that random day of the week. Yes without a doubt that would be random thoughts Thursday! Let’s chat about what’s on my mind today in no particular order…just cuz we can. AND YES there will be lots of random gifs in this one!! So, feel free to grab a snack and a seat and enjoy the ride.

Hey Texas I need more of a WARNING next time you decide to have temps/highs basically in the 90s every dang day in the month of May. I’m not quite acclimated yet to the summer running OKAY?! I mean I probably am physically since I run a million days a week I  just need to get my mind right. And it doesn’t help that I can’t go to the pool and I’m locked up working in the office all week long. It’s just dang HOT. I kinda like it but then it just feels like it’s a bit of a shock to the body.

Yes I have been rocking my natural curls and I don’t think I’ll be straightening my hair for the next few months at least while the weather is warmer. I am loving the fuss free curls at the moment for sure. Natural hair and curls poppin’ makes me happy.

Instagram has just been so funny to me lately. I mean really people we do not need a selfie of you every.dang.day. I get that you’re an amazing fitness hero or glamour queen or whatever and I respect your hustle. I think it is pretty ridiculous actually. Also how are you just selfie ready EVERY day? We know what you look like also. That pic looks the same as yesterday’s. K? Thanks and carry on.

People that post food up in the break room at work, do you realize that those brownies look half eaten or that it looks like your child unwrapped that old Easter candy… threw it across the room and then wrapped it back up again? WHO EATS this stuff…I do not want food poisoning and also am a bit of a germaphobe. Just throw away your leftovers for goodness sakes. Also no one wants your newspaper clipping coupons. We all get them in the mail.

I really need to update the décor currently in my apartment. What do you think…more Moroccan or Parisian is the way to go? I have all Paris themed stuff in my office at work so perhaps I will go with Morocco. I saw a ton of beautiful Moroccan stuff when I was window shopping the other day and fell in absolute love.

I also need some beach time soon, like STAT. I may have to make a trip at least to South Texas or the closest beach to here to fulfill my desire. Actually I’ve never been to South Padre so maybe it is time to make that happen.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Welcome to my favorite part of the week!!! Ahh yes that would be random thoughts Thursday, where I share the latest and greatest in my daily musings with you all. It’s usually running related, but sometimes it definitely is not! So, without further ado let’s get to it!! 

The weather this week has been true Texas springtime humidity craziness. Yes, it is getting to that time of year where I am absolutely drenched after doing these morning runs. I am going to have to start bringing a beach towel with me to my runs with friends just so the sweat doesn’t just get all over the place and all over my car when the run is over. Too much information? Well, sorry but I am not sorry. 

I still have mad love in my heart for the signer Maxwell. This week I have been listening to some of his old albums. And all of the neo soul jams really. Any Maxwell lovers out there?? And honestly, where on earth did he go? I kind of feel like we are overdue for some new Maxwell music soon.

I actually am not a HUGE Prince fan like some of my friends are, but this guy truly did have the BEST facial expressions. To basically just about everything. Man, his reactions to stuff really did and do give me so much LIFE.

In the past week or so I’ve been eating a lot of vegetarian style foods? My new thing right now is black beans with jasmine rice and green onions. Don’t ask but I have an obsession with green onions. I could eat green onions every dang day. Maybe I should just be a vegan and see how this goes. Wait, nah, I would miss cheese and eggs waaay too much. Also I don’t care about your flaxseed and your vegan cheese options. A girl’s gotta eat some animals every now and again. 

WHAT on earth is going on with Kanye West?? Good gracious he has absolutely lost it. Kanye no one gives a flying flip about your political views. Sit down somewhere and make us some good ass music. THAT is why we like you, bro. You don’t go to a Chinese restaurant to order a hamburger, now do you? So know what you are good for and stop talking and keep on rapping. Thanks. 

Quit babbling, Yeezy.

Lately since I have a massive ultra road race coming up I’ve been running nothing but roads but the hippie in me is dang MISSING me some trails. I mean, you know you really love trail running when you start missing being in the woods, by yourself. I guess you can officially consider me a barbarian, then. I’ve signed up for an trail ultra 56k coming up in May after Hachie. So this should hopefully solve the problem. I need my deep woods therapy in a major way.

What are some random thoughts you have on this lovely Thursday?!