Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well, it is RANDOM THOUGHTS Thursday and I have to say that I am here for it!! I hope you are having a great week so far. It is without a doubt that day of the week where I spill all of the latest and greatest on what is currently going on in my life right now. Sometimes it has to do with RUNNING (because yes, this is a running and fitness blog) and sometimes it definitely does not! So, come along for the ride…let’s go!

I fell like lately every blog post I am talking about the weather. But I kind of can’t help it because Texas weather has just been so up and down! Today, the high in Dallas is just about 80 degrees. I kid you not. When I heard that on the radio this morning, I just about went home to grab my swimsuit. Take me to the nearest pool please and thank you. Drink with an umbrella in it, in hand.

Never mind the fact that it was just about 20 degrees a few short days ago. Yeah, never mind that nonsense. I am more than ready for spring and my Texas bluebonnets to start popping up everywhere.

I’ve been listening to The Love Below album by Outkast this week. Love that album. “She Lives in my Lap” – on repeat. Ha, great song.

I love my new road running group. Like, I think they are all excellent and cool and really good looking. And also, I want to continue running with them until I qualify for Boston. So I can get a cool Boston jacket, you know like the popular kids/jocks in high school with the letter jackets?! Kinda like that. (I know some of you already have jackets that read my blog so don’t rub it in my face – my ego is fragile.) But, I am going to wait until the FALL to shoot my shot since I am only a few minutes off from a BQ. I do all of my long runs with them right now so I think that is helping. Until then, I will just keep running my 50 mile and 50k races and pounding the dirt path. Because, I love my trail running group too. It’s fun to have 2 groups to run with.

You know what is funny about TRAIL and ROAD runners?! You don’t have many hybrids. Meaning, runners that really enjoy and dabble in both surfaces. For instance, I do both ultras and then shorter road races. But then I talk to my good looking BQ roadie friends and they are all like, “Oh, NO I don’t do trails- that is too hard” or something to that affect. And then, the trail/mountain goats are all like “Road?! Pssh….trails are where it’s at. Who does road races anymore??” I’m telling you – there are very few runners that really like both. I feel like you are either good at one or really good at the other. I just so happen to like both. So I think I am a unicorn.

Speaking of unicorns, my mama bought me this unicorn for Valentine’s Day?! Isn’t it super cute – his name is Fluffy.

And there you have it!

Tell me something random about your week! What do you like better – road running or trails, or do you equally like both?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey beautiful people! So today is one of my most favorite days of the week, and that would be random thoughts Thursday. It is a day where I dish on all things running (and not running, because hey, life needs a little bit of balance- am I right?!) So let’s get straight to it!!

-I think honestly there is no feeling greater than getting your head/scalp massaged while someone is shampooing your hair. I got my hair done yesterday (trying out someone new) and it has been probably about 8 or 9 months since I have been at the hairstylist. They put all sorts of yummy conditioner and happiness in my hair. I have to tell you that it felt like absolute heaven. If you have IG you can go see what my hair looks like. Hey, sometimes a girl needs to be pampered a bit.

-I am kind of in a bit of a conflict with my running goals this year. In 2017 I made that my ULTRAMARATHON year. Meaning, I literally tackled all ultra distances, all in one year. I mean, it really was an incredible year for me and running. I ran a 50k, 50 miler, 100k and a 100 miler!!! Looking back I still am amazed that I did all of that…injury free. I think there is a lot to be said about just having experience with running and really listening to your body. Anyway, this year I am thinking about BQ’ing. I am about 10 minutes off right now from a BQ and the thought of that excites me and scares the shit out of me all at the same time. I think this year I am going to start to work on my speed but–I see a lot of fast runners get injured?? So I don’t want to be THAT dum dum runner. But then I still want to run 50 miles and 100 miles and still be real fast too. Ugh. I’m torn.

Has anyone been keeping up with Real Housewives of Atlanta? So the show has gotten good again, I am excited to see how this season pans out. Actually, Eva (remember her from America’s Next Top Model?) is now on the program and I actually think she would be a good asset to this lineup of ladies. Not only is she gorgeous but she is a little bit cray cray so I think her personality would be perfect for this show. I hope they keep her around for a while.

-I have a confession to make. I have a complete obsession with essential oils. Like, I kind of need everything around me to smell good all of the time. Lemongrass, lavender you name it. The diffuser as of late has been my best friend. If you want a good lemongrass oil by the way get this one and keep it at your desk at work. Life changing.

How is your week going? Tell me something random about life as of late!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi, hello and happy Thursday to you! It is time for some random thoughts. Because that is what we do on this day!! Sometimes I rant about running (since duh, this is a running and fitness blog) and other times it is about frivolous matters. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts from this week.

Runners, do y’all still get HYPE about collecting race medals?! I mean, I race often so I still am getting tons of medals but since I moved I have not put back up my medal rack to hang them and show ‘em off. So now all of my medals are kind of collecting dust in a box. Maybe I should put them back up to get excited about them again? I actually have really enjoyed collecting my belt BUCKLES from ultra running. So now I’m kind of like, buckles are the new medals? Meh, I don’t know. It’s so much hardware. I’m starting to feel like a hoarder with so many medals to be honest. I know there’s like a charity where you can donate all of your medals. But I’m not ready to commit to that yet either. LE SIGH.

Is it just me or is everyone on the roads extra road rage-y for no reason lately?? I have never encountered so many people on the roads that don’t let you into the lane during traffic. Dude, I’m putting my blinker on and asking you politely and everything. Geez. Get over yourself. Maybe it is just Texas drivers.

Yes, Texas drivers…you can be not so nice.

I am embarrassed to say this but I am starting to like listening to country music while driving home. Not the old school country though, like modern country. Luke Bryan country. I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to share this with you. Perhaps I will make a country song spin playlist for my classes. I’m sure I’d have at least 10 people straight up walk out. HAHA.

I think I have issues with staring at people for too long. Usually I am admiring something that they have on, and I like what they are wearing or I think they are an attractive person. Or I am deep in thought so just staring in that general direction far too long. But I’ve decided that I need to stop doing this because I think it pisses people off when you stare at them. I don’t like it done to me, like at all. Right? It’s like, do I have something on my face? So awkward, I know. I’ve decided it is okay to be awkward.

Back to music. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of old Janet Jackson songs on Spotify. She has really made some good hits in the past decade or so. Well, few decades. I told you, I’m all over the place with music.

What random thoughts do you want to share this week? Any music you listen to you are kind of embarrassed about?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Oh, I am back for the randomness!! It Is without a doubt my favorite time of the week to chat about my latest thoughts and confessions!! Sometimes it is about running and sometimes it is not. So grab a seat, perhaps a snack or a cup of coffee (or even a glass of wine, depending on what time you are reading this) and let’s get to it, shall we?

By the way, I really do love the song “Uptown Funk” still. I play it when I teach my spin classes and they love it too. Plus Bruno Mars has some pretty sweet dance moves in the GIF above. He’s got swag for sure.

Okay, I am back on my RHOA watching game. Yes, my favorite reality show is getting juicy again!! That show will always be my guilty pleasure. How do y’all feel about Kim back on the show?! Are you feeling it or nah? She is EXTRA messy this season too. Hmm.

The weather in Dallas has been absolutely ridiculously awesome!! Highs will be in the 60s all week long, and for the next few days to come. HELLO. I am so here for it.

I am going to confess something here, I am super BAD at giving KUDOS to people on Strava. For those of you that aren’t on Strava (aka if you’re a runner who lives under a rock, get with it) that is like the equivalent of a Facebook like. For whatever reason I really only use it as a training log and not a social media site where I interact with people. And I realize that this makes me look like somewhat of an ass. So, GOAL FOR 2018. GIVE PEOPLE MORE KUDOS. That is a promise.

-Oh and if we are not friends on Strava yet, follow me – I promise to give you a kudo or 3.

But I’ve also noticed some people (who will not be named) only give Kudos when they have run MORE than you that day?? LOL! Is that just me noticing that? Just saying.

In other news, I sat in the sauna at the gym after running outside in the cold and I must say it was absolute heaven. Running, coffee, sauna/shower, repeat.

How is your week going? Is it snowing where you are?? Dallas has not gotten a lick of snow all winter long, not yet at least. Hope it stays that way.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

You know what time it is…random thoughts Thursday!! This is the day I share all of my confessions and deepest darkest secrets with you. Sometimes it involves running and sometimes it really does not. So let’s get started on the randomness, shall we?

This week has without a doubt been a bit of a shock to the body when it comes to running. It was about 11 degrees Wednesday morning and felt like 5!! That is bone chilling cold for this TEXAN, y’all!! So to say I’ve been loving the sunshine when it does come out is an understatement. The funny part about all of this is the fact that temps will be in the 60s and 70s this weekend. INSANITY. Hello Texas weather, you are forever bipolar. Get with the program.

I have never been more addicted to chapstick. I tell you what if I somehow lose my chapstick during the day I will go absolutely insane. I think probably the most uncomfortable thing to deal with in life is DRY LIPS. Just no.

Although I work in television, I rarely ever watch TV at home anymore. It’s YouTube videos all day everyday. And I’m kind of embarrassed by how many times I’ve looked up old interviews from the OJ Simpson case or Whitney Houston documentaries on there. Kind of obsessed forever in those stories.

Whitney Houston (or Nippy – that was her nickname!!) You will be forever missed.

For some reason I am actually interested in Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Like, why exactly is she in hiding? Because she is so young? Also, do you think she will stay with Travis Scott?? Or is the baby really Tyga’s?? OR was she actually Kim K’s surrogate? Also, why do I care so much? SO.MANY. (frivolous) QUESTIONS.

I’ve thought about not racing so much this year and just maintaining my high mileage. It’s tough though because I really enjoy just running for fitness purposes, but I have a wicked competitive streak that needs to be stroked every now and again. You feel me!? So I’m torn. I do have a few items I need to check off the list this year, including my 2nd 100 miler (!!) But it probably won’t be till fall/winter.

This weekend I’m back on the trails – I’ll be running the Knob Hills 25k trail race on Saturday and then playing with trail buds after. I really do feel like trail running has turned me into a stronger road runner in the last year. Something about rocks and roots and all of that damn climbing – will make you tough as nails!! Mentally and physically. Can’t wait to be back on the dirt path.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to you! The weekend is getting just a bit closer. I can taste it!! It is RANDOM thoughts Thursday!! AKA one of my favorite days of the week. So let’s get started with the randomness and ratchetry, shall we?

I have been absolutely loving running during my lunch hour lately. I am very thankful I have somewhat of a flexible schedule and I work next door to the gym to go wash up afterwards. It is like my little sanity in the craziness of the day. Of course your girl will always be a morning runner (and lets be honest I run ALL TIMES OF THE DAY) but as of late I think lunch runs are where it’s at. Food is overrated. Just kidding, don’t be all in my inbox talking about I need to eat. I LOVE to get my grub on. Thank you, goodbye.

It is no longer the holidays and I still have BLACK SANTA straight chillin in the office. And I have no plans of taking him down. I like to think he watches over us gleefully while we are working in the office.

I hate to say this but the Real Housewives of whatever is just not doing it for me like it was before. Is it just me or are like all of the housewives hella boring now?? Why is this? Goodness I used to love them. Even Atlanta has me yawning. I need to get back into Vanderpump Rules. I hear it’s really entertaining lately.

I’ve had New Orleans on the brain and so I feel like maybe this is my year to pay Nola a visit. Perhaps for mardi gras or something? I told y’all that mardi gras is like my favorite holiday. Just because I love all of the beads and colors and stuff.

You know what kind of sucks? When you have a bit of a falling out with an overly competitive run buddy. But guess what? The universe has replaced said run buddy with about 20 NEW buddies and I simply could not be happier. So thanks, universe. Good looking out.

I’m loving Soul BPM on Spotify and am trying to figure out how to get all of the songs on my spin playlists from next week. Movin and groovin.

Cardi B is supposedly performing at the Grammys. And I am here for it. I know she has some haters out there but I respect her hustle. And all of her songs right now are on the top of the Billboard charts. Crazy. You can’t help but to like her.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there and welcome to random thoughts Thursday! This is the part of the week that I spill on the latest and greatest thoughts going on in my head. Sometimes it is about running and sometimes it is definitely not. So have a seat, feel free to play along and/or laugh at my randomness. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hey, while you’re at it…get you a snack too.

Janet approves.

So are you super into the, “new year new me” stuff that 2018 brings? I kind of am and then again I am not. I actually taught a class on New Year’s Day at the gym so I love being a part of that when we get new members coming in and taking over all of the classes. And yes, I realize a lot of them fall off a short time later. But I guess when it comes to my personal life I kind of feel like it’s a bit flaky to hop on the bandwagon of saying you will somehow be this brand new person just because it is January 1st. I do love the optimism though. So I’m torn. HA.

Speaking of flaky I do think that is one thing I want to leave behind from last year. Flaky ass people! I just do not have time for it, anymore. I am too busy to dance around people that cannot make up their minds. Make a plan and stick to it. If you are a flip flopper you will be erased deleted and unfollowed.

Thank you! Deuces.

One website that I am obsessed with is Lipstick Alley (guiltiest of celebrity gossip pleasures). Well that, and Reddit Running. If you are not already following Reddit Running I suggest you do so immediately. Complaints and Confessions Thursday…LOVE.

I am eyeing another 100 miler to run this year. My eye is on Brazos Bend and yes there are GATORS on the trail. My friends who have done it (yes I have so many crazy trail runner friends now and I love it) tell me that the gators are used to people and they actually don’t really move from their homes during the race that has like hundreds of runners on the trail. HMMM…I like danger so we shall see what happens. Registration for the hundo has not even opened yet so I have some time.

I am actually missing dancing so I am going to have to either sign up for some dance classes in the near future or hit up some salsa dancing with friends one weekend. Fun fact I used to teach dance at the gym (hence my blog name thedancingrunner) so dancing is just in my bones. Now I just dance while I run.

Yes. Exactly like that.

This year I think I am going to be a RUN CLUB hopper some more. I actually love going to different run groups to see what the dynamic is there. I host a morning run group during the week but love running with different folks on weekends. Plus it helps me change up my usual long run route. This weekend I will be running with my favorites, the White Rock Running Co-Op. They are some speedsters and they also know how to have a good time. Cheers to miles and mimosas after.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there and welcome to the randomness that is Thursday! You get to enjoy a few of the crazy thoughts that come up at the top of my head today. Now, isn’t that fun??! Let’s get started!

You know Elf just never gets old.

I’m only working 2 days this week (and yes it is once again my FriYAY) but I have to say I probably should have taken these days off. I mean, it is nice and quiet and all in the office because most people were smart and took these days off. And I get to stay ahead and on top of my work and such. But yes, I’m definitely in the office pretending like I am on vacation, in my head. Love it.

The annual run from Dallas to Ft. Worth (it is 30+ miles) is Saturday and it will be 30 something degrees. This year they are actually reversing it, and starting from Ft. Worth ending in Dallas. I am probably going to run it for fun, just because I can. We had a really GREAT turnout when I did it last year!! We shall see, it runs along our rail system so you can just do part of the mileage and turn around and take the train back or all of it. We will see what my body can handle.

Are you doing it UP BIG for New Year’s Eve?! I will probably be low key this year. Especially if I end up running 30+ miles the day before. HA. NYE is incredibly overrated anyway. I’d also rather have a low key evening with friends and fam versus partying out somewhere with the drunkos. You feel me.

I am so proud of my little morning run posse. We have been totally rocking these FREEZING runs. I think my body is slowly acclimating to it. Plus, it helps when you have the promise of delicious coffee after.

Lately I have been a BEAST with the Crockpot cooking. I mean, the slow cooker is simply a genius item. I love being able to just throw food in there and come home to delicious hot soup on a cold day. Anyone have any more recipes for me to do in there? Please do share.

What are some of your random thoughts for the week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy RANDOM THOUGHTS THURSDAY! Hope your day is fabulous so far. Today is technically my Friday, aka my last day of the work week before the holiday!! So happy to get a little time off from the hustle and bustle. But let’s get to the random thoughts, shall we?

And here I am with my NICE Santa hat on. It says NAUGHTY on the back. I like to change it up.

Is it just me or has this week just been extraordinarily long?! Work days before holiday are just always sososo crazy.

Christmas Eve herbal tea is absolutely rocking my world lately. I love the hint of spearmint and it is oh so good with just a bit of honey.

I teach my last spin class of the week tonight and I am totally going to play all of the Christmas songs. This also may make some of my students hate me just a little bit. HAHA, sorry not sorry.

My morning runs have just been EVERYTHING to me lately. This is clearly not new news but just wanted to bring that up. For some reason also I have loved getting up to run at 5 a.m. It helps when you have die hard running buds that just never let you down.

Isn’t my SLEIGHED IT shirt the best?! I wore it to a holiday party last weekend and got all the compliments. Love it.

That is all for this week, y’all! HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Heyo! Welcome to my favorite day of the week. It’s random thoughts Thursday. Where I talk about the most ridiculous (and sometimes inappropriate) parts of my week. And you get to play along and/or laugh at my randomness. AND sometimes it does involve running, because this is a RUNNING blog after all! So hey, let’s get started…shall we?

It has been quite chilly on the run lately!! I feel like I am actually never ready for colder weather when it comes to layering up and such. Simply because Texas weather is so up and down that it almost comes to a shock when it gets crazy cold out. It has been manageable in the last few days for morning runs but last week we were in the 20s! I’m good with 40s and 50s for now. 20 is just…kinda painful. Your hands (and your everything) just get all numb and stuff. I’m sure you New Yorkers are laughing at me bitching about the weather right about now.

The one thing I am happy about since dropping weight in the last year or so (thanks, higher mileage running) is lack of chafing. I really don’t chafe much anymore! It is a blessing. Now I can be cute and wear things like, skinny girl shorts. You know those tight compression shorts because they actually look good on me now. Like, have you SEEN those God awful longer bike shorts? Those just aren’t flattering on anyone.

That being said, it is the holidays and I want to cook and eat things like this?! Someone please send help.

My die hard morning run buds have been everything to me lately. Mind you I only have like 2 of them now that the temps are dropping. But they are my warm fuzzies. And they do crazy things like meet me at 5 AM to run 10 miles on a Thursday. I just love them to bunches.

Tonight I’m going to a gift exchange (purse) party with coworkers and THEN Saturday another holiday party with my trail run buddies!! And they were giving away free stuff at the party like RACE ENTRIES and such. Baby Jesus, please let me win. I like to run races for free, hey what can I say.

And that is all for this week!

Tell me something random about your week!