Random Thoughts Thursday and Giveaway Winners Announced!!

I’ve got some Brooks Running promo code giveaway winners to announce!!! Thanks to those of you who entered my promo code giveaway yesterday. Here are the lucky two!

Jodi at My Kind of Fit

Randy at RunEatRalph

Congrats to you both and happy shopping! Please send me your email address at chelshu02@yahoo.com and I will reveal your exclusive 40% off special codes!

Let’s get on to the random thoughts for today, shall we?

I’m running the BMW Dallas Marathon this upcoming Sunday! Yes, I can’t wait and I think the weather is going to be pretty much perfection. Temps at the start close to the 40s? HECK YES. I am all in.

I don’t do very well with cutting back on miles leading up to race day. I’ve been scaling back which as someone who runs higher mileage is like pulling out my eye lashes one by one. My body is kind of enjoying the break though. But mentally it is tough. And I’ve got all the attitude and sass in the world this week. So DON’T COME FOR ME. LOL. Watch out, I bite.

But hey, I can chillax and do things like read books, catch up on TV and…dare I say, eat CARBS?! Hallelujah.

I’ve officially been listening to Christmas music and slowly getting into the spirit lately. Plus I’ll be going to my favorite gift exchange/purse party with coworkers which is one of my favorite holiday parties of all time! Lord knows I am in dire need of a new purse.

Do you make cookies/Christmas treats for people as gifts?! I have been thinking about what I will make lately. I kind of love doing Christmas baking. I think this year I will do my puppy chow and throw some Christmas M&Ms in there. Also, what a terrible name for a dessert right? But they are oh so good.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Any Christmas races?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there and happiest of Thursdays to you! It’s random thoughts Thursday, my favorite day for shenanigans. It’s the day that I talk about running, life and just whatever in general. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Hope your week is going fantastic. To me this week has gone by pretty fast! I have been sorta busy work wise so that helps.

Well first I’d like to talk about Christmas races. Are you all into it?! I used to do a local race called the Jog’r Egg Nog’r every year because not only did I always get some sort of age group award, but there was always spiked egg nog at the end. I’m talking different kinds too. It was pretty fantastic. And then they CANCELED it! Out of nowhere!! I was so heartbroken. So now I have to find a new holiday race to love. The Jingle Bell run is fun but it’s only a 5k. I need like a Christmas MARATHON. How fun would that be?!

I am really super duper ready for the weekend. I’m running a FOR FUN TRAINING RUN half marathon this weekend, Rock n Roll San Antonio. I got a comped entry so I figured hey why the heck not. Plus it will be a fun road trip and friends will be there and such. I am all about it. Then the BMW Dallas Marathon next weekend, 26.2 style.

Keeping it real. I am not above deleting and/or unfollowing people on social media lately. And not feeling bad about it. Yes, it’s petty but sometimes a very necessary thing to do. You feel me?? I feel like people feel like they can get sassy because they are behind a computer screen or telephone. You tried it. 2 snaps and we keep it moving. HA.

I have to admit though, dealing with “frenemies” will make you realize how much your cherish your true blue friends. You know, the ones where you can pick up like time and just life in general has not even passed. I just love it.

Did you hear about Matt Lauer getting FIRED?! I actually watch the Today Show too, in the mornings after my early runs.. Man, everyone is getting exposed over this stuff lately. It’s quite a shame.

In happier news, I’m bringing the pink Christmas tree back! Yes, it’s so girly and I just love it. I’m going to start changing the ornaments up every year to make it snazzy.

Have you seen the Christmas tree with only race medals on it?!? Simply a genius idea.

And that is all for now!

What are your random thoughts today? Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? Real or fake?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well hey hey hey!! Cheers to it being almost Friday!! I have a bit of a 3 day weekend coming up (thank you extra PTO time) so I am super pumped that it is my Friday! So much so that I thought it called for a Taylor Swift gif. So yay for that.

Did you know that they call her fans SWIFTIES? LOL, I am honestly not a huge fan but this makes me giggle.

So without further ado let’s get to random thoughts Thursday, shall we?

I am thrilled because it is that time of year again that I stock up on all of my holiday teas.

My favorite natural foods store around the corner keeps ‘em fully stocked. Don’t you just love all of the holiday finds?

I also like to keep those little liquor chocolates around the house during Christmas time. For some reason to me they are so festive. I give them away as gifts as well.

Have you started listening to holiday music yet?!? Is it too early? I am starting to see all of the Christmas playlists pop up on my Spotify but I am hesitant to listen to them yet. For some reason this doesn’t feel right to me until after Thanksgiving has come and gone. LOL.

Is anyone running a Turkey Trot this year? For my veteran readers you know this is that time of year that I run my CHELSEA TROT. AKA long run on Thanksgiving. I usually do anywhere from 15-20 miles before turkey. Then celebrate post run with mimosas.

It has been a “high bun” kind of week, hair wise. Why fuss with crazy morning hair after running during the work week when you can just shower, wash, throw it up and go? It’s a classy clean look and you don’t look a hot mess after. I am all for it.

How is your week going? Who else is rocking the “high bun” with me?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! It’s random thoughts Thursday time!! How are you? Man, this week went by kinda fast did it not? To me it definitely did. I am glad! Bring on Friday and the weekend. But first, I have a few thoughts on this wonderful day.

I am loving all of the Texas ciders I’m discovering as of late. Most of you know I’m more of a vino gal, but to hang out with runners and be one of the cool kids who drink beer, I’ve had to find something that I enjoy. If you are in Texas you must try Austin East Ciders or Bishop Cider Co based out of Dallas. Especially their OG brew – my absolute fave.

Work has been absolute pure insanity (tight deadlines and international stuff we have been working on) and all I want to do is go home and color, watch Sesame Street and be a kid again. Can anyone relate? Hashtag adult problems.

-Thank goodness for running. It has been 100% pure stress relief for me as of late.

Some days, though I actually really want to get back to taking boxing classes. Like not aerobics Tae Bo kickboxing, but real damn boxing. I have a running bud who is an instructor at a boxing gym too so maybe I can get the hook up.

Okay I am only saying I want to do that because I want pink boxing gloves. Preferably with rhinestones on them.

Yep, pretty much how it works.

Who watched the Real Housewives Reunion part one!? I have a love/hate relationship with Leeanne. Like, I totally know she has anger problems and starts drama but she’s good tv. Gotta love the trainwrecks.

Chivalry is not dead. I’ve been on a couple of dates with this one dude (yes an online guy) and he was just the utmost gentleman. Made me feel like I was a princess or something. Can guys everywhere just be like that!? Fellas, take note.

In other news, this makes me laugh. Probably because it’s oh so true. Love being an instructor, it can be crazy from time to time. But it is one fun side hustle.

What are some random rants/thoughts on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It’s that time of the week again! Random thoughts Thursday. I love to run (my mouth) so perfect time of week to let it all hang out. Let’s get straight to it!!

-I really feel like I need to make my way back to Tyler State Park before the end of the year. Especially before it gets crazy cold outside. I miss running through these stunning piney woods. And even the GLAM-ping part was fun! Perhaps a weekend trip is in order.

-It is going to be COLLLD this weekend! Y’all, like low of 30-40 degrees type of cold. I know you folks up north think that’s warm still but in TEXAS?!? Bay-bay, that is downright chilly. Pass the hot chocolate. I love me some cold weather running though.

-I am starting to get into the Halloween spirit and listening to all of the spooky music. One of my faves right here. Oh, and of course Thriller. I never get tired of that song. I will keep it on my spin cycle playlist forever! Here’s the Halloween Ride if you missed it.

-I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s fall tea. I am buying at least 10 more boxes this weekend. It has no caffeine in it but I love drinking it as a piping hot beverage while checking my emails at work.

-Lately television in general is just not good to me!!! Hashtag I’d rather be running. Are there any good shows left?! I like silly shows. Real Housewives isn’t even that good anymore! Give me some suggestions.

What are your random rants and thoughts for today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there!! Happy Thursday. It’s time for another episode of random thoughts and rants in Chelsea land. You know you love it! Here we go with a few things that have been going on as of late.

I am running a trail 50k this weekend. Actually I won a free entry after running Piney Woods not too long ago! So totally not running it for time and totally running it really chill and all zen like. Because that is what ultrarunners do! HA. It should be a good time. Really if I can be honest I am running it because it’s an Oktoberfest race so there will be all kinds of festive fun & food. Simply cannot wait.

Last night I went to a birthday party and left my cell phone by accident at the restaurant. No worries, I have it now! The super fun part is that someone found my phone and proceeded to take selfies and call people on my contact list. Lovely! Hey, at least they didn’t steal it I guess? I got to valet and realized it was still there. But yeah, opening my phone this morning after my run and finding random stranger selfies was quite the hoot.

I’m taking a half day today at work which is kinda fun except for the fact that I have a dentist appointment and then I have to teach a spin class tonight. So it still kinda feels like I am working.

This is the last weekend of the State Fair of Texas which makes me kind of sad. I feel like it should last at least another month, right? I mean I kind of want to go again just to take a big bite out of a smoked turkey leg. So yummy.

Speaking of the fair, I’m cracking up at the cutest, least claimed items at the fair. Love the kids shoes in the window.

Is anybody still watching Dance Moms? Don’t tell me about the latest episode with Cheryl Burke because I will be watching tonight. But, I have a feeling she would be a great permanent Abby Lee replacement. I think Lifetime has been going back and forth on whether they are cancelling this show? I have been watching super old episodes lately. Those kids were so cute when they were little. Also I kind of miss Dance Mom Kelly and her hot mess self.

What are your random thoughts for the week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday you all! I really wanted to say YA’LL there, so the ‘you all’ was for my readers up north. You are welcome. It’s almost Friday!! It really feels like this week has kind of flown by for some reason. And of course I’ve got some random thoughts and rants for this week! So herrre we go.

Did anybody watch ‘Martin’ back in the day? I swear that was the best sitcom EVER.

Speaking of cheesy 90s sitcoms, I have been really into 90s pop music this week. Like running while rocking out to my tunes like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I listened to both Ace of Base and the Backstreet Boys this week. Absolutely no shame at all.

For some reason I am feeling like I am not seeing enough pumpkin/fall things in the stores lately. I went to Whole Foods specifically for fall flavored tea and what did I find y’all? Absolutely NOTHING. Whole Foods, you are letting me down. Time to go to Trader Joe’s. I know they will have my back.

We are back to summer like temps the next few days and it is putting me through an emotional rollercoaster. It will be in the 90s on the day I go to the fair this weekend. Why, Texas – just why? I have a feeling I’m going to have to make Friday afternoon a pool day though. Hey, at least I can get one more pool day in before the cold snap comes back again.

I am too excited about getting me some cotton candy and doing all of the fun things at the fair. It only happens once a year, folks. Oh and you know I will be stopping by the WINE GARDEN. Praise Jesus.

This is how excited I get about the State Fair of Texas and fair things.

Runners (mostly talking to my single readers, but married folks chime in too) how do you feel about dating non runners vs runners like yourselves? I think there are pros and cons to both. For instance it’s awesome when you both share the same type of sport and can go on and on talking about it without sounding like a complete douche. But sometimes it’s nice to have different hobbies. Hmm…so yes, being back on the dating scene has been interesting lately.

How is your week going? Any rants to share with the group?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to you! I don’t know about you but I am more than ready for Friday and the weekend. But before we get to the end of the week I have a few random rants, thoughts and such to discuss. So let’s get straight to it!

A pic from this morning’s run. Oh so lovely.

I have been roasting chickpeas like a wild woman lately. Currently these babies are totally my favorite snack. I put a ton of smoked paprika on ‘em (thank you for that recommendation, Rebecca!) and then I watch mindless television at night while I pop ‘em in my mouth. It is my favorite thing.

Has anyone been watching the Real Housewives of Dallas? I am all about the guilty pleasure TV lately. And love that its in my neck of the woods so I know just about all of the places that they go to for brunch and etc. lol. Brandi and Stephanie make me laugh, they are such hot messes. I also actually really like D’Andra. Now this one below, snooty valley girl Kameron…she can go.

I am running this trail race at the end of October. I actually won a free race entry when I won 1st female at the Piney Woods 100k. Woohoo! Oktoberfest running and cervezas afterwards?! Count me in.

A brand spanking new new Whole Foods Market just opened in my ‘hood. And it is quickly becoming my new hangout spot.

Sip and shop $3 mimosas at the store BAR every Sunday? Hey, I don’t care if my paycheck is in danger, I am all in.

It really has NOT been feeling like fall down in Texas this week. We have had temps pushing to the 90s, & the humidity has been through the roof. And it is just literally one hot mess. WHYY Texas?! Don’t you know this is like my most favorite time of year??? Fix it, Jesus.

Me too, Holly. Me too.

But I tell you what training in these temps has really made me one strong runner. I can pretty much run in any kind of conditions at this point, and that…feels oh so good.

Tell me about your random rants and thoughts this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! Welcome to one of my favorite days of the week. You say Thursday, I say it’s Friday eve. PLUS…I am actually off work tomorrow (on a little staycation/long weekend holiday) so hey, even better since it is kind of my Friday! Let’s get to this week’s randomness, rants and such.

So post race recovery has gone super well. I attribute most of this to the fact that I did a ton of power hiking during that 100k. So I’ve basically been running all week long! I did take the day after the race completely off. But actually RUNNING has been helping me to recover. Motion is lotion, baby.

My body does feel great but mentally I still feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal. I was basically a zombie on Monday. I am not sure why I even came in to work. I’m pretty sure I looked like this cat.

Sleep however has been AMAZING. Rest = the best recovery there is out there. I could just sleep sleep sleep all day long. LOL. I wish. Some of us do have jobs.

I had the most wonderful sushi and rose wine last night with some of my favorite people. Sushi…also the best recovery cure without a shadow of a doubt.

I have been doing some online dating. I think its amazing what some people put out there on their online dating profiles. Sometimes I get on there just to swipe left and right for a good laugh. Also, please do not propose to me via the internet. At least give us an opportunity to meet first. LOL. Just saying.

Can we talk about how overjoyed I am that the State Fair of Texas begins THIS WEEKEND?! Give me all of the fair foods, carnival rides and whatever else! Actually, I am lying about the fair foods part. I can’t stomach the grease and fried stuff. I go for the WINE GARDEN. You already know.

Brooks sent me the most wonderful shoes that I have been running in all week long. Feels like Christmastime. LEVITATE. Get you some.

I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey a lot lately. Like discovering old songs that I remember that I loved from her back in the day. This song makes my soul happy.

That’s all, y’all!

Tell me some randomness about your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey hey! High five for random thoughts Thursday! The weekend is almost upon us. I’m very much looking forward to some ultra running fun this weekend with good pals! This will be my last full work day this week, then I’ll work a half day tomorrow and head to east Texas. Should be a good time!

But first…it would not be Thursday without a few random thoughts by yours truly.

Is it just me or is blogging really not what it used to be? I really still love It, mostly because I am a writer so it just comes natural to me. Blogging for me is just a therapy of sorts. Really the bloggers I enjoy don’t seem to blog as much at all, or anymore. There are a few good ones out there still left though. Like a lot of you! I love networking with fellow runners and like minded athletes around the world. Let’s keep the blog love alive!

I cannot tell you how much I need this mini weekend getaway with my trail friends to the piney woods. Being in east Texas for me is always such a lovely experience. I went there for a yoga retreat a few years ago for my birthday and now I get to go back there to run. Fun fun.

The broken stereo saga at the gym continues. I talked about this in another random rant post. The gym has promised me up and down that the music system and the mic is all fixed tonight. I sure hope so because I am going to lose it if I have to play music from my tiny Bluetooth one more day. The fitness instructor struggle is real.

I am back on my chai tea kick again. I cannot promise you I am going to be a tea drinker and never drink coffee anymore. But some days I just need a little tea in my life. Preferably with steamed almond milk in it. Yes, I can be a diva.

I watched Clueless the other day and kind of forgot how much I loved that movie. Some days you just need to watch some mindless TV or a movie that makes you lose a few brain cells.

The one thing I will miss about these super hot Texas summer days hands down is pool time. Sitting outside by the pool after a long day watching the sunset? Absolutely priceless.

Tell me something random about your week!