Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week’s weather down in TEXAS has me wearing beanie hats all week long! I am pretty sure I almost turned into an icicle after running with temps in the TWENTIES the other day but alas, I survived.

All good though because this is what the rest of the week into the weekend is looking like. Bring back my 50s and 60s baby.

The other day I had a little fun and broke away from my routine to go to a CHICKEN WING tasting (thanks Yelp) and can I just say I tried the spiciest wings I’ve ever had in life. One was actually called DEATH and the hottest one was AFTERLIFE. Intense. They actually had a huge cold glass of milk on standby for the afterlife one.

Speaking of heat, the amount of time that I can actually spend in the hot sauna is borderline concerning. What can I say my body loves dry heat! I was actually in there SO long this morning I had to set an alarm but to peel my body off the seat and go. Feels so good though especially when it is so cold outside.

Anyone getting an insane amount of spam calls lately? I even downloaded the blocker app and I’m still getting them. I’ve gotten to the point now where I don’t even answer the phone for people I know.

This. This is oh so true.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

It was rainy and chilly for the morning run but can I just say how it seems like the leaves changed down in TEXAS seemingly overnight? I swear all of October all of the trees were green and then November 1st hit and now all of this red and orange. I mean, I’m not complaining though. I feel like I’m suddenly in a fall wonderland.

It is also the time of year that I start to crave one of my favorite foods- PHO. With extra basil please. Rice noodles and lots of leaves and I am in Vietnamese soup HEAVEN.

Have you gotten your FLU SHOT yet? I did not get mine last year- after being pretty consistent with it for several years and honestly I felt the difference. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get it this year. Especially because I’m thinking of doing some traveling before the year is over.

OMG I am one.freaking.month AWAY from my 3rd 100 miler!! Feels surreal.

I am so glad I got the 100k race out of the way. That was like 1 week and some change ago! It is amazing how fast the body recovers when you get used to the higher mileage.

Wine alert- My favorite vino right now is Apothic Inferno. Beware though it is aged in whiskey barrels so super strong but delicious. But perfect to enjoy right by the fire.

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Red wine lovers what’s your fave right now? Need to add to the collection. 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

YOU GUYS it was 30 DEGREES during my run this morning! Chilly weather is my absolute fave for running!! I got up all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to run at 5 AM. Real psycho like. Haha. But I loved it.

P.S. the selfie pic above is not reflective of me standing outside in 30 degree weather. haha. It was more like 70 that day. But hey, Texas weather is bipolar.

So glad I’m recovering so quickly after my 100k trail race. Yep, what can I say I’m a (humble) BOSS, a veteran rather at this stuff. Been doing this for years now. Hate to toot my own horn but you know, toot toot.

One thing that helps me with recovery after running ULTRAS for sure is getting on the bike. So thankful I teach spin class as a side hustle. Teaching a class after a race is actually one of my favorite things. I taught on Tuesday and felt sooo good to be back in the saddle.

Tonight I’m going to do some Halloween celebrating and I’ve decided to dress in 80s attire? I need to find me some pink leggings though. To go with my fishnet top and lace bow haha. Headed to track them down on my lunch break, let the church pray I find something.

Another thing this week that has helped me RECOVER? Sushi and vino. Dinner of champions.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

So this weekend is the El Taco Loco ULTRA race! I am definitely looking forward to the mini road trip to San Antonio (a 4+ hour drive) and just to get away a bit. Definitely much needed.

I love that my early morning run group is not even phased by the fact that I’m doing a 100k (62 miles). This morning they were all like “that is a SHORT one for you” HAHA. It’s okay, you can’t win ‘em all.

Granted it is more like training for my upcoming 100 miler. It will be a good way to gage if I’ve still got it, so to speak.

Forgive me for missing so many blog posts this week. I had a huge work load and just really didn’t care to post minutiae. Not gonna lie.

I still love y’all, though.

You know what I honestly need!? Just to be around good vibes and good people. So this race/road trip could not have come at a better time.

Can you believe we are THISCLOSE to Thanksgiving? 5 weeks away. I just want to skip it and fast forward straight to Christmas. Don’t hate if I put my pink Christmas tree up next week.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

You guys THE WEATHER WAS EVERYTHING for this morning’s run! Like my legs even were in a good mood. And wanted to go faster. Even at the end of my run when I’m usually tired I had a surprising little “kick” in my system. This is seriously what I have been waiting for- for freaking months. Thank you baby Jesus.

So yeah, my happy place for morning runs I’ve decided now are temperatures between the 40s and 50s. Really just under 50 if we are getting technical. Just chilly enough that need some sleeves BUT I can still wear shorts and not freeze to death.

This is the last weekend of the State Fair of Texas and I am hoping I can carve out some time to go this weekend. Just maybe.

I’m kind of not tripping if I don’t go though. I think it’s just a been there done that and I’ve been so busy with friends and training for this race. The only reason why I would go is for the wine garden. And cotton candy.

You know what, when you start getting into your mid 30s you realize kind of how old you actually are. I have (green) coworkers that are in their 20s and let me tell you just the conversations that they have in general make me feel OLD. I’m an old soul at heart. What can I say.

But still young, you know? I like when people tell me I still look like I’m in my 20s. Black don’t crack, baby.

My friends want to go to a haunted house this weekend…the last one I went to I laughed the entire time. So we shall see if this one actually scares me.

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Ever been to a haunted house??? Did it SCARE you?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week’s cooler temps y’all have been absolute HEAVEN! It is simply what I’ve been waiting for. I think we have one more day though in the 90s (today) and then its downhill from here. Downhill in a good way.

Peep this forecast. PATIO WEATHER YAAAS.

Lately I’ve been really craving reflective solo time just to gather my thoughts. Like on runs, and just in general. You know? I think I could benefit from just meditating in general. The only child in me really likes to be alone probably too much. I mean, some would call me an introvert at times. I like to think of myself as more of an ambivert.

I LOVE this pic of me from the Chicago Marathon and plan on making it my hashtag TBT today. Best of luck BTW if any of y’all are running Chicago this weekend. That race is near and dear to my little black ultrarunner heart. It was my first marathon and it was on 10.10.10. I mean really, can it get more awesome?! I think not.

I keep saying I’m going to make fall sangria and I’m going to make it happen. This weekend. I’m craving it big time. First big miles, then big delicious sangria.

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Where my AMBIVERTS at?! 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been pretty crazy work wise but still getting my running in. I am learning that I really need my morning runs lately primarily to get the day cranked UP but mostly for my mood. I waited until Monday night to run…(needed more recovery) and can I just say the morning was ROUGH. Someone said good morning to me and I basically bit their head off. haha in my mind of course. But I am pretty sure I gave them a dirty look…(!) seriously could not help it.

It is really incredible what heart pumping endorphins do for your whole freaking day. Why haven’t scientists bottled up this stuff I do not know.

Well running and coffee have really been making my week. Some of my running buddies don’t even call me by my name anymore. They call me COFFEE QUEEN. Probably because of that shirt above.

I’m currently listening to this song on repeat. Don’t ask me why. Some days I’m just in the mood to listen to a song on repeat.

I am getting a 90 minute massage tomorrow. Sheer excitement. My achy runner joints sure do need it.

Favorite spice this week – SRIRACHA. I have my moments with sriracha honestly and sometimes I really am not in the mood for it but I’ve been putting that stuff on everything lately. Even avocado toast.

Tell me your random thoughts today?
Are you a coffee drinker? What’s your favorite coffee?
Americano or BLACK.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week’s running has been TOUGH. But getting it done. Humidity is definitely as high as ever. But you know what is getting me through?!? Seeing that temps will be in the 70s and 80s in the next couple of weeks. Oh happy day.

October is going to be oh so marvelous and I am so here for it.

It may be crazy hot outside still but y’all I am in serious FALL MODE. I bought a cinnamon air freshener for my car (thank you Trader Joe’s) and already sipping on fall tea at my desk at work.

I hit 70 miles of running last week (after not hitting those numbers in a while) and y’all that felt OH SO GOOD. I need fall weather because I am seriously missing hitting those numbers consistently. My body has been appreciating scaling back a bit though. And still teaching spin classes and cross training which helps.

Honestly I think running solo helps me to hit higher mileage weeks. For some reason when I get alone and in my own head I just want to push harder and do more. I do appreciate run buds though.

One thing I’ve been missing lately is yoga. Sure I do lots of yoga stretching on my own but I miss being in an actual studio. Also…restorative yoga. Need that kind of meditation in my life right now. Cut the ‘monkey mind’ off.

You know what is also good for just PEACE in general? Logging off of social media. I’ve been loving staying off of Facebook and not getting caught up in what every runner on IG is doing. Sorry not sorry.

I do love when my friends do epic sh*t though. Even though right now I’m loving the ultrarunning stuff and excited for this race but seeing my friends win awards and such puts a little joy in my runner heart. You feel me.

Okay MINI RANT- I totally wanted to order the pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks after my run this morning but they were SOLD OUT when I tried to order it on the app. Epic fail. I got an Americano instead.

Coffee humor. Because it always makes me smile.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

You know I truly think that it is trying to cool down here in Texas. Humidity is still high as ever but I’m dealing with it. I’ve got some ultras coming up so I really just need to suck it up, stop complaining and freaking RUN.

I am stoked for this race in October. So freaking stoked. TACOS and lots of miles. Please bring it on.

I’ve been in a mood lately where I just want to do lots of solo running. I enjoy my miles with friends especially during the work week but I have my “only child” moments where I need to be left alone with my thoughts.

This could also be why I like ultrarunning? I need to work stuff out in my head a lot.

I’ve not had time to watch any TV lately. Between running and teaching classes at the gym when I come home I am just so BEAT I want to pass out. Which is good for my sleep, I guess.

How do people NOT like sleep? I don’t even really enjoy staying up late on the weekends anymore. I am an old lady at heart.

My TACO ULTRA is the same weekend as Halloween weekend. Which kinda sucks but you know. I’d rather run lots of miles I think than dress up and go to a parade. I will just dress up on the actual day.

Okay I know I said I didn’t like Starbucks pumpkin spice but y’all. The pumpkin cream cold crew. Jeezus. OHMYGOODNESS. Take the wheel it is so good. Way too decadent but guilty pleasure perfection. Try one and thank me later.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is still blazing HOT down here in Texas! Every run this week has been a sweat fest. Anyone else? All I am saying is fall running will be oh so glorious.
And because of that yes my electric bill has been HIGH as ever. Hashtag adult problems.
I really keep saying I am going to get back to the pool before it cools down. Need to make that happen this weekend. My weeks have been so jam packed with social events lately. I need some time to just simply do nothing.
Although I say that but then when it comes time to do nothing I have a hard time turning my brain and body off.
GRAPEFEST is this weekend! I make it a point to try and go every year. Who doesn’t love wine festivals? So much fun.
I actually don’t love Texas wine but I have found some good selections. I am a red wine drinker so down here it is all sweet wines. I need to go to Napa or somewhere. I’ve been to Sonoma and loved that. I need to get up there to run a RACE.
Have you all seen the video of this girl ZAZA on Ellen (and Instagram)? I am convinced this is my future daughter. Allllll the sass. Just love her.

Tell me some of your random thoughts this week!