Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is still blazing HOT down here in Texas! Every run this week has been a sweat fest. Anyone else? All I am saying is fall running will be oh so glorious.
And because of that yes my electric bill has been HIGH as ever. Hashtag adult problems.
I really keep saying I am going to get back to the pool before it cools down. Need to make that happen this weekend. My weeks have been so jam packed with social events lately. I need some time to just simply do nothing.
Although I say that but then when it comes time to do nothing I have a hard time turning my brain and body off.
GRAPEFEST is this weekend! I make it a point to try and go every year. Who doesn’t love wine festivals? So much fun.
I actually don’t love Texas wine but I have found some good selections. I am a red wine drinker so down here it is all sweet wines. I need to go to Napa or somewhere. I’ve been to Sonoma and loved that. I need to get up there to run a RACE.
Have you all seen the video of this girl ZAZA on Ellen (and Instagram)? I am convinced this is my future daughter. Allllll the sass. Just love her.

Tell me some of your random thoughts this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’m BACK IN THE SADDLE with this whole blogging thing. Honestly I’ve been kind of getting away from the every day routine blogging and just writing when the mood hits. I do enjoy typing up my weekly running report just because it holds me accountable. And of course random thoughts. I never feel like I run out of those.
Oh fall weather, where on earth are you?!? Every run this week has been blazing HOT down in Texas. I seriously don’t think we will see a temperature drop until November. I need the cooler weather in my life something serious.
You know what has been helping me with my fall cravings though? Pumpkin spice coffee from 7-eleven. I can’t stand the Starbucks version but 7-eleven?!? Give me all of the coffee and no one gets hurt.
I don’t know about you but this short work week post Labor Day has been rather long. I feel like I’ve been playing serious catch up work wise. Needing a vacation from my vacation if you know what I mean. Coffee of course is helping me get through it.
I was back to my super early morning run time this morning and it felt so good to have some social interaction with run pals. I actually am learning that lately I really need my group runs in the morning to get through my days.
The Real Housewives of Dallas ARE BACK!!! I’ve been needing something juicy to watch on TV. Don’t tell me about last night’s episode. I’m going to watch it today.

Fun fact I actually know Stephanie’s assistant and he is pretty much the coolest nicest guy in Dallas. Like super nice! And he owns a bar in Dallas that is all pink and so much fun!! I love going there on mimosa Sundays.

I honestly am running out of guilty pleasure shows to watch. Everything on Netflix also is boring me lately. I’ve been watching some Hulu! Okay, I have one more guilty pleasure show I like, Toddlers and Tiaras. What can I say I like stage mom train wrecks. Don’t judge.

Share some of your random thoughts with me! Let’s catch up.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week is quite the whirlwind but I am knocking out work and getting things done. Plus morning runs are in full force!! Which for sure has been helping keep my mind super sharp and ready to tackle crazy deadlines.

Does anyone feel like they have serious FOG BRAIN when they do not get a run in? Very rarely do I not make time for a run these days. But honestly the morning runs are for that very reason. My body literally relies on it like a cup of coffee. It’s an addiction for me for sure but a damn sure good one.

Another thing that makes me feel oh so good. Having my nails done. I’ve probably told this story before but my “good luck charm” before my 50 mile race I do every year is making sure my nails are done. LOL. Hydration, proper shoes? Meh. Them nails though?!? THEY GOTTA BE ON POINT.

My IG account is still under construction (aka the big purge) but I tell you what I have really been enjoying not posting on there on the daily. Part of me feels like I’m just getting away from IG in general but I really love looking at funny posts and what not on there. Annnnnd of course IG stories. I love those. I could look at IG stories all day long.

I’m getting my hair colored and done this weekend and I could not be more excited. Leaning more towards an amaretto color? Need something snazzy for fall.

OMG y’all I am getting all of the fall feels now that September is knocking on the door. FALL FESTIVALS are coming and I will be going to all of them. And also get ready for all of the fall memes and pumpkin because I will probably be posting about fall every day. You’re quite welcome.

Tell me something random about today!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Thanks for all of the love regarding my Habanero 50K race finish!! If you missed the recap you can find it here. Recovery so far this week from 31 miles on sandy trails is going rather well. My feet and ankles were super sore earlier in the week but getting back moving always makes things feel a LOT better. Motion is lotion, baby.

Although my running buddies wanted to run hills on Wednesday and that nearly killed me. But I made it through. It ended up being a good run after all.

I’m debating on throwing this race on the calendar. TACOS and RUNNING, duh. Truly a match made in heaven.

Currently I’m in the process of cleaning up my IG. Like BIG TIME. I had over 3000 pics on there (?!?) just from years of being on the site! It was time for a major purge.

I tell you what– getting all of the sleep this week has been lovely. I think that’s the thing I enjoy the most after running ultras. Lots and lots of ZZZs. I should have taken another day off just to sleep all day and binge watch daytime television.

I cannot believe we are almost into September already!! Doesn’t it feel like August is flying by? But heck yes I am oh so ready for it. The State Fair of Texas is fast approaching! Most of you know who have been reading for a while that that is my JAM.

Share something random about your week this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Okay so y’all we had some rain and a teeny tiny baby cold front the other morning. And can I just say that the morning run was everything! It was 70 something degrees and I was in sheer heaven. Thank you baby Jesus for allowing that to happen.

But of course today we are back to hellish Texas heat + humidity. I’m just trying to survive at this point.

Oh goodness I am so very ready for all of the fall things. Pumpkin. The fair. Cooler mornings. Less humidity. Boots!! It will be a while before I bust the boots out. But boy am I ready.

Tomorrow I am heading out towards H.town for the Habanero 50k!! And for those of you that aren’t familiar- the Houston area (all of that part of Texas really) is like the hottest of the hot and the most ridiculous humidity in the universe. Race is Saturday. IT STARTS AT NOON. I know it will be hot. But I feel ready. I am trying not to freak out too much.

I am kind of looking forward to this solo road trip. I have a lot of friends actually running this race (some crazier than me running the 100 miler! Sheesh) but I have decided to rent a car, ride down there and enjoy the alone time 3-4 hour road trip. I just feel like I am needing to be alone with my thoughts lately.

Do you ever feel like that? My solo time has been everything to me lately. I think it is because I’ve been doing a lot of group runs and social running things. I love it but the only child in me is craving time. To just get away. It is a good time for me mentally…to do this race.

50k here we come. Pray I don’t burn up and die.

Well that is all for this week ya’ll! Catch you on the flip side.

Have a great weekend!

Any fun plans this weekend? Summer fun? Are you ready for fall as much as I am?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So I’ve been practicing running during different times of the day (starting to get back into super ultra mode as I ramp up for Loup Garou 100) and to be honest probably one of my favorite times of day to run is when it is 100+ degrees out. I know that sounds totally insane but it is true. I felt so good running through the drier heat the other day. And it made me want push harder.

I also like living on the edge sometimes. Doing things you’re not supposed to do like running when it is 100+ degrees out. haha.

Maybe I’m becoming one of those people who enjoys HOT WEATHER running as opposed to cooler weather? Nah, couldn’t be.

One of my running friends the other day (although he has a few screws loose) told me he thinks my ultra-running tendencies have to do with the fact that I have Kenyan in my genetics. He was dead serious too. I mean, he may not be too far off.

I need to do one of those 23 and me things. Have you done it?? I think I may be surprised at what I might find.

I mean. I know I have German ancestry (grandparents on my mom’s side) then Native American, Black. Some creole. Hmm. Wander what else.

Oh, on Sunday I am going to KITTEN YOGA. Ohmygoodness you guys. I am so very excited. Of course, it is all chicks going. And I’m sure very little yoga will get done that day. Haha. Just saying.

Share some of your random thoughts with me this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I have been rather proud of myself lately because I’ve been hitting the super early morning runs rather HARD the last few weeks. And getting pretty solid sleep.

Granted there were a few times I had some evening fun with friends, then had to wager with myself the next morning…BUT…in general…still made it.

I mean, honestly running with friends in the summer specifically IS the way to go. I’m just much more motivated to run hills, faster, etc when I’m with other people. There is just no doubt about that.

There has definitely been stuff in the Texas air lately. Does anyone know of some super potent allergy meds? I am just going to have to break down and get allergy shots or something.

Are you ever in that kind of mood where you literally want to blast your music on your headphones as loud as possible where you hear no one and nothing for hours while you knock out work? Just super zone out mood? That is such a mood for me today. Music is such freaking amazing therapy.

Oh. Also. HAPPY AUGUST. I am so happy to see this month. My 10 year work anniversary is finally here!! Which means I’m about to take mad days off of work. Hello 3 weeks of vacation days. YES. I worked all of July without any days off this year by the way. Brutal.

I will admit…I am starting to officially feel like I’m very ready for super crisp fall air. I do love me some pool time and sunshine…but it just feels like it is kind of time. You know? For pumpkin spice, for scarves, for boots. I know.

Feel free to fight me. And then give me ALL OF THE pumpkin.

What’s on your mind today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So this morning’s run was oh so SPLENDID. I honestly don’t know any other way to describe it. It almost felt like a taste of fall!! We were in the 70s with lower humidity and a little breeze. That is basically UNHEARD of this time of year in Texas. Oh happy day.

I am enjoying it while it lasts because we are back into the triple digits in a few short days. Which is probably good for my upcoming 50k anyway. AKA the Habanero suffer fest. Just call me a glutton for punishment.

I’ve been thinking about a hair color change lately. Maybe something super semi permanent? I really liked my sangria hair back in the day but it took FOREVER to get that color out of my hair. I think I just need something bold but temporary…hmm…

Hashtag TBT.

You know they even have Snapchat filters that change your hair color now. LOL. Maybe I will just do that.

I have been working so much this week so I’m super ready for a fun weekend. Take me to the pool with a cocktail with an umbrella in it.

What’s on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well folks, we are at the height of a BLAZIN’ HOT summer down in Texas and the only thing that is helping me get through this grueling summer training is…morning runs. Seriously do not know what I would do without the ability to run super early in the a.m.! It is a true blessing to have a breakfast club running group.

Seriously 60-70+ mile weeks –kind of require you TO BE a morning runner. That is for dang sure.

I have been loving my double run days too. It gives me an excuse to drink what? Frozen hibiscus margaritas.

IG is getting rid of likes and views, apparently! How do you feel about that?! I am here for it.

A random man in my neighborhood was up early EARLY this morning and started singing a gospel hymn literally at the top of his lungs in the parking lot…for no reason at all. Seriously nothing surprises me about people anymore. Even the naked man running on the lake with nothing but a backpack and socks on.

Work has been oh so crazy lately. The whole month of JULY actually has been quite hectic. I’m trying to stay afloat and stay my usual carefree happy little spirit.

YES, running definitely helps me with this. So thankful for that. Otherwise I just may lose my cool.

One of my coworkers keeps finger puppets at her desk at work to de-stress. HA. How do you de-stress AT WORK during hectic moments?

Usually I just dance around my office with headphones on and music on full blast. Don’t even care if I look crazy anymore. Not at all.

Woosah. Almost the weekend.

What’s on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has probably been the MOST HUMID yet for running. And we are already soaring in the triple digit temps. Every dang day. Along with the humidity- talk about a beat down. Welcome to glorious Texas summer.

I keep telling myself running all of these summer miles will pay off come fall. I sure do hope so.

This is probably the first time in YEARS that I do not have a fall marathon on the schedule. Granted I have a 50k and a 100 miler on the schedule HAHA. But it just feels different. Different in a good way.

I am debating on signing up for a 26.2 in winter/spring though. I have my eye on this. I keep hearing good things.

What is your favorite summer fruit? Mine is oh so juicy mango. No doubt.

Share your random thoughts with me today!