Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Ultrarunning

Random Thoughts Thursday.

What a WEEK it has been on the work front! But alas I am squeezing some time to myself in. I’ve been doing some dark runs lately and I enjoy changing it up. Just call me Chelsea “change it up” TheDancingRunner Ross.

I am RACING THIS WEEKEND (say what?!) and I have to say this is going to be a much needed time on my feet, ultra fun run!! I’ve already seen the course, and I am excited to get out there with some of my friends. My good friend (who used to take my spin class back when I taught at 24) is the race director of this race. She’s also a badass ultra runner! Should be some good times.

I am doing the baby ultra (just 6 hours) there is also a 12 and 24 hour run. I kinda like ending the year on a ‘baby ultra’ note. I will get a feel for this race then if I end up liking it I’ll return next year for something longer.

On Cyber Monday I did some shopping and signed up for MY FAVORITE RACE the Hachie 50! That is one race I do not mind doing over and over again.

As much as I enjoy the 100 miler distance – I mean I did do it, twice I will say that is one race distance that you do have to change it up to enjoy. For me at least. I do know lots of trail runners that do the same races multiple times, just to get the different buckles and bragging rights. I am a believer in once you’ve done the HUNDO you can just say you’ve done one and people (your average Joe) will be more than impressed.

One day I may run another one, but I think eventually I’d like to do the 24 hour race (running for time as opposed to distance) and get more than 100 miles in on a flat, fast course. Hopefully the ‘rona won’t get worse and I can set my sights on that for 2022.

I will say that this without a doubt made me giggle yesterday. Omarion is an r&b singer for those who don’t know.

Share some randomness with me about your day!!

My fellow hundo runner peeps- I know I have a few out there…like you Ash…anyone out there enjoy doing the same 100 milers over and over again?!? Maybe there’s something about the familiarity of it and knowing you can finish.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning the weather was OH SO CRISP for running. I can’t really describe it any other kind of way other than crisp. I think I am going to change my fave running temp to 50 something degrees. It is like not too hot, not too cold, you know?! And you don’t have to wear gloves but you can wear shorts and then maybe a light long sleeved top. My jam.

Next week I get to go on an ACTUAL vacation! You guys I am oh so ready to get on an airplane and head to the beach. Thank you baby Jesus for friends with condos. I mean seriously there is so much good still left in the world. Blessed and filled with gratitude for good people in my life.

This song today is such a vibe. I could play it on repeat all day long.

My coffee is so much better this week with peppermint added to it. It is that time of year after all. Bye bye pumpkin spice.

People have been complaining about it getting darker earlier with daylight savings but you know what?! It is something about us falling back an hour that has given me some fresh energy. Even in the evenings I feel like I have a little pep in my step. I even want to run in the darkness longer (when I run at night because y’all know I like to change it up).

I feel a hair color change coming soon also. Yes…changes are coming and I’m loving every bit of change in the air right about now. Stay tuned.

Also, Happy Veterans Day to all of my veterans out there. Blessings. 

What is your ‘perfect running temperature’?!?

I feel like I have two. 55 and 69.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was a CHILLY one after teaching my zero dark thirty spin class! I did feel my legs moving faster towards the end of this run though. It felt good to be outside running with temps in the 40s. Yes, we were in the 40s with low humidity. Cooler temps for running equals a happy Chelsea.

I went to the sauna AND the eucalyptus steam room after my chilly run and I have to tell you it was absolutely everything. My body and soul is all warm and happy now after that double dose of heat. Hydrating lots and lots after all of that AM sweat.

I am doing a trial run of HBO max and I have to say I am absolutely obsessed with all of the good shows I’m finding on there. Move over Netflix. I especially like this show – I just love me some good looking young and hip African Americans on my screen. Give me more of the Sweet Life please.

Essential oil of the week. Lavender and Cedarwood. I pretty much have been diffusing it every morning.

Love this tank top. We are getting all kinds of cute gear to wear when we teach classes at Life Time. Free swag is my jam.

Yes it is Christmas time already at the 9 to 5. I am not one of those people who hates on people putting their Christmas trees up early. haha. I am HERE FOR all of IT. Let’s get to the holiday hoopla.

Share some randomness with me from your week! Are you an early Christmas tree putter upper?!?

Normally yes. But– I may wait a little while longer this year because I think I’m going to get a new tree. It is time to retire the pink one.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Life has been a bit stressful dealing with LIFE STUFF – but I am staying afloat and surviving! I have to say that staying consistent with my day to day running in the midst of all of the stress has helped. Even if it is just for a quick run around the block – fresh air and time with nature is so much needed. I find that it is kind of medicinal nowadays.

The weather for running this week has been superb also. I am talking in the 50s and 60s which for Texas in October is absolutely bone chilling haha. Colorful sunrises and a cool breeze every single time. AND LESS HUMIDITY praise Jesus. I am a fan.

I am planning a weekend getaway soon with a friend and it could not be coming at a better time. I just need the ocean breeze on my face and the sand in my toes. In a balmy beach town is truly where I belong.

MINI RANT – People that TALK LOUD for no reason. This has been my pet peeve this week. I just don’t understand how you cannot get your point across otherwise. Some people I think are just socially awkward and cannot read a room. Reading the room and social cues should be taught in school and then we would all be alright.

What has been my woosah moment this week – Lavender and Cedarwood essential oil. And espresso. And chocolate. And prayer. I think that there is just something about espresso that is more effective than coffee at times.

Speaking of smell good things – I am trying out Scentbird and getting luxury fragrances sent to me each month. So this should be a fun thing to try out. Excited for this one to come in the mail. I looked it up and it is like a $300 fragrance so trying that on the cheap is extra special and fun. It lasts 30 days before I switch it out for something new.

The weather this weekend is going to be long run perfection (so chilly I may even need runner’s gloves!) so I may attempt an extra long run. My body has been craving that since I’ve been in a bit of an off season and the last 2+ hour run I did recently I was not sore at all. It’s nice when you’ve done so many damn ultras and races in your life you can kind of bounce back like that. So wish me luck.

I love lately just kind of running on my terms and not giving a damn about what everyone else is doing. Running solo especially just gives me so much peace as of late. This morning running after a 15 mile spin ride and then sitting in the eucalyptus sauna at the gym – SHEER HEAVEN.

What’s been helping you get through life stuff lately? Or…share your pet peeves with me. I won’t judge.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather has been absolutely incredible for running this week! Also our sunrises and sunsets have been so on point. I’ve been present for both this week and enjoying changing up my run schedule. Loved running this AM after I taught my class at the gym and listening to Chelsea Handler’s podcast.

I’ve been glued to all of YouTube since they’ve supposedly found the BONES of Gabby Petito’s killer boyfriend. That story is such a mess right now. I am telling you though if they make a Netflix doc out of this I am watching.

I’m becoming ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE that puts biofreeze on EVERY DAY. I am not kidding I use this product on the daily. My neck and back and body are so very thankful since I’m now teaching more spin classes than ever before on a weekly basis.

Okay confession I did not go to the fair this year. Part of me was okay with it though? I’m one of those people who enjoys ‘going against the grain’ if I see it is something EVERYONE IS DOING. I try my best to not be as basic as possible haha. BUT…the only damn thing I wanted was a giant turkey leg and I did get me one. Thanks, mom.

The only thing I will say that makes me a ‘basic B’ is my love for pumpkin. Sorry not sorry that love will never go away.

-I need to figure out what my Halloween costume will be this year. I do have my butterfly wings but I think I’m going to change it up. Mermaid maybe?! I really like girly costumes that are not at all creative. ‘Sexy nurse’? I’ll think of something.

Do you listen to podcasts?! Which one is your favorite? 

I like mostly the pop culture ones.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning I got in a fantastic spin cycle ride with my AM crew – plus ran some peaceful early miles to kick off the day. We’ve had some rain off and on all week so I’m definitely ready to see some sunshine soon.

This is definitely the kind of weather where you want to sit on your patio with a cup of coffee and a book – or grab a hammock and put your feet up.

I definitely want to get something cozy and cute to lounge in for my patio…something like this since my patio is a nice size.


The only thing though during certain times of the year we get a random amount of wasps (I hate all of the Texas flying bugs especially living on the lake). Wasps scare the living daylights out of me. I am terrified of those things and the nests they create. Is there a light or contraption of some sort that will keep them away!? Do tell.

The eucalyptus steam room seemed to have an EXTRA amount of eucalyptus in it at the gym this morning. I always wish I had more time to stay in there and just zone out. The mornings are perfect too because no one is in there at 7 AM.

-I really want to go to a pumpkin patch and take photos…we have a few places like that around the DFW area so I hope to do a little exploring this weekend. Our weather will be in the 70s this weekend too and sunny which is Texas fall perfection.

Have you been to a pumpkin patch lately?! Who is doing a Halloween race??
I think it would be fun to do a fall festive type of race. Maybe I will dress up and run 27 miles on my own just for fun. HA.

Pumpkin, Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

HELLO OCTOBER SUNRISES. Oh do I love you so. Seriously the colors in the fall skies are always just so beautiful like a painting. God’s artwork. I’ve been loving them this week.

Lo-fi hip hop radio. This is the best music for my work day brain. Seriously when you spend time writing promos all day this is the kind of music you need. Along with some crazy strong coffee.

This morning’s 5 AM 15 mile ride followed by a RUNrise was really all I needed. And then I sat in the eucalyptus steam room which was EXTRA HOT today.

-I’m telling ya’ll I used to be a dry sauna girl but I may very well be converting to steam. I mean, it has eucalyptus in it. Plus, it is inside of the ladies lounge/locker room and it is super clean and I can go in there basically naked. Well not really, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable. Haha. Perfect thing to do before a luxurious shower and then I get ready for work.

I have to teach a 2nd spin class tonight (after work) so this without a doubt is my busiest day of the week. Gotta love the triple threat Thursday.

Tomorrow is a SELF CARE stay-cation day off and I am really excited about it. I will go get a pedicure, massage and do all of the pampering things. So much needed.

Another self care thing I’ve tried lately is Modern Acupuncture. I will say it is a cool bucket list thing to do but not for me long term. Great if you are a high stress person though and need ZEN time to yourself. You honestly do not feel the needles at all but it is expensive upkeep even if you get to use your work benefits. I think I’d rather have that money go towards my monthly massages. Massages truly never let me down.

You know what I actually really need in my life today before my next 15 mile ride tonight?! A pumpkin cream cold brew.

Yes, I am a basic B ‘pumpkin lover’ and I will admit that with absolutely no shame whatsoever.

Share some randomness with me! What is your favorite TREAT YO’SELF/SELF CARE thing to do?
Spa pedicures, massages, drinking fancy coffees on a patio.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I got my morning started with a power packed SPIN cycle ride and RUNrise! Y’all, Thursdays are starting to be my absolute fave. I get to do all of my favorite workouts plus the sunrise on Thursday mornings has actually been consistently beautiful. Love my fitness instructor life.

It is currently FREEZING in my office at work and I really wish I had one of those heaters under my desk but the maintenance people told us we couldn’t bring them to work. Something about it being too much for our electrical system– (?) I am not sure. BUT that was a while ago and I think I’ve seen a fellow coworker with one. Maybe I’ll try and sneak a tiny one in and see what happens.

My childhood friend is coming to town this weekend for a homecoming game and I am oh so excited! I love pretending I went to her college and having some tailgating fun. It should be a marvelous weekend. Filled with football and all of the fall type things.

I have to work on Sunday (we have a live show that evening – yes working in TV can be hectic like that) and I am not super looking forward to that…but trying to get off NEXT Friday. I mean I will have probably more than 40 hours before the end of Thursday so…fingers crossed. Thankfully I don’t always have to work on weekends. My weekends are so sacred and precious to me (and my mental health).

I’ve been working pretty hard at work and my side hustle…so…absolutely needing another vacation oh so soon. I see some more beach time in my very near future.

And this. I am telling you a support group for this legitimately needs to exist.


Feel free to join in on the randomness…what was the temperature in your neck of the woods this morning?
VERY sticky humid with temps in the 60s. Felt like my steam room at the gym minus the eucalyptus.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Spin class

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy fall to you and yours! The Texas sunsets this week for running have been absolutely spectacular. All of my favorite colors in the sky that is for sure. Plus cool evenings and mornings just make my soul oh so very happy.

-This week I have to admit I’ve been obsessed by this Gabby Petito story. She was such a beautiful girl and my heart is broken for her family.

What has been making me HAPPY this week – teaching classes at the gym nonstop and ICE COLD eucalyptus towels. Plus the steam room after a power packed calorie torching workout. I teach 5 classes this week and a 2 hour fundraiser ride coming up. Blissful times in the life of Chelsea.

I have to say I am happy that being a fitness instructor is a superpower of mine. Most rewarding side hustle hands down.

My favorite vitamin right now. B complex in liquid form. Keeping these legs of mine revved up and ready to go.

The State Fair of Texas has officially starts tomorrow! Although I am excited for the fair I think I may wait until the excitement dies down and go in October.

Wine tasting weekends…yes so happy that fall festivals are back.

Share some happy things about your day with me! Any fall festivals popping up in your area ?

Fitness, Fun, Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Spin class

Random Thoughts Thursday.

My morning started with a power packed 13 mile ride and a run around the ‘hood. My early morning peeps always work so hard! I love the 5:30 AM energy and hearing the whizzing of the bikes as we jam out with party lights. Teaching a spin class + getting my run in + eucalyptus steam room equals a happy Chelsea.

The sunsets on my evening runs have actually been the real winner though. Like that pic above. Watch more sunsets than Netflix…always my motto.

Yes, Life Time is so awesome we even have OUR OWN WATER NOW. And it is delicious and in this pretty BPA free bottle.

I am back on my vanilla chai kick. Drinking this as we speak while I have some clove essential oil in my diffuser.

Chillhop essentials Fall 2021 just came out. Perfect music to work and write to. When I am at my career girl job. But maybe even do some yoga too. It is a whole vibe.

I’ve been enjoying just running for fun still and not really posting as much on the social media front. I do have to promote my class a lot still on our Life Time group pages but taking a back seat to being hyperactive on certain platforms is actually quite nice and refreshing.

Grapefest is this weekend! So you know where I will be. And then the State Fair of Texas begins next week!! Two festivals that I did not get to experience last year. I am so very glad fall festivals are freaking back. Oh happy day.

Share some randomness with me from your day! What is your favorite fall drink ?
I dabble in some pumpkin spice coffee (not the latte) but my jam has to be the vanilla or pumpkin chai.