Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been rather balmy for running down in Texas! We are slated to get close to 90 degrees today. I’ve been trying to find as much shade as possible. Plus all of the trees are lush and green. Loving this view.

Well, since my TV job as a producer/writer (yep, fun fact) is considered an ‘essential business’ (media) I have been working in the office. I keep my doors all the way closed while I write and ARM MYSELF with all of the cleaning things. Do what I gotta do for now. Blessed and thankful to stlll be working. What can I say.

Is it just me or is everyone and their grandma outdoors lately? I will be honest I try to avoid the main parts of the park for this very reason. I have been finding new routes lately which is great. People outside with their germs make me nervous.

It also doesn’t help that allergy season is very real. Please be nice to those of us who have allergies. We are gentle souls who mean well.

This quarantine activity book is forever cracking me up.

Plus a little funny for your Thursday.

Share something lighthearted and funny with me! I need some good news.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! Hope you all are staying safe and surviving these crazy times!! And hopefully getting your RUN on a bit. Let’s chat about some stuff that’s random! Just because we can.

It is interesting to see how the elites are handling the whole quarantine thing! I for one know I’ve had to cancel lots of events lately. But hey, this incredible SPORT called running – it cures all of the worries. Trips will always be there.

Yes, Desi. I feel you sis.

Lately I’ve been thinking about not super upping my mileage for my up and coming race (if it even happens). Part of it is that I just feel like I’ve run so many ultras in the last few years and I want to be more mentally in this game this go round. We shall see. Just hoping this whole Corona situation settles down before May.

I signed up for MCM (lotto) in October! Well the lottery at least. This will be the 5th time I’ve run MCM (and my 31st marathon) if I get in which qualifies me for their veterans Runner’s Club. I also am thinking about Brazos Bend 100 in December. YES. It’s official. I miss 100 milers.

A little funny for Thursday.

Stay happy y’all! And be well.

How are y’all holding up?! Share some randomness with me today!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week for running has been downright glorious! A tad humid especially this morning but still sunny. Yesterday was almost 90 degrees! Time to find me a pool (and a grill) somewhere.

Why does grilled food always taste better when guys do it?! I just like to sit and look pretty while a man cooks my food on the grill. Just saying.

Do not know about you but about 90 percent of my plans this weekend have been canceled due to the CORONA. The other 10 percent is running.

Thankful that my sport can mostly be done alone without human contact haha. Introverts unite. Actually I am more of an AMBIVERT but I’m letting my inner introvert shine bright right about now.

Share some randomness with me today! Are u an introvert, extrovert? Both??

Both. The only child in me wants to forever be introvert but I also love me some keep it real people.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The trees are blooming everywhere down here in Texas lately which has been lovely for the morning runs. Yay for the springtime feels. I saw the one above after my jaunt this morning and it made me smile.

What doesn’t make me smile though – I haven’t seen my TEXAS BLUEBONNETS anywhere yet. Last time I saw them at the end of February?! And the place that I see them on my usual route is desolate. Oh bluebonnets, where have you gone?

I may have to make my way out to this bluebonnet festival just to see them.

Allergies have been in full effect lately. There’s all kinds of sinus stuff going on. Gotta love that (HA) especially for running.

I’ve been enjoying all of my slower ‘time on my feet’ runs lately. They’ve been good for my mind body and soul. And for my ‘higher mileage’ building. Still building back up.

I’ve also been enjoying my ‘Tina Turner’ wild hair. These are hair extensions but I am loving them and you may be seeing me wearing more of them soon. At least until summer when I can sport my all natural curls. Cheers to changing up the hair and being fabulous.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was downright chilly but I’m trying to hang in there because shorts weather is right around the corner! Hello TEMPS IN THE 70s for the weekend. Mother nature is giving us a reward for our cold weather endurance. I am so ready for the spring-like temps.

I’m so ready for spring weather that I’m already doing a little spring shopping (and cleaning) too. Time to do a purge of sorts.

Is it too early for swimwear shopping?! Nah, never too early. Also someone needs to block me from this site because every time I go on there I buy something.

The amount of political calls and spam texts I’m getting lately is just out of control. I did put a spam call blocker app on my phone but somehow they still get through. Those son of a guns are dang persistent.

I’ve gotta work on my ranking on ULTRASIGNUP this year. 76.11 percent?! Could be better. Maybe I’ll make that a new year’s resolution for 2020? Oops, I am always late for the party when it comes to stuff like that seeing that it is almost March.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Okay y’all I don’t know about you but we have been going through it with the rain down in Texas lately! I am tired and through with how soggy it has been. Still getting in my running in but the miles have been mighty wet as of late.

We did have a lovely sky for yesterday’s morning run though. Before the rain came back down. I need more pretty skies like the one up above.

So I just got a note from Turbo Tax that told me my refund was on its way in the next 24 hours. YES JUST IN TIME FOR THE WEEKEND. Hallelujah thank you baby Jesus. I did my taxes earlier than I usually do this year but hey I am glad about it.

I got my nails done in a lavender shade and I just love them. Lavender is probably my most favorite scent ever. I think it is supposed to make you sleepy or calm you down but it actually energizes me. It also reminds me of spring. Love me some pastel colors.

My dad is probably more hype and more motivating than me in the mornings. Guess you know now where I got it from. Yes, I get these types of mid week messages every week and I love it. Ha.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week has once again been an up and down roller coaster for running. I am starting to sound like one of those fair weather runners I am sure but my goodness I am ready for springtime! Enough of this cold and rainy mess. I will say the sun did peek out yesterday afternoon and I could not wait to get out there and get it in. Sunset miles have been pleasant this week. Nice change up.

And morning runs are just the icing on the cake. My early run this morning was exactly what I needed it to be. Instant mood lifter.

Has anybody SEEN the trailer for season 12 of RHONY (Bravo/Housewives fans of course)? Honestly I haven’t been into the New York ladies in quite some time but I may just have to tune in. It looks JUICY.

Does anyone make their own egg muffins or an egg dish and then eat off of that for a few days for work week breakfasts? I am thinking of doing this one next week. Send me your egg recipes because I am egg obsessed. I genuinely think they make your brain work better in the mornings.

I really do not think I would be as productive at work if it weren’t for headphones and music. Music is another thing that makes my brain work. Yep, music, eggs, and running. That’s it.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Y’all…(and yes I said that with the most Texan of accents, can’t help it) the SUN is back after some gloomy days! We are back to roller coaster temps this week in Texas. Even though the sun came out to play for this morning’s run temps were in the 30s! That is downright chilly to us. Good run but I need spring to make its way here soon.

My first hundo (100 miler) anniversary as I’d like to call it was this week…and got me to feeling all nostalgic and stuff. Ya know, popping your 100 mile race cherry is pretty dang special. I think that is kind one of one of the things I do appreciate about having a blog and somewhere to store the memories. It is like going back to the vault, so to speak. I also love to read my stream of consciousness after a race like that. Good stuff.

Hmm…I may need somewhere to store my ULTRA buckles besides the drawer collecting dust since I now also have 50 miler, 100k, 100 miler buckles. It’s amazing what you can find on etsy. Maybe something like this?


I think I may need therapy— and not run therapy, actual real therapy —specifically for when people are too much into my personal space. I guess I don’t mind it if I like you but if you’re a stranger and you are walking or standing too close to me, behind me, I get the heebie jeebies?! Anyone else? Maybe I am not alone.

Anyone else super into the CHEER series on Netflix?! I binge watched it after my long run last weekend and just fell in love. Plus hello Corsicana is like an hour away from me. Maybe I will go be all touristy and track them down. They do have some great bakeries and such down there. I love me some little Texas country towns.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

This recovery week has actually gone super well! After doing Running the Rose my legs were crazy sore but I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’ve taught spin, am teaching tonight and have done a few runs – so far so good.

I signed up for the Danman trail marathon! Some of you know I do this trail race every year. Not only is it a FREE race we get incredible BBQ and it’s just like one big trail party. Simply cannot wait.

I will say that even though my soreness goes away quickly I end up needing THE MOST sleep. I am always so tired after these ultras. I literally feel like I could sleep all week long.

Honestly even with all of the calories burned you would think I would be quite ravenous. But if I had the option to eat a steak dinner or get a few more extra hours of sleep I would take the ZZZs.

This week has been so odd with the passing of Kobe and then hearing updates on the Coronavirus. Why does January feel like it has been the longest month ever? Hope we get some sunshine soon. Or some kind of happier news.

Speaking of sunshine would you PEEP this forecast ?! Oh my goodness. Color me excited.

Also this. I found this in the store the other day. Describes me to a T.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

So my very 1st trail race of 2020 is this Saturday! I am equal parts nervous and excited, y’all! It should definitely be a good one!! East Texas, tall piney trees, heaven. It is a woodsy wonderland for sure.

However I’ve definitely been feeling a bit taper crazy since scaling the miles back even just a bit. I did not super taper for this race (I’m also still teaching my classes at the gym) but I’m still feeling a bit cranky. Less miles = less endorphins! And the gloomy weather lately has not been helping!!! So glad the temps in East Texas should be full of bliss and sunshine. Much needed. Check out this great forecast. I mean it really is going to feel like springtime this weekend.

I bought the cutest Skechers yesterday. These will definitely more for short runs. But I think they are just too perfect especially for spring.

After my 33 mile trail race in 2 days I am thinking about signing up for some short races. The only other race on my radar right now though is the Hachie 50 miler! I keep getting distracted by ultras, y’all. I may never run a marathon again. HMMM.

I actually want to run a mardi gras race though. This one is a fave on my calendar. Colorful beads and miles are my jam.

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