Random Thoughts Thursday.

So my very 1st trail race of 2020 is this Saturday! I am equal parts nervous and excited, y’all! It should definitely be a good one!! East Texas, tall piney trees, heaven. It is a woodsy wonderland for sure.

However I’ve definitely been feeling a bit taper crazy since scaling the miles back even just a bit. I did not super taper for this race (I’m also still teaching my classes at the gym) but I’m still feeling a bit cranky. Less miles = less endorphins! And the gloomy weather lately has not been helping!!! So glad the temps in East Texas should be full of bliss and sunshine. Much needed. Check out this great forecast. I mean it really is going to feel like springtime this weekend.

I bought the cutest Skechers yesterday. These will definitely more for short runs. But I think they are just too perfect especially for spring.

After my 54k trail race in 2 days I am thinking about signing up for some short races. The only other race on my radar right now though is the Hachie 50 miler! I keep getting distracted by ultras, y’all. I may never run a marathon again. HMMM.

I actually want to run a mardi gras race though. This one is a fave on my calendar. Colorful beads and miles are my jam.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather down here in Texas has been a true up and down roller coaster ride! I’m telling you it was 80 (!) degrees YESTERDAY and today temps are in the 40s. Unbelievable. But I kinda love it. Crazy weather at its finest.

This morning’s run was also one of those mental / mind game kind of runs. Every fiber of my being wanted to be done with that run at about mile 2 due to lightning and heavy rain. That progressively got worse the longer I ran. But I kept pushing. And may or may not have almost got struck by lightning? But yeah, wrapped it up when things got nasty. Hey, I even dried myself off a bit and managed to get a selfie for the heck of it. See above.

I am so looking forward to this 54k race and being amongst the tall piney trees and escaping in the woods. It is simply just what I need right now. Countdown begins to my next ultra.

Today is Aaliyah’s birthday! I felt super nostalgic and listened to her playlist on Spotify all morning long.

I am really craving breakfast foods today for some reason. I only had coffee and a banana this morning but hmm…maybe breakfast for dinner?! Bacon and eggs? BAE. We shall see.

Hmm…should I add some Aaliyah songs to my spin cycle playlist for tonight’s class?! Decisions decisions. That fitness instructor life is hard sometimes.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week for running is feeling just like springtime! Highs have been in the 60s just about every other day. I mean, even on Sunday we were in the 70s!! My goodness. Enjoying it while it lasts.

I am ready for spring though. The bright colors, (MY BIRTHDAY) and everything is just so much more colorful in general. Plus the TEXAS bluebonnets! I am missing seeing my Texas flower on the side of the road. Can’t wait.

I think I am going to go to a country concert soon. There’s one in Oklahoma (3 hours away) and me and a friend are thinking of taking the road trip. Yep, I will finally be able to cross that one off my bucket list. Ha.

Well I have a 54k trail race coming up, just a few short weeks away. First race of 2020! Thankfully I did the big run across town to prepare. Should be a good time.

I love how all of the runners on Strava are super pumped to get their miles in for the NEW YEAR. Mind you I do not pay that much attention to Strava– because I simply have a life don’t give a sh*t- but my run club friends get super into being at the top of the leaderboards like it is a video game.

I like to call it the ‘Januarians’ of running like the people who go hard in the gym in January. Love it. Gives me a good laugh.

I was thinking that 2020 would be the year I would start trying to get better at the marathon distance but UM I keep getting distracted by ultras?! Can’t wait to run this 50 miler for the 5th time in a row. Giddy up.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Back to the after Christmas grind for me! At least for today. I have to work today but definitely looking forward to another long weekend!! This morning’s RUNrise was quite lovely. Nice, breezy and plenty of cloud cover.
Yesterday I did the Christmas Day run with my run club. We ran and then had some treats and eats (and mimosas) and all was well in the world. Such a fun event! Glad I got away for a bit and went.

Plus Christmas dinner with fam. Chopped steak, mashed potatoes, veggies, sausage. Incredible.

My fave southern cafeteria was open on Christmas and that’s where we went for dinner. Hey, cafeteria food sometimes is all you need! Southern comfort at its finest. All about it.
Mama and I are suckers for selfies.

What are you doing for NYE? Well of course I have a ultra run planned but I still am debating on a few evening things. That’s if I can even move after my annual big run across DFW. Regardless should be a fun day with some fun peeps. Cheers to that.

Share your random thoughts with me today! What did you have for Christmas dinner?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well we are back to the up and down temps in Texas. It was 28 degrees during my run yesterday morning!! That’s right, right after it was in the 70s on Sunday. I feel like I may be having hot and cold flashes at this point. I also never know what to wear.

Hot flashes, yeah I think 35 is a little bit too early to have those? I mean I ain’t no spring chicken I am aware. But let me hold onto my feeling youthful in my mid 30s as much as possible, thank you.

I cannot get enough Christmas music. I play holiday jazz at work ALL DAY long. Love it.

What’s a Christmas song favorite of yours? Mine is probably Feliz Navidad. It makes me feel like I’m on the beach in Mexico somewhere.

A beach sounds really great right now by the way. It’s really time to get away. Who’s got me on the plane ticket? I’ll pay you back. Balling on a budget.

The Jingle Bell Run is tomorrow and part of me actually wants to race it even though it is untimed. Hmm…maybe I will just race it myself and time myself on Strava. Yeah, that sounds good.

Oh and this. Never gets old.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well Texas is back with the up and down weather! It has been downright chilly for running this week but also quite pleasant. This morning’s chilly miles were absolutely everything.

I’m definitely looking forward to having this long weekend coming up. I’ve got some time left over before the year is up to play around with so it will be a catch up type of weekend. Actually I’ve been thinking about doing some serious cleaning (PURGING of sorts) with stuff around the house before the new year. You know, adulting and such. Much needed.

Trader Joe’s has all of the holiday goodies, ya’ll. I’ve been trying to not be too naughty and stay away but I made the trip over there last night after work and LET ME TELL YOU that was kind of the highlight of my week. Because I bought the peppermint pretzel slims. Ohemgee. I have to hide them from myself before I eat the entire bag at once. So yummy.

So I ordered my Google Home Mini (I get one free for being a Spotify premium member) a couple of weeks ago and am starting to wonder if it got lost in the mail or something. Is Google Home Mini like Alexa? I don’t even know what I ordered. Ha.

I’m super into beanie hats lately. Beanies and holiday java from Starbucks and no one gets hurt. I wear my beanie all day at work too in the office. It is like my security blanket.

So excited to CHEER on all of my friends running the Dallas Marathon this weekend! This is the first time probably I’ve ever been on the other side and not actually racing it! But a bunch of my runner club friends (those of us in the off season) are going out to spectate and it will be one BIG massive party. Good luck to those running it! See you out there.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Can I just tell you how much I absolutely did not want to get up EARLY to run this a.m.? My bed was feeling so good, y’all. But I made myself head out in the cold darkness. And how I felt at the end of this morning’s run was EVERYTHING. Oh so good. It’s incredible what running does to our bodies and souls. Yes indeed.

Seriously mornings like that keep me forever putting in the miles.

So I’m heavily debating on doing the 50k (and then some) trek across DFW in a few short weeks. Like last year, it should be some fun people involved. It’s not a race and strictly for crazy people who just like to run for miles and miles without recognition. Well, maybe a brag worthy social media post or something but no medal. HA. Sign me up.

Just a few of last years crazies.  

Yep, you read that right, we literally run miles and miles across town (point to point) and along a rail system so anyone who wants to run part (or all) of the distance can do that and then jump back on the train and head back to their car. It is quite a genius idea, really.

I mean, if you are into that kind of crazy. It’s genius to me. Could be moronic to you. LOL. All about perspective.

I was talking to Kwame (hey blogging buddy!) about the marathon in Barbados and I have to say I think the universe is calling me there because I’ve thought about going there at least twice since we talked about it. For the marathon…and really just for laziness? Or I guess what non runners call ‘vacation’.

And then I get this beckoning to me…in my email today. Hmm.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

It’s truly been feeling like straight up springtime around these parts with the weather! That’s right, I’ve been busting back out the shorts and tank tops. I know this won’t last for long but I definitely am enjoying it while it lasts.

Yep, 70 degrees in November. I can get down with that.

I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately. I get into moods like that where I want to listen to it more than other times. What can I say, I have super eclectic taste in jams. It’s my happy/working music.

And then other times I want to listen to hip hop on FULL blast. Or just high energy stuff especially when I teach spin class.

I am telling you I feel so good after making my 100 mile decision like a weight was lifted. I can literally enjoy the rest of my year and the holidays with friends and family without fretting about a looming race. Granted I am running the Jingle Bell Run the week before Christmas but even that one will be untimed. NO STRESS. ALL FUN.

I think I’ve developed a little reputation in my running community of being the ultra runner that always does THE MOST. Haha I am trying to change that. I want to be the ‘laid back’ runner.

Literally people will ask me during a social run, ‘oh, you running 30 miles today huh?’ And I guess it should be a flattering thing that people think I’m such a hard worker but…everyone’s gotta rest every now and again.

I never do ultra runs to impress other people, or to even do some impressive blog post. It’s always FOR ME. And I love it that way and always will. End rant.

-I really am looking forward to pressing the refresh / reset button on running though going on into the new year. I want to run more marathons, do some destination races, and of course some of my favorite ultras. I already feel it in my bones that 2020 will be a phenomenal year. Plus ending 2019 on a strong note with my 100k PR was icing on the cake.

Share your thoughts with me today! Any more ultra runners out there?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week’s weather down in TEXAS has me wearing beanie hats all week long! I am pretty sure I almost turned into an icicle after running with temps in the TWENTIES the other day but alas, I survived.

All good though because this is what the rest of the week into the weekend is looking like. Bring back my 50s and 60s baby.

The other day I had a little fun and broke away from my routine to go to a CHICKEN WING tasting (thanks Yelp) and can I just say I tried the spiciest wings I’ve ever had in life. One was actually called DEATH and the hottest one was AFTERLIFE. Intense. They actually had a huge cold glass of milk on standby for the afterlife one.

Speaking of heat, the amount of time that I can actually spend in the hot sauna is borderline concerning. What can I say my body loves dry heat! I was actually in there SO long this morning I had to set an alarm but to peel my body off the seat and go. Feels so good though especially when it is so cold outside.

Anyone getting an insane amount of spam calls lately? I even downloaded the blocker app and I’m still getting them. I’ve gotten to the point now where I don’t even answer the phone for people I know.

This. This is oh so true.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

It was rainy and chilly for the morning run but can I just say how it seems like the leaves changed down in TEXAS seemingly overnight? I swear all of October all of the trees were green and then November 1st hit and now all of this red and orange. I mean, I’m not complaining though. I feel like I’m suddenly in a fall wonderland.

It is also the time of year that I start to crave one of my favorite foods- PHO. With extra basil please. Rice noodles and lots of leaves and I am in Vietnamese soup HEAVEN.

Have you gotten your FLU SHOT yet? I did not get mine last year- after being pretty consistent with it for several years and honestly I felt the difference. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get it this year. Especially because I’m thinking of doing some traveling before the year is over.

OMG I am one.freaking.month AWAY from my 3rd 100 miler!! Feels surreal.

I am so glad I got the 100k race out of the way. That was like 1 week and some change ago! It is amazing how fast the body recovers when you get used to the higher mileage.

Wine alert- My favorite vino right now is Apothic Inferno. Beware though it is aged in whiskey barrels so super strong but delicious. But perfect to enjoy right by the fire.

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Red wine lovers what’s your fave right now? Need to add to the collection.