Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and happiest of Thursdays to you! This is a great day for some random thoughts and confessions, yes!? Running and non running related. Let’s get straight to it!

So tonight I am going to a Halloween social run/birthday party thing and I HAVE NO COSTUME. I do, however, have a leopard mask from a couple of years ago that I found in my drawer the other day. So, should I just put that on and call it a good day? I will be a tail-less leopard runner. Sounds good.

I also need to figure out another Halloween costume because I am supposed to be going to something else on Saturday. I do have a pink tutu in my closet. What goes good with that? I need ideas. I’ve been seeing some unicorns and bunnies with tutus on, on Pinterest. So they could be on to something.

Ultra training is going super well this week and the body is feeling good. I feel like this race will be here before you know it! Plus, I’m getting back into my high mileage running groove and that is feeling good too. We all know I love me some double run days.

This week I have really been loving me some SLEEP. I think I’ve been in the bed every night by at least 830-9 PM. Last night I believe it was 815. Of course it takes me time to actually nod off but when you are in your 30s – being in bed at 8 something is quite the luxury.

I really am loving the “Workout Twerkout” station on my Spotify. It is officially the soundtrack for Thursdays. Believe it.

What randomness is on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there and happy Thursday to ya!! Today is of course of my favorite days of the week- random thoughts Thursday! Here go some of my rants/raves/and confessions in the most random of orders…

-I think they are trying to do that dance in the above gif that all of the young folks are doing lately? Does anyone know how to do it properly?!? Teach me your ways…

This entire week has been nothing but RAIN RAIN RAIN and cold. I think it is the wettest October we’ve had in Dallas in quite a while! But, I’ve still been getting all of my runs in like a good little ultra runner while I continue training for BB100. And no, treadmill, you will not win. I am just not a treadmill girl you guys. I’d rather road, track or trail it any day of the week. Plus running in the rain makes me feel like a super badass. Just one more day of gloom and I hear we are in for some sunshine this weekend. YAY.

This weekend I am supposed to be hitting up the State Fair of Texas and it is actually the last weekend to do so! I heard on the radio this morning that since we’ve had so many rainy days they will be extending the fair hours too. So yay, that is a win win.

I am obsessed now with the coffee/computer room at my apartments. Mostly because no one really goes in there and also I do not have a Keurig so I will sneak in there and grab a cup of coffee before work. They have all of the different flavors of coffee and everything! I was even up at 4 something this morning sneaking in there getting coffee before this morning’s run. It feels like my little hideaway coffee secret. My a.m. dose of happiness.

Now that the weather is getting chilly I am back in love with leopard. This time of year I always have to have my pumpkin EVERYTHING and then my leopard. Shoes, scarf, you name it. Deep down inside I am a basic white girl. I’m sure most of you already knew this. I am a mixed girl anyway so I am allowed to claim that without it being offensive. So, thank you. You know everyone is offended by everything these days so little disclaimer there.

I have not figured out what I am going to be just quite yet for Halloween. I’m leaning towards mermaid? There are so many cute costumes online but there’s not enough time. I’m thinking I may have to make it a DIY situation. Or do something completely different. But I like the mermaid idea! We shall see.

I need a massage like CRAZY. My back is in knots and the only person who can cure me is Everett (my angel therapist). Scheduling one today…

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there and happy Thursday to ya! It is random thoughts Thursday and I’ve got a few things to get off the brain this week…

#mood…wild curly hair and all.

This was the first morning that I felt a TRUE crisp breeze in the air. I mean it felt like a legit fall run. The run was quite amazing I have to say. Gosh it is incredible what a temperature drop will do. We have been going THRU IT with the humidity down in Texas, so as you can imagine I was thrilled when I saw temps were in the 50s at 5 AM.

What is it with people who back out of parking spots without a care in the world? It is like okay most cars these days have sensors and what not to tell them that they are about to back out and hit another vehicle but it seems like people these days just are in some other dimension. And just totally not paying attention at all. Anyway. This is the very reason why I park my car backwards so I can see stuff. It is my most favorite way to park.

I kind of wish I could run on my lunch break everyday especially now that it is getting cooler out. And when I say run I mean LONG RUN. Like 16 miles, shower at gym and come back to work. Maybe I will have to take a half day one day just to go long running somewhere. We shall see.

Do you ever have days where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone? I feel like this is maybe a side effect of my only child syndrome. HA. Some days I just want to come to work, do my work without anyone asking me a question, come home and watch YouTube videos. I think this makes me sound like a total introvert but then I really do like people. So I guess I am an ambivert.

I still have not visited the State Fair of Texas yet (my favorite thing in the universe)…and NEXT WEEKEND is the last weekend of the fair. So me and one of my besties is going and I simply cannot wait. It should be interesting walking around the fair after running 50 miles (Countdown- 2 days!!). We shall see how that goes.

What random thoughts are on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy random thoughts Thursday!! I’m here to share some rants/raves/confessions in no particular order today! So step right up and let’s get straight to it…

Some days I really wish I could just blast my music in the office while working. But since I can’t usually when I’m working I keep my headphones on. Since I write/produce for a living (yes working in television can be fun sometimes…most times…I’m very blessed) I feel like music just really taps into my creative energy. I honestly don’t know what I would do without music.

The music choice of this morning is Michael Jackson. Sometimes I get in these music moods where I just only want to listen to one artist. Like all day long. Not sure why.

My 50 mile race is coming up and really I don’t think I will be tapering for it. Sorry not sorry. Really it is just a training run anyway. For this race. Yikes. I’m super excited and super freaked out to run my 2nd HUNDO.

I went out last night and while I had fun I am going to have to say that going out on a work night absolutely jacks my work day (the morning after) up. But…girl time and wine is always a good idea. No regrets.

Do y’all use WAZE? Everyone keeps telling me how great it is. And how it is better than google maps. I don’t have a huge opinion on it yet since I just downloaded the app to my phone. So I’ll have to give you a review on it next week.

Is anyone running the Chicago marathon this weekend!? It was my very first marathon 8 years ago. I kinda want to go back and run it…perhaps next year. It really is a great course and I’m so glad it was my 1st marathon experience. Back when there was no lottery. My how time flies and things change.

Oh and happy National Taco Day! I guess I need to celebrate…

What’s on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey hey hey! Welcome to random thoughts Thursday!! I’ve got a few rants/raves/confessions up my sleeve today. And usually it is very much running and non running related! Ha. So let’s get straight to it.

You guys IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL OUTSIDE! It was a crisp and cool 60 something degrees for our run this morning. Yes, 60 degrees is downright chilly here in Texas, I can hear you northerners snickering now. After dealing with temps in the 90s just last week dang it I will take it.

I am going to a haunted house this weekend and I am strangely excited about it. Although I am probably the world’s most easily scared person I think it will be a good time. I’m sure it will be too for my friends who will probably be laughing at the fact that I will be screaming the entire time.

You know what kinda drives me nuts at work? When people stare at your computer screen while you’re working. Or are just nosey in general about what you are doing. I am doing my work and so you should be doing yours. Just minnnnnd ya bizzness.

I am trying to figure out if I’m going to do a color change now that it is fall. Back to the sangria hair? Nah…it may be too drastic. Maybe a stable color change or some highlights. Or, maybe I will just straighten it? Yeah I think I will do that, this weekend. I’ve been rocking the curly hair a lot. I love it but I need a weekend style change.

Are there any juicy serious/drama type shows you are loving lately? I really like light hearted shows (guilty pleasure ones, HELLO Real Housewives or anything on Bravo) but may have room to start watching some others. I want a really juicy show to get into. And something easy to pick up and follow not like Game of Thrones or any crap like that. No shade if you are a GOT fan.

I think I’m going to do my long run tomorrow (and then another long-ish one Saturday) missing my back to back miles. So yeah, long run Friday and then going right to work will be quite interesting. We shall see. ULTRA training is fun. And hopefully Sunday will be good weather and no rain. The trails are calling my name.

What are some of your random rants/raves/confessions today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! Welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday. I have a few running (and non-running related) rants, raves and confessions this week…so…read on!

I am getting back into ultra training mode…and LOVING it. I think for the rest of this year I will focus on what I love the most. Running ultras! And then next year work on getting faster and the whole BQ thing. The GREAT thing about that is that next year I turn 35 and my BQ qualifying time will go up. So, hallelujah for that. Now I have to pick a solid 2019 marathon.

-If I can be honest though, I really think ultras are where my strong suit is at. Plus, I love me some trails and just getting lost and all hippy trippy dippy on them. Can’t wait for this race and then the 100 miler oh so soon.

Work has been absolutely cray cray and there is nothing more that I want NOW than the weekend. And grilling and chilling and all of that that comes with it.

That I do, Mila Kunis.

Speaking of grilling we did a bit of that last night on Wine Wednesday. It is becoming a thing. Gotta love my friend’s Halloween wine glasses.

Is is just me or is it something so PEACEFUL about getting to work early? Like when no one is there to catch up and check emails and such. I need a bit of quiet time before the hectic 9 to 5.

What are some of your thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is random thoughts Thursday today! Today promises to be a busy day work wise so I just have a few thoughts for this week. I’m also just kind of over this week in general. Because of post marathon soreness and just really kind of on autopilot all week long. Give me SUNSHINE and weekend, please.

BTW Kameron from the Real Housewives of Dallas is starting to grow on me. She’s a hot mess but good tv I have to say.

Post marathon recovery I have to say is just going suuuuper slow. You know what’s funny, after most marathons (and even some ULTRAS) due to running high mileage for the last couple of years – it literally takes me maybe 2-3 days max before I start feeling like myself again. Y’all I am still sore from that dang mountain race last week! Why why why. Give me my legs back.

I’m still running though – I’ve done it every day this week. Slow, but getting it done. This morning I ran strides at a 7:30 pace at the end so that made me feel like kind of a rockstar.

No more downhill full marathons though for me. For a WHILE. I actually have a friend that is wanting me to run another downhill one- Revel Mt. Charleston in the mountains near Vegas in April. But…it is too close to my birthday and you know what I like to do for my birthday anyway so I’m thinking NO. Revel and I just don’t really see eye to eye at the moment. Maybe I could go run the half…??haha…who am I kidding.

This weekend is one of my favorite festivals – Grapefest wine festival in good ole Grapevine, Texas!! I am invited some friends and running buddies and we are just going to have a good ole time. I can’t wait for Saturday. We signed up for the VIP tasting and everything.

#tbt. I haven’t missed a year.

I am in love with being able to use the mobile app version of Starbucks. How on earth am I just now discovering how awesome this is? Being able to pay on your phone and just pick up your coffee with little to no interaction with the baristas is kind of the best thing ever. Especially on busy workday mornings. No more wasting time in the drive thru. Just give me my java and go.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts a Day Early.

Just a few random thoughts, a day early…since I will be off for the long luxurious holiday weekend! As most of you know…I usually do this post on Thursday but I will be going on a short hiatus for Labor Day! Hope you enjoy yours.

I have to say I’m absolutely in love with my curly summer hair. Dare I say…MAYBE, just maybe I’ll extend this look out for the fall? It’s just ridiculously easy and I get all of the compliments. Some lady even asked me at the pool the other day if she could touch my hair. LOL…usually I would object, but she asked so nicely so I gave her a pass.

Confession, I had watermelon for dinner twice this week. IT WAS AWESOME. So hydrating honestly after running in the heat.

THIS POST below on the Revel Race page. Um, did we not just talk about this!? Freaking hilarious. Love it.

I have listened to The Chainsmoker’s “Side Effects” about 20 times today. The music video is EVERYTHING also. You must watch. Love love love.

My Running is Cheaper Than Therapy coffee warmer mug thingy. What do you call these things? Koozies? Anyway, I keep it at my desk so it is a nice reminder when I’m having a stressful day. Then I smile and all is well with the world.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

What’s on tap for your Labor Day?
Pool time, more pool time, perhaps a margarita is also in my future.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there! It is random thoughts Thursday so get ready for the random rants/raves and confessions in no real order whatsoever!! It will be short and sweet. Let’s get right to it.

BTW Who watched the VMAs? I heard J.Lo rocked it. I’ve been too busy to watch tv lately- need to catch up.

Also, who watches the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders making the team reality show? Whatever it is called on CMT. I actually know some of the judges so I like seeing their take on some of the girls. Plus the tryouts are usually entertaining.

So apparently eating coconut oil is considered to be “pure poison” now. I know people (some of my friends included) that swear up and down this stuff is like the ultimate superfood. I prefer it as a “lotion” of sorts and rub it on my skin as a moisturizer. Hmm. Not sure whether to take not eating it as gospel or not.

Yes, my marathon is fast approaching and y’all it is official I am going to TAPER. Which I never really do much for races. But this training cycle has been pretty strong and I’m kinda ready to back off and take some of my high mileage down.

-No, really. I know some of you don’t believe me. Anyway, when the marathon is over I have to get right back in the groove for the 100 miler. So, there’s that.

-I’m ready for some more pool time this weekend. You know, in north Texas going to the POOL is like equivalent to being by a real body of water for some of y’all on the coasts. All day everyday. And thankfully my apartment pool is like my little Las Vegas so it’s amazing. And all of my neighbor friends meet up there every Sunday. GRILLIN and CHILLIN. We don’t even have to call or text each other anymore. It is telepathic.

What’s on your mind this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Oh yes…get ready for some random thoughts/rants/confessions…per the weekly usual.

The Cardi B gif seemed fitting here.

First of all…this. You guys, I am ready for all of the pumpkin things again. Rumor has it Starbucks is bringing back the PSL later this month. Not really a fan of those, but I could do a pumpkin cider (yes that is a thing). So I will shout it loudly from the rooftops. GIVE ME FALL. It is time to start decorating for the season. Yes, I know August is still summer.

Yes, this is an actual photo of me eating raw pumpkin. #organic, and #glutenfree #thankyouverymuch.

I used to be legitimately obsessed with all things Pinterest. No lie I used to get on there just to de-stress or relax after a busy day and pin funny pics, clothes, recipes whatever to my hearts content. Now it is overrun with advertisements and such and I’m just so disillusioned. Also, all of these people comment on pins now, apparently? Like it’s Instagram? Since when is that a thing? Im seeing people have full blown conversations under a photo now. Why tho? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also, yes this is precisely how my brain works. I’ve never seen a more true fact in my life.

Summer snack weakness. All of the cherries – especially the really dark ones. I like my cherries like I like my chocolate, I mean my men, I mean whatever.

I kid you not I watch more YouTube than regular television now. And yes, on my phone. Watching stuff from my phone is just so much more intimate to me. Or something like that. I mean…you can literally get your entire life on there! And do yoga. Yoga with Adriene is my jam. I think I will do some of that tonight.

I am getting bored of Instagram…honestly the only reason why I am still on it is to put up pretty post run nature photos and update my IG stories every once in a blue. Maybe I’ll get off of it. Or just take a break? Who am I kidding. I am way too nosey to get off.

Facebook actually lately is more interesting because I think of it more as my event planner. If I did not have FB for this I would actually have to get a real planner and a PEN (gasp! Who uses those anymore?) and write stuff down. Super old school. I probably do need more old school in my life.

This weekend in Texas the sun is BACK and you’d better believe I’m going to be spending as much time outside as possible. YES I do want fall to come but I’ve still got some more pool time to take advantage of. After a week of rain and clouds my tan is fading and I need it back. Thanks.

What randomness is on your mind today?