Random Thoughts Thursday.

I know it seems like I am constantly talking about the weather lately but you guys I sincerely cannot help it. Temps are in the 70s every dang day. I cannot contain the amount of spring fever joy that I have right now.

So whenever I order my running shoes online (shoutout to Brooks) I always get them delivered to work and it feels like freaking Christmas time. My soul is just oh so happy. Does anyone else just get so giddy when they buy new running shoes?

I also get really happy when I can manage to get an early run in, shower at the gym and still am the first person in my little office suite to make it to work. The office in the morning without coworkers is oh so peaceful and I can check emails in blissful solitude.

Also my birthday run is fast approaching and I am trying to decide how I’m going to go about it this year. Run solo miles on the actual day (which is a Friday) or do the run with friends on a Saturday? I do have a few friends that want to do at least some of the miles with me. Hey I don’t expect everyone to do the whole 35. BUT…then the only child solo zen runner in me – wants the miles alllllll to myself…HMM. Decisions.

Also I love having 3 day weekends in the spring time. Especially when the weather is so glorious. Yes, I have another one coming up this weekend and I am going to a concert on Sunday so having Monday off will be the icing on the cake. I may even go get a spa pedicure. Ahhh yes.

I’ve just discovered a new favorite conditioner from Whole Foods and it is lavender and it is wonderful. Conditioner from a natural foods store? Hey, it is a thing. My new favorite thing. And it makes my curls seriously POP. See?? Wild, all natural and free.

Share some random thoughts with me for today!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I am super excited because today IS MY FRI-YAY (I have some extra vacation time to burn) so tomorrow on my day off I plan on doing all of the running and all of the relaxing. A massage planned with my favorite therapist in the middle of the day is kind of the cherry on top.

Plus I need to get my nails done…hmm…will probably do that tomorrow too.

Even though it is a long weekend for me this weekend I actually don’t have a whole lot planned aside from the usual (running and brunching and friend and family time). And I kind of like it like that.

The sun has been shining here in Texas ALL WEEK LONG and temps are in the mid 70s just about everyday. Yaaas. My favorite weather is back plus the extra daylight in the evenings has been absolutely everything.

I do think we have a little bit of rain in the forecast for the weekend but should be good for a low key Saturday. Hey, maybe I will even read a book or something.

-Yeah, right. Actually I bought this book a LONG time ago and never read it. I love me some Andy Cohen and am obsessed with him in general but something about my A.D.D. will not let me relax and read a darn book before I start thinking about something else I need to be doing.

The (self diagnosed) a.d.d. is actually why I really enjoy going to the sauna in the mornings after my run. It kind of helps me turn my brain off and just….reeee-lax.

Another thing I’ve loved is not having so many after work commitments. Can I tell you I used to want to do ALL THE THINGS- like go to everyone’s happy hour, teach every class at the gym. And be at home every night at 8 or 9 pm. Just exhausted. I mean and I would just go right to sleep too from sheer exhaustion everyday. Usually with very little dinner or food to eat in my fridge. Well now that I’ve started focusing on ME more and having free time in the evenings– my life just feels more at peace. Thank you self care. And, I get more time to do my double run days and stuff. Watching the sunset and all that zen stuff. So, there’s that. Yay.

I am also going to cancel my Netflix before the week is over. See, I’m on a ‘get rid of the clutter’ kick. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used it. ALSO. I have free Hulu now along with my Spotify membership! Oh, happy day. Plus there’s just so much YouTube to watch!!! So much.

Tell me something random about your week this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Just a few random thoughts today…

Texas running weather has been absolutely SUPERB all week. Well with the exception of a few early morning storms. I did have to move a couple of runs to lunchtime because of thunder and lightning. But then it made this morning’s run that much sweeter and the sun finally came out. And all was well in the world.

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend?! This is a pretty EPIC holiday down in Dallas. Supposedly we have one of the biggest parades for St. Patrick’s Day in the country? I heard that on the radio this morning. Who knew. Anyways I am doing a long run Saturday morning then braving the traffic. And the crowds. Pray for me.

Honestly I thought about not going to the parade simply because of how hard it is to get out there. But I’m going because FOMO. And all of my friends are going. They do have a 5k, which would make it easier to do the race and then just stay out there. Right?! But, 5k? Psssh. No thanks. I am an ultrarunner after all.

Also, I want to find a new GREEN dress and look all cute. I get paid tomorrow so I will go shopping and find something. But yes, Saturday will be all about looking cute. And I can’t do that if I’m racing. So yeah…Saturday long run, then attempting to shower- grab a massive coffee annnnd be cute RIGHT after- will be interesting.

I am just now realizing this turned into the St. Patrick’s Day edition of Random Thoughts Thursday. So, here’s a throwback pic from the green festivities a few years ago. Fun fun.

Do you like green beer? I am not a fan. Someone needs to do a green cider perhaps? Or green wine? I could get down with either.

The GIF above seemed super fitting there at the time.

Where is Tori Spelling these days anyway…

OH…and happy PI day! Go partake in something full of calories, I won’t judge.

Share some of your random thoughts today!! Maybe some St. Pat’s Day/festive ones…

Random Thoughts Thursday.

TODAY IT WILL BE 70 DEGREES IN DALLAS. Do you know how happy this makes me?! I am so freaking ready for springtime running weather it is not even funny.
In other news whenever I pull up the Weather Channel online for some reason my settings are set to Washington DC (?) So it always says like 30 degrees or something and then my little sunshine heart sinks for just a second. And then I remember I’m in Texas and the weather is more awesome here. Usually. Hey, what can I say we are lucky.
I signed up for a lil mountain race (!) in September!! I am “just” running the 25k. Haha. Anyway, my trail group is running it too and the race is already completely sold out! I am going to make a race-cation out of it and go visit Marfa. Which, I’ve never been to. Can’t wait to take pics by the Prada store.
And I think I will be returning to run Brazos Bend 100 again in December. Let’s pray the weather gods are nice to us and it doesn’t rain torrential downpour again.
I celebrated mardi gras not once, but TWICE this week!

Last night I went to a Yelp mardi gras event and won the raffle package which had a bottle of wine and all of the mardi gras beads and what not in it!! Oh, happy day. I love this holiday.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

My work schedule this week has truly been bonkers and all over the place. We’ve had a live show in the evenings (yes working behind the scenes in local TV can be fun) so I’ve worked nights twice this week. I only have to do this about twice a year so not complaining too much. But most of you know I’m more of a morning person than a night owl. So yeah. Cranky Chelsea made an appearance to two.

Also, Texas bipolar weather continues. No lie it was 60 something degrees yesterday morning when I ran 10 miles at 5:30 A.M. – then several hours later THE TEMPERATURE dropped to 30. What the what?!? I did not see that coming. Mother nature pulled a fast one on us.

But I kind of like running when it’s yucky out. Like this morning when it was 30 and felt like 21. Yikes. Good mental training.

Anyone else obsessed with this Jordyn/Khloe/Tristan saga??! Is it all fake? Who knows but I am here for it. I love all of the roller coaster celeb drama. Can’t get enough of the trainwreck. And apparently Jordyn is going to be on Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talk tomorrow…I will be waiting just like this…

Debating on getting a condo within the next year. I know – it would be a big jump for me since I am currently renting but renting is getting so crazy high lately!! Having a mortgage is a whole new thing for me but it would be kinda fun. My mom who is a real estate agent is helping me find places near all of my favorite running trails. You know that part is a MUST. I need to be able to leave my house and run at ANY given time. Any condo owners out there? Tell me how you like it…

Share some randomness with me today! Any fun plans this weekend??
A whole lot of running and relaxing. Ooo and the mardi gras parade is Sunday. Yaaas.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning after my run I went to the gym and this dude in the sauna sprayed this AMAZING aromatherapy spray in there (after kindly asking me and the other person if it was okay) and I tell you what I was in sheer heaven. Like how come I’ve never thought of doing that?! Not only does it take that nasty gym stench away it permeates the room with the heat and I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm. Um yeah, I’m going to go to the sauna now at odd hours just to spray and inhale. Love.

It was one of these Zum Mist sprays. Love all of these. I may go to the natural store today and stock up.

Two things that are pretty HIGH on my pet peeves list- people walking directly behind me in a hallway, so close that they are breathing down my neck – and also people who stare. I get it, sometimes I tend to do the stare down but I notice this in myself and work hard on not doing it. But you KNOW when you just feel someone staring at you? I literally want to punch these people in the face and this is why I run.

Slightly annoyed with people who want to have long conversations with you in the comments on Facebook. Or Instagram. But especially Facebook. How about we all just get on stage and charge people for a show? Let’s make some money while we are at it, you know. Might as well.

Some people just like to hear themselves talk. I know this.

I may one of those people sometimes. Yeah. Work in progress.

Low maintenance friends are so my jam. You know, the kind where you can literally text them anytime, about anything and can just pick up where you left off? That is just so priceless in this day & age. Plus I have less tolerance for high maintenance or overly competitive type of friendships in general because that mess is exhausting. Thankful I have lots of great friends in this life.

I was thinking about returning to run the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. in October so I could go up there run a fast race and kick it with my college friends. And then you know what MCM did??? They ADDED AN ULTRA. A 50K to be exact! It’s like it was confirmation or something. They know my style. So yeah. I may have to enter the lotto to try and make it happen. If I run it (marathon or ultra) one more time I get entered into the Runner’s Club then I can bypass the lotto every year and automatically get in. Yaaaas.

This coffee pot. Genius. I’ve been needing to do this for a while.

Share some of your random thoughts today! 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I love running in different neighborhoods in the mornings simply so I can get a feel of how friendly each area is towards runners. It’s funny because over in Dallas by White Rock Lake (an area that is pretty much “runner mecca”) people in general are SO friendly. Then you go to a place like where I live and people act like they are too boujee to even say good morning (those snooty millennials).

The best neighborhoods are where the cute senior citizens live. You end up feeling like a track star because they are just oh so impressed with you. And they ALWAYS have a little word of encouragement. haha. Always guaranteed a good time.

I like getting to work early before everyone on my floor gets here. This morning it was so peaceful and quiet before the hustle and bustle of the morning. I work in television so when all of the producers and creative people get here as you can imagine it is quite rowdy. But in a good way.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?! I actually have about 30 Valentines tonight. I am teaching spin cycle happy hour and we are going to all wear pink and red, sweat our hineys off and eat chocolate to our hearts content. YAASSS.

It is going to be in the high 70s TODAY and TOMORROW! Yayyy my favorite weather is back. Lets all grab a hammock and straight kick it.

Tell me something random about your day today! 

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Seriously Texas weather has gone insane. No lie it was 80 degrees a few days ago and this morning it was in the 30s?! BANANAS.
It made for quite the windy chilly run this morning. But I kind of loved it. I’ve been loving my runs this week – I am back to wearing my pink girly hydration vest in the mornings and it has all of the pockets. Pockets while running make me happy.
I am also back on a little bit of a Chipotle kick. I need to recreate the tofu bowl at home. With the corn salsa?! YUM.
I actually really like tofu. Mostly because it just kind of takes on the taste of whatever you create with it. I could possibly be a vegetarian but the problem is I do like a nice medium steak every once in a while. Spoken like a true Texan.
And as I type this, I’m listening to country music on the headphones at work. SUCH A TEXAN.
-Listening to country music is probably something I would consider to be a guilty pleasure.
I really need to figure out what to do with my nails. I love the classic french manicure look but it is getting pricey to always be getting my nails done. I would do them myself but I like the way they look when someone else does them. Also, two of my nails broke this week. Sigh. The things girls do for beauty.
I like this pic of myself with my curls. I think I will wear my hair curly this weekend. Hmmmm.

Tell me something RANDOM about your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

-I love when you have a super long weekend and then come back to nice short work weeks that are rather productive and go by quickly. This has been one of those weeks.
-The number one thing that is getting me through this week is 7-eleven coffee. I am obsessed. I know, make it at home. Blah blah.
-Actually I do have a Keurig at my apartments and I like that too. My favorite K-cup is Sumatra Reserve.
-Also my birthday is April 26th if you’re buying.
-Speaking of which my birthday is on a FRIDAY this year. Love it. I am taking that day off as I always do to do my birthday run.
-Another random thing. I feel like people stare at me like I’m about to commit a crime or something when I have running clothes on. I think it is because I look like a homeless person.
-I also think I’m the only person that doesn’t get excited about posting pictures of myself running. Because of the whole homeless look again. What can I say, I am a girly girl who likes girly things. Like dresses and heels and wearing my hair down. And big earrings. Like a true southern gal. Running is sexy too but you know what I mean.
-Also I don’t run so you can see what I look like when I’m running. I know, it’s like I’m not even a millennial.
-If I could run in heels and not kill my feet I legit would.
-There are dance classes where women dance in heels…hmm…may have to look into that.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

A few running (and non running related) thoughts on today…

The double shot of espresso at 7-eleven certainly has some type of drugs in it. I’ve been so productive this week thanks to that stuff! It is my new kryptonite.
Also this same 7-eleven nearby not only has the best coffee but they have the best random Asian snacks. It’s odd because none of the other stores I’ve been to have as many Asian snacks as this location (?) Try the Hello Panda cookies if you can track them down and thank me later. I also spotted some random green noodles. I plan on trying them and reporting back.
This morning’s 11.3 mile run was everything. It was crazy cold too (20 something degrees is downright bone chilling cold down in TX) but I like it like that.

Why is it that I’m just discovering the power of hand warmers during a run. I mean I’ve heard of their magic but I just never gave in til now. Handwarmers are the new game changer for Chelsea.
Have y’all seen the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix? I’m obsessed. They also did one on Hulu. That Billy McFarland dude I tell you what is a piece of work. Insanity. You must watch it if you haven’t.
There is a big mardi gras themed party down here in Dallas this weekend and I want to go but it is like $90. I can’t imagine spending that much money on a party. I mean I can throw my own mardi gras festival and put beads on and dance around for free. Good gracious.
Crawfish season is back also. Does anyone eat them? They are so difficult to eat but I may have to track some down soon. One of my running buds had a party some years back and we did a big crawfish boil. Hmm…may have to make that happen.

Tell me some randomness about your day today!