Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve really been enjoying my double run days as of late!! These sunset miles after a long day of work – absolute perfection.

Also guzzling my big water jug this week LIKE A BOSS. I think because I’ve been in the sauna more, plus with all of the springtime Texas humidity has me craving water all the gosh darn time.

I really do feel back to my normal self now that I am teaching spin classes again. Granted classes are smaller now than before (with covid protocols + social distancing) but just being in a nicer gym that actually cares about taking care of their clients makes me happy.

I’ve been reducing my time on other social media sites lately – just taking a break from political talk and rigamarole. It may be my only child talking but some days I just want to do me. Maybe it is my ambivert talking – or should I say introvert. Keeping to myself and maintaining my peace lately is where it is at.

Apparently it is international waffle day!?! We really have a day for it all don’t we. I’ve been meaning to make protein pancakes/waffles. Who has a good recipe? Go get some honey stingers for your next run, while you’re at it. Use code “WaffleWeek30” for 30% off any item.

Share some randomness from your day!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is really starting to look a lot like spring down here in Texas! Trees are blooming everywhere and I had my first bluebonnet sighting of 2021 yesterday. If you know me you know I love our Texas state flower. Especially if I get to see them during a run.

I bought a sauna blanket on Amazon the other day! Does anyone own one already?! I’m curious to see how you like it if so. I get the blanket next week. Maybe I will do a blog post on it. Hopefully it will relax my tired runner’s muscles.

I’m obsessed with old episodes of The Hills currently on YouTube. Especially these reaction videos.

I’m super behind on posting my spin cycle playlists but I promise if you go to my Spotify you will find a plethora of lists there.

Oh! I’m getting the vaccine this weekend! 1st dose on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Have you gotten vaccinated yet?! Share some random thoughts with me from your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was one of those morning runs where you start out completely not feeling it and then realize it was all you ever needed. Quite humid and cloudy but for me absolutely therapeutic. It is amazing how you can start out a run feeling like that and then the miles just kind of…open up. If that makes sense.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of restorative yoga/meditation. Due to work stress and just the pandemic in general I am finding that this lately has been super beneficial to my life. Some days you just need to…cut off the noise…and breathe a bit.

I am bringing back the Weds Spin Playlist since I’m back to teaching at the gym. But likely on more of a monthly basis. We’ll see. You know what…I really should charge people to build their playlists for their classes for them. Ha. How’s that for a side hustle.

Do you ever have a VEGGIE that you just kind of gravitate towards sometimes more than other times? Lately that veggie for me has been broccoli. Raw, roasted, steamed. Love it all.

That is right. This is how my brain works always. Some things change but this remains the same.

Share some randomness with me from your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was one of those sanity kind of runs that I feel that every runner needs. Like taking your vitamins IN THE MORNING. Especially with everything going on in the world today time with self – for meditation and reflection I feel is absolutely crucial.

I think maybe it is just a getting older / only child thing (?) But I crave time with myself. Just being alone with my thoughts and time to really think things through. So my solo runs have been EVERYTHING as of late.

Weekends though, I need my friend time. (Ambivert vibes) So I love the Saturday group runs especially when there are mimosas and brunch involved after.

You know what else is very much so a TREAT YOSELF thing for me lately? Essential oils. I know, I never thought I would be that girl. But I love it for aromatherapy while I write at work. That and listening to this station. Chillhop all day every day.


Trader Joe’s COLD BREW instant COFFEE. Freaking game changer.

All of my “don’t live in Texas” friends have been texting me about the mask mandate. I know, Abbott is not my favorite guy right now. But you know what?! I’ll keep wearing my mask in public and doing my thing. And especially at work. Hoping to also get the shot soon. My mom has already received two.

Share some randomness with me about your day!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well we have come completely OUT of the ice apocalypse here in Texas! This morning was yet another beautiful sky / early run before all of the clouds rolled in. It has been super warm and beautiful the last few days though. Makes me wish I could go play outside in the middle of the day.

I mean we do have a little rain in the forecast but check out these temps. We’ve come a long way from the below freezing temps. Yay for regular Texas weather.

Why don’t adults have ‘recess’ in the middle of the day like kids do? We certainly deserve to go out and play as hard as we work.

This week has been so busy work wise I’m definitely looking for a breather this weekend. I mean if I am being honest I would love to go on another vacation. Oh, to be back on a boat again.

This week I was able to get my CRAWFISH on! Those of you in the south know what’s up. It is crawfish season. The best time of year. I feel like I crave shrimp crab and crawfish at least once a month.

Honestly I am oh so glad the snow/ice is gone. I know some of you love to run in it but as much as us Texans went through I’m glad we are a state that is good at bouncing back.

Share some randomness with me from your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been the week for spectacular TEXAS sunrises. Or, should I say RUNrises. Skies like this make me definitely want to roll out of bed for some miles, that is for dang sure. Plus. Yesterday it was 70 something degrees. In February! I kid you not. I am sorry but not so sorry to my friends on the east coast dealing with snow. I am going to soak up the sun while it lasts. Because it definitely is going to cool back down again.

I’m changing my look up a LOT lately. I think I’ll keep this shade for a while. Auburn tresses in the winter time seems about right.

I’m still on a little bit of run streak with team #norestdays the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I just do that (not on purpose) and it makes me really enjoy running more. We will see how long it lasts– but I do want to get some long runs in before I break it. I’ve done the run streaking thing for longer before BUT especially when I run higher mileage (60-70 mile weeks or higher) I NEED my days off. So I like playing around with it now… while my miles are lower.

Really a LOT has been on my mind lately so I deal with that by running MORE. I’m glad it works out that way.

Since I work at work I will say I’m jealous of a lot of you that have tons of time to RUN crazy miles during the week. Most of my friends though say they would rather be at work taking the precautions than on zoom calls. And that they don’t have as much ‘free time’ as I’m thinking they do. HMM.

I have still been hydrating like a boss with my big water jug while I work. And using my varidesk. Hydrating during the day is especially great post morning run because I feel like I guzzle water like crazy.

Feel free to share some of your very random thoughts with me today! Do you feel like you have a lot of free time if you work from home?!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was one of those colorful skies that just leaves an imprint in your brain. Gotta love RUNrises like this. Solo miles have been full of serenity and bliss.

Did anyone see the FULL MOON? I’ve been into full moons lately and definitely had to do a double run day yesterday just to look at it. I’m such a nature freak. Hopefully someone else can join me in my sentiment for the love of nature lately. Especially with so much going on in the media and such. It is just good to get back to basics.

I found my purple unicorn and he’s working with me this morning. Apparently I named him Fluffy a while ago. Which I forgot he had a name. Unicorns, sunrises and glitter equals a happy Chelsea.

Another obsession as of late. Green onions. I put them on everything. I even put a bunch of them in my veggie soup the other day (along with feta). I feel like they just make sense in every dish. And they make food look prettier.

Currently grooving some Chillhop while I work. Did you know that Will Smith is into ‘chill hip hop’ too?

World Market has the cutest doormats!! I just bought a cheap doormat from the store but I’d like a fun one. Maybe one with a fun saying…

This evil eye one is kind of cool. Hmm.

Tell me something random about your week. Do you have a ‘fun doormat’?

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week the weather has been cloudy, cooler and a tad humid for running! I have been enjoying running at lunch. Breaking away from the hectic work day. RUNch in the Texas sunshine is where it is at.

Yesterday was such a phenomenal, HISTORIC day…whatever side of politics you are on (and I am not super political) you have to admit it was wonderful. I loved seeing all of the diversity on my screen yesterday.

Ginger peach tea. Get you some. I am in love with anything ginger lately and adding it to green tea (with a dash of honey) equals heaven.

I really have been loving getting back in touch with good girlfriends lately. I talked to my friend from DC (who I did not get to see in 2020 due to the MCM real race being cancelled) and it was like time had not passed. I LOVE me some friends like that. People just as chill and less maintenance as me.

Still in training mode for my class at the gym (due to Lifetime having their signature formats) but also still not in a major hurry to actually teach. Thankfully, teaching is not how I pay my bills. It has been nice taking a fitness instructor hiatus after teaching for 10+ years. I take my ‘test out’ in February though and then hopefully I will update my schedule on here.

I’m going to experiment with some different gels during my long run this weekend and see if it makes a difference in my energy level. Lately I’ve just been doing some maintenance running but wanting to see if that will help to shake some things up. Because ‘shaking things up’ and ‘keeping it spicy’ is where its at.

Today is ‘National Hugging Day’ by the way. Maybe hug a teddy bear? Or your ‘quarantine buddy’.



Feel free to share some randomness from your week! Do you like HUGS?!?

I don’t like hugging strangers I will admit. But my friends I’ll hug all day long.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It has been quite a CHILLY week down here in Texas! It is that bipolar time of year where we are in the 60s one day and in the 30s the next. With…dare I say…snow! We had some snow flurries earlier in the week but they are now long gone. I can’t have my roads with ice on them. I need to RUN. And run often, outside, during the work week especially.

Running has truly helped me to keep my sanity in these last couple of weeks. My stimulus check was delayed for several days because of a Turbo Tax / IRS mix up (my Turbo Tax peeps know what’s up). But then I finally received it last Friday. So all is now well in the world.

I’ve been finding more serenity in running alone lately. Running groups in Texas have started relaxing restrictions but I’m not super comfy yet with running with large groups of people. Plus I really do enjoy solo runs. I think in general — people just can’t help but want to run with folks, but is that really safe in a pandemic? You tell me.

I think in general folks are just getting tired of their own company and want to be WITH PEOPLE. I mean, I get it. But I am also an only child. Who loves my own company and being in my own crazy head. I am an ambivert of sorts.

I am thankful during these times that I do have some really great friends that know and love me…and thankful also for incredible family. I’m not sure how I would’ve gotten through 2020 without them. Love my people.

Share some random thoughts with me!! Do you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert…or both?! Have you started back with running with select running buddies or do you mostly run solo?

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

What’s good in your world? HELLO 2021. What a ride it has been already, yes?! Crazy chaos is all around and times like this just makes me thankful I have an outlet like running to channel my sanity. Without it I would probably have already thrown a TWISTED tea or two, that is for dang sure.

To be honest I haven’t felt super inspired to write much of anything the first few days of the new year. Until today. Let’s blame the inspiration on the super early morning run. It was quite chilly this morning and a bit of a shuffle fest. But it definitely got done.

It really is amazing how getting up so early to run can make an otherwise ‘cranky pants’ day better. Today I would have been super sluggish considering how gloomy and chilly it is out. But chai tea and this cute mug are getting me through the day.

I’ve been loving this channel on YouTube to listen to chill jams while I knock out work. It really puts me in a serene and peaceful mood. I’m very much PRO PEACE lately.

I tried a new sushi spot the other day! This spicy tuna roll was probably the most fresh and delicious one I’ve had in a while. Lately I feel like I could devour sushi each and every day. It really is like a comfort food of sorts for me.

I do have my eyes on a couple of Texas trail races coming up soon that are live and in person. Unfortunately no road races around here due to COVID but the trail races have been where its at. It would be the same company that I ran this 50k with in October so we will see. But the woods are without a doubt once again calling my name.

How was your Christmas/New Year’s? Did you do any celebrating??! Is everything on lockdown where you live?