Random Thoughts Thursday.

We are dealing with intense humidity but along with the rain came slightly cooler temps! I’ve been enjoying feeling just a touch faster pace wise this week. I’m going to take it and enjoy it while I can.

I’ve had the strong desire to drastically spice up my cross training and decided to give bootcamp another go. I’ve got a whole month of outdoor bootcamp coming up starting next week so I’m going to mix it in with my running. Especially right now since I am  slacking MAJOR with not teaching classes at the gym. A little socially distance outdoor sweat may be just what I need.

Also spin class at this spot. Looks like one big freaking party.

Currently craving some crab legs…and shrimp…hmm…I may have to hit up my fave seafood boil spot this weekend.

I signed up for A TRAIL RACE! A real one, y’all. None of this virtual mumbo jumbo. My 2nd ultra race of 2020. It will be a FOR FUN RUN for sure. Boom. Bring on the pain train, baby.

Any races happening in your area? It is a little easier to social distance with trail runs and races. Happy about that.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s early run came around way too quickly (since I did a double run day Wednesday + very little recovery time) so I just got up and got it done. The humidity was out of this world too but hey you know what they say. “It is what it is”. Always feels good when the run is done.

So happy to say my family members that live down in the South part of Texas are safe from devastating Hurricane Laura. I have an uncle that was less than 1 hour away from the eye of the storm. He’s my athletic “runner uncle” and a retired firefighter. But all is well down there. Very happy he dodged the crazy.

It has been a busy week at work still being an essential worker BUT I did manage to get a cute new mask. Wearing a sparkly purple mask makes the hours just fly by.

That, AND an abundance of espresso and vanilla chai. My two guilty pleasure beverages.

I need a massage like CRAZY. Maybe I will get one before the week is over. My back is in knots.

It may have something to do with my 50 mile week last week? Just maybe. Feels good to be back up in miles again.

Share your random thoughts with me! Come on, I try not to bite.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This is is a rather short work week for me (I’m off on Friday) so let the long weekend begin! I started the morning with some glorious miles to the tune of this glorious view.

We had an incredible morning the other day when the temps were quite CHILLY. I mean downright chilly. Anything in the 60s in Texas? Feels like wintertime, basically.

I am really over summertime though. This summer really hasn’t been so bad or maybe I’m just used to the triple digit temps. But I need me some crisp morning weather, some boots, some scarves. I wish I could say the state fair. Sad face. Maybe I’ll just make up my own version of the state fair and invite my peoples over and we can go to a pumpkin patch or something.

Is anyone ready for PUMPKIN season – take it or leave it? I’m a fan of pumpkin cider which I try to find every year. Sometimes it is a hit or miss. Maybe this year I will track it down.

Share your random thoughts with me today! Are you a fan of pumpkin things?
I also LOVE pumpkin candles.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was HOT hot!! And HUMID humid. We are due for one of the hottest days of the year today. Gotta love them crazy triple digits.

I have been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 lately. Some days I just get into moods where I want to listen to the same artists over and over. This was probably one of my favorite Maroon 5 albums.

My vacation time from my work anniversary date was refreshed this week! WOOHOO. Now just gotta figure out where I wanna go. Or shoot, maybe I just want some dang staycation days. All you work from home people have staycation every day and as an essential worker I just want a vacation so I can STAY HOME. And get stuff done. Living that wild life.

This is probably the coolest mask I have right now. I am planning on getting one in every color. I really like masks by the way. They are more or less a fashion statement for me.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was as sticky as ever but it somehow got done. I always feel so good when I can get in a solid run before 7 AM. No matter how much I’m kind of not feeling it while I am doing it. It does something for the psyche and then puts a whole new energy into my day. Just love it.

I do feel like I’m sweating more profusely than usual in the AM? Perhaps it was the wine I had last night. HA. Anyways I never bring hydration for these early runs and it is affecting the back half of my run. So I need to do better and buckle down and bring something. Someone hold me to it.

The week has been super long this week with a lot of work and I really need me some weekend. Mostly I just need some sunshine and everything will be alright. And maybe a little brunch. Nope, brunch never gets old.

I’m still on leave from teaching class at the gym (thankfully was not let go like many instructors across the US due to them downsizing) and I have to say I’m actually ok with that right now. I was offered some 9 a.m. spots but cannot do those due to my 9 to 5 job. But not teaching for now gives me a chance to focus on myself and my own workouts. Plus I’m not super ok with the lack of social distancing gyms have going on right now. Being on a bike anywhere near the vicinity of another person = instant flying sweat city. No thank you.

Thankfully also the gym is not my full time job or main source of income. Only a labor of love.

I am still on the fence about air travel right now or just any travel in general besides a road trip. How do you feel about it? Just seems risky to me. But a beach really is calling my name. We do have one little fake beach here so maybe I will just do that. HMM.

Also, this. If you are not my quarantine bae then get away. Just saying.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

The humidity this morning was MORE THAN 100 percent. haha. I did not think that would be possible but after that run I am more than convinced. Phew. Tough but it really does feel amazing when it is all over.

I also do not think I’ve ever sweat that much in my life. Gonna have to be replenishing the body for the rest of today.

I’m watching Kelly and Ryan do an interview with these guys from outer space and can I say I really wish sometimes we could float around like the astronauts do. It just looks so freaking cool. Really if I could just do a quick tour and go up there with them sometime I would be a happy gal. Bucket list item for sure.

I swear I need an espresso IV this week. Running has been tiring but I’ve had a few really great runs this week so I guess I’ll be happy about that. All about perspective.

My summer nails are back in full effect! Having bright nails in the summer really does make me happy.

Share some HAPPY things from your week! Or just random, or both.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was insanely HUMID! I know I keep saying that about morning runs but this truly was the most humid one yet. I mean it is a great detox after all but just insane. Just glad it is over and out of the way.

Being an essential worker is not so bad. I don’t have the yearning to leave the house and cabin fever like so many work from home people have right now. PLUS my mask game is pretty on point. And I actually look forward to going home at the end of the day.

Can I just say it is WAY TOO MUCH going on in the news right now – not just with Corona but with the political scene (Kanye – yikes) and all of that. I think I’m just going to take a real break from all things news for a little while. And live in my own little happy Chelsea world.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this already but they canceled my fave, the State Fair of Texas for this year. So no Big Tex or corny dogs or cotton candy. I’ll just have to go buy them from the store or something and maybe create my own version of an outdoor social distancing carnival with my neighbors.

Here’s a throwback state fair pic just for fun.

Are you going to be traveling anytime soon? Or have you done any traveling?! Some of my friends are going on summer vacations like there is no pandemic going on. BUT I really need a beach in my life so…HMMM…

Coffee is really phenomenal today. Especially after my crazy early morning run.

Share some randomness with me today! I always look forward to the days that I get to share some randomness with y’all.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was CRAZY humid but it felt good to get up and get it done. We had a lot of no shows though to the breakfast run club this morning! I guess everyone was sleeping in. So I ran with one other person then was on my own for most of it.

Yesterday my Garmin informed me that my VO2 Max went up! So I guess that’s a good indicator of fitness. My weekly mileage hasn’t been that high lately so that gave me a little boost of confidence. Still got it I guess.

Here’s a chart, if you care. haha at men are “sucking up the oxygen in the room”.

I am so ready for some pool time and run time and chill time this weekend. Give me more sunshine.

I still AM MORE of a fan of running in the evenings when the humidity is lower. I think I am really starting to enjoy summer running just in general.

Feels kind of good to just not be training for anything. I feel like I’ve been “training for something” for the last 11 years that I’ve been racing marathons and ultras. Although part of me is wanting to perhaps run the marathon distance just for fun. Who wants to do it with me…

I just took this selfie this morning because I really like my earrings. And my summer tan. I need to be darker.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

The humidity is staying relentless down in Texas I tell ya! This morning was no different. AND we are due for triple digit temps for this weekend. This is good for my tan though. My tan right now is something serious. I just love it.

Confession I haven’t worn sunscreen on the last couple of afternoon runs. I need to grab some today at the store. Because I tell you what I may be Black but I do get SUNBURNT. And it ain’t all that pretty.

I really need to get my eyebrows done. I will be doing this at lunch today.

Ladies is it just me or do you just have a new outlook on life when your brows are done?!? I’m a sucker for some nice eyebrows. I am not one of those chicks that can go without that. I would straight up look like a wolf.

Are you all finally getting back to running with groups or run clubs!? I have gone to some small runs but still social distance and mostly meet up to do my own thing. Aside from my 1 or 2 amigos I stlll don’t be trusting people all that much with this ‘Rona going around. Can’t get too comfortable just yet. Goodness I hope this wraps up soon.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

It is a great day for some thoughts of randomness!! Because typing out my thoughts makes me feel like I can breathe and exhale. Through this MASK. Ha.

This morning’s RUNrise was an intense one. Lots of cloud cover but intense humidity. I mean July is really bringing it with the humid RUNS down in Texas. Welcome to summer.

I will say I need to figure out how to properly fuel better for these early mornings in the heat/humidity. After my run this morning I felt a little nauseated and gross. Funny I don’t feel like that at all when I run in the drier heat in the evenings– even though at night its much hotter. Someone help.

Even though I’ve been at this distance running game for decades now, I still feel like I always have something to learn. Gotta love that. I try to forever be a student and not a know it all.

I actually thought about taking a class to become an official running coach and focus on coaching ultrarunners. Before all of this ‘Rona stuff started. Maybe once it’s over I will reconsider.

This week I’ve got some things up my sleeve regarding going back to teach (a socially distanced) spin class! Kind of keeping it under wraps but I’ll let y’all know if things go well.

And finally, your Thursday funny.

Have a great holiday weekend! Stay safe.

Share some randomness with me today! Do you wear a mask when you run??