Confessions, Things I’m Loving and Such.

I have a slight obsession at the moment with sparkling water. Passionfruit and cucumber melon have to top the list of the 2 faves. Not sure why but drinking bubbles in the summer time just makes me happy.

I subbed an early morning spin class this week and it made me feel pretty nostalgic. When I first started teaching I taught on Mondays early in the mornings and did so for about 3 years. Now I just teach 3 nights a week and really love my cycle party happy hours. But the morning folks are so sweet it made me miss it a little bit. For now I think I’ll just stick to my morning runs and just teach at the gym at night.

I am really thankful that I’ve fallen in love with trail running. After being a devout road runner for so many years (which I still love) it is fun to get off the beaten path sometimes. Especially when you are putting in so much mileage training for ultras. Sometimes you just need a change of pace.

Our family dog Brady is absolutely the cutest is he not? He just got a haircut for the summer. I love his little random white paw with the black paw. Such a cutie pie.

I’m sorry in advance for those of you that sell Lipsense but that ish is seriously overrated. I mean why am I paying so much for lipgloss, because it stays on!? Sometimes I don’t want my gloss to stay on that long. Also, I feel like I have alcohol on my lips it stains them so much. No thank you. And I have a tube I never used so I gave it away. You can keep it.

Lately I have been loving the sunsets almost more than the sunrises. Not sure why that is. I will always and forever be a morning runner but there is just something about the sunset and evening runs (of course on double run days) that I am feeling lately.

Hammocks on balconies are kind of a thing now in my ‘hood. I swear everyone has one and now I want one. How fun would it be to kick it outside on your balcony in a hammock and read a book? I need to make this happen.


I have Friday completely off this week and it is definitely much needed. I plan on getting in as much pool time as possible on my long weekend.

What are some confessions, random rants, or things you’re loving today?

Pinspirations Lately.

Hey ya’ll! Today has been a whirlwind of a day already but thankfully it is winding down. I don’t know about you but for me blogging is such a therapy of sorts. A creative outlet, if you will. As a writer (I work in broadcast television for my career and have done so for many years – I don’t talk about it often!), writing has always come so natural to me. It is truly what I love. Outside of running, of course. Ha!

I also love me some Pinterest. I did a post on this not too long ago but here are some things I’ve been pinning and inspired by as of late.

You can find me on Pinterest here. Let’s be friends!

Pinners, what is inspiring you lately? 

Five Random Thoughts Thursday.

So I was tagged by the lovely blogger Charlotte to do this 5 random thoughts post. Well actually I was tagged on Instagram…but as you all know I am rebellious so I thought I’d do a blog post instead. Here we go!

1. Lovely colors in the sky this a.m. Absolutely worth getting up for even though I went bowling last night and didn’t go to bed till 10 p.m. Hashtag worth it.

2. I have discovered that I am actually kind of decent in bowling. I think I need to join a bowling league or something? It could be my new hobby besides ultra running! Ha. Just saying.

3. My grandmother had swag, yes? I am loving this throwback photo. My mom has been finding all of these random pics of family from back in the day and I am loving it.

4. This pool floatie. Like seriously, I need this in my life. Floating at the pool with an adult beverage is going down this weekend.

5. Lemongrass essential oil. Smells amazing, in small quantities. Perfect clean scent for the office. My thoughts are so exciting, I know.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Tuesday Thoughts.

So I kind of feel like it has been a while since I’ve done a random Tuesday thoughts/things post, eh? Here are some of my thoughts today in no particular order…

-Snickerdoodle coffee this morning from this place. Yes it is as good as it sounds. Much needed after a 10.21 mile run.

-I’m headed to San Diego oh so soon for a little race-cation. It is funny how after becoming an ultrarunner, marathons seem like really not a big deal now. Oh, BRB just going to go run 26.2 miles. Not like that is some big distance or anything.

-It has been really kind of nice and cool the last few days. I am holding onto somewhat pleasant weather for as long as I can. I want to remember these days because before long it will be 106 degrees out.

-I think it is really rude when women stare at other women in the locker room. Maybe we just can’t help it? Yes, women check out other women sometimes. But I would kind of like my privacy and to turn and see you staring me down makes me want to cover up and I just want to shower and put my clothes on in peace. Ha. Is that bitchy? Rant over.

-I was on a Fiona Apple kick and now I think I am on a Norah Jones one. Some days I just need me some throwbacks. Especially listening to Norah Jones while cooking. Thank you Spotify.

-This channel is also a great one for listening to tunes while cooking. Gypsy Swing.

-While in Cali I definitely plan on going to this spot because it is my favorite coffee shop in the entire universe. Life’s better with a coffee buzz? I can dig it.

What are your random thoughts on this lovely Tuesday?

Birthday Run and 33 Lessons in 33 Years.

I am back…I promise I have not abandoned you this week! My birthday was yesterday and yes, I did some birthday running to celebrate. 33 miles of running to be exact! Running your age on your day off is definitely kind of a crazy thing but I actually had fun getting it done.

I did some loops around the lake and looked at some gorgeous houses in East Dallas. I felt like I was watching an episode of some show on HGTV or something. House hunting does make the time fly by faster.

So speaking of turning 33 and things like that, I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of the lessons I’ve learned in my years on this beautiful earth. And yes, they will all be incredibly random things. So buckle up.

1. Work/life balance is vital. Honestly I don’t know how I could get through the hectic times in my career without this very realization. Sure, I think it’s important to pay your dues in your job but just having a balance and knowing when to step away to breathe from the constant emails will save you from going absolutely nuts.

2. Don’t ever pass up the opportunity to let someone know how much you care about them. A simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way.

3. Talk to your parents as often as you can. Sure, we can’t all live close to our mamas and dads but as they age it’s important to be around them and take time to call them. Listen to their constant ramblings. You will one day miss them nagging on you.

4. For God sakes, put your phone down. Look people in the eyes when you talk to them. People can tell when you’re not listening to what they are saying. I am especially horrible at the phone thing and it’s a nasty habit that we all need to break.

5. Get some fresh air. Slow down and admire nature in all it’s beauty.

6. Spend time alone. Learn to enjoy being by yourself. Whether it is having dinner by yourself, or going to a movie solo. Recharge your batteries.

7. You may not be someone’s cup of tea, but you are definitely someone’s shot of whiskey. I enjoy the whiskey better anyways.

8. People won’t always remember what you say…but they will always remember the way you make them feel.

9. Encourage people as much and as often as you can. The entire world right now needs it.

10. You never know what someone is dealing with…be it mentally and/or physically. And you definitely don’t know what is going on behind someone’s pretty picket fence.

11. Take social media with a grain of salt. It is nothing but a constant highlight reel.

12. Be genuinely happy for people when they do well or are successful.

13. Wear something colorful as much as possible. A pop of color can brighten up your day and your mood.

14. Travel with your favorite people. You will create memories that you will never forget.

15. Stay in touch with your old high school/college friends if you can. Sure, you all may have babies/get married/buy a house, but those bonds are something you’ve created for a reason. Give them a shout even if you don’t live in the same state.

16. Call people on the phone. Texting is impersonal.

17. Eat the cookie.

18. Buy the fancy outfit. Or the shoes.

19. Budget for the interests/hobbies you enjoy. There is a great website by the name of Mint that tracks everything from your credit score to your daily expenses. It’s amazing for the finances.

20. Don’t watch a lot of tv. I got rid of my cable a few years ago. And yes I work in television. HA. Best decision I’ve ever made. I still have the basics like (the channel that I work for lol) HD/antenna but that is all I really need.

21. Dance sometimes, whether you are at work or in public. Even if you are not very good at it.

22. What people think about you is none of your business.

23. Be cordial to people you don’t even really like. One day those people may be the ones to help you out when you need it most. Funny how that happens.

24. Compliment someone as often as possible. Sometimes I will think someone’s hair or outfit is cute but I will think it then forget to compliment them. Do it when you are thinking about it. It may turn their entire day around.

25. Laugh. A lot. Be around people who love to laugh.

26. Also be around people that love to eat. The ones that love to eat (and actually take the time to savor it) are always the best kinds of people.

27. Kiss in the rain.

28. Cry. Let your emotions out. Don’t hold it in and grow cold.

29. Work hard. Get your rest. Save some time for play. Rinse and repeat.

30. Never let the sun go down on your wrath.

31. Savor the moment. Stay In the present.

32. Believe that you are capable of the impossible. Face the fear, whatever it is, head on.

33. We don’t have to have it all figured out. Thank goodness for that, right? Always keep doing, keep learning.

What are some life lessons you’ve learned over the years?

Random Thoughts Tuesday.

-Guatemalan coffee is my spirit animal. Preferably organic Guatemalan coffee. Does this make me, as they say, ‘basic’? Probably so.

-Last night’s sunset run…pure heaven. Thank you mother nature for the extra daylight in the evening.

-Random thoughts Tuesday…should we make it a thing? Or does random thoughts Thursday sound better? I think Thursday has more of a ring to it.

-Let’s just go with Tuesday this week. I just feel like I want to ramble today.

-I ran 10.10 miles this morning. Running 10 miles or more on a random weekday just isn’t a big deal anymore.

-Found a new kombucha I’m in love with. I epsecially love anything involved with ginger.

-I remember when any run over 5 miles was a big deal. My have things changed.

-My coworker who follows me on social media now calls me ‘thedancingrunner’ every time she sees me in the hallway. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

-Honestly I could listen to Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’ on repeat all day long and never get tired of it.

-I am oh so excited for upcoming race-cations. Especially San Diego. I have a feeling it will be a wild time with my sole mate running buddy.

-Also too exctied for the Divas race in April. We have rented a condo out on the beach. AirBnB’ing it. I’ve never done AirBnB. Should be quite the experience.

What are your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts and Weds Spin Playlist.

It’s a great day for some spin playlist action and also for some random thoughts. So, just play along…will ya? I’ve got lots of great songs for your workout, spinning and running pleasure.

Let’s get straight to it…the thoughts first. Buckle up.

-Every run this week has been starting and ending in the pitch black dark before the sun comes up. Which kind of has me looking like this. Thankful for coffee and 9 p.m. bedtimes though so or else I’d be a true zombie.

-Can I just be honest? I do not like tapering. I know it’s a necessary evil. Runners do you feel me!? Let me just put it this way. I like to run a lot. A LOT. Always, all the time. Cranking up mileage all day every day. It keeps me sane and helps me not want to punch people in the face all day long. By the way! I’m really a positive person. I promise you! I generally love people….HA. Most of you know I am happy go lucky already (because of endorphins). Anyway. I am hoping scaling back the running mileage pays off come Sunday’s marathon. 26.2 number 22 (yes, Chelsea…we know). I’ll be like a caged animal ready to go.

-I’m starting to only want to drink black coffee. I know. Who am I? I am an almond milk latte kind of girl. Black coffee lately though has been my jam.

-I’m excited to get back to trail running after Sunday’s marathon. I need me some nature time. Plus I have a trail ultra coming up in 2017 so I need to get back to it. More on this later. I like to keep ya’ll in suspense.

2016-07-03 11.45.25


-I have an audition coming up to teach at a local boutique spin studio and I’m pretty excited about it. Super fun place! And they have fun things like brunch rides and Wine Wednesday. Hello awesomeness! I’ll let you know how it goes probably next week.

-I need a separate budget specifically for fall/winter boots. I basically wear nothing but leggings and boots this time of year. Makes my heart happy. And yes, leggings over pants/jeans hands down.


-Life has been so busy lately but I’m looking forward to putting up my pretty pink Christmas tree later on this week. This is from last year. Yes it’s cheesy and girly and I love it oh so much.


Enough random thoughts, onto the jams! Check me out at the following 24 Hour Fitness locations.

Let’s go for a ride!

I Got You- Bebe Rexha: Warm up
Crush On You- Lil Kim: Standing run
Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5- Climb 4/5/6
Fireball- Pitbull: Sprints
Bounce Back- Big Sean: Tapbacks
Ayo- Chris Brown feat Tyga: Rolling hills
Worth It- Fifth Harmony: Jumps on a hill
Habits (Chainsmokers Mix)- Tove Lo: Climb 5/6/7
House Work- Jax Jones: Accelerations
Carry Out- Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake: Active recovery
Energy- Drake: Climb 6/7/8
I Would Like- Zara Larsson: Tapbacks
Tonight Belongs to U- Jeremih feat Flo Rida: Climb 7/8/9/10
Flawless (DJ Taj Mix)- Beyonce: Accelerations
Wishing- DJ Drama: Cool down

Any random thoughts today? What songs are you loving lately?

Pinspirations Lately.

Happy December to you! I thought I’d share some of my Pinterest inspirations I’ve been loving as of late. I don’t know about you but I will always and forever be a Pinterest fan. Although I have to say the app itself has undergone some changes lately. There’s just something so therapeutic though about pinning. I know some of ya’ll out there feel me.

Follow me on Pinterest also to get the latest of what I’m loving 24/7 365. Or something like that.

In no particular order…








Have you been on Pinterest lately? What has inspired you this week?

TGIFriday Faves.

It’s Friday! OH YES. Definitely time to do the happy dance around here. Anyone remember the running man? That dance was my jam back in the day.

This weekend should be a good one. Good running weather…long running it…and maybe making a cameo at some Super Bowl festivities! We shall see.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

The secret language of runners. Haha I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get my non running friends to do ‘just a 5k’ or a 10k with me…and YES…5ks are the gateway drug to other distances. I love it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.28.17 AM

-I have had a thing for cucumbers lately…just slice ‘em up and go to town. Someone send me all of the recipes with cucumbers that you can find.


-This Essie shade…Stones n Roses…I am kind of ready for some bright spring time-y colors.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.00.22 PM

-All things lavender…lotion, candles, essential oils you name it…I have it all over the house. I am simply obsessed with that scent and its calming effects.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.16.51 PM

-Ladies if you ever need a guilty pleasure podcast to listen to I recommend Heather Dubrow’s World. She is awesomely fabulous and I loved her latest interview with Kyle Richards. I love all things Bravo and Andy Cohen and housewives…can’t help myself.

That’s all for this week! Catch you on the flip side!!!

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Post Marathon Miles and Gratitude Thursday.

Hello there! Happy Friday eve. It’s my favorite part of the work week. This morning I did 6 miles post marathon to celebrate. It was a good time.


Not gonna lie my legs were pretty stiff at the beginning of this week but have loosened up tremendously with the help of teaching a couple of spin classes. I blame it on the marathon and then all of that Vegas walking. Any day I can go down the stairs the right way after a marathon though is a good day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.07.10 AM

Also, me and my foam roller have had a very special relationship this week.

So since we are a week out from Thanksgiving (Also, where the heck has November gone!?) I thought I would list a few things I am thankful for on this lovely Thursday. Actually I prefer the word gratitude. It’s definitely something I’ve had a lot of this year as I reflect back on 2015.


I have gratitude for…

My strong running legs. I’ve have been a marathon running machine this year and am happy to see improvement with my times also. Last year I was pushing the 5 hour mark and I’m well below that now. I see another sub 4 run in my near future.

Awesome girlfriends. The kind of friends where you don’t see each other for months and then you get back together and pick up right where you left off. Those kinds of friends are simply priceless.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.14.36 AM

The opportunity to travel and take vacations at a moments notice. Up next…Hawaii in December, San Diego, Houston and perhaps Miami. Next year I hope to do some more traveling overseas.

My spin instructor gig. I love teaching fitness classes and inspiring people though teaching. I think it’s important to show people that you can have FUN and work hard and do what you love. Plus it’s kind of like being a DJ. I’m always and forever looking for good music.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.16.31 AM

Coffee. Especially piping hot after a hard run on a chilly day. That really is the best.

Fleece lined leggings. Nuff said.


What do you have gratitude for today?