Random Thoughts Tuesday.

Soo HEYYY!! I have declared this day to be RANDOM THOUGHTS Tuesday simply because I am off the J-O-B for the rest of the week (hello staycation- how u doin’) so I thought today would be a great day to spill what’s currently on my mind as of late. Usually that has to do with nothing more than frivolous matters…and of course, running. So…let’s get to it shall we?

Nothing else is getting me though this short work week other than rocking out to my music while working…and getting my miles in. I’m actually still kinda stiff from the Stars Above Run but I am loosening up quickly thanks to teaching classes at the gym and getting the body moving. Motion is lotion, baby.

-I actually thought briefly about taking a road trip to Austin since I have some significant time off but…I feel like a staycation is like way overdue? I just want to be at the pool, relax, clean my apartment…be selfish in all of my pursuits. Ya know?? The idea of this feels absolutely amazing. Plus I just went to Houston a week ago (4 hour drive, I guess that is like driving to another state for some of y’all up north! Ha) and road trips kinda wear me out.

Beach…or pool. Whatevs.

Lately I’ve been loving nothing but eggs. I don’t know why – I think sometimes I truly crave savory breakfasts. And protein. I’m getting away from the sweet stuff. I am sweet enough. Plus, have you guys tried the chicken chorizo egg bites from Starbucks?! Heaven.

People on Strava are doing the most lately. I feel like some people are so serious about it like they are playing a video game or something!? It is simply a training log to me. Y’all are really doing too much with the comments and etc. I also feel like Strava can be a double edged sword, you know? I mean seriously most of us are not Olympians (although sometimes I feel like I am one inside of my head) Anyways, do you. Who cares what everyone else is doing. Some days you are at the top of your chosen leaderboard (?) and others you are not. Do you and forget the rest. End of story.

It is really too hot outside here in Texas to be playing around. Drink your water, people. I got done with that run on Sunday and felt like I was going to die and I swore I had drank enough water. Then I tried to celebrate by having an adult beverage and by body was like NO NO NO. So…stay hydrated, my friends. It’s not a game. Especially when it’s 100 degrees.

I have been loving my weekend long runs (in the heat) with friends lately. I mean running and then pool time immediately after is like my dream come true. I think we are having too much fun. I love these folks forever.

Well that’s it for this week, y’all! Be good or be good at it.

What are some of your RANDOM thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and happy RANDOM thoughts Thursday to you! If you’re new here, this is a day where I share my deepest darkest thoughts and confessions…sometimes it is regarding running (because yes, this is a blog about that very topic) and sometimes it definitely is NOT!! So, stay a while, grab a snack or a cup of TEA and let’s go ALL IN, shall we?

First of all, I am tired and through and ready for it to STOP RAINING down in Texas. Last week, it rained basically every day and then this week has been a lot of the same. I’m starting to sound like a broken record talking about rain. And yes, when it rains in Texas it pours people. We will get torrential downpours, usually they are short bursts of rain thankfully but still annoying.

Running in the rain can be kind of lovely though. Cleansing to the body mind and soul. I prefer more drizzles than intense rain though.

I have some new readers lately which is kind of fun and also kind of funny at the same time. Mostly because I feel like new readers come in here and kind of read my blog and think, “WTF am I reading”? Yes, I am an ultrarunner who runs a lot. And I may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I am someone’s shot of whiskey! Keep reading and you will catch on to the crazy. I am like a train, jump on for the ride or you will get left. kthxbye.

Although I run a heck of a lot (and love it) I still love to help new runners and get new people motivated to run. So, I am going to start writing more “running for beginners” type posts, just kind of sprinkle ‘em in there. Because yes, you do have to start somewhere. I know I sure did…you can read my story here. I’m 8 years strong of ultra and marathon running, still rocking. Running and I have been through hell and back too. But build the foundation for that strong brick house and you can get better and increase your endurance. Patience. Promise.

Moving on – I mean I have to say as much as the Kardashians make me gag at times, my goodness do these folks make some pretty babies!! I love me some cutie pie mixed babies that is for sure. So freaking adorable. Loved the pics of Chicago West. Yes, I know it was a surrogate that popped that one out. But still cute.

Kombucha is quickly becoming my favorite beverage (next to wine). I think I have it at least 2-3 times a week now. They must put magic in those bottles. Organic probiotic goodness, so good for ya. This one is local and phenomenal.

I have kind of a pet peeve. Don’t get mad at me? But I get annoyed when people ask a lot of questions. I don’t mind questions in general but I feel like sometimes people just ask questions that they already know the answer to, to be annoying? Or maybe because they want to see your reaction. I’m just saying…Google is your friend Curious George. Do your research. End rant.

This is kind of how I feel when people ask questions that google can answer…HA. *walking away*

I also get annoyed when people TEXT you without a purpose. Like when they just text and say, “Hi” or “What are you doing – aka WYD”. What do you want? Please have a purpose when you text. This kind of explains how I feel perfectly. LOL.

I have lately been needing some new podcasts to listen to. NOT running ones, really. More like pop culture? I don’t really like listening to people talk about running while I’m running. I did find this interesting one though called “Missing Richard Simmons” (it was a short series) that I listened to while I was running and I was hooked. But now I’m done with that one. Give me some recommendations.

Tell me something random and/or rant about your week! Any good pop culture type podcasts I should listen to?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well, it is RANDOM THOUGHTS Thursday and I have to say that I am here for it!! I hope you are having a great week so far. It is without a doubt that day of the week where I spill all of the latest and greatest on what is currently going on in my life right now. Sometimes it has to do with RUNNING (because yes, this is a running and fitness blog) and sometimes it definitely does not! So, come along for the ride…let’s go!

I fell like lately every blog post I am talking about the weather. But I kind of can’t help it because Texas weather has just been so up and down! Today, the high in Dallas is just about 80 degrees. I kid you not. When I heard that on the radio this morning, I just about went home to grab my swimsuit. Take me to the nearest pool please and thank you. Drink with an umbrella in it, in hand.

Never mind the fact that it was just about 20 degrees a few short days ago. Yeah, never mind that nonsense. I am more than ready for spring and my Texas bluebonnets to start popping up everywhere.

I’ve been listening to The Love Below album by Outkast this week. Love that album. “She Lives in my Lap” – on repeat. Ha, great song.

I love my new road running group. Like, I think they are all excellent and cool and really good looking. And also, I want to continue running with them until I qualify for Boston. So I can get a cool Boston jacket, you know like the popular kids/jocks in high school with the letter jackets?! Kinda like that. (I know some of you already have jackets that read my blog so don’t rub it in my face – my ego is fragile.) But, I am going to wait until the FALL to shoot my shot since I am only a few minutes off from a BQ. I do all of my long runs with them right now so I think that is helping. Until then, I will just keep running my 50 mile and 50k races and pounding the dirt path. Because, I love my trail running group too. It’s fun to have 2 groups to run with.

You know what is funny about TRAIL and ROAD runners?! You don’t have many hybrids. Meaning, runners that really enjoy and dabble in both surfaces. For instance, I do both ultras and then shorter road races. But then I talk to my good looking BQ roadie friends and they are all like, “Oh, NO I don’t do trails- that is too hard” or something to that affect. And then, the trail/mountain goats are all like “Road?! Pssh….trails are where it’s at. Who does road races anymore??” I’m telling you – there are very few runners that really like both. I feel like you are either good at one or really good at the other. I just so happen to like both. So I think I am a unicorn.

Speaking of unicorns, my mama bought me this unicorn for Valentine’s Day?! Isn’t it super cute – his name is Fluffy.

And there you have it!

Tell me something random about your week! What do you like better – road running or trails, or do you equally like both?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Oh, I am back for the randomness!! It Is without a doubt my favorite time of the week to chat about my latest thoughts and confessions!! Sometimes it is about running and sometimes it is not. So grab a seat, perhaps a snack or a cup of coffee (or even a glass of wine, depending on what time you are reading this) and let’s get to it, shall we?

By the way, I really do love the song “Uptown Funk” still. I play it when I teach my spin classes and they love it too. Plus Bruno Mars has some pretty sweet dance moves in the GIF above. He’s got swag for sure.

Okay, I am back on my RHOA watching game. Yes, my favorite reality show is getting juicy again!! That show will always be my guilty pleasure. How do y’all feel about Kim back on the show?! Are you feeling it or nah? She is EXTRA messy this season too. Hmm.

The weather in Dallas has been absolutely ridiculously awesome!! Highs will be in the 60s all week long, and for the next few days to come. HELLO. I am so here for it.

I am going to confess something here, I am super BAD at giving KUDOS to people on Strava. For those of you that aren’t on Strava (aka if you’re a runner who lives under a rock, get with it) that is like the equivalent of a Facebook like. For whatever reason I really only use it as a training log and not a social media site where I interact with people. And I realize that this makes me look like somewhat of an ass. So, GOAL FOR 2018. GIVE PEOPLE MORE KUDOS. That is a promise.

-Oh and if we are not friends on Strava yet, follow me – I promise to give you a kudo or 3.

But I’ve also noticed some people (who will not be named) only give Kudos when they have run MORE than you that day?? LOL! Is that just me noticing that? Just saying.

In other news, I sat in the sauna at the gym after running outside in the cold and I must say it was absolute heaven. Running, coffee, sauna/shower, repeat.

How is your week going? Is it snowing where you are?? Dallas has not gotten a lick of snow all winter long, not yet at least. Hope it stays that way.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there and welcome to random thoughts Thursday! This is the part of the week that I spill on the latest and greatest thoughts going on in my head. Sometimes it is about running and sometimes it is definitely not. So have a seat, feel free to play along and/or laugh at my randomness. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hey, while you’re at it…get you a snack too.

Janet approves.

So are you super into the, “new year new me” stuff that 2018 brings? I kind of am and then again I am not. I actually taught a class on New Year’s Day at the gym so I love being a part of that when we get new members coming in and taking over all of the classes. And yes, I realize a lot of them fall off a short time later. But I guess when it comes to my personal life I kind of feel like it’s a bit flaky to hop on the bandwagon of saying you will somehow be this brand new person just because it is January 1st. I do love the optimism though. So I’m torn. HA.

Speaking of flaky I do think that is one thing I want to leave behind from last year. Flaky ass people! I just do not have time for it, anymore. I am too busy to dance around people that cannot make up their minds. Make a plan and stick to it. If you are a flip flopper you will be erased deleted and unfollowed.

Thank you! Deuces.

One website that I am obsessed with is Lipstick Alley (guiltiest of celebrity gossip pleasures). Well that, and Reddit Running. If you are not already following Reddit Running I suggest you do so immediately. Complaints and Confessions Thursday…LOVE.

I am eyeing another 100 miler to run this year. My eye is on Brazos Bend and yes there are GATORS on the trail. My friends who have done it (yes I have so many crazy trail runner friends now and I love it) tell me that the gators are used to people and they actually don’t really move from their homes during the race that has like hundreds of runners on the trail. HMMM…I like danger so we shall see what happens. Registration for the hundo has not even opened yet so I have some time.

I am actually missing dancing so I am going to have to either sign up for some dance classes in the near future or hit up some salsa dancing with friends one weekend. Fun fact I used to teach dance at the gym (hence my blog name thedancingrunner) so dancing is just in my bones. Now I just dance while I run.

Yes. Exactly like that.

This year I think I am going to be a RUN CLUB hopper some more. I actually love going to different run groups to see what the dynamic is there. I host a morning run group during the week but love running with different folks on weekends. Plus it helps me change up my usual long run route. This weekend I will be running with my favorites, the White Rock Running Co-Op. They are some speedsters and they also know how to have a good time. Cheers to miles and mimosas after.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

As Seen On My Run.

So, hello! Welcome to another day in the neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods, I thought today would be a great day to discuss random things I see on my runs. Sometimes running is like a scavenger hunt of sorts! There’s all kinds of people, places and things to stumble upon. So here are random things I see on my run, in no particular order.

Gloves. I always see random black gloves in the middle of the street? For some reason this reminds me of OJ! If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Quote of the century right there. (And for the record, I think he did it)

Empty bottles of fireball. For some reason its always the baby sized ones.

Sidewalk chalk. I actually love this one. It’s fun to see the artwork of children drawing flowers and sunshine and such.

Money. This has not happened to me in a while! But it’s always fun finding a random 20 dollar bill. I like to get paid to workout.

Dead animals. Like squirrels and such. All the time. The worst are those armadillo things. We have a ton of armadillos in Texas.

Empty fried chicken boxes. People sure do like Popeyes around here!

GU packets. Come on runners, don’t be litterbugs.

CDs. People still listen to those?!

Love locks on a bridge. You know, like how they used to do it in Paris?! I think that is the absolute sweetest.

What are some random things you’ve seen on the run?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! It’s random thoughts Thursday time!! How are you? Man, this week went by kinda fast did it not? To me it definitely did. I am glad! Bring on Friday and the weekend. But first, I have a few thoughts on this wonderful day.

I am loving all of the Texas ciders I’m discovering as of late. Most of you know I’m more of a vino gal, but to hang out with runners and be one of the cool kids who drink beer, I’ve had to find something that I enjoy. If you are in Texas you must try Austin East Ciders or Bishop Cider Co based out of Dallas. Especially their OG brew – my absolute fave.

Work has been absolute pure insanity (tight deadlines and international stuff we have been working on) and all I want to do is go home and color, watch Sesame Street and be a kid again. Can anyone relate? Hashtag adult problems.

-Thank goodness for running. It has been 100% pure stress relief for me as of late.

Some days, though I actually really want to get back to taking boxing classes. Like not aerobics Tae Bo kickboxing, but real damn boxing. I have a running bud who is an instructor at a boxing gym too so maybe I can get the hook up.

Okay I am only saying I want to do that because I want pink boxing gloves. Preferably with rhinestones on them.

Yep, pretty much how it works.

Who watched the Real Housewives Reunion part one!? I have a love/hate relationship with Leeanne. Like, I totally know she has anger problems and starts drama but she’s good tv. Gotta love the trainwrecks.

Chivalry is not dead. I’ve been on a couple of dates with this one dude (yes an online guy) and he was just the utmost gentleman. Made me feel like I was a princess or something. Can guys everywhere just be like that!? Fellas, take note.

In other news, this makes me laugh. Probably because it’s oh so true. Love being an instructor, it can be crazy from time to time. But it is one fun side hustle.

What are some random rants/thoughts on your mind this week?

A Penny for Your (Random) Thoughts.

Wait, what?! 2 posts in a day? Who am I?? It’s time for another episode of randomness. Just a day early. I’m an overachiever, what can I say.

In this edition you will find the usual amount of tomfoolery mixed with ridiculous GIFS for your reading pleasure. Because for whatever reason I enjoy oversharing on my humble blog-o-thing. So do hope you enjoy.

Do you enjoy dancing in the car? Because I really do. And I feel like you should not be ashamed if you do it, especially while you are waiting at a red light rocking out to your jams. Just dance to your heart’s content. It will release some feel good endorphins I promise you.

I really feel like I’ve struck gold when I discover new podcasts. Lately I’ve been enjoying Jade & XD on Stitcher Radio. They talk pop culture and all kinds of goodness. Some podcasts bore me so it’s a true gem when I can find something to listen to while running solo that makes me feel like I am chatting with friends. LOVE.


Night running – do you love it or hate it? Lately I’ve been thinking about doing more Saturday late night runs. Like when I have down time, not out on a date or with friends or what have you. I did do a night run a couple of weeks ago and it was quite nice. It kinda feels rebellious for me as a morning runner to run at night. But yall I am a total GRANNY during the week so I will have to stick to doing this on some Saturdays only.

I’ve been loving this Spotify station called BUTTER for listening to music while I am doing some writing at work. It’s kind of like easy listening jazzy r&b. Smooth like butta! Most of y’all know I am a producer for local tv so I whenever I need to put my creative thinking hat on I need music to channel that. And this is just perfect.

Full disclosure, I kind of have a soft spot in my heart and soul for Cardi B.

Do you envy those Instagram bodybuilder chicks that only eat chicken and broccoli everyday? And can’t even chew gum because they will gain .5 pounds? I don’t, not at all. Even if maybe some of them look better than me nakey. Hashtag so damn glad I’m a runner. And I can eat tacos and ish. End rant.

I really love kettle bells for my strength workouts, I kind of feel like they are my spirit animals. And I need to do more kettle bell stuff. Do you have some sweet moves for me? I already have Pinterest but I need to pick your brain if you love ‘em.

Like what in the actual eff that it is NOVEMBER already?! Really though, how on earth did that happen? October was without a doubt the fastest month to go by EVER.

And with that said, I still managed to run 360.5 miles and placed 22 out of 34,078 women in the Strava October Distance Challenge. Wowzers! Not complaining about that at all. I know that was a total humblebrag but some days you just need to toot your own horn. So toot freakin’ toot.

Bring on November.

Tell me about some of your randomness or rants this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! Welcome to one of my favorite days of the week. You say Thursday, I say it’s Friday eve. PLUS…I am actually off work tomorrow (on a little staycation/long weekend holiday) so hey, even better since it is kind of my Friday! Let’s get to this week’s randomness, rants and such.

So post race recovery has gone super well. I attribute most of this to the fact that I did a ton of power hiking during that 100k. So I’ve basically been running all week long! I did take the day after the race completely off. But actually RUNNING has been helping me to recover. Motion is lotion, baby.

My body does feel great but mentally I still feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal. I was basically a zombie on Monday. I am not sure why I even came in to work. I’m pretty sure I looked like this cat.

Sleep however has been AMAZING. Rest = the best recovery there is out there. I could just sleep sleep sleep all day long. LOL. I wish. Some of us do have jobs.

I had the most wonderful sushi and rose wine last night with some of my favorite people. Sushi…also the best recovery cure without a shadow of a doubt.

I have been doing some online dating. I think its amazing what some people put out there on their online dating profiles. Sometimes I get on there just to swipe left and right for a good laugh. Also, please do not propose to me via the internet. At least give us an opportunity to meet first. LOL. Just saying.

Can we talk about how overjoyed I am that the State Fair of Texas begins THIS WEEKEND?! Give me all of the fair foods, carnival rides and whatever else! Actually, I am lying about the fair foods part. I can’t stomach the grease and fried stuff. I go for the WINE GARDEN. You already know.

Brooks sent me the most wonderful shoes that I have been running in all week long. Feels like Christmastime. LEVITATE. Get you some.

I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey a lot lately. Like discovering old songs that I remember that I loved from her back in the day. This song makes my soul happy.

That’s all, y’all!

Tell me some randomness about your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey hey! High five for random thoughts Thursday! The weekend is almost upon us. I’m very much looking forward to some ultra running fun this weekend with good pals! This will be my last full work day this week, then I’ll work a half day tomorrow and head to east Texas. Should be a good time!

But first…it would not be Thursday without a few random thoughts by yours truly.

Is it just me or is blogging really not what it used to be? I really still love It, mostly because I am a writer so it just comes natural to me. Blogging for me is just a therapy of sorts. Really the bloggers I enjoy don’t seem to blog as much at all, or anymore. There are a few good ones out there still left though. Like a lot of you! I love networking with fellow runners and like minded athletes around the world. Let’s keep the blog love alive!

I cannot tell you how much I need this mini weekend getaway with my trail friends to the piney woods. Being in east Texas for me is always such a lovely experience. I went there for a yoga retreat a few years ago for my birthday and now I get to go back there to run. Fun fun.

The broken stereo saga at the gym continues. I talked about this in another random rant post. The gym has promised me up and down that the music system and the mic is all fixed tonight. I sure hope so because I am going to lose it if I have to play music from my tiny Bluetooth one more day. The fitness instructor struggle is real.

I am back on my chai tea kick again. I cannot promise you I am going to be a tea drinker and never drink coffee anymore. But some days I just need a little tea in my life. Preferably with steamed almond milk in it. Yes, I can be a diva.

I watched Clueless the other day and kind of forgot how much I loved that movie. Some days you just need to watch some mindless TV or a movie that makes you lose a few brain cells.

The one thing I will miss about these super hot Texas summer days hands down is pool time. Sitting outside by the pool after a long day watching the sunset? Absolutely priceless.

Tell me something random about your week!