A Penny for Your (Random) Thoughts.

Wait, what?! 2 posts in a day? Who am I?? It’s time for another episode of randomness. Just a day early. I’m an overachiever, what can I say.

In this edition you will find the usual amount of tomfoolery mixed with ridiculous GIFS for your reading pleasure. Because for whatever reason I enjoy oversharing on my humble blog-o-thing. So do hope you enjoy.

Do you enjoy dancing in the car? Because I really do. And I feel like you should not be ashamed if you do it, especially while you are waiting at a red light rocking out to your jams. Just dance to your heart’s content. It will release some feel good endorphins I promise you.

I really feel like I’ve struck gold when I discover new podcasts. Lately I’ve been enjoying Jade & XD on Stitcher Radio. They talk pop culture and all kinds of goodness. Some podcasts bore me so it’s a true gem when I can find something to listen to while running solo that makes me feel like I am chatting with friends. LOVE.


Night running – do you love it or hate it? Lately I’ve been thinking about doing more Saturday late night runs. Like when I have down time, not out on a date or with friends or what have you. I did do a night run a couple of weeks ago and it was quite nice. It kinda feels rebellious for me as a morning runner to run at night. But yall I am a total GRANNY during the week so I will have to stick to doing this on some Saturdays only.

I’ve been loving this Spotify station called BUTTER for listening to music while I am doing some writing at work. It’s kind of like easy listening jazzy r&b. Smooth like butta! Most of y’all know I am a producer for local tv so I whenever I need to put my creative thinking hat on I need music to channel that. And this is just perfect.

Full disclosure, I kind of have a soft spot in my heart and soul for Cardi B.

Do you envy those Instagram bodybuilder chicks that only eat chicken and broccoli everyday? And can’t even chew gum because they will gain .5 pounds? I don’t, not at all. Even if maybe some of them look better than me nakey. Hashtag so damn glad I’m a runner. And I can eat tacos and ish. End rant.

I really love kettle bells for my strength workouts, I kind of feel like they are my spirit animals. And I need to do more kettle bell stuff. Do you have some sweet moves for me? I already have Pinterest but I need to pick your brain if you love ‘em.

Like what in the actual eff that it is NOVEMBER already?! Really though, how on earth did that happen? October was without a doubt the fastest month to go by EVER.

And with that said, I still managed to run 360.5 miles and placed 22 out of 34,078 women in the Strava October Distance Challenge. Wowzers! Not complaining about that at all. I know that was a total humblebrag but some days you just need to toot your own horn. So toot freakin’ toot.

Bring on November.

Tell me about some of your randomness or rants this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello there! Welcome to one of my favorite days of the week. You say Thursday, I say it’s Friday eve. PLUS…I am actually off work tomorrow (on a little staycation/long weekend holiday) so hey, even better since it is kind of my Friday! Let’s get to this week’s randomness, rants and such.

So post race recovery has gone super well. I attribute most of this to the fact that I did a ton of power hiking during that 100k. So I’ve basically been running all week long! I did take the day after the race completely off. But actually RUNNING has been helping me to recover. Motion is lotion, baby.

My body does feel great but mentally I still feel like I’m slowly getting back to normal. I was basically a zombie on Monday. I am not sure why I even came in to work. I’m pretty sure I looked like this cat.

Sleep however has been AMAZING. Rest = the best recovery there is out there. I could just sleep sleep sleep all day long. LOL. I wish. Some of us do have jobs.

I had the most wonderful sushi and rose wine last night with some of my favorite people. Sushi…also the best recovery cure without a shadow of a doubt.

I have been doing some online dating. I think its amazing what some people put out there on their online dating profiles. Sometimes I get on there just to swipe left and right for a good laugh. Also, please do not propose to me via the internet. At least give us an opportunity to meet first. LOL. Just saying.

Can we talk about how overjoyed I am that the State Fair of Texas begins THIS WEEKEND?! Give me all of the fair foods, carnival rides and whatever else! Actually, I am lying about the fair foods part. I can’t stomach the grease and fried stuff. I go for the WINE GARDEN. You already know.

Brooks sent me the most wonderful shoes that I have been running in all week long. Feels like Christmastime. LEVITATE. Get you some.

I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey a lot lately. Like discovering old songs that I remember that I loved from her back in the day. This song makes my soul happy.

That’s all, y’all!

Tell me some randomness about your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey hey! High five for random thoughts Thursday! The weekend is almost upon us. I’m very much looking forward to some ultra running fun this weekend with good pals! This will be my last full work day this week, then I’ll work a half day tomorrow and head to east Texas. Should be a good time!

But first…it would not be Thursday without a few random thoughts by yours truly.

Is it just me or is blogging really not what it used to be? I really still love It, mostly because I am a writer so it just comes natural to me. Blogging for me is just a therapy of sorts. Really the bloggers I enjoy don’t seem to blog as much at all, or anymore. There are a few good ones out there still left though. Like a lot of you! I love networking with fellow runners and like minded athletes around the world. Let’s keep the blog love alive!

I cannot tell you how much I need this mini weekend getaway with my trail friends to the piney woods. Being in east Texas for me is always such a lovely experience. I went there for a yoga retreat a few years ago for my birthday and now I get to go back there to run. Fun fun.

The broken stereo saga at the gym continues. I talked about this in another random rant post. The gym has promised me up and down that the music system and the mic is all fixed tonight. I sure hope so because I am going to lose it if I have to play music from my tiny Bluetooth one more day. The fitness instructor struggle is real.

I am back on my chai tea kick again. I cannot promise you I am going to be a tea drinker and never drink coffee anymore. But some days I just need a little tea in my life. Preferably with steamed almond milk in it. Yes, I can be a diva.

I watched Clueless the other day and kind of forgot how much I loved that movie. Some days you just need to watch some mindless TV or a movie that makes you lose a few brain cells.

The one thing I will miss about these super hot Texas summer days hands down is pool time. Sitting outside by the pool after a long day watching the sunset? Absolutely priceless.

Tell me something random about your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It’s is that time of the week again! Random rants and thoughts Thursday. I do hope you enjoy my randomness as much as I love writing it. Soo herrrre we go!!

-Is it just me or has this week been insanely long? For some reason today feels a lot like a Friday. Come on weekend…hopefully this work day will just fly by.

-Mornings have been pretty dark out for my early runs which makes it that much harder to get out of that warm and cozy bed in the a.m. Thankfully I have running buddies waiting on me for the miles so the accountability factor has been on point. Thank goodness for running buddies as crazy as me.

-With the arrival of fall very soon I am starting to think it is time for another hair color change. Perhaps wine color, or some cognac colored streaks? Debating. We shall see.

-Don’t get me wrong, I think rompers are fun to wear and I actually think I look good in them but –going to the ladies room with one on is just kind of awkward? Am I right ladies? Nuff said.

-I went to a super fun foodie Yelp event last night and it was definitely just what I needed to break up the monotonous work week. I tell you what I am ready for Grapefest this weekend and to have some more fun with good peeps. Much needed.

-I am back on the dating scene (yes me and runner bae broke up a while back – please do not pity me, it was a necessary break up) and I have to say it is very interesting dating in your 30s. I am enjoying it so far though. And actually meeting more guys while out than really online. Gotta love those random chance encounters.

-Being single and back on the dating scene again means I have more time for my real BAE…which is running high mileage. Clearly. Preserving the sexy.

-Do you ever have songs you just never get tired of?? For some reason I never get tired of the song Truffle Butter. That is random I know.

-Pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks…and while I do not really like the latte version of this drink I think you should try it as an almond milk MISTO. Basically it is just steamed almond milk, coffee, and tell them to add just 2 pumps of the P.S. You’re welcome in advance.

Any randomness to share today? What song do you never get tired of?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Congrats! You have made it to Thursday. And it is time for another round of my random rants and confessions…because for some reason I’m always in a chatty confession type mood on Thursday?! I have no idea why. Anyways let’s get to it.

For some reason seeing people riding their horses on the side of the road always makes me laugh. I was leaving work yesterday afternoon about to get on the highway and on the access road here comes a guy just riding his horse like we are in the country somewhere? I can’t make this stuff up. Only in Texas.

How cute is my ‘running is cheaper than therapy’ coffee koozie?! I just love it. It’s reflective too. Seriously, they made this just for me. And you know it is meant to be when it is the last one on the shelf.

Do you like queso? I guess it is a Texas thing. For some reason I cannot stand the look or taste of yellow queso. WHITE queso all the way. They call it queso blanco in Texas. Because clearly white queso is better for you and has zero calories. Yeah, right.

I really need to stay off of the leaderboards on Strava. Although I am almost always at or near the top (blame ultra training) whenever there is another girl at the top for some reason I get EXTRA competitive. Like, really girl…you do not know who you are messing with. Time to go run a quick 10 miles. Run 10 or more miles a day and you will always be ahead of the game. Lol.

Is it just me or are you getting more DMs from people lately? People be all up in my direct messages on Instagram. I kind of love the little private convos but it just seems like it’s happening a lot as of late.

Also, do you really WATCH people’s instagram stories? I am sorry to say this, but I do not.

Who is ready for fall? I went to my local java shop after my run this morning and they actually had pumpkin spice coffee on tap. Not sure if I’m ready for pumpkin spice JUST yet. Maybe in September? But…bring on the cooler crisp fall weather. I just love it.

Any random thoughts/rants/confessions today?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

-I have truly been in love with running by the lake lately. So peaceful and serene after a long day of work. I simply love it. Am I turning into an evening runner? HA. Definitely not. Morning runs for the win. But, I do love doing some shorter runs in the evening on double run day.

-I am roughly 1 month out from running the 100k in September! Simply cannot wait. As most of you know I have been training hardcore for this ultra, maintaining high mileage and doing some trail running. I am definitely hoping it pays off. Then, I will be able to get back to running some faster races and marathons. Woohoo.

-I feel like I have been getting pretty good at saying ‘NO’ to things lately. Over booking yourself for things is not what’s up. So when I have days off from teaching classes at the gym…I absolutely take full advantage and treat myself to whatever I want to do, instead of picking up a bunch of sub jobs to fill the time. Stop the glorification of BUSY. I am working on it.

-The humidity here has been absolutely through the roof! So I basically wear my hair up every day to avoid the frizz. Off in a bun it goes. Hashtag I have no shame.

-Has anyone been watching this show on HBO? It is my absolute fave. If you don’t know then now you know. It’s one of my guilty pleasure shows for sure and I’m loving the 2nd season.

What are some random thoughts you have today?

Confessions, Things I’m Loving and Such.

I have a slight obsession at the moment with sparkling water. Passionfruit and cucumber melon have to top the list of the 2 faves. Not sure why but drinking bubbles in the summer time just makes me happy.

I subbed an early morning spin class this week and it made me feel pretty nostalgic. When I first started teaching I taught on Mondays early in the mornings and did so for about 3 years. Now I just teach 3 nights a week and really love my cycle party happy hours. But the morning folks are so sweet it made me miss it a little bit. For now I think I’ll just stick to my morning runs and just teach at the gym at night.

I am really thankful that I’ve fallen in love with trail running. After being a devout road runner for so many years (which I still love) it is fun to get off the beaten path sometimes. Especially when you are putting in so much mileage training for ultras. Sometimes you just need a change of pace.

Our family dog Brady is absolutely the cutest is he not? He just got a haircut for the summer. I love his little random white paw with the black paw. Such a cutie pie.

I’m sorry in advance for those of you that sell Lipsense but that ish is seriously overrated. I mean why am I paying so much for lipgloss, because it stays on!? Sometimes I don’t want my gloss to stay on that long. Also, I feel like I have alcohol on my lips it stains them so much. No thank you. And I have a tube I never used so I gave it away. You can keep it.

Lately I have been loving the sunsets almost more than the sunrises. Not sure why that is. I will always and forever be a morning runner but there is just something about the sunset and evening runs (of course on double run days) that I am feeling lately.

Hammocks on balconies are kind of a thing now in my ‘hood. I swear everyone has one and now I want one. How fun would it be to kick it outside on your balcony in a hammock and read a book? I need to make this happen.


I have Friday completely off this week and it is definitely much needed. I plan on getting in as much pool time as possible on my long weekend.

What are some confessions, random rants, or things you’re loving today?

Pinspirations Lately.

Hey ya’ll! Today has been a whirlwind of a day already but thankfully it is winding down. I don’t know about you but for me blogging is such a therapy of sorts. A creative outlet, if you will. As a writer (I work in broadcast television for my career and have done so for many years – I don’t talk about it often!), writing has always come so natural to me. It is truly what I love. Outside of running, of course. Ha!

I also love me some Pinterest. I did a post on this not too long ago but here are some things I’ve been pinning and inspired by as of late.

You can find me on Pinterest here. Let’s be friends!

Pinners, what is inspiring you lately? 

Five Random Thoughts Thursday.

So I was tagged by the lovely blogger Charlotte to do this 5 random thoughts post. Well actually I was tagged on Instagram…but as you all know I am rebellious so I thought I’d do a blog post instead. Here we go!

1. Lovely colors in the sky this a.m. Absolutely worth getting up for even though I went bowling last night and didn’t go to bed till 10 p.m. Hashtag worth it.

2. I have discovered that I am actually kind of decent in bowling. I think I need to join a bowling league or something? It could be my new hobby besides ultra running! Ha. Just saying.

3. My grandmother had swag, yes? I am loving this throwback photo. My mom has been finding all of these random pics of family from back in the day and I am loving it.

4. This pool floatie. Like seriously, I need this in my life. Floating at the pool with an adult beverage is going down this weekend.

5. Lemongrass essential oil. Smells amazing, in small quantities. Perfect clean scent for the office. My thoughts are so exciting, I know.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Tuesday Thoughts.

So I kind of feel like it has been a while since I’ve done a random Tuesday thoughts/things post, eh? Here are some of my thoughts today in no particular order…

-Snickerdoodle coffee this morning from this place. Yes it is as good as it sounds. Much needed after a 10.21 mile run.

-I’m headed to San Diego oh so soon for a little race-cation. It is funny how after becoming an ultrarunner, marathons seem like really not a big deal now. Oh, BRB just going to go run 26.2 miles. Not like that is some big distance or anything.

-It has been really kind of nice and cool the last few days. I am holding onto somewhat pleasant weather for as long as I can. I want to remember these days because before long it will be 106 degrees out.

-I think it is really rude when women stare at other women in the locker room. Maybe we just can’t help it? Yes, women check out other women sometimes. But I would kind of like my privacy and to turn and see you staring me down makes me want to cover up and I just want to shower and put my clothes on in peace. Ha. Is that bitchy? Rant over.

-I was on a Fiona Apple kick and now I think I am on a Norah Jones one. Some days I just need me some throwbacks. Especially listening to Norah Jones while cooking. Thank you Spotify.

-This channel is also a great one for listening to tunes while cooking. Gypsy Swing.

-While in Cali I definitely plan on going to this spot because it is my favorite coffee shop in the entire universe. Life’s better with a coffee buzz? I can dig it.

What are your random thoughts on this lovely Tuesday?