5 Ways to Deal with Snarky People as a Runner.

Today we are talking about snarky people! What a topic, right? We all know them, we all have them in our friendship circles and sometimes in our families. And as a runner, sometimes it can be a little annoying to deal with over and over again. Usually these people don’t really understand why you run so much or why you are so motivated to do what you do. SO…here are some ways you can just have a little FUN with your snarky friends…family members…and loved ones.

Understand that sometimes these people just want to get a reaction out of you. They know you are passionate about your sport and so they kind of want to see how you will react to what they are saying. Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all. A lot of my friends like to joke that I run 100 miles at 3 am every morning or something along those lines. Clearly this is not the case, but it is what it is…so sometimes I just don’t react because I really DGAF. I run for me…not for them, for social media, or for hand claps. Nuff said.

Laugh with them!! Don’t take yourself so seriously. Runners are indeed serious people sometimes (and a lot of times we are Type A personalities) so it can be easy to get a little mucho competitive. Most of us are not olympians nor are getting paid to do what we do. We just do it for the love. So laugh at yourself, life is not that serious. Laugh it off or find some witty comeback and move it right along.

Ask some of the skeptics to come run with you sometime! Usually this shuts them right on up because most of them don’t run. But a lot of them truly are inspired by your running so you keep just doing what you do.

Respond with love. Love trumps snark every time. Keep your replies to them on the up and up and it will be easy to blow off whatever it is that they are saying.

Focus on the good. For the most part we all have positive people in our lives that makes running that much more amazing. A lot of the good can be found in running groups and that is why I love being in them. Find YOUR people…and there is usually less snark and more support and encouragement. That is what the running community is all about.

Real talk time! How do you deal with rude/overly critical/or snarky people as a runner? Or are you that snarky person?? Bring it on! I like me a little snark from time to time.

Real Talk Tuesdays: On Running, Training and Staying in Your Own Lane.

Hey there! So I thought we’d start a little series that I would like to call ‘Real Talk Tuesdays’. Well, for me every day is a real talk kind of day, since this is my little space to rant and talk about training and such. But I always have a few thoughts rolling around in my head that I’d like to share with the blogosphere. So here it goes.

I’ve seen this term come up a few times on social media and it’s just kind of my favorite saying in general. Frankly it is how I like to live my life, and how I prefer to run and train for races. Stay in your own lane.

But what does that mean, really? I think runners are always pretty hard and critical of themselves. I say this because I was once that overly critical and self judgmental person when it came to my own training. I would constantly compare myself – my pace, my weekly mileage etc. to other people’s. Nothing was ever good enough. Every time I DID NOT set a personal record in whatever racing distance, it would JACK with me emotionally. Really, my entire well being was linked to running. This, in my opinion, is not how someone should live their life.

Running is supposed to bring you joy, it is supposed to enhance the amazing life you already have. When I run nowadays, I compare it to like being a child. I go PLAY, and I enjoy my playtime. Some days, I run fast. I do speedwork, strides or what have you. I push my body. Some days I run for hours and hours on end. Because it FEELS GOOD to me – to work hard. Even if sometimes I have a bad run. It is not the end of the world. I don’t log on to social media and complain about it. I chalk it up to exactly what it is, a bad run. Tomorrow’s run will be better.

And as far as the social media world goes, I STAY in my own lane. Meaning, I train my ass off and I keep my head down and try not to compare myself to other runners. When I see that others are successful, I am proud of them and their accomplishments. When I see my fellow run buddies are down or hurting – I do whatever I can do lift them up. Because I see myself in a lot of these people. I’ve been injured. I know how shitty it feels to not be running. It can truly take a toll on you. But sometimes all you need is that encouragement, that things will get better. The storm doesn’t stick around forever. It will pass, you will be healthy and you will run again. Believe it.

But really, I love running for ME. I love staying in my own lane. Doing me, enjoying running – and remembering why I started this journey in the first place. Running has brought joy, blessings, wonderful friendships – and has healed me in more ways than one. And the races, the medals, the amazing ultra WINS – those are just the icing on the cake.

Stay in your lane. In the end you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you, Kanye.

How’s your training going? Do you tend to play the comparison game when it comes to your running or do you stay in your own lane?