Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Spin class

Random Thoughts Thursday.

LOVED starting my day with a quick 12 mile ride on my spin bike plus a run before work. This view outside the gym was absolutely fantastic and I was drenched in sweat after.

It is fun finding routes around the gym to do my runs…this gym in particular is in a really affluent neighborhood so I feel like I’m watching HGTV or something running around mansions getting my miles in.

I had a fabulous turn out this morning too for class. Things are a bit socially distanced still at the gym but our cycle studio is massive so plenty of room to spread out. I love good morning energy too and my class definitely brought it. I am looking forward to teaching tonight too (today is my double dose day)

I always sleep amazingly well when I have a TRIPLE THREAT THURSDAY. That’s what I like to call it – I used to do them a lot back in the day = gym (bike & weights) / run / gym.

I’ve been hydrating like crazy lately with the Texas heat and humidity. This morning felt like an absolute sauna. I’m definitely eating all of the watermelon and drinking my electrolytes.

Has anyone been getting into shows on PEACOCK?! I’ve been watching Dr. Death (listened to most of the podcast) and I am not one to enjoy blood and violence (I have a tattoo of a sun for goodness sakes – just call me Miss Sunshine) but it is something about this story that sucked me in. Maybe because the Dr. was based out of TX and my dad was a doctor growing up it is just an interesting story watching people in the medical field and seeing all of the hot mess that goes on behind the scenes. I had to take a break from it because it got heavy earlier in the week but I may jump back on it today.

Share something random about your day with me! Good – bad – or just to vent. Here for ya.

Friday, Fun, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

It is a fabulous summer Friday around here!! Here’s what is going on with me this week and weekend.

All of the easy summer salads. Obsessed with chickpeas and red onions and baby tomatoes lately too. Eating all of the colors of the rainbow.

Kung fu tea…actually I had a boba tea here and hadn’t had boba in QUITE a while. It was yummy after burning ALL OF THE calories teaching back to back classes at gym + running.

A lot of promos here at work…and putting together shows for TV. Gotta love the producer life. It definitely helps having a blog to practice my creative side / writing all the time and sharpening my skills.

Some sun and a FROZEN MARGARITA. I talked about this yesterday but did not get to have that very thing after spin class. So that will without a doubt be happening this weekend.

To anything and everything on my Spotify. My music selections have been a little A.D.D. lately but lately I’ve been loving high energy music. This heatwave playlist has been my absolute jam.

The book of HAPPY. Whenever I just need a random pick me up.

This quote.

Happiest of Fridays to you!

Share with me what you are eating/drinking/loving lately!!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Sunflower sighting on the run this week – my favorite flower without a doubt. Kind of like my spirit animal of flowers?! Wild and bright like me.

I was up bright and early for a run this morning after teaching class at the gym. I actually got to discover a new to me running route – which is always nice!! Playing Dora the Explorer.

Teaching classes in the morning is always chill – I love the chill vibe of the gym and the streets. As someone who is used to teaching during the busiest time of the day (after work crowd) it is a nice change of pace. Everyone is more focused with getting their workouts in and getting in and outta there. Love that go getter mentality.

This new gym I teach at is SUPER nice and luxurious, even the locker rooms feel like you’re at some type of resort. All of the freaking amenities. There’s also a lounge and café if you have time to chill after or if you want a pedicure etc. It is crazy. I felt like I was at the spa showering to get ready for the 9 to 5.

This is my busiest day so I go right back to teach spin tonight. After work. Then I will be done with the day. Making that summer money, honey.

I’ve been so tired in the evenings I rarely have time to turn on any TV shows but I have been watching some more guilty pleasure reality stuff. Love me some Hills New Beginnings and anything Hills related. Any Hills fans out there? Yall have to watch Whitney Port and her husband Timmy’s recaps of my favorite show growing up. I literally do feel like I grew up with these kids.

My allergies have been kicking my butt lately. I really do feel like mine are absolute worst in the summer time. Gotta love that good ole ragweed and grass pollen.

I’m starting to think about fall and winter marathons (and ULTRAS). The Dallas 50k is a very real possibility and I love that it will be local. So it is between that and a trail race but loving the idea of a low maintenance race right now. A “baby ultra” after my spring 50 miler may be just what I need in life and then I will have a good amount of time to train for it.

I feel like I am a loud TYPER when I type stuff at work. Like heavy handed. Do you type loud? I have stopped wearing the nails for now (back to the natural look for a little while) so I feel like I type really fast and loud when I am doing the natural nails instead of the fake ones. Sorry coworkers.

I may treat myself to some ice cream today after this crazy busy day of work AND workouts are over. Or maybe a MARGARITA. That sounds better.

Feel free to share some randomness with me!! 

Friday, Fun, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays are back!! Here’s what I’m into this week…


Splitting the most amazing fajitas with my mama after teaching my spin class last night. I haven’t heard that *fajita sizzle* in oh so very long. Just hearing that alone last night made me happy. I think it is funny the way my mama eats fajitas also. She gets excited about the beans and rice part first and just goes in for the kill. Then forgets about that fact THAT WE ARE SPLITTING THE MEAL. Never mind mama, you can have all the sides that you so desire. Next time I’ll have them split it for us prior to.


All of the iced teas, unsweetened please. Just put some fresh peaches in that bad boy.



Spotify playlists all the dang time. Back to teaching class at gym multiple times a week so gotta keep the game strong. Check out my Spotify if you are needing workout jams.


This new Mermaid Raw Bar. Can’t wait to see what this is all about! Dallas has some really cute spots cropping up lately. Need to do a little weekend exploring.


Outdoor Seaside Café all day. It is my writing music mostly when I am at work. Surprisingly when I am not working out I am like an old lady with my listening choices.


The 1st episode of the new season of the Real Housewives of Potomac! Jury is still out on the NEW girl. But living for all things Karen Huger.


ANYTHING NEON. Neon all the time in the summertime. As a far of fact I think I may go get a neon pedicure after work.


How to make a delish (and “noo-trish” can we make that word a thing?) smoothie for the post run. I LOVED spinach in my smoothies back in the day. And coconut almond milk. MMHMM good.

And there you have it! Enjoy your Friday.

Share some of what you’re eating/drinking/craving!!!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve been all about the self-love, TREAT YO SELF stuff this week. It is amazing how more focused and clear headed you can be when you just slow down to do some pampering things for yourself. Plus, these sunrises lately on the run have been absolutely amazing.

All of my back to working at work peeps…do you have your own office or are you in an office suite?? I’ve been in a suite for years and some days I wish I had my own office. Mostly so I can do my writing in peace and my creative juices could flow. Working in television has it perks but there are so many distractions. Like very loud creative people…haha. I do have my side of the suite to myself though. I have the essential oils rocking all day long.

I really probably should take a blogging break because some days it can be taxing and more like an obligation than something I want to do. I say this mostly because for me blogging is not something I get paid to do and my responsibilities outside of this blog are a lot having 2 jobs. Plus my side hustle teaching classes at the gym is about to get more intense. Being busy and having fun all at the same time!! I do love checking in with you all and I especially love going back to look at my years of writing about my adventures. Like a scrapbooking of sorts.

This weekend is going to be a good one. I’ve got a long run planned, and the weather is going to be HOT and absolutely spectacular for some pool time. I mean really check out this forecast.

We still haven’t hit triple digits down in my part of Texas and I am more than okay with that.

You know what is funny to me this time of year?! How runners try to go toe to toe with one another about who ran in the HOTTEST of temperatures. I mean, us runners can just be competitive about every damn thing at times, yes?! It’s like…. it does not make you a better runner that you ran when it was 102 outside. Dumber, maybe but not better. Have several seats silly goose.

This. I think I’m going to make a song about this very subject.

What is making me absolutely so happy this week…the fact that it is payday tomorrow and my car is paid off and bills are paid so I can take myself out for a good time this weekend. Time to let the hair down.

Feel free to share some randomness/happiness/random rants with me today!!

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! I am sitting here sipping on some cold brew coffee, listening to my bossa nova music via the Candy Music Room, and loving the working girl life. Hope you have something wonderful to look forward to this weekend!!

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

8 easy things for more mindful living. This super speaks to me.

Power packed nutrition. Isn’t it funny when sometimes we crave things that our body truly needs? For me lately it has been CHICKPEAS. Apparently I need more zinc in my life.

Avocado peach summer salad. Love all of the flavors here.

Self talk on the RUN. Good stuff here. Goodness the self talk stuff is more important than we’d like to admit, yes?! This can make or break just about anything especially when it comes to miles. Like last weekend. When I ran more miles than I intended to, I felt like my positive self talk game was on point. Some days you do have it more than others. But it is so crucial especially when it comes to racing time.

And there you have it! Have an awesome Friday. Go do something good for yourself today.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Any treat YOSELF type of plans??

I really need to get a massage. My back is in knots. And a B12 shot but I’ll be getting one of those next week.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning I rolled outta bed for a glorious trot around the lake. I have been seeing the same morning neighbors lately which is fun and especially all of the sweet “morning doggies” that are all cheerful and peppy in the morning like me. Check out that sky.

Work has been so crazy busy as of late so I’m still enjoying running in the evenings after work to de-stress. Changing it up lately too helps me to not get so burned out (as a former high mileage junkie. HA) And keeping the miles shorter lately since I’m not training for anything special. I love running 40-50 mile weeks for fun and absolutely no reason at all.

I am now teaching spin cycle twice a week back at the gym! Gotta love that side hustle. Starting next Thursday you will see me at the Addison location, Life Time peeps.

I canceled my Netflix subscription because I just could not find any shows worth getting into. I think this is because I just feel like there are a lot of serious shows on there lately. Can’t get into it. I love YouTube way more. I can literally go down a rabbit hole of all of the videos. Especially documentaries. I will get into those.

Tonight I’ll be going to a Korean fried chicken tasting for my Yelp Dallas peeps. Yep, celebrating national fried chicken day a little late. I’ve never really gotten into Korean food like that but we shall see how it goes.

Share some randomness with me! What is your favorite food? What’s your favorite documentary??
Sushi…and probably anything dealing with OJ I go into the deepest of rabbit holes. It is ridiculous but still fascinates me.

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

I have been wall to wall busy but checking in with some miles from last week! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend filled with some Independence Day fun.

Let’s get to the running!! I was able to get in 40 miles of running which is the most weekly miles I’ve done in about a month! Just ramping back up and feeling back to myself again post 50 miler. It takes some time to recover from races that long – physically AND mentally as one could imagine. Definitely looking at some fall races and ultras and possibly trail runs in the meantime to really get my groove back. It is nice right now to just run with the run club and run for fun.

Monday- Active recovery teaching my spin cycle class. Things are going GREAT in that arena. I’m actually looking forward to teaching a 2nd class soon! Getting back to doing what I love – post covid style.

Tuesday- 5.23 miles in the evening enjoying this view. The heat and humidity has been super intense lately but just getting it done and enjoying my evening miles after work.

Wednesday- 4.02 miles after a rather busy workday. Just wanted to get this one in but ended up being a nice little night by the water.

Thursday AM- 3.33 early morning miles nice and easy. It was insanely humid though and I was soaked like I had been in a dang steam room.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles waking the legs up after work. Double run day miles are here again.

Friday- 6.03 miles after a particularly stressful work day. Much needed let go and release run. Felt amazing when it was over and ran some glorious rolling hills in the ‘hood.

Saturday- 13.31 miles with the WRRC crew! Loved this run and we had some great cloud cover. Plus ran with some fun friends with fun colorful shoes. I actually planned on doing 10 miles on this day and felt so good so just kept going. Love so much when that happens.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles to hit some numbers for the week. Nice and easy 5.12 miles with a happy sky on the 4th.

And there you have it!

How is your running going?! Did anyone run a 4th of July race??

Friday, Fun, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays for the win! Here’s what my upcoming 4th weekend is looking like.


All of the watermelon salads in the universe. This one with feta, mint and lemon zest definitely does the trick.


A nice crisp fro~zay!! Yes, that is how I spell it. Post run of course. I may have to make some or find something pretty close to it this weekend.


I absolutely adore corn on the cob on the grill. That is the only way I eat corn in the summertime.


Anything from the Candy Music Room. Doesn’t a beach house café sound absolutely lovely? Love the sounds of them steaming up a fresh hot latte while listening to the sounds of Bossa Nova.


Rompers. All day, every day with this beautiful warmer weather.


My little space in paradise by the pool with a good friend and a beverage. Wish you were here.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

What are you sharing / grilling / drinking lately???

Friday, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Happy SUMMER Friday to ya! We are changing things up a bit around here on Fridays as I share some of the current things I’m eating, drinking, listening to and all of that jazz! Let’s bring some joy and fun of the season into the day…shall we? Kind of like a virtual coffee…or wine…date of sorts. I suppose it depends on the time of day where you are at…or maybe it doesn’t at all HA.

I’m currently…

EATING: This oh so yummy greens & grains bowl. Pickled red onions, arugula, rice, grilled chicken and feta with veggies are all I need in life. HEAVEN.

DRINKING: Trader Joe’s instant cold brew coffee. Amazing cold or hot with your fave creamer.

MAKING: Back in love with chickpeas…roast them and you are in for a real treat! This is absolutely one of my favorite snacks hands down.

LISTENING: To this heatwaves playlist on Spotify. SummerThing! is my favorite summer jam – it is a throwback but a good one. Just hearing it makes me want to jump around and workout.

WEARING: Flowery sundresses. And fun shorts with pockets on the side. Like these.

SHOPPING: For the most loveliest summer fragrances. What are some of your favorites? Right now I’m loving light body sprays like Betseyfied and Horizon.

LOVING: Spin classes at Hustle Studios. I love dancing on the bike!! Plus it is great cross training for running and I love arms/weights portion at the end of class. Come check it out if you’re local.

Share what you’re loving/making/wearing today!!