Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I am super READY for some free time this weekend!! I was up for an early run before the busy workday and it was just what I needed. Working out the crazy thoughts in this brain of mine.

Post winter storm has been kind of nuts especially in my neighborhood with everyone working on repairs and such. I was so thankful to not experience any issues in my personal living space but a lot of folks did. It is one of those times where you really have gratitude for a (literal) roof over your head and running water. Real talk.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Moves to add to your routine for body maintenance and self-care. Forever a fan of all of the hip mobility things.

10 tasty and fresh spring recipes. Intrigued with the shaved asparagus salad.

The fact that my tax return came in. Just in time to pay bills and rent HAHA. But hey, it does help to pay your taxes early. Well at least I have a few extra pennies to buy a pedicure.

Excited to be teaching a brand new spin class at a brand new gym! Check the schedule if you want to attend and book your bike.

Loved this mask I tried last night. It really gave my skin a nice glow and put some moisture back in. Especially after the crazy cold weather.

Plus, your Friday funny. 

Share some happy thoughts with me from your week! Have a great weekend.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well we have come completely OUT of the ice apocalypse here in Texas! This morning was yet another beautiful sky / early run before all of the clouds rolled in. It has been super warm and beautiful the last few days though. Makes me wish I could go play outside in the middle of the day.

I mean we do have a little rain in the forecast but check out these temps. We’ve come a long way from the below freezing temps. Yay for regular Texas weather.

Why don’t adults have ‘recess’ in the middle of the day like kids do? We certainly deserve to go out and play as hard as we work.

This week has been so busy work wise I’m definitely looking for a breather this weekend. I mean if I am being honest I would love to go on another vacation. Oh, to be back on a boat again.

This week I was able to get my CRAWFISH on! Those of you in the south know what’s up. It is crawfish season. The best time of year. I feel like I crave shrimp crab and crawfish at least once a month.

Honestly I am oh so glad the snow/ice is gone. I know some of you love to run in it but as much as us Texans went through I’m glad we are a state that is good at bouncing back.

Share some randomness with me from your week!

Fitness, Running, Spin class, spotify, Sunrise, Weds Spin Playlist

Weds Spin Playlist.

We are bringing back the hump day spin cycle playlist! But first I thought I would share a RUNrise with you. I was up early for some serenity and sanity miles. They were quite beautiful I have to say. Also I saw quite a few runners out at 5 something AM! I love runners that like to get it in early like I do.

Without further ado let’s get to the jams! I’m happy to announce I’m back to teaching spin class at Life Time Fitness.

Right now I’m teaching 1 class every Monday evening due to my career job in television (being your own boss / your own department can be quite the doozy) but so happy to get back to the side hustle. Those of you who plan on attending be sure to wear masks and we practice social distancing as well as temperature checks inside of the gym.

See my updated schedule here. I will be sure to also post when I sub classes and such so we sure to check back often!

Let’s go for a ride!

Get Low – Dillon Francis, DJ Snake: Warm up
Tip Toe – Jason Derulo, French Montana: Accelerations
In the Air – Tom and Jame: Climb / Standing Run
Cream – Tujamo, Danny Avila: Rolling hills
Crazy in Love – Beyonce, Jay-Z: Sprints
Waiting – Oliver Heldens: Climb / Tapbacks
Pinata – Throttle: Sprints
Wish You Well – Sigala: Active recovery
Young Money – DubVision: Seated/standing run
Delirious – Steve Aoki, Kid Ink: Rolling hills
I Know You Want Me – Pitbull: Rolling hills
Applause – Lady Gaga: Accelerations
Beats Knockin – Skrillex: Sprints
Carry Out – Timbaland, Justin Timberlake: Climb
Gimme Dat – Ciara: Final push / sprint to finish
Outside the Blue – Sam Sparro: Cool down

Any other cycle instructors out there?!? What your favorite workout song lately?

Friday, Fun, Ice Apocalypse, Running

Catching Up.

Happy Friday!! What a week it has been down in Texas. I am coming to you from my igloo after surviving ALL of this winter storm craziness.. Happy to report I now have power so all is well in the world. I figure I would take this time to catch you up! Instead of my usual. Check me out next week for the normal regularly scheduled posts.

Since we’ve last talked I actually spent some time in the sunshine state! That is right, your girl was on an actual vacation in Florida. I haven’t had a getaway in over a year! I took the time for some ultimate relaxation. Hanging with friends on a boat. Sipping adult beverages and such.

I was scheduled to just do a long weekend but actually ended up getting stuck in Ft. Lauderdale! The storms in Dallas were so bad that my flight did not end up taking off until Tuesday. I arrived Tuesday evening to ice and snow and crazy conditions. My power went out and I lost water as well due to pipes bursting at my complex. Quite stressful.

Work was also canceled most of the week and roads were crazy iced over. I definitely had wished I had stayed longer on my trip! Thankfully I did not have to deal with the worst of it all since I was away in Florida.

Running this week also took a hiatus while I dealt with this mess. But so glad next week will be normal beautiful Texas weather. 50s and 60s. I considered this week a much needed break for the body.

I did go out for a snowy run yesterday which was actually kind of fun and pleasant. Check out this little winter wonderland. I’ll be venturing out for more miles now that we are above freezing and the snow is melting.

For my friends in Texas dealing with this I hope you all are safe! We will be out of this soon.

Have a great weekend!

Share some tidbits with me! Let’s catch up.


Quick Tips for “After Work” Runners.

I am probably one of the biggest creatures of habit there is out there. I am a MASSIVE FAN of the morning run. But there are some days when there are, say early dentist appointments before work where a morning run just can’t happen. So how does one get motivated to do an AFTER WORK RUN?! Well…if I am speaking your busy bee language then I have just the post for you. Here are some tips to making that ‘after work run’ happen.

A lot of you are working from home now – so the after work run is definitely made easier without thinking about a commute. I am now working AT work. But what helps me at times is wearing athleisure to work. What is athleisure, you ask? Leggings, sports bra tops. Tanks under sweaters and etc. Thankfully my job does not require me to dress up as I’m a writer behind the scenes in TV. But staying ahead of the game by wearing your run clothes during the day will help you keep that run in mind and look forward to getting out there. Especially when that zoom call is over.

Have a mid-afternoon energy boosting snack or tea. I love having a little ginger peach green tea in the afternoons with honey because it gives me a 2nd wind in the day and makes me want to go burn some calories after 5.

Have those running shoes and socks by the door or in the car ready to GO. Stowing my shoes in my car is a surefire way I’m going to make that run happen.

Find a park near your job that you fancy for getting those miles in. If you run at a park closer to work you can kill some time and then your commute afterwards will be much smoother.

Think of the miles as something to look forward to, like a decompress type of treat after a long day. Reserve your favorite podcast or new playlist to jam out to for this time as well. You are giving a gift to yourself after being in meetings all day after all. All about that self-care.

Share some tips for our AFTER WORK runners out there!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday and happy new week! Of course today is the day we recap some weekly miles! I’m staying steady with the mini ‘run streak’ – at least for this week. Legs are definitely feeling tired post long run without recovery so I may take it down a bit this upcoming week before ramping back up again. We shall see.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Short sunset miles. 4.23 miles while watching the sky…this was actually a bit of a rest day/active recovery. I still wanted to get something done though after a busy day of work.

Tuesday AM- 6.35 miles around my favorite lake with the MOST colorful sunrise! Made my morning for sure.

Tuesday PM- Double run day miles! 3.21 miles to wind down the day.

Wednesday- Ran some hills in Valley Ranch. 5.23 miles with a faster finish.

Thursday AM- Quick 4.33 miles for breakfast. Hello yet another beautiful sky.

Thursday PM- 3.23 miles after work. Did some socially distanced people watching.

Friday- 5.12 lunch miles on a beautiful 60 degree day! Last week definitely felt like springtime in February for sure.

Saturday- Back to some long run fun! I got in a 16.12 mile run with some faster miles in the middle. It felt so good to get this one in and still feel like I could have kept going afterwards. Feeling good feeling great.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles. 4.23 miles in chill mode. Enjoying the 60 degree days while they last.


And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you do any super bowl celebrating?!

Just a little bit. I had some really AMAZING beer cheese / queso.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been the week for spectacular TEXAS sunrises. Or, should I say RUNrises. Skies like this make me definitely want to roll out of bed for some miles, that is for dang sure. Plus. Yesterday it was 70 something degrees. In February! I kid you not. I am sorry but not so sorry to my friends on the east coast dealing with snow. I am going to soak up the sun while it lasts. Because it definitely is going to cool back down again.

I’m changing my look up a LOT lately. I think I’ll keep this shade for a while. Auburn tresses in the winter time seems about right.

I’m still on a little bit of run streak with team #norestdays the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I just do that (not on purpose) and it makes me really enjoy running more. We will see how long it lasts– but I do want to get some long runs in before I break it. I’ve done the run streaking thing for longer before BUT especially when I run higher mileage (60-70 mile weeks or higher) I NEED my days off. So I like playing around with it now… while my miles are lower.

Really a LOT has been on my mind lately so I deal with that by running MORE. I’m glad it works out that way.

Since I work at work I will say I’m jealous of a lot of you that have tons of time to RUN crazy miles during the week. Most of my friends though say they would rather be at work taking the precautions than on zoom calls. And that they don’t have as much ‘free time’ as I’m thinking they do. HMM.

I have still been hydrating like a boss with my big water jug while I work. And using my varidesk. Hydrating during the day is especially great post morning run because I feel like I guzzle water like crazy.

Feel free to share some of your very random thoughts with me today! Do you feel like you have a lot of free time if you work from home?!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week! My sidekick is joining me today and bringing the UNICORN POWER into February. Fluffy says it is going to be a fierce month full of running, sunrises and lots of fun. Believe it.

Let’s get to some miles from last week! I was able to hit the 50 mile mark and beyond!

Plus I logged 201 miles during the month of January. Feeling good, feeling great.


Monday- 5.23 sunset miles doing some people watching. Relaxed sanity miles after the busy workday.

Tuesday- 6.33 miles doing some hill climbing in the evening.

Wednesday AM- Quick 4.23 miles around the lake with a RUNrise to start my day.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles. 3.02 miles a little faster around the lake. We’ve had a ton of construction in the area so I found myself jumping around dirt and cones but somehow ran faster and make it through.

Thursday AM- 6.33 below freezing miles! We had a RANDOM cold snap which definitely made for a faster finish.

Thursday PM- More double run day miles! I just had time for a quick 2.22 mile out and back run after doing some training at the gym.

Friday- 5.23 miles to wake the body up. This was one of the most beautiful sunrises of the week.

Saturday- Double digit miles with my weekend run group! 10.23 miles getting it done. We had a few drizzles of rain but overall it was a nice morning.

Sunday- Run streak week! 7.33 miles to hit my numbers for the week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Feel free to share some tidbits of your weekend with me.

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday, TGIF and all of those good things! This morning was a run for my sanity. I tell you what it was a bit of a struggle bus fest because my bed was so cozy but I made it out the door in the chilly temps. The sunrise was quite glorious so all is well in the world.

Let’s get to my faves this week!

-I passed my 2nd to last test for EDG cycle at Lifetime Fitness!! With flying colors. Y’all I am so ready to get over this hill. My last ‘test out’ is also happening SOON, then they will be putting me on the schedule in the evenings like I was at 24. Soon and very soon I am going to be teaching again, social distance style. And it is a different format than I am used to but I love learning and adding things to my skill set and bag of ‘tricks’, so to speak.

Delectable (and creative) super bowl recipes. I think I’m going to make sheet pan shrimp nachos a thing.

How a run and a good night’s sleep might affect your immune response to the COVID vaccine. I actually signed up for mine so we will see what happens.

-And finally, your Friday funny.

Share some highs (or lows) from your week!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was one of those colorful skies that just leaves an imprint in your brain. Gotta love RUNrises like this. Solo miles have been full of serenity and bliss.

Did anyone see the FULL MOON? I’ve been into full moons lately and definitely had to do a double run day yesterday just to look at it. I’m such a nature freak. Hopefully someone else can join me in my sentiment for the love of nature lately. Especially with so much going on in the media and such. It is just good to get back to basics.

I found my purple unicorn and he’s working with me this morning. Apparently I named him Fluffy a while ago. Which I forgot he had a name. Unicorns, sunrises and glitter equals a happy Chelsea.

Another obsession as of late. Green onions. I put them on everything. I even put a bunch of them in my veggie soup the other day (along with feta). I feel like they just make sense in every dish. And they make food look prettier.

Currently grooving some Chillhop while I work. Did you know that Will Smith is into ‘chill hip hop’ too?

World Market has the cutest doormats!! I just bought a cheap doormat from the store but I’d like a fun one. Maybe one with a fun saying…

This evil eye one is kind of cool. Hmm.

Tell me something random about your week. Do you have a ‘fun doormat’?