TGIFriday Faves.

Hello and happy Fri-YAY!! Hope you all have some fun in store for the long luxurious weekend. I’ve got some running, relaxing and fun in the sun planned!! Should be a good time.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

How music can help you bust your running rut. I still need to look into one of those Garmins with the music built in. Does anyone have one? Please let me know how you like it.

Columbian breakfast at work this week. Those corn patties have queso fresco in them…absolutely delicious. So thankful for the coffee shop/café at work on crazy days.

Rompers rompers all day long…I kind of need this one in my life. Lovely.

Can we talk about how much I want to run a LEGIT mountain race? I’ve had this one on my mind all week this week. I think it will be a 2019 goal.

This. Because it is oh so true. That’s all for now, off to go listen to Luke Bryan.

Have a great weekend!

What’s on tap for your weekend? Anyone running a Memorial Day style race!?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello…yes it is that RANDOM day of the week! Random thoughts Thursday that is. Sometimes we talk running on here and sometimes we definitely do not. So feel free to join in on the rants and raves. Here’s what deliciousness is on my mind today…

I cannot get enough of ice cold everything lately. And I know…I have been told that cold water is a shock to the body?! But if it is going to kill me or something then I’m just going to have to go out enjoying me some ice water when it is 112,000 degrees outside in Texas okay. I can’t do the room temp water, sorry. My thirst is just not quenched.

Confession…I faceplanted twice during the PK Lake 56k trail run and you know what I have lived to tell you the story. I think it’s kind of awesome anyway when you fall during a trail run (I used to totally NOT feel this way – but hey spend more time on trails and trust me you will get it) provided that it is a graceful fall. Plus falling on the soft dirt is way better than tripping and falling on hard ass pavement. Thankfully no injuries or anything but I still have a scratch or 2 on my legs. I like to think of it as a rite of passage.

I used to like craft beer (like all of my trail buds) but I think I am losing a taste for it? Like IPAs were really my jam. I am back on my wine kick and I am starting to get back into my white wines especially while the weather is warmer. Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc for the win.

Racing back 2 back ultras lately has made me miss my road running club. Thankfully I will be back with them this weekend and I need to start ramping the marathon training stuff back up. I’ll be running 26.2 in September – time to crank up the speed work. Should be a fun summer.

I think I’m going to try and spend at least 99.9 percent of my time outside this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The goal is to look like toasted mocha when the weekend is over. I will let you know about the results. Ha.

I need some good sports bra recommendations. Preferably some cheaper ones that support the girls AND are comfy? I am tired of paying 3 thousand dollars for sports bras. Like for real, can Wal Mart make some good ones and we can just call it a day? Really though.

Tell me all about the randomness in your life today!

What I Love About Being a Fitness Instructor and Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! Are you ready for your weekly dose of jams!? Well I am here to give it to ya today!! These songs are great for spin class (hello my fellow instructors), running or any high intensity workout. Hope you enjoy!

But first – let’s talk about a few things I love about being a spin instructor! It’s definitely a side hustle for me (for those of you who are new here or unaware) but it is one that I absolutely love! So thought I would share.

I love how it inspires me to stay on top of my game with my fitness. Even after I’ve done a hard trail or road race, I know that the bike is always waiting for me and makes for excellent active recovery after running.
I enjoy connecting with the individuals in my classes and inspiring them to workout. It is always great when you have usuals return again and again that love your classes. I’ve been able to see my classes build too over the years and I tell you what that is such a rewarding thing to see. They inspire me as well in and outside of the cycle studio. I love watching people win and excelling in all areas of health and fitness.
I LOVE to rock out to music and have FUN/let loose (especially after a stressful work day) on the bike! I feel like you can definitely have FUN and work hard all at the same time. It’s great when those two things can come together.
Hey…it is also a great perk to be able to work out at a major gym for absolutely free. I used to pay like $50 a month to get the ultimate from my gym and now I get all of that just because I teach classes. I definitely take advantage of it too.

There are so many other reasons but hey…those are just a few. So if any of you out there are considering teaching classes be it side hustle or full time…just know it is an awesome way to make a little extra money on the side and have fun while doing it.

Speaking of fun…let’s be friends on Spotify! Connect with me on there— where I’m constantly updating workout playlists on a weekly basis!

Let’s go for a ride!

Parade- VINAI: Warm up
Hotel Room Service- Pitbull: Tapbacks
7/11- Beyonce: Rolling hills
Let Me Think About It- Ida Corr: Accelerations
NASTY- Parris: Seated/standing run
Burn Break Crash- Madison Mars: Hill climb
Slight Work- Wale: Sprints
Ball- T.I.: Active recovery
Jump- Rihanna: Hill climb
Stay- Dannic, INNA, LoaX: Sprints
Trophies- Drake: Jumps
Night Cap- D.O.D.: Rolling hills
I’m the Ish Mashup 11- DJ Godfather: Jumps on a hill
Mi Gente- Moska, J Balvin: Hill climb
KOD- J.Cole: Tapbacks
How Deep is Your Love- Calvin Harris: Sprints
Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran: Cool down

Any songs you are loving that I should add to the list?

Every Runner Has a Reason.

I don’t know about you, but I love reading running articles online and such when I am not running. I was reading something on reddit recently about proud running moments and I thought I would list of some mine thus far. I do feel like every runner has a reason why we do what we do. So here are some moments in time that are special to me and make me feel proud to be the runner that I am today.

Completing my first 100 mile ultra trail race last year. Rocky Raccoon 100 was just so special to me for so many different reasons. Part of it was sharing that experience with a very special trail running community, the Dallas Dirt Runners. They have been like a true running family to me and I am so thankful for them and for my incredible pacer for getting me through it. And then I’ve gone on to run some other amazing distances like the 100k, 50 miler and 50k.

Running 10 full marathons before I turned 30 years old. This was a goal of mine that was sort of fun to accomplish. I honestly was just getting started with really enjoying distance running and I had to run like 3 marathons within a span of 2 months to get it all done. I remember crossing the finish line of the Cowtown Marathon and checking that 10th one off the list and just crying tears of joy that I completed it. This was also after recovering from an injury that left me sidelined for a while…so I was happy to overcome all of that and finish strong. And now, 4 years later…I’ve done 30+ marathons/ultras and counting.

Breaking 4 hours in the full marathon distance. This was quite some time ago (before I really got more into trails and ultras) but it was a great feeling to cross the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon and being so thrilled that I had broken that 4 hour mark. For a lot of runners that kind of goal comes easy but for me running has never been just peachy keen and easy. But getting faster and crushing those goals is so much sweeter when you know you have busted your tail to get there…and I am so proud to say that my hard work has definitely paid off over the years.

Knowing that running has really changed my life for the better. When I first started running, not going to lie…my life was headed in a crazy direction. I was that party girl…was definitely overweight in college…and lost the weight but when I entered into the working world I spent a lot of time partying & out late doing crazy things and not really about that fitness lifestyle. Running gives my life a balance, a structure…helps me sleep better, helps me make better decisions…and connects me with people who also want the same healthy lifestyle for themselves. So I’m thankful to have people in my life as a whole that hold me accountable and a life that I truly love. And running makes it all the better.

What are some of your reasons for running?! What are your proudest running moments so far?

Possums Revenge 56k Trail Race Recap.

Hi, hey and hello! What a marvelous weekend it was. I am here to recap some ULTRA trail racing!! Saturday I ran the Possums Revenge 56k (roughly 34.8 miles- I know right, odd distance but I love it!!) at Possum Kingdom Lake. Let’s review and see how it all went down!

First of all, I was all too excited to do this race because this was the first time I’d ever been to this particular trail. The trail system sits on a gorgeous lake with a ton of rocky climbs and scenic overlook. Honestly it was probably one of the most scenic races I’d ever done! PK Lake is a good 2 hours from where I live. Going out there kind of felt like I wasn’t even in Texas! We don’t have many beautiful lakes out here in North Texas so when you do find one, you know it is a real gem. A lot of folks even camped out the night before. I stayed at a hotel with some trail buds and we got up and got out there quite early.

The race had a 52 miler, 56k, 17 miler and then an 8 miler. The course was quite HILLY and very rocky, with a few stretches of trail that had all SAND! So a lovely mix of terrain that kept things exciting. I really was not sure going into this race how I would perform, especially seeing as I ran a 50 mile race 2 short weeks ago! So really I went out there to check out the trail, and also run with this particular race company that is putting on my 2nd 100 miler in December.


The 56k’ers took off at 7 am. Temps that day also soared well into the 90s, which made for an interesting late morning & afternoon. Actually due to the heat quite a few folks dropped out of the race completely. The heat actually made me wish a few times that I was running the 17 mile race but I toughed it out to finish the ultra. Mostly because I’m stubborn and I really wanted to get another ultra checked off the list. So I really took my time out there with the climbs and all of the loops that we had to do.

Just one of the gorgeous overlooks from the TOP…seriously heaven.

Often during this race I found myself alone in the woods again, with my thoughts. This part really is one of the reasons I truly LOVE trail ultrarunning. I’d see the occasional runner as it got hotter and later in the day, and we all gave each other thumbs up, good job etc. It is always fun too getting to know folks out on the trails. I always love meeting people from ALL walks of life. The volunteers at the aid stations were all top notch as well, making sure we had plenty of ice and water, as well as yummy snacks and pickles/electrolytes to keep us going in that heat.

When it was all said and done, this race was not quite as runnable as I thought it was, and I resorted to a lot of power hiking and of course tried to get some pics of the amazing scenic overlooks from the top.

Being alone with my thoughts out there was quite wonderful as well. Peaceful and really helped me to deal with facing the tough terrain and how that translates to dealing with adversity in my life as a whole. Running trails helps me realize how dang tough I am and how I am able to power though with determination. Also what I found interesting is all of the random thoughts and words that were floating around in my head as I made my way through the course. One word that kept popping up surprisingly was Kujichagulia– I swear I know to some of you that are at all familiar with Kwanzaa that this sounds strange as all get out- I mean really we are not even anywhere near Christmas?! I went home when the race was over to look it up because I don’t really celebrate that holiday but also because I couldn’t stop thinking about that word as I made my way up and down rocks and roots in the heat. The word actually means self-determination in Swahili which really was spot on with my mood that entire race. It took a ton of determination to get me through, and battle with my thoughts when things got hard.

At the end of the day I finished, I wasn’t the fastest out there, wasn’t the slowest. But I crossed that finish line with a smile on my face and feeling like I had won a lot of battles in my head that day.

Some days are days you just need to let go of the expectations, hold on and see where the day takes you. Relentless forward progress and self determination will get you far. Always.

Overall results here.

How was your weekend?! Run any awesome trails lately?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to that random day of the week. Yes without a doubt that would be random thoughts Thursday! Let’s chat about what’s on my mind today in no particular order…just cuz we can. AND YES there will be lots of random gifs in this one!! So, feel free to grab a snack and a seat and enjoy the ride.

Hey Texas I need more of a WARNING next time you decide to have temps/highs basically in the 90s every dang day in the month of May. I’m not quite acclimated yet to the summer running OKAY?! I mean I probably am physically since I run a million days a week I  just need to get my mind right. And it doesn’t help that I can’t go to the pool and I’m locked up working in the office all week long. It’s just dang HOT. I kinda like it but then it just feels like it’s a bit of a shock to the body.

Yes I have been rocking my natural curls and I don’t think I’ll be straightening my hair for the next few months at least while the weather is warmer. I am loving the fuss free curls at the moment for sure. Natural hair and curls poppin’ makes me happy.

Instagram has just been so funny to me lately. I mean really people we do not need a selfie of you I get that you’re an amazing fitness hero or glamour queen or whatever and I respect your hustle. I think it is pretty ridiculous actually. Also how are you just selfie ready EVERY day? We know what you look like also. That pic looks the same as yesterday’s. K? Thanks and carry on.

People that post food up in the break room at work, do you realize that those brownies look half eaten or that it looks like your child unwrapped that old Easter candy… threw it across the room and then wrapped it back up again? WHO EATS this stuff…I do not want food poisoning and also am a bit of a germaphobe. Just throw away your leftovers for goodness sakes. Also no one wants your newspaper clipping coupons. We all get them in the mail.

I really need to update the décor currently in my apartment. What do you think…more Moroccan or Parisian is the way to go? I have all Paris themed stuff in my office at work so perhaps I will go with Morocco. I saw a ton of beautiful Moroccan stuff when I was window shopping the other day and fell in absolute love.

I also need some beach time soon, like STAT. I may have to make a trip at least to South Texas or the closest beach to here to fulfill my desire. Actually I’ve never been to South Padre so maybe it is time to make that happen.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey hey hey! Busy day today but thought I’d drop in and provide you with a spin cycle playlist for the week! Hope you do enjoy!

And be sure to follow along on Spotify and check out where I’ll be teaching spin cycle class next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Let’s go for a ride!

You Already Know- Fergie, Nicki Minaj: Warm up
Work it Out- Pitbull, Lil Jon: Tapbacks
Fun- Kaskade, BROHUG, Mr. Tape, Madge: Rolling hills
Stir Fry- Migos: Accelerations
Nice for What- Drake: Jumps
Cool for the Summer (Todd Terry Mix)- Demi Lovato: Tapbacks/Hill climb
2 the Floor- UNIIQU3: Active recovery
Pep Rally- Missy Elliot: Team sprints
Feels Like Yesterday- Mike Williams, Robin Valo: Jumps on hill
Bad Decision- Chromeo: Rolling hills
Don’t Wanna Go Home- Jason Derulo: Seated/standing run
Plain Jane Remix- ASAP Ferg: Sprints
ILYSM- Steve Aoki: Hill climb
Fire Drill- Ton Dyson: Sprints
Everytime Tha Beat Drop- Monica: Rolling hills
Find You- Kaytranada: Cool down

What songs are pumping up your workouts this week?

Moods of a Morning Runner, as Told by Rihanna.

If you’re anything like me, you know that as a morning runner we have certain MOODS, if you will. No matter how hard I try to run in the mid afternoon or after the long work day (and I still do from time to time and still love it) I will always and forever be a bonafide A.M. runner girl. So here are a few of my emotions…oh so real.

The OH EM GEE so over it/my bed feels amazing mood…do I really have to get up at the booty crack of dawn to do X amount of miles?! So over it. Except I will be soooo happy when I’m done. So let’s just get ‘er done.

The I’m totally doped up on caffeine to get thru this run mood…thank you coffee for giving me all of the fake energy. I will need it to bust thru the miles like a boss.

The I’m totally cranky this morning but my runner friends GET ME because they are morning runners too mood…I tell you what early run buds probably know me better than anyone else on earth. They have literally seen my rollercoaster of daily emotions. Love it.

The I’m up and CRUNK for no reason excited to run mood…this was today. I literally jumped out of bed all pumped and have no idea why. I guess a couple of extra hours of sleep does the body good.

The post early run endorphins mood…ah yes I’m a badass hear me roar and nothing can go wrong today because I totally rocked it and am sexy and I know it. Thanks.

Morning runners (or afternoon/evening runners whatever) what are some of your moods?!

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you were able to get in some fun in the sun this past weekend. I’m here to recap some weekly miles with you!! It was a bit of a taper week going into my next trail ultra race! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- Quick warm up before teaching a power packed spin class…4.11 miles done. I have to say my legs were pretty stiff after my 50 mile race a couple of days prior (!) but they definitely loosened up quickly.

Tuesday AM- Early run with my breakfast club buds! Catching up on life and racing and such. 8.22 miles done.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles getting the legs going after the long day. In 90 DEGREE WEATHER. Heat training for sure.

Wednesday- I see a theme here…another 8.22 miles by the lake with a runner friend of mine in my neighborhood. She’s getting back into running again so Io’m so very happy I have a new run bud pretty close to home.

Thursday- 7.36 miles in the hot hot sun again before teaching another class. It is that time of year again with the heat and humidity. Summer will be here before ya know it.

Friday- 11.22 miles at 5 AM. Getting it done on a Friday.

Saturday- REST DAY. A much needed one.

Sunday- 8.21 miles at my favorite little nature preserve. It has been quite a while since I’ve visited this particular park! It was fun to explore somewhere I hadn’t been in a while for a change.

And there ya have it! 56k trail ultra…I am coming for you.

How was your weekend? What did you do?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! Hope you have some fun in the sun planned for the weekend!! I definitely plan on taking advantage of some Vitamin D. It has been absolutely gorgeous here all week long!

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

For my fellow runners, how to set a PR in every decade. YES. Great read.

Free to be serene tank. Yassss loving this color.

This coffee mug for my desk. I need me a pretty glass mug. 

What to eat before and after running according to nutrition pros. I am always all about the protein and savory as opposed to sweet stuff after getting miles in.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a lovely Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Yoga, hitting the trails for some running, enjoying the sunshine.