TGIFriday Faves.

Hi there and happy Friday! And VALENTINE’S DAY if you celebrate!! I am enjoying the day so far– especially since I started the day with some very chilly miles. The sun came out though and all was well in the world so that made my soul very happy. Oh yes.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Sweet texts from my dad which I get on the daily. He is like me in that he thinks every day is a day to celebrate. We are cheesy, I know.

Why athlete’s need a ‘quiet eye’. So very interesting.

What are you wearing? I never really think about that seriously but our running gear does play a crucial role.

Cookies and coffee to celebrate love today. AKA carbo load for tomorrow’s long run.

And there you have it!

Have a great LOVE day!

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Friends, fam, running, lotsa love.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week has once again been an up and down roller coaster for running. I am starting to sound like one of those fair weather runners I am sure but my goodness I am ready for springtime! Enough of this cold and rainy mess. I will say the sun did peek out yesterday afternoon and I could not wait to get out there and get it in. Sunset miles have been pleasant this week. Nice change up.

And morning runs are just the icing on the cake. My early run this morning was exactly what I needed it to be. Instant mood lifter.

Has anybody SEEN the trailer for season 12 of RHONY (Bravo/Housewives fans of course)? Honestly I haven’t been into the New York ladies in quite some time but I may just have to tune in. It looks JUICY.

Does anyone make their own egg muffins or an egg dish and then eat off of that for a few days for work week breakfasts? I am thinking of doing this one next week. Send me your egg recipes because I am egg obsessed. I genuinely think they make your brain work better in the mornings.

I really do not think I would be as productive at work if it weren’t for headphones and music. Music is another thing that makes my brain work. Yep, music, eggs, and running. That’s it.

Share your randomness with me today!

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Let’s recap some miles and smiles from last week, shall we? I’m ramping things back up for a fun spring filled with race fun! Right now I have a trail marathon as well as another ULTRA on the horizon. I definitely can’t wait for some springtime running! Spring without a doubt my most favorite time of year to ramp things up and get it in.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- 4.22 miles just getting the legs moving again after the weekend of running. I’ve been moving my rest days to Sundays now and that has really worked out. It definitely has helped with recovery and makes me really want to get going with the busy week ahead full of running + teaching classes at the gym.

Tuesday AM- Last week it was a bit gloomy most of the week as well as chilly so I did some lunch running in the sunshine. 4.31 miles and finished feeling strong.

Tuesday PM- 2.23 miles after teaching class at the gym. Pretty uneventful just getting in a bit of a double run day. I really did feel stronger though pace wise this week after my ultra trail race. Those races usually leave me feeling wrecked for a while especially with all of the rocks, roots and climbing. But glad I recovered fairly fast.

Wednesday- 5.30 miles after work. Dark and gloomy out still but it got done.

Thursday AM- 5.32 miles in the morning when the sun finally decided it wanted to come out to play. It ended up being a gorgeous morning. Sunrise runs = happy Chelsea.

Thursday PM- 2.05 miles after teaching spin. A bit of a cool down run and then double run day miles for the day.

Friday- 7.11 relaxed miles before long run Saturday. This sky was quite lovely.

Saturday- 20.21 miles to kick off the weekend! I ran with a few faster folks too so got some solid miles in. Definitely pumped me up…still got it I guess.

Sunday- REST DAY. A much needed one after a long week.

And there you have it!

How’s your running going?! Any spring races coming up?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! Hope you have some fun in store for the weekend!! We’ve had nothing but crazy gloomy weather all week long but just in time for the weekend, here comes the sun. I could not be more cheerful. Well…maybe I could! But I can’t complain not one bit. The sun makes my soul happy.

I mean I even have a tattoo of the sun (fun fact) on my back so the sun making me very happy is to be expected, right?!

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

These roasted baby carrots. And that sauce is everything. Must try pronto.

5 reasons to run outside all winter. I never thought about it strengthening your immune system – I can dig it.

The fact that they’ve already got St. Patrick’s day swag in the store. My favorite time of year (besides my birthday DUH). Freaking bring it on.

And this. I definitely had these on my ceiling. Let’s bring ‘em back.

And there you have it! Enjoy your Friday.

What are you up to this weekend?! Anything fun?

Lotsa running in the sunshine, doing some adulting, and a little playtime.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Y’all…(and yes I said that with the most Texan of accents, can’t help it) the SUN is back after some gloomy days! We are back to roller coaster temps this week in Texas. Even though the sun came out to play for this morning’s run temps were in the 30s! That is downright chilly to us. Good run but I need spring to make its way here soon.

My first hundo (100 miler) anniversary as I’d like to call it was this week…and got me to feeling all nostalgic and stuff. Ya know, popping your 100 mile race cherry is pretty dang special. I think that is kind one of one of the things I do appreciate about having a blog and somewhere to store the memories. It is like going back to the vault, so to speak. I also love to read my stream of consciousness after a race like that. Good stuff.

Hmm…I may need somewhere to store my ULTRA buckles besides the drawer collecting dust since I now also have 50 miler, 100k, 100 miler buckles. It’s amazing what you can find on etsy. Maybe something like this?


I think I may need therapy— and not run therapy, actual real therapy —specifically for when people are too much into my personal space. I guess I don’t mind it if I like you but if you’re a stranger and you are walking or standing too close to me, behind me, I get the heebie jeebies?! Anyone else? Maybe I am not alone.

Anyone else super into the CHEER series on Netflix?! I binge watched it after my long run last weekend and just fell in love. Plus hello Corsicana is like an hour away from me. Maybe I will go be all touristy and track them down. They do have some great bakeries and such down there. I love me some little Texas country towns.

Share your random thoughts with me today!

My Bada$$ Training Story.

So admittedly I am borrowing this topic from Reddit running (thanks Reddit) but I thought it would be a great day to tell (and maybe share!) some badass training stories! There are a lot of days I’m sure where we don’t all feel like we are really all that awesome but you know what?! We deserve to give ourselves a little pat (or high five, fist bump whatevs) on the back every once in a while. And then maybe toot our own horn. So, toot freakin’ toot.

My training story is actually from when I was truly in amazing ultra (and marathon) run shape. I mean really, both of my ultra and marathon training mojos collided and I was like a freaking machine. I was, consistently, clocking in 80-100 mile weeks *without getting injured* and this lasted for months and months. Yep, I was kind of the envy of all of my local Strava leaderboards.

And to be absolutely brutally honest, I never (and still don’t really) look at who I’m beating on there. I could see how that is motivating to some folks, sure. But I was really…and I mean really. In my own lane. And absolutely loving it. I mean I was eating miles and dreaming about them like this was some kind of hot love affair. I would get up and just be hungry to get miles in. I would crave that soreness feeling, that runner’s high feeling. I would be running double digits (and double run days) on the daily. Rest days were glorious…but I didn’t want them. I definitely did them though. But then I would get back freaking to it. I ended up wrapping up 2017 with a grand total of 4,194 miles. YEP. MILE HIGH CLUB for sure.

Probably the most badass story of that particular year (aside from running my very first 100 miler) was actually doing my local ‘run across town’ rouge run, mostly SOLO. The solo part actually ended up being a bit of a surprise since we started the 33.5 (!) mile trek with a pretty solid group.

Then I found out that most of the runners that I was running with ALL wanted to run less than 20 miles. HA! We ended up halfway there…when I found out…so I could have quit with all of them because, hey why not?! There was no real reason to go the full gusto since I was not racing. Sure I was training for a few upcoming races. But…yep, then my stubborn ultra runner self took completely over. It started raining…and HARD. Plus it was COLD. I grabbed a map that took me all the way back to Dallas and did more than half of the rest of that run, alone.

Across town on beat up roads and industrial streets. Cars pissed off I’m in the middle of the damn road. Hey dude in the 18 wheeler…be nice! I’m just trying to make it home and do what I said I was going to do.

No one to cheer me on or kiss my ass or tell me how awesome I am. I don’t like words of affirmation anyways. (My love language is physical touch, I think. Or maybe it’s quality time…)

Running on the service road, almost getting hit by cars, with just me and my trusty map. It was a CRAZY run but I did it. And I did it alone. Freaking mental training at its absolute finest. But those kinds of days are days you will remember forever and days that will surely make you stronger.

“Perhaps the genius of ultrarunning is its supreme lack of utility. It makes
no sense in a world of space ships and supercomputers to run vast distances
on foot. There is no money in it and no fame, frequently not even the
approval of peers. But as poets, apostles and philosophers have insisted
from the dawn of time, there is more to life than logic and common sense.
The ultra runners know this instinctively. And they know something else that
is lost on the sedentary. They understand, perhaps better than anyone, that
the doors to the spirit will swing open with physical effort. In running
such long and taxing distances they answer a call from the deepest realms of
their being — a call that asks who they are …”
– David Blaikie

Share your badass training story with me!

Weekly Running Report.

Hey friends and happy Monday! Hope you had an amazing weekend! I’m here to recap some miles from last week. I’ve been recovering from my last ULTRA trail race but was able to get in some good miles in during my recovery week! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 3.22 miles in the evening, getting the legs moving post ultra. Honestly the beginning of the week last week was tough but I finally felt like I wanted to move after taking the day after the race off. Motion is lotion, baby.

Tuesday AM- 4.03 miles, back to doing some morning running. It has been nice to change things up though and run during different times of the day.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles in the evening, just doing some people watching. I started feeling faster during this run towards the end so that was nice. I also started getting back to teaching my spin classes and that always wakes my legs up after a race and makes them recover faster.

Wednesday- 4.22 miles after work, enjoying the sunset and feeling back to myself again.

Thursday- 3.31 miles in the afternoon before teaching a class at the gym. Enjoying some Texas sunshine.

Friday- 5.26 miles in the morning. Miles for breakfast does a body good.

Saturday AM- Back to running with the WRRC! I wasn’t sure how I would feel but I decided to do a little over 16 miles with a stunning sunrise. Feeling good feeling great.

Saturday PM- 3.30 miles in the late afternoon since the weather was absolutely on point. I just did an out and back because I wanted to run on a trail I hadn’t run on in a while. So over 19 miles total for the day.

Sunday- REST DAY. Homemade guacamole and healthy-ish homemade brownies from the win. I can’t take credit for preparing but I did partake.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend?! Did you eat any yummy super bowl foods?!

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happiest of Fridays to ya! Hope you have some FUN planned this weekend. I am in dire need of sunshine! Thankfully this weekend looks to be promising that and more. Simply cannot wait!

Let’s get straight to this week’s faves!

The best accessories for winter running. Even though we have a warm weekend ahead it has been downright frigid and gloomy! So I have a feeling I will be busting out the gloves again. I am all about keeping the extremities happy.

Calming the monkey mind. All about that.

-Dinner date this week with greens and mango margaritas. Quite lovely.

-Plus, your Friday funny.

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Running, yoga and all of the sunshine.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This recovery week has actually gone super well! After doing Running the Rose my legs were crazy sore but I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’ve taught spin, am teaching tonight and have done a few runs – so far so good.

I signed up for the Danman trail marathon! Some of you know I do this trail race every year. Not only is it a FREE race we get incredible BBQ and it’s just like one big trail party. Simply cannot wait.

I will say that even though my soreness goes away quickly I end up needing THE MOST sleep. I am always so tired after these ultras. I literally feel like I could sleep all week long.

Honestly even with all of the calories burned you would think I would be quite ravenous. But if I had the option to eat a steak dinner or get a few more extra hours of sleep I would take the ZZZs.

This week has been so odd with the passing of Kobe and then hearing updates on the Coronavirus. Why does January feel like it has been the longest month ever? Hope we get some sunshine soon. Or some kind of happier news.

Speaking of sunshine would you PEEP this forecast ?! Oh my goodness. Color me excited.

Also this. I found this in the store the other day. Describes me to a T.

Share some randomness with me this week!

Running the Rose Race Recap.

“Nature reveals to us a beautiful part of ourselves we could not find anywhere else” – Kristen Butler

I have to say, the start of 2020 so far has brought many unexpected turns. For me, this has come in the form of running and also with life. My running lately has taken a bit of a backseat just dealing with life challenges and things. Career, life, and everything has just been a bit of a balancing act. I really want to find my joy and passion with my miles again this year. So, I decided to hit the trails for an ULTRA with Trail Racing Over Texas.

The trail community over the years for me has been a God send. They always embrace me, no matter how long of an absence I take from the dirt path. There truly is no other tribe like the trail running one. I’m always so happy to know that I always have a home with this particular family.

As far as East Texas goes, I haven’t run a race out in the piney woods in about 2 years. The last time I was at Tyler State Park, I ran a 100k and was the FIRST and ONLY female to finish that race! It was a victory I was so super proud of. So I do have so many amazing memories there. Plus being surrounded by such a woodsy wonderland just makes spending the day out there that much more amazing. I did not have a true goal for this go round. I knew TROT would put on a great race, and Running the Rose was a great first trail race for 2020. I was very happy with my choice.

The 33 mile distance started promptly at 7:15 AM, and we were off into the woods. Race morning I felt enthusiastic but not sure of how the day would go. As we were in line I remember hearing a lady say that she broke her ankle the last time she ran this race, and her goal this year was just to not have any broken bones. That kind of stuck in my head at the beginning of this race and I knew I needed to watch my footing especially since trail running as of late was certainly not my strong suit. Granted I did complete a 62 mile trail race in October and PR’d (woot) however I do way more runs on pavement than I’d like to admit. The only thing that I knew would be my saving grace was the fact that my weekly miles have stayed solid – and I do a fair amount of cross training. Mentally, I also knew I could handle and go the distance. So, off we went.

We started out on a MAJOR climb into the woods, with lots of rocks and roots grabbing at us along the way. I was navigating pretty slowly since I knew I had a long day ahead of me. It was great seeing lots of trail friends new and old out there. Lots of folks that just looked happy to be running, others that looked like they were in super competitive mode and going for blood. It was super inspiring to see all of it.

As we are climbing a hill, I hear a lady’s voice call out my name right behind me. I realize it is one of my Dallas Dirt Runner friends and we both start gabbing away and catching up. She ended up doing the same distance with me and we were both keeping a solid pace together. Power hiking climbs and picking up the pace running the dirt stretches. I’m very used to doing trail ultras alone, so it was so amazing to have company the entire way. We decided we were going to hang onto each other and I was glad we did.

Since the loops were 11 miles long we did this loop 3 times- with aid station stops in between. I fueled as much as I could at each station, grabbing whatever looked good at the time. PB&J mini sandwiches, pickle slices, electrolyte beverage, water. Repeat.

Around the end of loop 2, my legs started feeling a tad stiff and my feet were heavy. But I kept pushing. Energy wise I was in good spirits though, and I did not worry at all about pace. That is actually something that I never worry about and is for me what makes being out on trails much more enjoyable. Just taking in nature, with no worries and going at my pace. I really did not enjoy being on trails, until I let go of that ROAD RUNNER mentality. Yep, I was once that pace obsessed road runner so I get it.

As I get older though, I just appreciate the beauty of movement, the beauty of pushing myself, and the beauty of ME vs. ME. And nothing else.

Our victory lap was great and I was thankful to have my DDR friend with me for that 3rd and last loop. She encouraged me to keep going when my smile was starting to fade.

I think in this life its easy to want to just fight alone, and rely on self to stay strong. But there are times when you need people. People in your life to pick you up when you’re down, to tell you that things will work out in the end. I’m so thankful I have a tribe like that in my life to keep me encouraged.

And when it was all said and done, I went out there and said what I was going to do. I spent the day in the woods, falling back in love with the trails, with people that I love in this life.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Thank you, Running the Rose. First trail race of 2020 is complete. I am up for more.

Results can be found here.

Anyone else run Running the Rose?! Share your war stories with me!