Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there! It’s time for another episode of the Weds Spin Playlist! This is where I share the latest and greatest in spin cycle workouts with you. This is also where you can grab a killer playlist for your running, strength training for heart pumping workout! Hope you do enjoy.

I’ve lately been thinking about actually putting the Weds Spin Playlist on hiatus, simply because I don’t really get a ton of feedback on it, and not quite sure how it well it is received with my readers. I know I have a TON of readers who are runners and who are more interested in the running part of my life. But my side hustle as a fitness instructor is also a big part of my life so I love sharing that as well. I think it would be great if some of you could let me know if you benefit at all from me posting these. You could even shoot me an email at and let me know if even you are not a commenter. I know there are some lurkers out there. teehee.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the playlist! As always check me out on Spotify under thedancingrunner as well as my latest schedule to see where I am teaching spin cycle classes next here.

Let’s go for a ride!

New World- Krewella: Warm up
Ragtime Interlude- Missy Elliot: Rolling hills
Side Effects (Fedde Le Grand Remix)- The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren: Tapbacks
Trouble- Offaiah: Accelerations
Fireball- Pitbull, John Ryan: Hill climb
Play- Jennifer Lopez: Seated/standing run
Rise- Laidback Luke: Sprints
Lady- Black Caviar: Rolling hills
KOD- J. Cole: Jumps on a hill
Where Are U Now- Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber: Accelerations
Look Alive- Drake: Active recovery
Make My Love Go- Jay Sean, Sean Paul: Hill climb
Move, Shake, Drop- DJ Laz: Tapbacks
LoveStoned- Justin Timberlake: Hill climb
Coming Home- Tiesto: Sprints
Come Out and Play- Billie Eilish: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Best and Worst…Racing Edition.

Sure, we all love to talk about our BEST races, or personal records and such. Because let’s be honest that is the world that we live in. The ultimate of highlight reels all day everyday! But, I am here to share not only my best, but my not so great racing experiences in ALL distances today! Just because we can. Let’s see how far my memory will take me…

Best 5k- Central Market Thrill of the Grill, Plano, TX. I honestly need to update my 5k time as it has been a little too long since I’ve tried to push the pace and redline 3.1 miles. I finished this race in 22:37, 7:16 pace and won an age group award which I think was some kind of organic barbecue sauce. Anyway, this is a great race that is held every year is for a good cause supporting the local school district. Also Dean Karnazes ran it one year and they also have a killer breakfast and it is in the spring time. Hands down my favorite time of year to do some faster racing. 

Worst 5k- Honestly I have no idea if I’ve even done a 5k that I’ve absolutely hated. Most of them are so fun and festive. Okay…I can think of one. It was the Color Run 5k and I don’t even think it was timed. Also I really don’t understand the excitement of getting colors sprayed all over you. It is annoying and not fun or interesting to me at all. Even with friends it seems like something people who really hate running do. Not sure…I think it triggers my OCD somewhat. LOL. 

Best 10k- Heels and Hills, Irving, TX. This one mostly had a lot to do with the course and the weather. I can absolutely tell you that the 10k is my least favorite distance. Mostly because I’m not very good at pacing a suicide pace beyond a 5k and just don’t know how to pace well for a 10k in general. I just don’t think this is where I shine, I know a lot of folks love 10k though. I personally would rather run 5k and feel like death any day. Anyway, this was a 49:51 finish time and it’s also a time I know I can improve on. Perhaps I will make it a thing to try and PR at my least favorite distance, next year. We shall see if it fits into my ultra running schedule. 

Worst 10k- Wounded Warrior 10k back in 2012. Around this time I had an injury so I’m not even sure if it counts. But it was right around the time that I was starting to realize the importance of not racing every training run. Because, boom then you get injured and stuff and that is just not fun. Anyway, it was a 58:08 finish time, it was hot as all get out. But I did it. Did not feel good at all. The best part about this race was that I ran it with some of my favorite running buds. But I hated every mile. Ha. 

Best 15k- Jog’r Egg Nog’r, Dallas TX. This race was hands down one of my FAVORITE holiday races. I was super bummed when they took it off of the calendar. I always won some sort of award every year and they had spiked egg nog at the finish line. 1:13:25 finish time, 7:52 overall pace. 

Worst 15k- Pumpkin Spice 15k in Ft. Worth, TX. This race to me wasn’t actually the WORST so it speak, but the course wasn’t ideal for racing. Plus it had rained in the area so there was just a ton of flooding and puddles which definitely made it hard to push it. I think I still won some sort of age group award which I believe was a pumpkin pie cutter. It is stashed in my kitchen drawer somewhere. 

We will skip 20k. Just because I think I’ve run maybe 2 20ks in my entire life. Let’s just move on to the half marathon at this point since we all know I love me some longer races. 

Best half marathon- Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon, San Diego California. This has more to do with the fact that I enjoyed this race more than the FAST finish time. The spectators at this race are always on point. You can’t beat running along the ocean and the views and the WEATHER. Plus I just love California in general and I have a special place for it in my heart. I will definitely make it back for this one in the near future. It’s a pretty fast course too, I actually ran one of my fastest 26.2s at this race. I do think however the half marathon is the better course of the two. 

Worst half marathon- The Hottest Half, Dallas, TX. For some reason I kept going back to this race after beatdown after beatdown. It is the WORST time of year in Dallas to run, AUGUST. When everyday is relentlessly triple digits and super high humidity. The course is terrible, the aid stations never had enough cold water or fuel to supply the runners. And also the racing company that put on this race I believe went bankrupt (?) my Dallas runner friends know all about this so I’m sure someone can feel free to chime in. Anyway, I’m glad this race is now canceled. Moving on. 

Best Marathon- Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC. Okay so once again I haven’t run my best marathon times here, but it is one of the only marathons I’ve gone back to run more than once. I have also run a couple of sub 4 hour marathons here so it is definitely a good course to go push for a PR. The course itself is very historic and shows a lot of Washington DC history, it is super emotional with all of the Marines and a lot of military actually run the race in honor of those who died fighting for our country. So that is really why I think it is a great race to run. I have a lot of memories at this race and some of my best friends live in this part of the U.S. – so it is a great way to go visit my friends and run an fantastic and well organized race. I would go back a million times over. 

Worst Marathon- Rock n Roll Las Vegas, Las Vegas Nevada. Okay, we are only talking about the marathon course here. I’ve heard incredible things about the half course. I personally just think that they should only offer shorter distances for this race with the half marathon being their highlight big race. The marathon is just too much for such a vibrant city, it goes WAY off the strip and into some questionable sketchy areas. It’s very DARK since the race starts at night and a few times I actually thought perhaps I’d get mugged along the course. It was super cold that time of year and also at the finish line we had to walk like a mile or so down the finish chute to leave the course. I just think in general RnRLV is poorly planned and I did not really enjoy the 26.2 course as much as I thought I would. 

Best 50k- Cowtown 50k, Ft. Worth TX. I enjoyed this race because it is very organized, and also there is a race distance for everyone. Also the 50k is a great course for first time ultra runners. I had the honor of pacing the ultra marathon last year and really enjoyed seeing folks accomplish their goals. The weather this time of year in Texas is questionable but if you run it on a pretty day you will absolutely love it. 

Worst 50k- Oktoberfest Trail Race. This actually is also not the worst but we will just put it here because it needs to be put in a category. I would say this is definitely not a good 1st ultra for a first time ultra runner. The course is literally a 15 mile out and back down some very rugged and difficult terrain. It’s a small intimate course which means there’s no one there to cheer you on or anything like that if that is your thing. I also got 3rd place overall female and don’t think I won anything. So overall a no frills race but I had fun. If you like out and back courses then you may indeed like it. 

Best 50 miler-  Hachie 50 miler hands down! You can read my recap from this year here. So many reasons to love this race. Beautiful course, beautiful time of year, great opportunity to run fast if you like ultras. 

Worst 50 miler- Not the worst once again. But the Orion 50 miler is not ideal weather wise since it is in the straight up sun on a windy beach with no shade. It is also all on SAND. So pick your poison. 

Best 100k- The Piney Woods 100k is the only 100k I’ve run this far but I would love to run this distance again. It is a tough distance and this was a very deceivingly tough trail course. But I learned a lot about myself and I got first place overall female. Can’t beat that. 

Best 100 miler- Again, my only 100 mile race thus far (until Brazos Bend 100!) But I loved Rocky Raccoon 100. The trail running community is truly the best. 

What are some of your BEST and WORST races of all time?! 

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! I am back and here to share some weekly running with you! Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving holiday. I was able to get in just over 70 miles of running last week! We are getting so close to this ultra race I can taste it. Let’s recap those miles shall we?

Monday- 10.13 miles watching a gorgeous sunrise. I must say I love that the morning sky is showing itself much earlier. It definitely is making my early miles that much sweeter.

Tuesday AM- 8.28 miles of hill repeats with the early morning crew. Love getting it in when you have all of that accountability.

Tuesday PM- 3.21 chilly miles around the lake doing some people watching after teaching a class at the gym. Good times indeed.

Wednesday- 10.23 miles in the neighborhood. I have really started enjoying my runs by the lake now that I have a neighbor friend who meets me right at my doorstep. I am super spoiled with all of the running buds and I know it.

Thursday- 17.01 Thanksgiving miles starting out with the run club and then ending it solo! I always do a LONG RUN on Thanksgiving. It is kind of like a turkey trot except we call it a “Chelsea Trot”. I had a rockin playlist too.

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome, I did some cooking with mama. Including that gluten free mac and cheese with all of the cheeses. Yaaas.

Friday- 4.33 miles in my hometown. This is always such a fun run, running in the neighborhood I grew up in. Solo miles making me feel all nostalgic and such.

Also on Black Friday I did a little brunch fun with the run buds. Running bud shenanigans wins over shopping any day.

Saturday- Another 17.01 milesI This was a strong run and I actually felt so good even though I was running all week long. Plus the weather was perfection. Could not have asked for a better morning.

Sunday- Rest day. A much needed one at that.

And there you have it!

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?!!
Absolutely delicious.

Turkey Day Playlist.

Happy Thanksgiving eve to ya! I’ve got a Turkey Day workout playlist you will love today! This is great for your spin cycle workouts, or even a TURKEY TROT if you are running one tomorrow! I will be doing a long run in my ‘hood so I like to call it a CHELSEA Trot. Since long running and all of that is my style. You already know.

Without further ado let’s get to the playlist! Enjoy and have a very lovely Thanksgiving!!

Push Pull- Offaiah
Let’s Get Ill- DJ Snake, Mercer
Break it Off- Rihanna, Sean Paul
Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
DJ Turn it Up- Yellow Claw
HeadBand- B.o.B, 2 Chainz
Tight- Kaskade, Madge
Somebody to Love- Justin Bieber
Don’t Tell ‘Em- Jeremih, YG
Werk- CID
Beautiful People- Chris Brown, Benny Benassi
Get Up- Bingo Players, Far East Movement
Poison (Phil N Good Remix)- Bell Biv Devoe
Now and Later (Henry Fong Remix)- Sage the Gemini
Spaceship + Rockets- Bas, Lion Babe

What is on your Thanksgiving menu this year?
All of the usuals. I’m going to make a gluten free mac n cheese this year. With all of the fancy cheeses for good measure.

Random Thoughts Tuesday.

So since it is Thanksgiving week I thought we would do ‘random thoughts’ on Tuesday! Fun right?! Lots of things to talk about this week. Let’s get to it.

Black Santa is making a comeback back in the office. He is in good spirits spreading all of the holiday cheer.

I am craving all things peppermint at the moment. Peppermint mochas with almond milk from Starbucks lately are my jam.

How early is too early to put up the Christmas tree? Do you put yours up before Thanksgiving or after?!? I am thinking I’m going to have to make my pink Christmas tree happen this week. That may be a fun night project.

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year? I always do a longish run on Thanksgiving morning. I like to call it the Chelsea Trot. It is always a good time. I’ve run Turkey Trots in the past but the families and strollers and doggies are always in my way.

I really need to catch up with my Real Housewives. I feel like I am starting to fall behind but I’m not sure I am going to enjoy RHONJ this year. Honestly I’m kind of bored with their storylines. I am glad that Siggy is gone though. I feel like New Jersey was so good back in the day. Like in Teresa’s table flipping days. Trainwreck central but you’ve gotta love it.

I’m loving this how to on how to curl your hair with a flat iron. I can’t stress the importance of having a good quality flat iron. I mean seriously it has been life changing – I’ve had mine for years and it has saved me so much money from being in the salon forever.

The weather in Texas has been really lovely – chilly in the mornings for running and then the sun comes out later in the day. Last weekend temps were in the 60s and 70s. We need more of that so I can wear my short cute dresses with my boots and such. Gotta love living down south in the fall and winter.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I am super excited for the short work week and Thanksgiving holiday! But first I thought we would recap some miles from last week. I was able to get in a total of 81.3 miles. My ultra race is fast approaching! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.11 miles in the early AM. Just getting in some miles in the morning really does make a difference in my work day. Even though it has been tough to initially get going most Mondays but got it done.
Monday PM- 2.22 miles after teaching a class at gym. Cool down miles and double run day done.
Tuesday AM- 7.22 miles starting out on the track with my run group and finishing with hills. Gotta love to mix it up.
Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles running in the straight up darkness but loving practicing some night running. Gotta get used to running all times of the day for BB100.
Wednesday AM- 8.35 miles with one of my run buds at zero dark thirty starting and ending at the coffee shop. Java Me Up is kind of my favorite thing.
Wednesday PM- 3.21 miles at lunch time. Work has been so crazy lately so nice to take a break in the middle of the work day and then have my night free.
Thursday- 10.11 miles with a few hills thrown in for good measure. Another zero dark thirty run.
Friday- 18.05 miles! I have been enjoying doing my long running on Fridays lately. It’s always a fun way to start the end of the work week and actually does energize the morning although yes…I do crash by about 3 PM. It’s definitely a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.
Saturday- 22.02 miles wth my WRRC crew. Everyone has been training for winter races so it has been fun to get in lots of miles with them. Love this crew.

Sunday- Much needed rest day after back to back super long runs and double run days all week. I went to brunch with mama and we shared some ricotta & meatballs from Sassetta. Holy YUM.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? How’s your training going?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Friday to ya! Hope you have a great fun weekend planned. The weather here today and tomorrow is looking quite lovely! After temps in the 20s and 30s at the beginning of the week I am excited about a little bit of sunshine.

Let’s get into some of my faves from this week!

I am getting into all of the holiday beverages this week due to the temps dropping a bit. Loving this gingerbread tea from Celestial Seasonings. I love all of their holiday teas actually. This one is caffeine free so it is nice just to sip on at work while I get things done.

This song. For some reason it always makes me happy. It is a permanent fixture on the spin cycle playlist.

Taco Thursdays. Hello gluten free tacos with black beans and lemongrass rice. I am obsessed with this place. Also I think I will start making Taco Thursday a thing.

This article about jade rollers. Have you tried it? I’m thoroughly intrigued. Maybe I need to try it out. I really would just like to get a facial in general though since along with winter my skin gets so dry. Give me all of the serums and moisturizers.

A NAKED MAN RUNNING during my run this morning. I kid you not. Literally a naked man with nothing but black socks on blew right past me this morning in broad daylight (the sun was already up and everything) and it caught me by surprise I think I literally said ‘WOW’ out loud. Then I tried to take a pic but as you can see it is very blurry. But, day made I guess. Haha.

Have a great Friday!!

What is on tap for your weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I truly do not have time today for random thoughts Thursday-BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!? I told myself I would go ahead and write something real quick anyway. Hello blogger dedication. Just to get the thoughts out of my head. A therapy of sorts, ya know? Gotta love that.

You gotta love sassy Tamar Braxton.

Work has been insane lately and all I want is a pool and a drink with an umbrella in it. Yep, vacation needs to happen soon. Maybe after my 100 miler. Ha.

My work computer is not charging my phone fast enough for my liking at the moment. Hashtag first world problems. Also my phone needs basically a full charge by the end of the day so I can teach my spin class, since all of my music is on my phone. Yes, this is basically my everyday struggle.

Also, how cool is this? Step right up and get your Thanksgiving tunes.

I went to a trail running film festival last night! It was super fun and I got a chance to catch up with all of my trail buds.

Basically it was a whole bunch of short films for like 2 hours.
Some of them were actually really interesting.

-And some were kind of like okay WTF was that.

I really want to go salsa dancing. Again, these are things I need to do, after my 100 miler. LOL.

-I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week.

-Speaking of which, my dad wants to make caribbean meatballs with rice? I’ve got no clue why.

I saw a MASSIVE coyote on my run this morning. He was lightning fast when he saw me, and ran in the other direction. It took me by surprise how fast he ran more than the fact that I actually saw him.

Pretty sunrises are back. Oh how I love them so.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! It’s spin cycle day!! This is the day where I share the latest and greatest in workout tracks with you. I threw some oldies in there for good measure. So let’s get to it!

These songs are also great for your run or any other high energy workout!

As always check out my spin cycle schedule to see where I’m teaching and find me on Spotify to get your music fix under thedancingrunner.

Let’s go for a ride!

Nonstop- Drake: Warm up
Don’t Stop the Party- Pitbull: Rolling hills
Rock to the Rhythm- Firebeatz: Sprints
Say What You Wanna- Tujamo: Jumps
Booty Bounce-Mr. Collipark: Accelerations
Dip- Tyga, Nicki Minaj: Seated/standing run
Barbra Streisand (Ted Dillinger Mix)- Duck Sauce: Climb/Tapbacks
Tip Toe- Jason Derulo: Rolling hills
Pinball- Brooks: Sprints
Can You Feel It- The Jacksons: Hill climb
Sweet Memories- Kaskade: Active recovery
Love On Me- Galantis: Hill climb
Rock That Body- The Black Eyed Peas: Tapbacks
Make it Hot- Nicole, Missy Elliot: Rolling hills
Creepin- CID: Accelerations
Ethiopian- Simon Vuarambon: Cool down

What workout songs are you rocking out to this week?

Cold Weather Running Mantras.

Do you believe in running mantras? I certainly think it helps to have a few things you say to yourself to get you OUT THE DOOR when the temps are dropping. Because let’s be honest. It would be much easier to roll back into bed when it’s freezing out. So, here I am, the cheerful motivational cold weather run lover to save the day and make you get your hiney up and get to running.

Here are some of my favorite cold weather running mantras.

-No such thing as bad weather, just soft people.
-The faster you run, the sooner you’re done.
-Find your STRONG.
-It’s *snot* that cold!
-It’s only cold if you’re standing still.
-The temps may drop, but the running won’t stop.
-I put in my time, no matter the circumstances.
-Cold weather running…it hurts so good.
-If you wait for perfect running conditions, you’ll never get anything done.
-OUTRUN the weather.
-Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle.
-Today’s forecast…’holy crap I can’t feel my face’ DEGREES!
-The cold clears your head. RUN.

What are some of your cold weather running mantras?