Random Thoughts Thursday.

So apparently runner beach towels are a thing. Did you know? I especially like this one. I may have to grab a few in every color.

-Runner friends (especially those in Texas or Florida or wherever else it is crazy humid)- is it just me or do you feel like you basically have to have a fresh towel in your car at all times in the summer? This of course is for those early morning runs with friends and the drive home after. Due to extreme Texas humidity we just sweat buckets everywhere. Yeah super gross to sit in your car in the sweaty pool of sweaty awesomeness.

I am making this tea my new morning boost. It’s so good and just needs a little drop of honey. Plus is actually has a kick of spice to it! It really is the best combo of sweet and spicy. I’ve been finding all of these great teas at Walmart for some reason.

What do you prefer- Walmart or Target? I have to say both. I’m not too bougie to set foot in Walmart. Actually both serve different purposes for me If we are talking beauty products or cute tops and bikinis for summer- most definitely Target.

Are you doing anything fun for the 4th of July!? I definitely have fireworks on the agenda. And pool time. Provided that it does not rain. Actually I think right now thunderstorms are in the forecast. Yikes! Hope that changes.

What random thoughts are on your mind this week?

Summer List.

Hiya there!! Well it is that time again…summer LIST time! And since the this lovely season has arrived I thought I’d share the things I’m loving right now. I am so looking forward to the sunshine, weekends filled with great friends – pool parties and good vibes overall. All about it.

Things I’m currently…

Eating: All of the sushi rolls. Actually my most fave sushi as of late is the spicy yellowtail. I am actually obsessed with this place close to my job so “sushi Mondays” is quickly becoming a thing. Best way to unwind from the workday.

Drinking: Massive jugs of water…unsweetened tea…sauv blanc or a crisp white wine for nights on the patio.

Practicing: Always practicing staying in the present. I’m so used to having to be prepared for my next move (I blame teaching fitness classes at the gym for this) So being present sometimes is not very easy for me. I work at it everyday.

Mastering: Turning my MIND off at night. I’ve just discovered the Headspace app. I also love YouTube videos that have restorative yoga and calming things like that before bed. And for me NO TV and no lights on at bed! I don’t even know how people sleep with the TV on. Ha.

Learning: To be okay with not taking on too much. Right now I’m only teaching two classes at the gym during the work week (after my 9-5) and seriously this schedule for me could not be more perfect. All about that BALANCE, baby.

Trying: To laugh at myself more. Or to just laugh more in general.

Playing: …with my fun running friends!! Seriously y’all I have the most amazing runner friends. They are all THE MOST fun. We went floating on the river this past weekend and had an absolute blast. Then this weekend is RUN MY ‘HOOD and more pool party fun. Love.

Finishing: …my exploration of all of the fun cultural things to do in DFW. I am definitely an art museum lover and so many good ones are popping up around here. Must hit up more this summer for sure.

Reading: The Andy Cohen Diaries. I actually keep meaning to finish this book and never do and now it’s collecting dust in my closet. Must get it out and go to the pool and dive in.

Remembering: To do some form of yoga daily. Actually my favorite yoga pose to do (that I try and do daily) is pigeon pose. So good for those tight runner’s hips.

Wearing: Always rompers…and jumpsuits. Goodness, I love me a sassy sexy jumpsuit when I go out on the town.

Cooking: Anything crisp and light. When I’m actually cooking – grilled or stir fry stuff is my jam.

Working: LOTS. This is the summer of working, truly. Getting my money up for some traveling this fall. My 10 year work anniversary (!) is in August. So, I’ve got 3 weeks of vacation coming my way. Hallelujah and praise Jesus for that.

Traveling: By foot. Doing some training for the Habanero 50k then my 100 miler after that in Louisiana. Trail running, Cajun style.

Wanting: Copious amount of poolside time, and ALL the bikinis.

What is on your summer list?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hopefully you had a fun-filled weekend. I am here to recap some miles from last week! It was a great week indeed, with 67.2 miles of running total! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 7.23 mile morning, lots of cloud cover and breeze earlier in the week before the heat wave came in. Glad to get it in and get it done.

Tuesday AM- 6.31 miles with a little bit of a fast finish. The humidity has been a killer lately so I’m going to try and start incorporating more strides and things into some of these runs. Summer running kind of makes me feel sluggish at times but trying to keep my fitness up for the Habanero 50k! Man, where has June gone…not too much more time to train so keeping the miles up as we go into a HOT July.

Tuesday PM- 2.21 mile cool down after teaching a spin class. Lots of people watching going on.

Wednesday AM- Another 10k hump day. 6.31 miles done in the morning.

Wednesday PM- 3.31 miles in the evening. And a HOT evening that was. Close to 100% humidity. Felt like running through the steam room.

Thursday- 8.12 miles back with the breakfast run club. It always feels good to get up early with friends when you’re suffering through heat and humidity together. HA.

Friday- Getting back into doing some back to back double digit runs. Feels good! Hard but good. But we all know hard is my jam. 12.20 miles knocked out before a BUSY work day.

Saturday- 16.21 miles done on Saturday with my weekend run club. Kind of a struggle bus run especially towards the end and probably the most humid run of the season. But got it done.

I also discovered my new fave summer beverage. Heaven! Plus kinda hydrating…

Sunday- 5.33 miles with strides at the end. And then went to have some pretty incredible breakfast tacos on corn tortillas. Then they have $2 mimosas. Could get dangerous.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Gearing up for any races?
Habanero 50k and then the Loup Garou 100 miler is all I have on tap right now. Lots of training and keeping mileage high in between.

TGIFriday Faves.

Well hello Friday! Nice to see you again. It will without a doubt be a good weekend full of running, friends and fam, rest and relaxation! Simply cannot wait.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-I am loving the new patriotic Launch 6 kicks from Brooks! Speaking of which I’ve totally got to get my 4th of July gear ready. Probably will be doing a long run then at the pool with friends all day on that day. These would be a great buy.

Things to keep in mind if you want to be a better conversationalist. Love this. And also love the name of the blog. Ha.

Best long run hydration habits. Basically need to keep this on my refrigerator. Especially because the humidity on these Texas runs (plus we are in TRIPLE digit temps already) insane.

-My new swimmy suit from Shein. I’m obsessed with all of the bright colors right now. Really need to order this in every color.

And there you have it! Have a great Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I am slowly but surely starting to enjoy these VERY HUMID and hot Texas morning runs. Welcome to summer. I mean, it wouldn’t be summer running if I couldn’t complain about it. Just a little bit.

For some reason it is a little easier for me to get up and get going for running at 4:30 AM, than at 5:30 AM? Even if I get the proper rest. Not sure why. I guess my body is just used to the earlier run time. But then if I try to “sleep in” I feel super sluggish. So strange. I popped right out of bed this morning though at the earlier time and got to work early. All productive like. Love it.

Has anyone been following this Dominican Republic story? I’ve never been to Punta Cana either and it was totally on my list. But guess what. Now I WON’T BE GOING. No sir.

Check out this video at 6:11 and notice how the person’s cocktail turns into straight sludge. Freaking horrifying.

I have this insatiable craving to go to the pool this weekend and just bake. With lots of sunscreen of course. Anyone want to join me? I think I am going to squeeze in some time on Friday afternoon.

Temps are pushing to triple digits today! That’s right. 100 degrees. And my AC is officially out on my car. Of course that would happen…now that my car is paid off.

I think I’m just going to procrastinate for a bit on getting my AC fixed and uber or run everywhere. That will solve the problem. Ha.

Share some RANDOM THOUGHTS with me on today!

Tuesday Run Humor.

In case you need to laugh a little today (I know I sure do!) here are some run giggles. Enjoy and get your laugh on.

Because the chafing struggle is very real.

My biggest pet peeve lately…groups of walkers that like to take up an entire sidewalk with seemingly no direction in life.

The below is especially true when I start talking about ultras. Which is why I usually avoid talking about ultras to non runners at all costs.

The beauty of the morning run.

If I was balling out of control I would do ALL.OF.THE.RACES. For sure.

It’s just 26.2 miles. It’s like working a half day at work.

Has something funny happened to you on the run lately? Do share!
Aside from literally falling on my face a few weeks ago (I know, it was as fun as it sounds) I’ve got nothing.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. Mine was quite lovely with POOL TIME and sunshine! I was also able to get in a great week of running last week- 60.3 miles total to be exact! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 5.21 miles in the a.m. I am starting to realize how much I truly need these early morning runs to start off the week! Especially on a Monday. It was quite glorious.

Monday PM- 3.01 miles in the evening after subbing a spin class. Always feels good to get some sunset time in and people watching all at the same time.

Tuesday AM- 7.11 miles in the morning listening to my favorite silly podcast. Gotta love that.

Tuesday PM- 2.21 mile cool down after the gym. Nice little cool down on double run day.

Wednesday- 6.33 miles on hump day. Got in some faster miles towards the end which felt nice. I’ve been doing lots of solo miles lately and enjoying that. Gearing back up for some summer races including the Habanero 50k.

Thursday- 10.32 miles! Back with my early breakfast run club. Ran a few hills so it was a great run indeed.

Friday- 16 mile Fridays are always the best. Did this run also with friends. Fastest 16 miler in quite some time so happy for that.

Saturday- REST DAY. Felt good to be a little rebellious on a day that I normally run long. Spent the day at the pool with a sweet new bikini and great girlfriends.

Sunday- 10.12 miles with some lovely breezy weather! Afterwards went to brunch with my papa to celebrate Father’’s Day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Father’s Day with your papa?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! Hope you have an incredible weekend planned!! I definitely am planning on some fun in the sun! I got my morning started with a killer 16 mile run – always great to get some major miles in before the work day. So, yay for that.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

How to have more focused hours in your day. Creating the space for focused work – I just love that.

Salomon’s trail running gear checklist. I love how this is broken down with the mileage. Good stuff.

-Absolutely incredible sushi HH this week. Yellowtail roll is quickly becoming a favorite.

-All of the pretty blooms everywhere. Simply cannot get enough.

That’s all for this week! Have a marvelous weekend.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Doing anything special for your dad for Father’s Day?

I am kidnapping my dad and taking him out on the town on Sunday.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Y’all Texas has granted us some splendid morning run weather this week. Simply splendid! I am talking breezy 60s (instead of 80s/extreme humidity) at 5 and 6 AM. That..for Texas this time of year is an absolute God send. Feels so good to run when you are not dying.

You know what kind of grinds my gears? When I claim my spot in the women’s locker room at at the gym, walk away for 2 seconds and chicks still come and basically put their stuff on top of mine. Even though there are tons.of.empty.spots in the mornings- where they can have personal space.

Why do they do this, you ask? BECAUSE gym divas have to have their designated locker spots. Even if it doesn’t have their names on them. Because it’s a habit. And they can’t help it! God forbid you have to change your locker destination.

-Those gym divas, I tell ya.

I’ve said this before but I also cannot stand it when people walk right behind me all up in your personal space bubble. It gives me so much anxiety. Some people really do not understand personal space, do they?

-Okay. Rant over.

I’ve used up all of my vacation days at work. But it is okay, because at the beginning of August (on my work anniversary) I will get 3 FREAKING WEEKS OF VACATION! 3 weeks y’all. I am going to have to leave the country or something.

So pray for me in July because I will need to work the entire month without a day off.

-First world problems.

At least there is the 4th of July, I do get a holiday.

Is anyone running a 4th of July race? I prefer to run long on holidays instead of racing. But maybe I will do a 10k or something. Who am I kidding. I would rather run long and be at the pool all day.

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Traits of Ultrarunners.

Runners- we all have a reason. Am I right?! But when it comes to going BEYOND the 26.2 distance, what is it that makes an ultrarunner want to stay in the game? Are there certain personality traits that perhaps they possess that your otherwise “just for fitness” runners don’t? I thought today we would explore that. And, as an ultrarunner myself I thought I would share a few things about me…and why I enjoy pushing the limits time and time again.

It’s real MENTAL, bro. I think for me what brings me back to ultrarunning again and again is the fact that running for me is a super personal, super mental thing. More so than physical. I mean truly running and life for me go absolutely hand in hand. Runner’s World kind of said it best here.


We are just kind of weird and quirky in general. I mean truly I have to tell you I’ve never met a more eclectic group of people than my ultrarunner friends. We truly are unicorns of sorts. We sign up for 50 and 100 milers on a whim, just to run with our friends or just to have an adventure. We will also do weird things like run our AGE on our birthday…and ish like that. Solo. Not even for a medal or anything? Just cuz, you know. It’s our idea of fun. And stuff like that.

We tend to have more addictive personalities. I know personally this is something that is in my genetic makeup. But…running has probably saved me from having some more unhealthy addictions for sure. There are a lot of ultrarunners in fact, that say that running is more of a healthy addiction from them. I mean, we are talking serious…like former drug addicts and such that found running and got off of things that nearly ended their life. Thankfully I can say I’ve never been addicted to things that dangerous. But I do have that kind of personality. And I am oh so thankful for ultrarunning and for being able to channel that kind of energy in a very different way.

We are probably more TYPE B than your usual type A runner. Sure, doing loads of speedwork…having a super strict training schedule may work for some runners. But I think ultrarunners think of running as more of a lifestyle, a lifelong sport we can just do forever as opposed to for a temporary PR or running to fit into a cocktail dress. We love running for the friends, for the adventure. For the sake of running. We will run a 50k and then maybe a marathon the following weekend (or next day, whatevs haha) just to hang out with our buds and knock down a few cold ones. You know what I mean. It’s more about the lifelong journey than anything else. And that…is such a beautiful thing.

Ultrarunners…yeah…we are crazy like that. But we are madly in love with pounding it out for miles and miles…just cuz we are strong. Just cuz we can.

And that- I never ever take for granted.

What are some more traits of ultrarunners…or just runners in general?!