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Weekly Running Report.

Happy MARCH and happy new week! Hope you have some beauty and fun in store for this month. But first let’s recap some running from last week! We’ve come out of the Texas ice apocalypse and have had some lovely spring-like weather lately! Spring is one of my favorite seasons for running so I am so ready for a new season. That is for dang sure. Bring on the Texas bluebonnets and the patio weather.

Monday- 5.12 sunset miles to unwind from the busy day. Sometimes after work miles are the best miles. I can literally feel the stress just melting off.

Tuesday- More after work miles. 5.23 miles and picked up the pace towards the end. Legs were feeling tired after all of the running in the snow (ha) the week prior but just gotta get things done.

Wednesday- Back to the early AM run grind! Which felt really great honestly. Even at 5 AM I was out in the darkness solo and I spotted another lone runner. I enjoyed very much watching the sunrise and greeting the day for 6.31 miles.

Thursday AM- Spectacular sunrise day! The sun peeped out in a very vibrant fashion for 5.12 miles before going back into hiding. Love when the sky glows like that.

Thursday PM- Double run day miles. 3.31 miles in the evening and it was quite drizzly and rainy.

Friday- Quick 4.23 mile run in the humidity to start the day around the lake. Fast finish to get it done.

Saturday- 14.31 miles with the run club! Another very humid morning as the rain came in, but warmer than the ice storm last week. Had some faster strong miles in the middle so felt good about that. Back to building things back up slightly after a bit of a recovery week.

Sunday – REST DAY

And there you have it!

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Do you finally feel like it is starting to look like springtime?

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Random Funny Things I Love (And Hate) About Strava.

So for those of you who are on Strava, you know it is a fun way to keep up with your training and your friends WHO are training. Even when I’m not really training for a race (like now) it serves as a way to keep up with your miles, workouts, calories burned and such. Truly it is a phenomenal tool when used wisely. It can also, for the super competitive, be a bit of a double edged sword. I’ve actually seen runners get injured trying to keep up with the JONESES, so to speak. Anyway, here are a few maybe funny and maybe unfunny things I’ve noticed about having the runners/bikers version of Facebook.

Some people really have a LOT to say on their description of their run. It is kind of cute if you ask me. I mean, I’m talking real ESSAYS. And thoughtful thoughts on their miles. It is kind of like their diary.
For me on the other hand, ‘Morning Run’ will suffice. Even if it’s a workout run or a tempo type of run. I’m a woman of a few words. What can I say. Let’s just get to the damn point.
I get the MOST KUDOS from men. I have no idea why. For those unaware, a ‘kudos’ is equivalent to a Facebook ‘like’.
I don’t give many kudos. At all. I’ve given maybe a handful of kudos in the last 6 months. Mostly because I don’t spend time on Strava for the social aspect of it, it is a training log for me and nothing else.
‘Kudos guilt’ can be real though! Some days I feel bad about my lack of kudos giving and will go and like a bunch of posts all at once. I like to call it a Kudos attack. Attack ‘em all at once and everyone is happy.
People really STALK other people on there! Ladies, be careful. Try to mix up your runs and keep things interesting. Also run with other runners. I definitely at least like to run in an area where its well lit up and I know other runners will be in the morning.
Some runners will be PETTY and like your run, only when they’ve run more than you. Yep we runners can put the ‘PETTY’ in competitive. Sometimes. See what I did there.
At the end of the day though it is all in FUN. Work hard, record your miles, keep it moving. That is what it is all about. Gotta love (or hate) it.

Name some funny things you’ve noticed about Strava!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Strava.

Since this is a short work week for me and you will likely catch me in the sunshine after Tuesday…I thought I would double up on some posts this week before yet another long weekend. (Lucky you, right?) Since STRAVA has been on the brain lately I thought we would chat about that! I know many of us are already friends on there, but for some of my newbies and those who are curious…here is a quick synopsis of what this app is all about.

I have friends on there that are runners…bikers…and those who simply want to use it to document their workouts on a day to day basis. So here are some of my personal DOs and DONTs regarding the site! I think it is a great tool that if used properly can really enhance your game as a rockstar athlete.

Do- Use Strava as a weekly training tool in tracking your mileage. This is probably my most favorite thing about using the app. Since I am so busy and don’t have time to write down my miles from day to day Strava essentially does all of this for me. Also if you are a premium member, you can do the personalized coaching and get more fancy perks. I personally think it is a GREAT free app and does the basics for me.

Don’t- Become obsessed with the leaderboard! It is crucial to not compare yourself to other bikers/runners on the site. The leaderboard can be a fun thing as long as you don’t take it real serious. Now, I know this is a hard one and I have gotten caught up in sizing myself up to other athletes. It can definitely be used as more of a social site and you can get involved in some healthy competition if you so desire. But it is easy to toe the line from healthy competitiveness to unhealthy and obsessive if you let it. Try not to get so involved in that part.

Do- Utilize the sync feature to sync up your Garmin/running watch to the Strava app. For those of you who don’t have watches, you can definitely use Strava as a GPS tracker on its own but I love having the option to sync up all of my Garmin runs. It is super instant right after you’re done, you can use WiFi or Bluetooth to get that done. It is perfection.

Don’t- Neglect the like button and forget to give your fellow athletes a THUMBS up – otherwise known as KUDOS. This for me is sometimes easier said than done…as I truly use it as more of a training tool than a social media app. But every once in a while it is good to show your friends on there some love for a job well done. More than likely they will be there to return the favor.

Do- Take some snapshots from your run! Whether it is a social/happy hour run, or some miles at a beautiful/scenic/picturesque trail, it is fun to be able to share those shots with friends and it also helps bring life to your run. This is actually one of my favorite things about the app being the photo lover that I am is that you can share your pics. It also helps me remember each run and makes it special.

Don’t- Forget to join some fun challenges in the beginning of the month! There are some cool ones like the DISTANCE (my fave, obvi) and the climbing challenges. There are also ones that give you a chance to win fun prizes when they are over. A while ago I won a shirt and a pair of shorts (hello, super expensive) from lululemon JUST for signing up and completing the challenge! Winning stuff just for running – ha, that is my kind of challenge.

And…DO add me as a friend if you have not already!!

Are you on Strava?? What is your favorite way to track your runs?