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Summer List.

Hiya there!! Well it is that time again…summer LIST time! And since the this lovely season has arrived I thought I’d share the things I’m loving right now. I am so looking forward to the sunshine, weekends filled with great friends – pool parties and good vibes overall. All about it.

Things I’m currently…

Eating: All of the sushi rolls. Actually my most fave sushi as of late is the spicy yellowtail. I am actually obsessed with this place close to my job so “sushi Mondays” is quickly becoming a thing. Best way to unwind from the workday.

Drinking: Massive jugs of water…unsweetened tea…sauv blanc or a crisp white wine for nights on the patio.

Practicing: Always practicing staying in the present. I’m so used to having to be prepared for my next move (I blame teaching fitness classes at the gym for this) So being present sometimes is not very easy for me. I work at it everyday.

Mastering: Turning my MIND off at night. I’ve just discovered the Headspace app. I also love YouTube videos that have restorative yoga and calming things like that before bed. And for me NO TV and no lights on at bed! I don’t even know how people sleep with the TV on. Ha.

Learning: To be okay with not taking on too much. Right now I’m only teaching two classes at the gym during the work week (after my 9-5) and seriously this schedule for me could not be more perfect. All about that BALANCE, baby.

Trying: To laugh at myself more. Or to just laugh more in general.

Playing: …with my fun running friends!! Seriously y’all I have the most amazing runner friends. They are all THE MOST fun. We went floating on the river this past weekend and had an absolute blast. Then this weekend is RUN MY ‘HOOD and more pool party fun. Love.

Finishing: …my exploration of all of the fun cultural things to do in DFW. I am definitely an art museum lover and so many good ones are popping up around here. Must hit up more this summer for sure.

Reading: The Andy Cohen Diaries. I actually keep meaning to finish this book and never do and now it’s collecting dust in my closet. Must get it out and go to the pool and dive in.

Remembering: To do some form of yoga daily. Actually my favorite yoga pose to do (that I try and do daily) is pigeon pose. So good for those tight runner’s hips.

Wearing: Always rompers…and jumpsuits. Goodness, I love me a sassy sexy jumpsuit when I go out on the town.

Cooking: Anything crisp and light. When I’m actually cooking – grilled or stir fry stuff is my jam.

Working: LOTS. This is the summer of working, truly. Getting my money up for some traveling this fall. My 10 year work anniversary (!) is in August. So, I’ve got 3 weeks of vacation coming my way. Hallelujah and praise Jesus for that.

Traveling: By foot. Doing some training for the Habanero 50k then my 100 miler after that in Louisiana. Trail running, Cajun style.

Wanting: Copious amount of poolside time, and ALL the bikinis.

What is on your summer list?

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7 Ways to Love Running in the Summer Heat.

I know we all read a lot of running articles on ways to “beat the heat” and ways to make running suck less when it is the summertime. And yes…I get it…training in the heat is TOUGH (especially if you live down south or anywhere with triple digit temps). But hey! There are ways you can actually learn to…dare I say…LOVE training in the heat! So, let’s discuss some ways you can do just that. I just may turn you into a summer run lover if you shy away from it during these months.

Wear the lightest clothing possible…sports bra/shorts/tanks are my daily run clothing of choice. Honestly I completely nix any sleeves whatsoever during these months because I know I’m going to be rolling them up in 5 minutes otherwise. And how annoying is that? If you’re looking for some great shorts…I always like to recommend lululemon speed shorts. They’ve made them more flattering over the years, they have awesome styles and the quality is top notch.

Cover up that head with your favorite run hat. I used to totally not be a HAT person but that has changed over the years. I like my head to be protected and my face protected from the sun. So lather up that sunscreen, pop that hat on and go.

For any runs over 90 degrees…keep the miles on the shorter side. I actually like pushing the pace a bit if I’m going to run in triple digit temps in the heat. So sometimes when I do my double run days I’ll run 3-5 miles in the evening when it is super hot. Heat training at its finest. Gotta love when 5 miles actually feels like 10. Ha.

Consider the fact that your pace may be slower in the heat, and be okay with that. I know…this is always the hardest part. Try to make sure you remember that these runs are more about EFFORT than anything else. So if you live in Texas and run in the brutal summer time, okay you may be slower on some runs than your friends that live in New England or Maine or whatever. But guess what you are going to be one tough cookie come the fall when It starts cooling down. And it will feel so much more amazing to run in the cooler weather…leading to faster paces and faster race times. And your mental game will be ON POINT since you have been running and keeping your fitness in the summer months. Believe it.

Hydrate like your life depends on it. I like the handhelds or Camelbak hydration packs especially if I am running trails. Often times when I run on roads also I like to include a convenience store stop towards the end of my run as a reward. Yes, the folks at 7-Eleven know my sweaty ass all too well.

Get your favorite beach towel on deck for the car if you drive to your run destination to meet friends. That way afterwards you have a lovely fun towel to wipe off the sweat and keep your car dry. I simply cannot tell you what I would do without a trusty beach towel.

Bring a cooler filled with chilly goodies for post run! Hydrating beverages like coconut water, icy water with Nuun or some type of electrolyte mixed in, and/or icy watermelon is always a hit. Bring a couple of icy beverages to share as well if you have them!! Your runner friends will love you…forever.

Share some of your summer running tips with us!!

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Summer List.

Hiya there!! Well it is that time again…summer LIST time! And since the summer solstice is just around the corner I thought I’d discuss the things I’m loving right now going on into this lovely season. Something tells me this is going to be a good one, filled with great friends – pool parties and good vibes overall…I’m all about it.

Things I will be…

Eating: all about the fresh salads…anything cold and easy to throw together. I love all things cucumbers and tomatoes still. This without a doubt is my fave cucumbers/tomato mix. And feta. Yes feta for the win. And then of course there is ice cold WATERMELON. Can you think of anything better to eat after a HOT run? I seriously cannot.

Drinking: all of the cold brew and iced coffees there are available. A crisp dry rosé. Fruit infused water.

Practicing: Being in the moment. Always.

Mastering: The art of relaxation. Of letting go. Totally decompressing from a long busy day with back to back commitments. Coming home and just unwinding and loving this season that I’m in.

Learning: It’s okay to flat out say no (to friends, people you love, obligations whatever) if you’re not feeling it and not feel bad about it. My mother grew up a devout Catholic so some of that rubbed off on me – and the guilt thing is something that has taken me years to overcome.

Trying: A sport that I see myself as not being really that good at – like beach VOLLEYBALL!! Haha…I’m going to get good at it y’all. Mark my words.

Playing: With more of my fun running friends!! Off and on the roads or the trails.

Finishing: Decorating my apartment. I’m feeling like the Moroccan look needs to happen. I’m going to start with new couch pillows I think.

Reading: “Mind Gym”. I’ve actually been meaning to read that book for a while. I need some good runner/mental reads to get my mind right for this marathon in September.

Remembering: To do my planks. I did a plank challenge back in the day. I might have to start that back up just for fun.

Wearing: ROMPERS all day. I keep finding good ones on Pinterest.

Cooking: on the grill. I’ve been meaning to do some salmon on the grill actually. With lots of lemon.

Working: On revamping the blog a bit. I feel like the design needs a refresh for sure.

Traveling: and running in some unseen (to me) places. Exploring more of the world around me on foot.

Wanting: Lots of sunshine…I am going to spend about 99.9 percent of my time outdoors this summer for sure. Sunscreen me down baby.

What is on your summer list?!

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6 Reasons to Sign Up for a Summer Race.

If you’re anything like me, you have to brace yourself every summer for the intensity that is training in the insane crazy heat. We reach triple digits on a consistent basis in the summer time which can definitely make running all the more challenging! However, here are some reasons why you should still hit the roads and sign up for some races during those hot summer months.

1. To keep your fitness going strong. Sure it’s hot, and some days we just don’t want to be out there because of the sun blazing down our backs. But signing up for that local 5k or 10k will definitely keep your engine revved up and keep your fitness level high during the season.

2. Do it for the cold refreshing post race beverages after. Nothing is better after a run or race than an ice cold fruit pop or ice cold water…or hey, a margarita or beer? I am not judging.

3. There are actually some fun races in the summer months. If you are anywhere in the Dallas area, I recommend Too Hot to Handle, the Cobra 5k or the Hottest Half. All are fun races to get some miles in the hot hot heat.

4. To have an excuse to take long post race dip in the pool. Why not, you have earned it. Cool off those legs with a dip in the water.

5. As a benchmark race for those upcoming fall marathons. Testing out your speed in the summer will definitely get you prepped and ready for a fall 26.2.

6. Because when fall and winter roll around, you will feel so speedy! The cooler weather will feel so amazing if you race and/or train in the summer months. Believe it.

Are you signed up for any epic summer runs?

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5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Running.

Hello! It was a 7 before 7 kind of morning…just enjoying this awesome (humid) view with my running club. 7 miles before 7 a.m.

2016-06-14 07.37.34

I tell ya…it sure is starting to heat up down here! I’m seeing lots of weekend pool time in my near future.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.27.16 AM

Post run refreshment…have you tried the Starbucks pink drink yet? It’s filled with acai and coconut milk, then strawberries thrown in. And all for less than 150 calories. You can read more about it here. My new summer favorite.

2016-06-14 10.21.53

Speaking of summer…and humidity…here are a few ways you can enjoy those miles this season…run happy and beat the heat!

1. Lather up on that sunscreen…and the body glide. Chafing can definitely be avoided with the right products. I recommend body glide and also coconut oil! If you didn’t know coconut oil actually is a natural SPF. I would mix the two for best results. Your skin will thank you.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of electrolytes. Especially with longer runs, I like to take in some Nuun or mix my water with a bit of gatorade.

3. It’s okay to slow the pace down in order to adapt and acclimate to the heat. I tend to run 30 seconds to a minute per mile slower than usual in the summer. Not to worry…when those fall marathons roll around and it cools off you will be stronger both physically and mentally! Just get through those runs and you will absolutely build strength and endurance. Consistency is key.

4. Have the proper running swag. Wear light colored clothing, dri fit tops and shorts. The lighter the material, the better.

5. Run in the heat with awesome people. It surely helps those runs go way faster when you run with fun buddies!

2016-06-14 07.38.12

What are some ways you enjoy those summer miles?

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Running by the Palm Trees and a Summer List.

I logged a few miles this morning by the pretty palm trees…it’s amazing the things I discover in my ‘hood! Legs are feeling good after running Sunday’s half! I sure am thankful for these strong limbs of mine.


I did one of these summer lists last year and since the summer solstice is just around the corner I thought I’d jot down a few things I’m looking forward to during this sunny season.

Eating/ Green smoothies, salmon sashimi, huge pretty salads, and mangoes…I like to cut them up all fancy.


Drinking/ An abundance of H20. I love it ice cold especially in the middle of a long summer run. OK…and maybe some homemade sangria with fresh fruit.

Practicing/ The art of being in the present moment.

Mastering/ Being organized…I’m getting better at this but still a ways to go.

Learning/ From every individual that I meet. We can always stand to learn something new from or about someone.

Trying/ An aerial yoga class. Because it just looks super fun to hang around like that!


Playing/ More with some of my favorite people. What would life be like without girlfriends honestly? I do not want to know.


Finishing/ A juicy beach read type of novel. Suggestions, anyone?

Reading/ Lots of running magazines. Yeah I’m a nerd like that.

Remembering/ To tell my mama and daddy that I love them everyday.

Wearing/ Shorts, bikinis and flip flops!! And keeping my tootsies pedicured because they tend to get out of hand with all of the running that I do.

Cooking/ Some more BLUE APRON dinners. Nom nom.



Working/ A little bit less in order to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Work smarter, not harder.

Traveling/ to Austin, Houston, Galveston and then Las Vegas in the fall.

Wanting/ to spend more time by a body of water…enjoying looking at a beautiful sunset.


What are you looking forward to this summer?

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That Was Easy.

Scenes from this morning’s 7 mile run in the sun. I made sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way.
I think I even had a little pep in my step towards the end. Felt good to finish strong in the heat.
I wanted to share a quick ‘girl on the go’ lunch with ya. I’ve been bringing this to work at least once a week. Super quick and easy to throw together.
Skinny tuna egg salad
(yeah I made that up)
Hickory smoked tuna. This stuff is seriously the best. It comes in a pack that serves one.
-Laughing cow light swiss cheese. I usually use 1 wedge
-2 eggs, boiled
Mix together in tupperware. Bring to work. You can even make it the night before!
If that’s not the easiest recipe out there, I’m not sure what is.
It deserves pressing the EASY button.
Press it. You know you want to.
What quick, on the go meal do you like to take to work? 
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A Crash Course in TX Weather.

Happy Friday Eve!
This morning I was up early for a 7 mile run. You know what I was saying a few days ago about the weather being cool, lovely, glorious? So yeah, forget about that. We’re back to spicy temps again with a heat advisory to end the week.
Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 9.34.01 AM
This view always makes it better though. I’d say this is the one thing I do look forward to and what gets me out of bed every morning.
Melissa posted this the other day and it made me laugh. So so very true about summertime in TX. Crash course in TX weather. Take note. There will be a pop quiz.
Busy day ahead but just wanted to check in! I am teaching my last class of the week this evening, followed by a REST day tomorrow then a 12 mile run Saturday! May try Crossfit afterwards if I’m feeling spunky. They’re hosting a free session over at Luke’s Saturday after our group run! 9 AM and 10:30 AM. Should be a good time! Come join us if you’re in the area. I will be at the Plano location.
CrossFitDay_all-stores-eblast copy
What are you looking forward to this weekend? 
12 miles, trying Crossfit, sushi with the girls Saturday night and celebrating my mama’s b-day Sunday!
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Thoughts on the Run, Summer Edition.

Mile 1- Tired legs…ugh…hot. Humid. Take it slow today.
Mile 2- It’s only been 2 miles, for real? Feels like 4.
Mile 3- Ahh that breeze, much needed. Keep it coming breeze.
Mile 3.5- Sweating like a wild banshee already. Just a few more miles to go.
Mile 4- Can’t wait to get home to make myself a smoothie. It’s going to taste amazing.
Mile 4.25- 9 minute miles feel like 7. Just shuffling along.
Mile 5- Zooming past the walkers. At least I’m faster than them.
Mile 5.1- Maybe I should just do 6 miles and call it a good day.
Mile 5.5- Nah, do 7. Man up, girlfriend.
Mile 6- Okay…almost done. Look at the sunrise! So pretty. Take a pic.
Mile 6.1- Doowwwwnhillllll!!! Feels so good! Breeze on my face again.
Mile 6.7- Back uphill. You’ve got this. Bring it home.
Mile 6.8- Is MapMyRun acting up? Oh it sure is. It would be at the very end of my run.
Mile 6.85- Okay, back up again. Don’t play with my emotions like that, MapMyRun. We’re supposed to be homies.
Mile 7- Made it! Run a little bit more, all the way to that fire hydrant.
Mile 7.03- Dunski!
Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 9.59.17 AM
What are some of your thoughts on the run? 
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17 Miles and a Holiday Staycation…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! I’m back after a much needed little holiday staycation. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful 4th with your family and friends! I got back into the groove this morning and taught a power packed cycle class. Always love spinning the legs out with my a.m. crew.
Let’s recap some of this weekend’s festivities.
Thursday after running and yoga, I invited my girls over and we went to a family friend’s cookout. Lots of serious good eatin’ over there. We parlayed by the pool and had a great time.
Turkey burgers and corn on the cob on deck. I think I ate my weight in bbq that day.
Later on we camped out on a hill for the boom boom show. I took a little video. Enjoy my amazing singing.
Skipping onto Saturday, long run day! I clocked in 17 miles for the day. It was slow, it was hot. My Garmin got steamy. The end.
I sure do hope all of these long runs pay off for the marathon in September. Can’t wait to run in the East coast cooler weather.
I also went to not one but TWO 90 minute vinyasa sessions this weekend after discovering a new studio, Karmany Yoga. I am loving the donations only concept. No membership fees, no signups. Kick ass instructors and you feel amazing afterwards. They turn the air off and it seriously feels like hot yoga as you start sweating literally 5 minutes in. I am addicted and already planning my next rendezvous. Come with me next time.
Oh and it wouldn’t be the weekend without a little kick it time by the pool. Still working on that tan of mine.
How was your weekend? Did you see any fireworks on the 4th? What’s your favorite thing to cook on the grill?