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A to Z Survey.

Wait a minute, who am I?! Not one but two freaking blog posts today! On a Friday…just call me butter because I am on a roll.

*cue laugh track*

I’m killing time on a Friday (quarantine style) and maybe carb loading for my long run tomorrow (just a little bit) so let’s do a fun questionnaire just because we can.

I need to credit Running in a Skirt for this one!

Here we go…

A-Zs of Me!

A~ Age: 36. Like a fine wine I get better with age.
B~ Biggest fear: Wasps. I turn into the biggest wimp when I see one.
C~ Current time: 6:02 PM
D~ Drink you had last: Water. Still hydrating from my lunch run.
E~ Easiest person to talk to: My BFF in DC. We definitely don’t talk enough but when we do it feels like no time has passed.
F~ Favorite song: Killing me Softly. The Fugees version. It’s my go to karaoke song.
G~ Grossest memory: Most recently? Probably accidentally picking up my friend’s puppy’s dog poop with my bare hands.
H~ Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
I~ In love with: Running. Never gets old.
J~ Jealous of: People who can speak several different languages. I know, it requires work I don’t want to do.
K~ Kindest person I know: My mother. She’s the sweetest southern belle lady in the universe.
L~ Longest relationship: The one I have with myself! Going long and strong for 36 years, baby!
M~ Middle name: Dawn
N~ Number of siblings: Zero! Only child syndrome and not ashamed to say it.
O~ One wish: To get to travel to Puerto Rico. I booked a flight with girlfriends before the ‘RONA hit and we had to postpone the trip indefinitely. One day soon we will be frolicking on the beaches of San Juan.
P~ Person you spoke to on the phone last: One of my girlfriends I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico with! I’ve been trying to stay in touch with the ones I hold near and dear.
Q~ Questions you’re always asked: “Did you RUN today?” I can’t remember the last time I actually said NO. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or feel like a bonafide addict. It’s a good addiction though. HA.
R~ Reason to smile: The fact that it’s freaking Friday. And I had the most AMAZING working lunch. Shrimp boil with corn and potatoes. So simple yet so delish.
S~ Last song you sang: Gooey by Glass Animals.
T~ Time you woke up: 7:30 AM. Sleeping in a little these days during this quarantine. And running in the straight up sunshine to acclimate. I love it.
U~ Undiscovered talent: I think in another life I could be a female rapper.
V~ Vacation dreams: Travel to Europe. I’ve never been to Italy or Spain so those are on the list.
W~ Worst habit: Biting my nails when I don’t have them done. I am getting them done this weekend and I simply CANNOT wait!
X~ XRays You’ve Had: One for my hip when I first started bring really good at marathons and I was gung ho about going fast all of the time. Turned out it was just a strain and I had to rest and chill out on being a speed demon all of the time. Shocking.
Y~ Your Favorite Food: Sushi. Thai. I’m a sucker for sashimi. And all of the edamame.
Z~ Zodiac sign: Taurus! I’m as bull-headed as they come.

Answer any or all of the A to Zs!! Or feel free to steal my survey, I share. And have a great weekend!

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A Random Christmas Survey.

’Tis the season for a random Christmas survey! I enjoy doing these every year as its a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. And hello, we are a WEEK away! Are you done with your shopping yet?! (I am not. But getting there.) So, let’s get started with the holiday hoopla!

1. What Christmas song from your childhood do you still have memorized?
You can never go wrong with the old Mariah Carey classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”- I never get tired of it.
2. Plane, train or automobile…what is your most memorable trip in one of these?
Going to Hawaii around Christmastime 3 years ago with my mama. We actually went to visit my uncle who I’d never met in person before (!), and my mother hadn’t seen her brother in about 40 years. Crazy, right? He moved to Hawaii for the military when he was young and fell in love and never returned. So it was great to see them bond again. He passed away about a year or so later, so this was a special trip that we will for sure always remember.

3. What is one question you wish people would ask more often?
I wish more people in general would ask questions that are beyond the surface. I don’t think anyone does that enough. Everyone has pretty incredible stories to tell if we all would take the time to get to know people. Just my 2 cents.
4. There are three layers in a cake, which flavors would you pick (they don’t have to taste good together!)?
FUNFETTI, funfetti and more funfetti. With rainbow sprinkles on top.
5. What outdoor winter activity do you love?
Making snow angels.

6. What are three things on your “bucket list?”
Bungee jump, Run a marathon in an exotic location overseas, Do a mountain ultra. The mountain ultra I hope to make happen in 2019.
7. What was your fondest food memory from a holiday celebration?
My decadent (and gluten free) mac and cheese. I think I have perfected the concoction since I put gouda cheese in it now. Life changing.
8. Name one place you could never live because of the winter weather.
Minnesota. Or Ohio.
9. What was the most memorable holiday celebration you had at school?
Wow, making me think too far back…I am 12 YEARS out of college for goodness sake! And yes, that sentence just made me feel old. Ha. Probably my fondest holiday celebration includes any and all events I had with my college girlfriends at Hampton University. We used to have wine and tapas and just be our silly fun selves. I miss these ladies.

10. Which celebrity would you want to have as a friend? What would you buy them for Christmas?
Haha…let’s see…I’m going to go with Drake, who I hear is a white wine lover. According to this article. So wine is the perfect gift for him. Obvi.
11. If you could design your own ugly Christmas sweater, what would it look like?
It would have unicorns and hearts on it. For sure. And all of the pink glitter and girly things in the universe.

12. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
That’s a tough one. I’m going to go with Peanut Butter. The chewy ones. Oh so good. Sugar cookies are in close second.
13. If you could have super power, what would it be and would you use it for good?
Flying. I would use it for good, absolutely nothing but goodness. Of course.
14. What are your three favorite desserts on the Christmas buffet?
I love all of the dessert questions 🙂 Well, I’d have to go with egg nog (spiked), then anything with chocolate, and ending it with pecan pie. I think pecan pie is more of a Thanksgiving thing but we will make it Christmas too.
15. If you could bring any Disney character to life, who would it be?
Minnie Mouse.
16. Which store would you most want a present from?
Right now I’m loving all of the smell good things. And I love in particular all of the SMELLS of Christmas. I used to get all of the Christmas candles from Bath and Body Works every year. So yes, get me a Bath and Body Works gift card and you will be my favorite person.
17. Describe what family means to you in three words.
Loyal, My Center, and a Comforting Presence.
18. How early do you think you should be allowed to open Christmas presents? Maybe a week in advance. I think one gift needs to be a week out just to get you hype about Christmas. Then the others on Christmas Day.
19. What is your favorite Christmas movie? This answer tends to change from time to time, but it would have to be “Elf”. “Love Actually” is a close 2nd.

20. If you could have one wish granted at Christmas, what would it be?
World peace. And more pink glitter in the world. Actually I saw some confetti on the ground when I ran this morning. So more of that.

And…A BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE to run to every dang day. Preferably with a beach view.

Answer any or all of the questions!

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Meet the Blogger Questionnaire.

I was able to get in a glorious run this AM with the run club…it was quite chilly I have to say but the day has shaped up to be a beautiful one! 78 degrees practically feels like freakin’ springtime. Thank you Texas and mother nature.

So we are getting back to the basics today! Since it is a new year and we may have some new readers joining us I thought I’d do a fun little ‘about me’ type of survey. I have to thank Bethany over at Simmering Mind for the idea. Hope you enjoy!


Name: Chelsea Ross
Age: 32…or is that 21? Nah, 32. Like a fine wine I get better with age. Flirty thirties is the best.
Gender: Female

A selfie-



Food: Sushi, wine (YES IT IS A FOOD JUST GO WITH IT), cheese and chocolate.

Drink: Water, chai tea with almond milk, coffee, kombucha.


Book: The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

Song: Spanish Joint by D’Angelo

Movie: Love Jones. Highly recommended.

Band: Oh…good question. My taste in music is pretty diverse and since I teach spin class I’m always listening to and looking for new music. So, probably too many to name just one.

Solo Artist: See ‘band’ answer above.

Place: The open roads or a beautiful trail to get my run on.

2016-07-03 11.45.25

Subject: All things running, fitness, beauty and nutrition.

Sport: Basketball would probably by my favorite sport to watch.

Actor: Boris Kodjoe simply because he is a beautiful man.

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence


Schooling: Graduated college in 2006 (I’m OLD -in fact I’m so old I had to correct myself just now because I put ’02 initially instead of ’06!! Good gracious) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m in love with my job working behind the scenes as a Promotions Producer in television. I write promos and commercials for Christian television. (I know, I know, I NEVER talk about work! But yes, fitness is my side hustle. TV is my career. Now you know.)


BF: Best friend? Boyfriend?? Not sure what this means. I am currently single after having been with someone for close to 5 years. It was not an easy breakup (it has been a super hot MINUTE too since the breakup–so I’m truly okay!! Some of you may remember) but I wish him the best. I’ve been off and on dating since then and I actually love it. Living life, meeting people, having fun. The end.


Political ideology: HA…we won’t get into all of that. Moving right along…

Religion: Christian

Tattoos: Sun on my lower back. It’s a tramp stamp. Don’t judge. I was 18 and young and silly! Sometimes I forget it’s even there.

Piercings: Double piercing on both ears.

Languages: English, took a few Spanish classes…I took a French class in college and it was super hard! I need to get back to trying to learn it again soon.

Reason behind your blog name: When I first started the blog I was teaching dance classes at 24 Hour Fitness, it was my first gig as a group fitness instructor. I loved it at the time and also was training for a marathon. So I thought ‘thedancingrunner’ was a fitting name. I teach spin class/indoor cycling now and have since taken a hiatus from teaching dance. BUT…I still dance on my BIKE so I kept the name.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.48.48 AM

Why you blog: I love connecting with like minded people from all over the world…and promoting fitness and having FUN while working hard. Yes, it is possible to do both!

Please feel free to fill out any or all of the questions!

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Running in the Rain and The Blogmopolitan Quiz.

I got in some sweet miles this morning running in the rain. The drizzles came and went and brought in some cooler weather! Thank you, mother nature. We are in dire need of some fall weather down in Texas for sure.


So today I thought I’d break away from the normal run talk (well of course there will be a little sprinkled here and there still because I can’t help it) to do a fun survey! I found this one from Made in the Shade‘s blog. I love the little spin off from Cosmopolitan Magazine! Blogmopolitan does have a fun ring to it. So without further ado…


Answer any or all of the questions!!

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Would You Rather? Running Edition.

I got out this a.m. for some easy solo miles, shaking the legs out before this weekend’s ultra. It felt good to get the cobwebs out of my brain and think about my race strategy while I watched the sunrise. Happy miles indeed.


Tonight I will be packing my cooler, filling it with some race goodies and getting ready for the awesomeness come Saturday. I am actually pretty excited and ready for the joy ride!

So since it has been a while since I’ve done a runner’s survey, I stumbled upon one from this girl and thought it would be fun for today! Let’s get to it.

Would you rather…

Run a 5k or a marathon?
Honestly, it depends on my mood…but MOST times my answer is the marathon. I love all of the happy feel good endorphins running long gives you, but I also love the thrill of speedwork and chasing after a super fast finish time. Deep down though my heart will always and forever love the 26.2.


Run without music or run without your GPS?
Without music…sometimes there is nothing better than the sound of the birds, rustling of the trees, and my feet hitting the pavement. Nature makes its own music. I also sometimes just crave the peace and quiet.

Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?
Definitely hills in the cold. I am a sucker for some cold racing weather! I’m talking about when your hands are numb type cold. My marathon PR was in 30 degree weather in D.C. (Marine Corps Marathon) & my 2nd fastest was 40 degrees, 37 mile an hour wind and rain. I told ya’ll already that I was crazy.

Run alone or run with a group for every run of an entire training cycle?
It’s funny because about a year ago I would have given you a different answer. Nowadays I am more motivated running with a group. My running group helps me strive to be better, run faster and push harder and they are some of the most awesome folks you will ever meet! I can’t wait to train this summer with them.


Get a new pair of running shoes or a new running outfit for free?
Running shoes! I ALWAYS need running shoes. Actually every time my dad asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas/whatever holiday I always tell him shoes. I wear those bad boys out super quick.

Train through winter for a spring race or through summer for a fall race?
I train through all kinds of weather…since Texas weather is pretty bipolar. But winters are so mild here and we hardly ever get ice or snow so I enjoy spring training just a little bit more. I tend to run faster in the winter/spring because of the weather. The heat slows me down but I will still run through it mostly because I am working on my tan. It’s like sauna running with the Texas triple digit temps.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.50.15 AM

Run with a blister the whole time or a side cramp?
Yikes! Neither…at least side cramps tend to go away faster.

Run on the treadmill for an hour or around the same city block for an hour?
City block. I really don’t run on the treadmill much at all anymore unless I’m doing speedwork.

Have a post race beer or post race dessert?
I’m going to pretend the question above says wine…so now you know my answer.


If you could only run one race in a year, a big city race like Chicago or a small, local race?
I truly love small, intimate races but if I only raced once a year (imagine that) I’d race a bigger one. I just love the crowd/spectator support and all the signs along the way. It really gets me fired up!

How about you? Answer any or all of the running questions!

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Interesting Morning and a Countdown Survey.

I helped a good friend out and taught her spin class this morning and then went on a little jaunt in the neighborhood. Just enjoying some pretty pink flowers and a nice sky.


It was kind of an interesting morning though because a cute little white doggie chased me down the street towards the end of my run…then I actually saw a coyote (while I was driving to work). Two fun encounters in one day! The coyote just looked nervous to be out in the daytime and rushed back into the bushes but it was still kind of a cool sight to see (from my car).

Ha! More action before 9 am this morning than I get sometimes all day.

Anyway! I found a throwback survey from my girl Jen and I thought it would be fun to do for today! Let’s get to it.

10 favorite musical artists
Justin Timberlake
Calvin Harris
Janelle Monae
Erykah Badu

9 things in your purse
Cell phone
Lip gloss
Phone charger
Hand sanitizer
Bottle opener
Work badge

8 places you want to visit
Costa Rica

Seriously, this Italy view though? Beats my sunrise views any day.


7 movies you love
Love Jones
You’ve Got Mail
When Harry Met Sally
Love Actually (…do you see a theme here?)
Silver Linings Playbook


6 favorite hobbies
Teaching spin class
Wine tasting

5 favorite fruits/veggies
Cherry tomatoes

4 favorite colors to wear

3 things that stress you out
I’m going to have to go with Jen’s answer…


2 things you say too much

1 favorite dessert
Does wine count? I mean…it’s grapes and grapes are sweet…just saying.

Feel free to comment on this post with any of your responses or blog it yourself!

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Crazy Group of Runners and a Maniacs Survey.

7 miles to kick off Friday eve this morning. I am so ready for the weekend, no doubt! Bring on pool time, hydrating lots and kicking it with friends.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.08.06 AM

Of course I had to rep the Marathon Maniacs with my fancy headband. Yes, I am a part of that crazy group of runners and I love it.


Most of you know I qualified for this group back in 2014 when I completed my 3 back to back 26.2s within the span of about 2 months! It was a good time.

Speaking of which, they had me complete a fun Maniacs questionnaire not too long ago that I thought I would share with you all. Let’s get straight to it.

State or Country you live in? Texas

How long have you been a runner and why did you start running?
I have been serious about running for a little over 7 years now. I dabbled in track and field in high school but was never really that good. Then after graduating college I decided to join a running club and train for my first half marathon. Training for the half was my stepping stone to eventually running full marathons.

Why did you decide to become a Maniac? Who or what inspired you?
I have a few running buddies that have been Maniacs for a while. I always thought they were completely nuts and did not understand who in their right mind would want to run full marathons more than once a year. Now I am one of those people!

What do you like best about being a Maniac? I have found my people.

Do you also run half marathons? If so, are you a Half Fanatic too? Yes…I love the half distance but there is just something about 26.2 that changes you inside and out.

Stuff About Races

What was the first race you ever completed? (Any distance) Dallas Running Club Half Marathon in 2009

-What was your first marathon? What year did you run it? Did you have fun that day? What is the thing you remember MOST about this race? The Chicago Marathon in 2010. I remember loving the diversity and beauty of the city. Definitely would love to go back to Chi-town and run that one again.

Have you ever run an ultra-marathon (50K and up)? What is the longest race you’ve run? Which ultra do you remember best and why? I ran a virtual 50k (31 miles) back in March a couple of days after completing a half marathon. It was no doubt one of the toughest runs I’ve ever done!

Which marathon or ultra would you never run again and why? Galveston Marathon…I had a pretty decent time performance wise (3:56) but the weather that time of year is extremely unpredictable. The year I ran, it was storming and 30 degrees with 40 mph winds. I would probably go back though just to run the half.

Which one has been your favorite? Marine Corps Marathon

What was the most challenging marathon/ultra or combination of marathons/ultras you’ve ever done and why? Cowtown Marathon…it’s very hilly and again the weather at times is very unpredictable. Gotta love Texas!

Of all the races out there in this world, which one would you most like to run? Big Sur Marathon in California

If you could run a marathon/ultra accompanied by anyone either living or deceased, who would you choose and why? Dean Karnazes…because he’s awesome.

If you could put on a marathon anywhere in the world, where would you have it? Anywhere on the beach

What was your most memorable race (any distance) and why? Marine Corps Marathon Oct 2011- Of course because I PR’d and I just love the support of the Marines.

If someone asked you to pick a marathon for him or her that they could run a PR at, which race would you suggest? Either Chicago or the Houston Marathon, for sure. Both are fast and flat.

What was the furthest you’ve ever traveled for a marathon or ultra? Erie, Pennsylvania. We were right up near Canada!

Do any of your non-running friends or family members think that you’re crazy for running as much as you do? What are some of their comments to you? Yes…they have all just accepted my crazy.

If personal obligations or finances were not an issue, how many marathons/ultras would you run in one year? Probably once a month. I teach spin classes and love to do other types of workouts as well so it’s nice to have a balance but I love running the marathon distance.

Stuff About Stuff

Is receiving a medal important to you? From what marathon or ultra did you receive your favorite finisher’s medal? Yes, I have a pretty nice collection now. The one I just received from Cowtown is probably my favorite because it has a spur and belt buckle attached to it.

Where do you keep your finisher medals? On my bedroom wall.

Do you wear your race t-shirts? What do you do with the ones you don’t wear?
Would you rather receive a cotton shirt or a technical fiber shirt? Either one. The cotton ones are usually great pajamas.

Stuff About Training

What is a typical training week like for you? How many miles do you run? Any cross training? I typically run anywhere from 40-50 miles a week. Teach spin classes 3-4 times a week and strength training/yoga about twice a week.

What training advice would you give to some one who wants to run their first marathon? How about their first double (2 in 2 days)? Or their first 50-miler? Trust your training and listen to your body. Rest when you need it as opposed to strictly following a schedule. Cross train to maintain a balance and avoid injury.

Do you have a training partner(s)? If so, who? I have trained with/coached with Luke’s Locker in Plano, TX for the past few years. Now I mostly train and run solo. It’s a form of moving meditation for me and since I spend a ton of time teaching group fitness classes I now look forward to the peaceful running time on my own.

What about eating? Pasta dinner the night before? Breakfast before the race? Favorite post-race food and drink? A nice carbo load meal (I love quinoa pasta or a thin crust pizza) 2 days prior to the marathon. The night before I eat something carby but a little bit lighter so it doesn’t weigh down on you the next morning. I love to eat the honey stinger waffles the morning of the race.

Do you eat gels during races? What is your energy gel of choice? Sport drink of choice? Cherry sports beans or Gu with caffiene. I usually drink whatever is on the course during the race…alternating electrolyte drink with water.

What kind of shoes do you train in? Do you race in a different shoe? Asics or Newtons.

What are your short-term running goals? PR in any race distance, but overall just to run a strong, hard race where I give it my all.

What are your long-term running goals? Become overall stronger, more fit and balanced as a runner. Also to continue my pursuit in ultra running! I plan on running another 50k in spring of 2016.

Stuff About Other Stuff

Assuming you have time, what do you do for fun other than run? Teach spin class, go to yoga, travel, enjoy a nice glass of wine or two!

Tell me some running stuff about you! Shoes you train in…short term/long term running goals? What do you like to do for fun other than RUN?! 

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Christmas This or That.

Of course my day started off with a run on my favorite trail. I would not have it any other way. Not only that but the weather has been pretty stellar for running…in the 50s every morning. That is my sweet spot.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.37.53 AM

I thought we would switch gears this week and do some of This or That…Christmas survey style. Let’s get to it.

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Day…no doubt. I love giving gifts and seeing the smiles on my parents faces. This year my dad is coming up from Houston too so it will be a good time. Love my papa.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.45.54 AM

Real tree or fake tree? I’m usually a faker when it comes to trees. This year I have my sassy white Christmas tree up with the colored lights.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.50.07 AM

Tree ornaments or tree lights? That’s a tough one…I think you have to have both.

Going Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?
Movies for sure…just because I love me some Elf. I have to watch it every year.

Indoor or outdoor decorations? I prefer outdoor just because I love driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.48.54 AM

Santa or the elves?
I’m a santa lover…Black santa for the win.


Eating the Christmas cookies or leaving them out for Santa?
Just eat ‘em.

Putting presents in front of the tree days in advance, or waiting until late Christmas Eve? Days in advance. I just love the look of a Christmas tree with presents underneath.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.59.03 AM

A white Christmas or a green Christmas? We’ll go with white.

Going to church or volunteering at a soup kitchen? I think it’s so important to give back during the holiday season. Volunteering is the way to go because you can always go to church.

Religious Christmas or a festive one? Festive all the way. I still love me some Jesus though.

Spending the holiday with immediate or extended family? Immediate

Eggnog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with Bailey’s. Although I do love me some egg nog especially when I get to RUN for it!! Can’t wait for the Jogger Egg Nogger 15K next weekend. And of course the spiked nog afterwards.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.57.12 AM

Spending Christmas with or without children? It’s always nice to have the kiddos around.

Giving or receiving? Giving

Answer any or all of the above questions!

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Summer Link Up.

Morning run…4 miles at an 8:15 pace on the ‘mill followed up with some strength training doing a lot of upper body. And…I’m already sore. Ouchie.


I really was not feeling it this morning and woke up around about 6:45 am looking like this.

But I got it done anyway. Actually mornings like this when I don’t want to workout/run I end up having some of the best workouts. Funny how that happens.

I am a little behind on this one but I thought this summer link up was a lot of fun! And well…it’s still the start of summer, yes? There’s still so much I want to check off of the bucket list. So here we go.

The one thing I am most looking forward to this summer is lots and lots of pool time. And getting really tan. Like toasted mocha tan.


The most annoying person I know is…haha…oh wow. Probably my mom? Don’t tell her…although I’m sure she already knows how I feel. Still love her lots though.

I would like to meet a few new cocktails this summer. Preferably poolside would be wonderful.

After a long day, there is nothing better than…taking your bra off. Keeping it real.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.25.22 AM

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear was when I worked at Curves in high school and some of college…we always had to wear silly shirts that had the logo all over it. Those were the days.

When I hear my alarm clock go off…if it’s on a Monday, I have no choice but to get up since I teach spin class. That 5 am club ain’t no joke.

My favorite form of summer exercise is um…duh, running.


When the ice cream truck comes I always do a little happy dance.

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is a bikini with reggae style colors. I still wear it when I’m feeling all Caribbean.

My favorite summer outdoor activity is running along the trails. And anything by a body of water.

My favorite thing to grill is corn. Good gracious YUM.

The worst summer date/romance I had was probably some guy in high school. Oh boy. Let’s move on.

My favorite summer drink is white wine.

There are times when I just wish summer wasn’t so dang HOT in Texas. Right now it’s pretty mild. Bracing myself for triple digits in the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.29.39 PM

The best song on the radio right now is this one.

Jimmy Buffet is someone I’m not all that interested in.

My best summer vacation ever was a cruise to Cozumel and Honduras.

4th of July is all about the boom boom show.


After I’m done reading/commenting here…I’m going to write some promos here at work.

It’s not summer until you wear flip flops.

Finish any sentence or join me for the link up!

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TMI Tag.

This tag was stolen from the beautiful Emily! I figured today would be a fun day to do this one and get to know each other better. Without further ado…let’s get to the questions.

1: What are you wearing?
Mint/chevron dress, black sweater, leggings, mint necklace. All about the mint today.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.15.34 AM
2: Ever been in love?
3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
Actually I can’t say that I have. Most of them have ended on a decent note.
4: How tall are you?
5: How much do you weigh?
A lady never tells.;)
6: Any tattoos?
Small sunshine on my lower back.
7: Any piercings?
Wow…I have had a few in my day. Belly button, ears/cartilage in both ears, nose. Everything closed up except the ears. Guess it was not meant to be. Haha. I have played around with the idea of getting my nose pierced again.
8: OTP?
I had to look up what this meant. One true pairing? Peanut butter and jelly. Ha.
9: Favorite show?
Anything on Bravo
10: Favorite bands?
Good one…I really don’t have a favorite so I will just say Boyz II Men.
11: Something you miss?
My friends from college up in Maryland/DC. I try to make an effort to see some of them every year!
12: Favorite song?
Too many.
13: How old are you?
29…might as well say 30! Next month.
14: Zodiac sign?
15: Quality you look for in a partner?
Sense of humor, compassionate, family oriented, motivated.
16: Favorite Quote?
Phil 4:13
17: Favorite actor?
Boris Kodjoe
18: Favorite color?
19: Loud music or soft?
LOUD! Always loud.:)
20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
To the gym. Or hit the streets for a lonnnng run.
21: How long does it take you to shower?
15-20 minutes
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Depending on how slow I am that day.
23: Ever been in a physical fight?
Nope. Keep it classy, ladies.
24: Turn on?
25: Turn off?
26: The reason I started blogging?
I love to write. It’s also a part of my career working in television and a creative outlet for me.
27: Fears?
All bugs. Ugh.
28: Last thing that made you cry?
Crossing the finish line at the Cowtown Marathon. I accomplished my goal of running 10 marathons before I turned 30 and qualified for the Marathon Maniacs.
29: Last time you said you loved someone?
30: Meaning behind your blog name?
I used to teach dance class and at the time was also really into running. I also still dance and rock out while I run. So there you have it.
31: Last book you read?
The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
32: The book you’re currently reading?
Does US Weekly count? Okay, guess not.
33: Last show you watched?
RHOBH reunion
34: Last person you talked to?
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
Nicole, my BFF
36: Favorite food?
Pizza and wine! Because wine is a food group.
37: Place you want to visit?
38: Last place you were?
In traffic.
39: Do you have a crush?
40: Last time you kissed someone?
Last week…hey…I kissed my mama!
41: Last time you were insulted?
I can’t really remember…so that’s a good thing.
42: Favorite flavor of sweet?
Moscato. Is that a flavor?
43: What instruments do you play?
44: Favorite piece of jewelry?
My love ring.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.19.20 AM

45: Last sport you played?
Running. Yes, it’s a sport.
46: Last song you sang?
This one.
47: Favorite chat up line?
I’m not sure what a chat up line is.
48: Have you ever used it?
Not sure what ‘it’ is referring to.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
Natalie at brunch on Saturday.
50: Who should answer these questions next?
All of you are TAGGED!!