TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! It is getting chilly down here in Texas – I enjoyed a lovely run this morning though before we had the temp drop!! I mean really. Texas weather is just crazy unpredictable sometimes. Love it.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

What elites eat on the trail. LOVE me some honey stinger waffles / Justin’s almond butter. The rice cakes with parmesan sound interesting.

Slow cooker mushroom wild rice soup. Comfort food heaven.

Intrigued by the backyard ultra. Hmm…kinda makes me want to do another 24+ hour race. You’d think I’d be done after this one and then this one. To be honest, I think I’m too A.D.D. TO RUN more than 100 miles. Like really, I start thinking about the fact that I need groceries and gas in my car. Ha.

And here is your (cornball) Friday funny. Have a great one!

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Running, some gym time, some social / social distancing time.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to you!! I got my day started with this glorious RUNrise. It was 53 degrees!!! I’ve been switching it up and running after work post 50k so starting the day with this sky was a treat! Morning miles and smiles for the win.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Post run recovery tools that are seriously magical. I need to get back into the compression socks groove.

My favorite “right now” snack from Trader Joe’s. Yes it reminds me of eating green paper but I don’t care. It’s GOOD green paper. With a dash of sea salt.

All of the squash and pumpkin sightings. Everything is SO FALL right now and I am loving it. As a matter of fact I will be making these oh so soon.

Plus, your short and sweet Friday funny.

Have a good one!

What’s on tap for your Friday? Or weekend?!
Enjoying the amazing Texas chill in the air, brunching, running.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday! This has been a busy week as I make preparations to head down to the country for some fun on the trails, social distancing style! Hope everyone has had a phenomenal week and is staying safe and healthy. 

I will be doing this race this weekend! Just some play time on the trails, you know. Think good thoughts for me please!! I’m excited to just get out into nature and ZONE out. I truly need it after this long year. Yes, I said year. These are my sentiments right about now. Pink diva Christmas tree is about to make a serious come back. 

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Fall produce picks to make during this wonderful season. I love me some fall foods. WINTER SQUASH and pomegranates are my jam. 

I’ve been grooving to the rainy coffee shop vibe all morning long. Puts my heart and soul at ease.

This shirt. It has been a COFFEE fueled week for sure. My nickname by some of my running friends is the “coffee queen” by the way. 

And of course, your Friday funny. 

Short and sweet but that is all! Have a great Friday! And an even better weekend. 

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Trail adventure-ing, hydrating, being in my own little Chelsea world. 

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! I got my morning started with a killer outdoor bootcamp + this amazing RUNrise!! I’m feeling pumped up and filled with the endorphins at the moment. So yay for that.

Lets get to this week’s faves!

Definitely my early AM bootcamp. I feel like I’m only good at doing bootcamps IN THE MORNINGS by the way. Before my brain figures out what the heck I’m doing. My trainer is awesome and always amps me up even though it’s a love/hate relationship with the soreness lately. But it’s all for the GOOD. Glad to be back in the groove.

I forgot how much I loved mountain climbers. It’s something about this move that always revs me up. I’ll do a million mountain climbers over BURPEES any day.

The power of sleep. I have been a SLEEPING machine lately I tell you what. Gotta love them grandma bedtimes and early mornings.

Pumpkin cider!! They have it at Trader Joe’s. I shall report back.

And there you have it! Enjoy your Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Cider sippin’, running, loving the Texas sunshine.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! Hope you have some fall flavored fun planned this weekend. I got my morning started with bootcamp + some RUNrise miles. I’m starting to get hooked to these crazy early mornings getting my booty kicked at bootcamp. Just call me a sucker for punishment. Feels good to get back in the cross training groove again.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

5 ways to stay mentally strong during a virtual race. For those of you virtual racing machines.

The most delicious fall candles. I’ve been going into stores lately just for the free fall candle SMELLS. Don’t tell anyone.

Flight going nowhere?! Something about this intrigues my rebellious nature.

How running went mainstream. Love me some runner fam.

My random obsession with finding the Real Housewives of Melbourne + Vancouver episodes online. If you know you know. I’m always here for the non American guilty pleasures.

And there you have it! Have a great Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF and happy Friday and all that jazz! I’m definitely looking forward to some free time this weekend to run, relax, unwind and chill!! I am loving the temperatures down here lately. Things are finally starting to cool down from blazing triple digit temps. Thank you baby Jesus for that.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Changing it up and running at different times of the day this week. I used to do this A LOT back when I was training for my 100k2nd 100 miler to get used to running in the dark. I am forever a morning runner but when you run races that last 10+ hours AT A TIME- you’ve gotta be more flexible. HA. Since it has been cooler I’ve been loving changing things up and just running at whenever time I want. I actually had a splendid evening run the other day. Love them city lights.

10 ways to rejuvenate your fall training. “Remember the why.” Love that.

Motivations and methods behind 7 extraordinary ordinary runners. I love reading how others who race ultras deal with ups and downs & manage to get it all in. Even with families, social lives, crazy work lives and such.

And there you have it! Make it a great Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend!?
Running and maybe dabbling in discovering some new fall flavored things.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday! It is a scorcher out there but I got some glorious miles in this morning!! That always puts a bit of icing and rainbow sprinkles on into my day.

This weekend’s forecast will be blazing along with the HUMIDITY makes it feel ten thousand times hotter. Good times. Wish me luck for my runs this weekend.

Let’s check out this week’s faves!

Okay I’m a sucker for a happy song but I love Katy Perry’s new jam. Plus she is glowing looking all prego and stuff in the video.

This shirt. It’s got me feeling all motivated and stuff. I wore it on my run this AM and even had random people cheering me on and what not. HAHA love.

The best women’s sunnies on the market right now. Feeling those Rokas.

REST DAYS are key to staying healthy. Say it louder for those in the back.

That’s all for today! Have a nice weekend.

Tell me something random about your Friday!

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! It is blazing hot down here in Texas but I managed to get out for some miles this morning. I’m kind of loving these super hot and humid runs lately though. Maybe my body is getting acclimated to it all? Feels like the ultimate detox. Low-key I kind of love running by walkers in the morning because they all seem extra impressed I’m running in such conditions getting it done. Thank you, total strangers for making me feel good. I need the ego boost every now and again. HA.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

What keeps me running. Loving it.

Zucchini baked ziti!? Sign me up now.

-Also these grilled peaches are everything right now.

-For my fellow Texans, the best places to stop on a drive between Dallas and Austin. I may be needing this list soon.

The fact that my RHOP ladies are back on Bravo. Living for all the guilty pleasure drama.

And there you have it! Make it a great Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Of course, sunshine – running – wine time.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a marvelous week. I am more than ready for some weekend fun! All work and no play makes Chelsea a very dull girl.

Ah well, at least it’s a good hair day.

Let’s get to his week’s faves!

Head for the hills on your next run. Makes me want to plan a social distance style mountain road trip.

4 stay safe tips for trail running. Don’t get lost – I think that is super major cuz I know I’ve gotten lost on trails a time or three.

15 secrets for running outside with allergies. Awesome post! I love me some local honey also.

Plus finally, a little funny for your Friday.

Make it a great one!

What’s on tap for your weekend?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend planned filled with whatever your heart desires. I am seriously looking forward to a stress free, work free weekend! Bring it on.

Let’s get to the week’s faves!

What type of runner are you? I’m glad I’m not the only one that prefers frostbite to running on the DREADmill.

These are 4 things you should do everyday for a healthy spine. Love the figure 4 stretch.

Ways to repurpose your lip products now that you’re wearing a mask all the time. Lip balm as brow gel is kind of genius.

This radiant RUNrise sky. I saw this and a rainbow in the same morning. Quite lovely.

Make it a great Friday! And an even better weekend.

What is on tap for your weekend?
Running, sunshine, pool time.