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Treat Yourself Tuesday.

This week I am doing a link up with my girl Becky over at Olives ‘n’ Wine…it’s a great day to treat yourself! I am a big advocate of pampering yourself whenever you can.


-In the last week I’ve been treating myself to lots of yummy smells goods and lotions. I am definitely in love with this body spray from Bath and Body Works. So much that I put it in my purse this morning so I could just spray it for a little boost throughout the day.


-Poolside time. I’m in love with the pool at my new apartment. It feels a little too much like I live on a resort.


-Massages. I get them once a month from this place for about 60-90 minutes. You can use your flex account/benefits at my job for that kind of stuff and I take full advantage of it. I think I might go for the gusto next time and make it 2 hours. Just because.

-Espresso. My early morning office treat. They have a coffee shop in the building where I work and the barista made me one with amaretto and almond in it. So delicious!


-New running clothes. Because…you can never have too much running swag. Hello Marshalls…you know I love me a bargain.


What have you treated yourself to lately?