#Ultrarunners be like…

I am signing up for this 50k. As a training run.

-Oh, you run marathons? That’s real cute.

I am wanting to PR this 100 miler. I heard this trail was flat and fast so I should have a good chance.

That trail looks super technical, hilly, rocky, and hard as sh*t. Right up my alley.

Mountain race? Sounds amazing, I’m in.

Power hiking up this crazy rocky climb and then running down it? Sounds like a good time.

Where’s the pickle juice?

AT THE AID STATION of mile 35: I could go for a caffeine boost. Hand me that Dixie cup of Coca Cola or Ginger Ale.

I feel like I’m going to pass out. Or possibly die? No worries, I’ll get through it.

Mile 75 and my body does not want me to do this. But my mind does.

Let’s just go tinkle in the woods. Not the same as a porta potty I guess.

Let’s make friends with this random person that is running my pace in the woods. Just because I can.

I smell like death. That’s cute.

Oh, you like 5k’s? I cannot remember the last time I did that.

I need a pacer that I specifically won’t want to murder at mile 60. Want to join?

Hey volunteer! You are cool and all but, I’m NOT almost there. That’s the dude in front of me that is running the other lesser evil of a distance. So you can go kick rocks. Thanks.

YES…I did post that I ran a 30 mile training run today. I am dang proud of myself. So let me brag and then go about my business. Sometimes we need our little moments to shine.

Buckles are definitely the new medals. Believe it.

Any other ultrarunner unicorns out there? I know I’m not the only crazy one…haha.

Great Ways to Fuel and Power Through Your Long Runs.

So I was having a conversation with one of my running buddies on the run this morning and he was asking me “so how do you FUEL for something like a 50 mile race?” It is honestly a question I get on a consistent basis especially when we are talking about ultras. So, I am here to share some of my best kept secrets and how I get myself through such a hardcore ultrarunning event and not die. Haha, kidding…well not really. Not dying…is kind of a part of it all too. 

Electrolytes are the MVP. There comes a time in your run when just plain water does not really do the trick. I am a big fan of products like Heed and/or Gatorade to serve as fuel for a run. With the Gatorade some of my friends prefer the G2 because it has less sugar so I will do that sometimes, or water down the Gatorade so it is not so strong tasting. Also…I’m a huge fan of salt tablets especially for long runs when it is hot and humid and when I just feel depleted. I took a salt tablet when I hit a major wall at mile 30 of that 50 mile run – and can I tell you, it made a world of a difference and changed the game for my race in a major way. 

Explore more natural fuel options over GU – I know, GU is easy and you don’t really have to think about it but sometimes I am not sure that GU is always the answer. If I do any type of energy gel I will do Hammer gels as I feel they aren’t as harsh on my yummy. Also I LOVE DATES and dried fruits! If you have not yet tried a medjool date you are missing out on life. 

Figure out what YOUR body prefers as an energy boost. What works for your running buddy may not work for you!  I honestly like more savory or salty snacks over sweet. Even during my 100 miler last year…all I wanted were savory things. Thankfully at trail races there are so many options it is like a buffet. LOL. But I skipped the m&ms or whatever and went straight for pickles and pretzels. And pickle juice is indeed a game changer especially when dealing with cramps and etc. during ultra runs. Believe it. 

Eat and drink when you are not feeling it. This for me has always been the hardest to nail down. Because let’s be honest…when you’re at mile 18 or mile 35 (for my ultra unicorns) and you feel depleted NOTHING looks, sounds, or tastes good. But you have to fuel and keep fueling early because if you wait too long it will be too late and you will wish you were more diligent. So stay diligent and respect taking care of yourself during these runs. And your next long run may just be that much more awesome. 

How do you fuel and power through your long runs? 

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there and happy Monday to ya! I’m here to recap some miles from last week! It was a great week post 50 miler as I keep things going leading up to the Brazos Bend 100 miler! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- This was my first day back running since the Orion Ultra so I got in 2.2 miles and I was still pretty sore so just shaking out the legs and getting them moving. I also taught my regular classes at the gym so it felt great to be back on the bike and that always helps as a bit of active recovery.
Tuesday AM- It rained pretty heavy off and on all week last week but I was still able to get out and get some miles in. 5.33 miles done in the AM with a few hill repeats thrown in.
Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles watching the sunset on the lake is always nice. Slowly throwing the double run days back in there.
Wednesday- 6.32 solo miles with a few drizzles but got it done. The rain was actually quite nice last week because it definitely cooled things down and we really need it after a crazy hot summer.
Thursday- 13.32 mile morning which felt GOOD to get that kind of mileage in on a Thursday morning. I also found a running buddy in my weekday group that runs triathlons on the weekends, so she likes to do her longer runs during the week. Which is a win win for me. YES. More longer miles for the win.
Friday- 10.12 relaxed miles again in the rain before a busy Friday. Good stuff.
Saturday- 20.33 miles with WRRC. Early miles and mimosas make my heart happy. I also went to the State Fair of Texas with the bestie that evening so I’m pretty sure I did close to a marathon that day with mileage. Love it.

Sunday- 5.12 miles before spa day with running friends. This was actually at a Russian spa which was really cool.

They had 2 SUPER HOT dry sauna rooms, 1 steam room, and a cold plunge at the end to finish off the treatment. So I did a few cycles with that and then ate some Russian food. Which WOW is actually really delicious! I feel like it is a best kept secret.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to a spa/sauna place?
I need to go more. So good for my achy runner muscles.

50 Thoughts While Running 50 Miles, Beach Edition.

1. Wow, peep that killer sunrise headed our way. I mean my goodness…wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that just about everyday.
2. Alright. Time to lineup with some runners to run some miles. Let’s size up a few of these folks. She looks like she might beat me. This one, not so much.
3. Everyone looks nervous.
4. Okay two minutes to go. GPS signal ON.
6. What if stuff goes wrong today? What if it ALL GOES WRONG? What if I start chafing in random places.
7. Nah, I’m good.
8. I’ve totally got this.
9. Okay gun has gone off and we are rollin’.
10. This sand is super runnable. Way more runnable than predicted.
11. People actually DRIVE over this sand it is so packed. That is pretty cool.
12. I wonder what would happen if I just became a beach bum and lived here the rest of my life. Wouldn’t that be lovely.
13. Actually no, it wouldn’t. Because hurricanes.
14. Dang it, that sunrise. I have to stop taking pictures.
15. Totally pass that chick, she started out way too fast.
16. Chill out girl, 48 miles to go.
17. Okay…aid station time. They have all the goodies like at trail runs. I’ll have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
18. MMM Coca cola. It tastes so much better during a run for some reason. Otherwise I never drink the stuff.
19. Need a little caffeine boost.
20. Mile 10. A runner guy asks me how I’m doing. Um. So we are at mile 10, dude. TOO EARLY TO DETERMINE.
21. Time to turn around and head back. By the time I’m back I’ll be at 20.
22. Got DANG. This is a long ass stretch.
23. Like really, really long.
24. Okay. One foot in front of the other. Eat. Drink. Be merry.
25. Mile 20. I feel alright.
26. It’s getting a little hot.
27. That sun is relentless.
28. Maybe it was a bad idea to “TAN” during a 50 mile run.
29. Nah, I’m good.
30. Hit that marathon mark. Keep it moving.
31. Dang it this is long stretch. Everyone looks tired.
32. There are a LOT of people walking. It’s a little too early to walk.
33. Mile 30. I feel like sh*t.
34. Whyyy. Body don’t fail me now.
35. I need a chair. And pickle juice.
36. Nothing tastes good. Nothing at all.
37. I guess I’ll eat half of this oreo. It’s all soft and wet and gross. Not sure why.
38. Okay, time to get up and go now. That electrolyte pill helped.
39. Time to head back. Mile 40 I am going to make you my b*tch.
40. Race director tells me I’m “doing good”. Not sure what that means. Probably I’m one of the lead females.
41. Okay one more out and back and then we are done. Done done done. Can’t wait to be done.
42. I need a drink. I wonder if that would give me a bit of mojo.
43. Keep moving. Drinks after.
44. Dang this is a long stretch.
45. Tired.
46. HOT.
47. Face is burning. Literally my skin is burning off of my face.
48. Mile 45. This sand is not feeling as runnable as it once was.
49. Time to turn around.
50. Home stretch. Hot, tired. Placed. Top female. Need a chair. NOW. Finito. YAAS.

What are some of your thoughts during a race/run? Any more ultrarunner unicorns out there?

Orion Ultra 50 Mile Recap.

Finally I am able to sit down and give you a full fledged recap from my 50 mile race! It was quite the weekend running along the gulf coast. I got a crazy dark tan (that I am now paying for…YES black people can get sunburned believe it or not), hung out with some of my Dallas Dirt Runner friends, and met LOTS of new fun people. Basically, race weekend perfection! Let’s recap a bit, shall we?

I made the 5 hour drive down to Surfside Beach on Friday…it was typical traffic getting down there but pretty much smooth sailing.

I absolutely love me some beach views (I feel like the sun and the water are my two favorite things in the universe) so I was super excited to do some running in a new place. Plus, with this race being sea level of course it is super flat. After running in Utah just a few short weeks ago this was just what I needed. I am also still in training for Brazos Bend 100 so I needed the mileage. I checked in, grabbed my race number and super cute fanny pack. Gotta love this.

Also my friends who came down to run the race made dinner that night. Vegan spaghetti with all of the fixins. They had their RV so they cooked up a good meal. It was everything. And hello, I will never EVER pass up a free dinner. Especially from runners who know good food. Yes.

I car camped, right on the BEACH since there was a lil campsite for us to set up shop. If you know trail runners at all you know they are super good at the whole camp vibe. I mean, they really do have it down to a science. Like GLAMP style. That is glamorous camping for those you you unaware. Me, not so much. I’m still learning. But it was great camping out there knowing I had so many other folks around me and there were porta potties and stuff around plus public showers.

My 50 mile race started right on time at 7 AM. The course was a 20 mile loop, so we did that twice, and then an out and back 5 miles to hit 50 for the day. That made it crazy easy because duh, you cannot get lost. Not even if you tried real hard. Plus, seeing all of my friends and being able to high five people as you go was just perfect. I loved it so much.

We started out with temps fairly warm in the high 70s, but lots of cloud cover and a light wind that kept you going. DANG it felt good in the morning. But I tell ya, as soon as that sun hit. It was game on. The sun came out with a vengeance and it did not let up. ALL DAY. Hours upon hours of running with the sun beating down on your face and back. Now that, posed a real challenge. But, like any experienced ultrarunner will tell you. It is all about that relentless forward motion. Shuffle if you must. Whatever you have to do. You keep your mind tough as nails, smile though pain, and keep it moving. There is something about that pain too, that being in the extreme highs and the lows, that keeps me coming back for more of the ultra distance.

I hit mile 30 and felt like this was the lowest point of my race. I reached an aid station and kind of saw stars for a second. I knew it was my blood sugar that dropped because, this has happened before at ultra races in these kind of extreme conditions. I immediately grabbed a salt pill at the aid station and had to park it and cool off for a few minutes. The aid helpers as well as a DDR friend were right there to assist with salty and sweet things. I grabbed some fuel, regrouped and was back on my way. My feet were heavy and I felt icky, but my spirit and mind were in it. So, I told myself…suck it up buttercup and keep it moving. Because that is what you do when you are invested, when you are in the game. Don’t stop. Get it get it.

My DDR friend saw me (her husband was out there also running) again and she told me that I looked way better and gave me some encouragement. It was just what I needed so I kept trucking. I hit the 40 mile mark and Rob Goyen (awesome race director from Trail Racing Over Texas) looked at the stats and told me…”CHELSEA you are doing great. You are rocking it. Keep going.” He didn’t tell me what place I was in. And I was glad for that. I kind of knew I was doing well placement wise but didn’t want to hear it at the time. I wanted to stay IN MY RACE. So I was happy he just gave me just enough info for me to keep moving. With that relentless forward motion.

Man, that last 10 miles felt like a death march. Again, the sun was beating down. The beach views were perfection. The beach itself was still open to the public, so there was lots to look at. People driving their cars up and down the packed sand. Random folks cheering me on. Mostly drunk folks. Hey, it was Saturday afternoon on the beach. But they were very kind drunk folks and very supportive. I even saw HORSES! Not sure what the horses were doing there. But that was fun. I never really got bored because simply there was so much to look at. Just hot. And humid. And tired. But, every time I got caught up in my pace slowing down because it was so hot or trying to calculate math in my head…the waves were there. Beach waves and sounds of nature to remind me to stay in the moment. To enjoy the water, the sand under my feet, the people all around me. Reminding me constantly to stay in the moment. To stay in the mile that I was in. And I did just that.

I saw that finish line and picked it up and finished strong. Rob looked at me and said “You did it! 2nd place female overall!!” and gave me my hip and groovy purple sand dollar for being a top finisher and my medal. Gosh those medals were so colorful and pretty. Of course I had to grab a pic.

So, overall great day at the Orion Ultra. 4th 50 miler down, another top finish win and keeping the training going strong for Brazos Bend 100. YES.

Stay present, run free. Run the mile you’re in always. Don’t get caught up in numbers. And DO YOU. Forever.

Why? Because nothing and no one else matters when you do what you love.

How was your weekend? Did you run a strong race or run you are proud of?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! It is a rainy…COLD…(yes, cold for real we went from 80s to 40s in a matter of hours- CRAY) but I am here to share last week’s running with you! I was fortunate to get in a total of 86.1 miles last week. So, hooray for that! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 5.22 miles before a busy workday. It felt good to get up early and get it in. I never regret that.
Monday PM- 2.02 miles to cool down after teaching class at gym. I decided not to really taper for the Orion Ultra last week, so I still got some double days in just made the double day runs a tad shorter. So that seemed to work out well.
Tuesday AM- 8.33 miles with the early run club. Some of them had a track workout on the agenda so I warmed up with a few miles on the track (threw strides in) then continued on with my usual route.
Tuesday PM- 2.22 miles after the gym splashing through puddles. This was not really a great run simply because I have a hard time running in this particular neighborhood in the dark. The gym that I teach at on this side of town is a tad sketchy and not only that there are SCARY dogs that like to run out in the middle of the street and chase you. So, that’s great.
Wednesday- 8.03 miles by the lake enjoying the view. Temps were quite lovely that morning although we had some rain coming it so it was quite humid but got the job done.
Thursday- 10.04 miles and the LAST RUN before my ultra!
Friday- REST DAY. Made the road trip down to the gulf coast for Saturday’s race. A runner friend made vegan spaghetti. YUM.

Saturday- ORION ULTRA! 50.01 miles done. Won second place female overall!! Recap to come.

Sunday- Drove back to Dallas. Glorious rest day felt like heaven. And yes my beach tan is everything.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Is it snowing where you are?
It was quite a shock to the body to go to the beach and come back to chilly temps I have to say. But I do have a killer tan.

Weekly Running Report.

Happiest of Mondays to ya! Hope you had a productive/rockin/fun weekend! I am here to recap last week’s 70 mile running week with you! Let’s get straight to it.

Monday AM- 5.13 miles in the morning right on the lake. Monday runs are always tough but once you get out the door you are good to go. And I always feel good when it’s done.

Monday PM- Yay for double run day. 2.2 miles after teaching at the gym. Winding down for the day.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles with the run club. We did hill repeats and then some. If I can be honest I really enjoy the challenge of hill repeats…it is like speedwork in disguise.

Tuesday PM- 3.01 sunset miles on double run day. Threw in some strides at the end.

Wednesday AM- 6.33 miles early am with a good running buddy. Don’t you just love those running friends that will get up to run with you ANY DAY of the week? They are a rare find. I’m lucky to have them.

Wednesday PM- Had to push double run day up to lunch time – 3.3 miles since I did a wine walk later on in the evening with my ladies. But at least it got done.

Wine walk was perfection.

Thursday AM- Due to said wine walk this run was at lunch haha. 4.31 miles in the hot hot heat and humidity. Yes it felt pretty much like summer all of last week.

Thursday PM- 3 miles at sunset after a long day at work. Unwinding with miles is the best.

Friday- 7.14 miles before the busy work day. I’ve started running on Fridays now and I really love it. Friday used to be rest day but now it is more like active recovery.

Saturday- 17.11 miles before mimosas, breakfast tacos and the POOL! Yes temps were humid and HOT once again and I was here for it. Enjoying a little bit more pool time while it lasts. Gotta love living in Texas in the fall.

Sunday- 10.3 miles with a good friend on the Katy Trail and through a gorgeous park. It was a great run and we had smoothies after and then I taught a spin class. Busy day.

And there you have it!

1 week out from the Orion 50 miler…! and yes, totally running it as a training run for this race. Gotta love ultra training.

How was your weekend? Did anyone run the CHICAGO MARATHON!? If so congrats!!

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun in store for the weekend! This week has been absolutely so super busy on the work front so I’m looking forward to a weekend full of running and r&r! Let’s get straight to my faves from this week.

Friday early RUNrise. What is funny about this run is that I jacked up my alarm for this morning and ended up missing the 5 AM group run (oops)- soooo I just ran at 6 something, solo by my favorite lake. And you know what? It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Like I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Especially the way this week has been. I needed the solo time. So, thank you baby Jesus for letting me slow down, sleep in a bit. And not rush off to the next destination. Just step outside my door to run and reflect. Good looking out.

Hold Fast to What is Good. Love this so much.

Mexican zucchini? Where do I sign up.

French woman share what they eat in a day. I mostly just like the fact that they don’t shy away from carbs. All the good things in moderation. All about it.

This post- It takes a village- my stupid crazy solo hundo. Um…could we talk about taking DEDICATION to a whole ‘nother level. And the cool part is that I know some of the pacers and that paced this lady. Freaking awesome. I love my trail running/ultrarunning community.

Have a great weekend!

What is on tap for your weekend?
Running, play time, relax time.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy random thoughts Thursday!! I’m here to share some rants/raves/confessions in no particular order today! So step right up and let’s get straight to it…

Some days I really wish I could just blast my music in the office while working. But since I can’t usually when I’m working I keep my headphones on. Since I write/produce for a living (yes working in television can be fun sometimes…most times…I’m very blessed) I feel like music just really taps into my creative energy. I honestly don’t know what I would do without music.

The music choice of this morning is Michael Jackson. Sometimes I get in these music moods where I just only want to listen to one artist. Like all day long. Not sure why.

My 50 mile race is coming up and really I don’t think I will be tapering for it. Sorry not sorry. Really it is just a training run anyway. For this race. Yikes. I’m super excited and super freaked out to run my 2nd HUNDO.

I went out last night and while I had fun I am going to have to say that going out on a work night absolutely jacks my work day (the morning after) up. But…girl time and wine is always a good idea. No regrets.

Do y’all use WAZE? Everyone keeps telling me how great it is. And how it is better than google maps. I don’t have a huge opinion on it yet since I just downloaded the app to my phone. So I’ll have to give you a review on it next week.

Is anyone running the Chicago marathon this weekend!? It was my very first marathon 8 years ago. I kinda want to go back and run it…perhaps next year. It really is a great course and I’m so glad it was my 1st marathon experience. Back when there was no lottery. My how time flies and things change.

Oh and happy National Taco Day! I guess I need to celebrate…

What’s on your mind this week?

Weekly Running Report.

HAPPY OCTOBER! Hope you are having a great Monday. I’m here to recap some weekly miles as I train for this ultra. I was able to get in just over 77 miles of running last week!! It was a good time! Let’s check in and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 6.32 miles in the ‘hood. Monday mornings have not gotten any easier honestly but I’m always so happy to get any type of Monday morning run in after running lots on the weekend.

Monday PM- 2.02 mile run after teaching a class at the gym. Nice little cool down.

Tuesday AM- 7.32 miles with my morning run group. They did some track work as some of them are training for shorter races- so I did a warm up with them then went off on my own to finish the run.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles around the lake watching the sunset. It was super humid and buggy out but got it done.

Wednesday AM- 6.34 early miles followed up by some ice cold chocolate milk. It never stops being delicious.

Wednesday PM- 4.02 miles done. Double run day miles with WRRC.

Thursday- 8.02 miles of hill repeats early in the AM. Good fun going up and down the neighborhood streets with friends.

Friday- 20.2 miles BEFORE THE WORKDAY! I totally felt like a rockstar after this run. Friday might just be the new Saturday long run fun. Yes, work was quite interesting after that early start but I needed to get some back to backs in.

Also Friday night I made chicken & black bean enchiladas for you foodies out there who care. LOL. They were delish and definitely worked out as leftovers for some meals for the weekend. I had quite the appetite after that run.

Saturday– Back to back long run fun. 16.02 miles with WRRC. Legs actually felt good and it is always fun getting in long miles with fun people. And afterwards we went to a Halloween festival/haunted house park. Good times indeed.

Sunday- 4.7 miles nice and easy around the lake before watching some football. The sun was out and it was a beautiful morning.

And there you have it!

How was your week? Are you looking forward to any races coming up?
Orion 50 miler, then the Brazos Bend 100 in December.