TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday!! Hope you have some fun in store for the weekend. My weekend is shaping up to be a rather busy one! Run with my group tomorrow, subbing a spin class, brunch with a friend, birthday party…hopefully I will find some time to take a power nap. Or several power naps. We shall see.

Without further ado let’s get to this week’s faves!

4 pieces of marathon training advice from Jordan Hasay. Honor YOUR training needs. Love it.

I am super getting excited about fall fashions. How cute are these bootie wedges? I think I need them in my life right about now.

10 refreshing smoothie recipes. Also, have you tried my runner’s pina colada?! That one never lets me down.

Running balls to the wall. We all have our bad days and races but I lovelovelove her attitude oh so much.

-And finally this. A little funny for your Friday.

Have a good one! Be good or be good at it.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Tell me something else random about your day. I like randomness.
I’m listening to “Rump Shaker” right now on Spin Cycle radio as I type. Haven’t heard this song in a MINUTE.


Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there and happy hump day! I’ve got some hot tracks and throwbacks for your workouts today!! Plus of course a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors!

Be sure to check me out on Spotify where I post workout playlists on a weekly basis! You can also find my teaching schedule here. I’ve added some classes also where I’ll be guest teaching in the next few weeks!

Let’s go for a ride!

Snack- Ms Banks, Kida Kudz: Warm up
Loco Contigo- DJ Snake, J Balvin, Tyga: Accelerations
Pure Water- Migos: Rolling hills
Put Your Drinks Up- Tony Junior, STUK: Tapbacks
Goin’ In- J Lo, Flo Rida: Seated/standing run
Grapevine- Tiesto: Hill climb
The Anthem- Pitbull, Lil Jon: Tapbacks
Side to Side- Ariana Grande: Hill climb
Simon Says- Megan Thee Stallion: Sprints
Werk- CID: Active recovery
I Got Love- Don Diablo: Rolling hills
Alright- Kendrick Lamar: Jumps on a hill
Wait a Minute- The Pussycat Dolls, Timbaland: Rolling hills
Addicted to a Memory- Zedd, Bahari: Sprints
No Limit- G-Eazy, Asap Rocky, Cardi B: Hill climb
Easy (Unplugged)- Danileigh: Cool down

What songs are on your workout playlists this week?
Tell me something about your day that is RANDOM today!!
This black coffee that I’m drinking at the current moment is absolute perfection.

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Hello Fall, Sweet Spot and Wknd Recap.

Hiya there! Hope your Monday is going great! BTW it feels awesome outside…finally sorta feels like fall in Texas! Today is a little crazy in my world but I thought I’d stop in for a quick update from the weekend. Let’s recap!


It’s actually pretty funny because looking back on my previous weekend recaps I noticed I usually always start my recap with Saturday as opposed to Friday night? I’m actually not sure how much you care about my Fridays though because honestly they are so freaking uneventful. They usually consist of me being in bed by like 7 or 8 pm since I get up so early on Saturday morning to run. Hashtag the life of a distance runner during marathon training season. I kind of love it though.


So fast forward to Saturday morning I was up early for a 14 mile run in the ‘hood. Quick cutback week before I ramp back up to my last 20 miler of the training season. It was crazy humid, but not as hot thankfully since we started around 5 a.m. Got it in and it felt good to get this run out of the way.


Post run eats…acai bowl with kiwis and bananas on top. I’m experimenting with different fruits. This is one of my favorite acai bowl combos so far.


Saturday night I stayed out way too late with friends so I slept in and went out for a lunch run after the rain. So thankful for the rain we’ve had lately because it is really cooling things off. Finally I think fall is paying us a visit down in Texas. 10k Sunday.


61.4 miles last week and I’m feeling like I’m in my sweet spot for weekly mileage. I may try to max out at 70 something miles again this training season before the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Then I have a couple of smaller races to knock out before the Dallas Marathon in December. Oh yeah baby! Fall and winter racing season is the absolute best.


How was your weekend? Are the leaves changing in your neck of the woods?
Haha…barely. We still have a lot of green down here.

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Crazy Hot Runs and You vs. You.

It was an 8 mile morning with a seriously stunning sky…those clouds I tell ya. Quite mesmerizing & and worth getting up early for.

2016-08-09 07.32.55

So yesterday I got real crazy and decided to do a bit of a double run day…10k in the morning and 4 super HOT miles right after work. Yep…with triple digit temps! Most of this run was in the shade so that actually helped a great deal. But the sadistic part of me actually enjoyed pushing through with the sun beating down on me! I can’t say I’ll do it often but I have a feeling I’m going to be super ready for some summer races I have coming up. Good times.


I’m on Strava now and I was super excited to log these runs yesterday with the run club. I actually ended up on the leaderboard for the day for just a bit! That was kinda cool. I’ll definitely have to do a Strava review soon. A lot of my friends that run with Garmin connect seem to love it too because your data will download straight to the app.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.01.21 AM

So along with being back in a running group and on a social networking site where you share ALL of your running info comes a bit of healthy competition. And I say healthy because in general most folks in running groups are supportive of one another and their goals. I am always working on reminding myself that it’s me vs. me…always. I do feel so blessed though that I’ve found a group of runners that I can call my extended family. These guys are awesome at pushing me and holding me accountable. I’ve also made some great girlfriends who I have shared countless miles, vino and girl talk with. For that I am forever grateful.


This year I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish before the end of the year (and a few that I’ve already knocked down…aka my very first 50 miler in May) so I’d like to continue to stay motivated by getting more involved in my running community.

But I think for me there will always be an element of wanting to do more. Running a few ultras has made me really excited about pushing my limits further this year. At the end of the day someone will always be speedier, jump higher etc. Social networking makes this even more real. As runners we should always remember that we are on our own individual journeys and to stick close to those people that motivate and encourage you to be and do your best. Do away with the rest and just do you. For me that has always been the key to staying in love with running.


Comparison will take your joy if you let it…so always remember to keep that joy and focus on doing you. And always be encouraging and supportive of others. Nuff said.

Have you used the Strava app? If you’re training for something…how is it going so far?

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Weds Spin Playlist.

I got in some awesome hilly miles this morning with my breakfast running club crew. Seriously though, check out this sky! Unreal. Thanks mother nature for providing us with some lovely scenery.

2016-06-15 07.39.18

You know what they say about hills…they are speedwork in disguise. Gotta love it.


Let’s get to this week’s spin playlist! I’ve got some fun songs to make you move and groove out on those roads or on that bike.

Enjoy the ride!

For Free- DJ Khaled feat Drake: Warm up
All in My Head- Fifth Harmony: Jumps
Good Kisser- Usher: Climb 5/6/7
Bun Up the Dance- Dillon Francis: Tapbacks
Cool for the Summer- Demi Lovato: Sprints
Call Me When it’s Over- Rockie Fresh: Climb 6/7/8
Saw it Coming- G-Eazy feat Jeremih: Climb 7/8/9/10
Hoohah- Fox Stevenson & Curbi: Reverse climb
Mr. Postman- Baltimore Club Music: Accelerations
Wicked- Future: Active recovery
What’s My Name- Snoop Dogg: Rolling hills
Turbulence- Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke: Team sprints
Talking Body- Tove Lo: Jumps
Body High- Mike Taylor: Rolling hills
Work- Missy Elliot: Standing sprints
9- Willow Smith feat SZA: Cool down

What songs are you working out to this week?

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Birthday RUNrise and Just Checking In.

Just checking in with you today via my cell phone! I am off work today on my birthday (woot woot) & using this day to relax, pamper myself & get some glorious miles in! 8 mile runrise this morning & then I’ll be running around the lake at lunch with friends. I hope to end the day with an ice cold margarita!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Tell me something happy about your day today??

Running, good friends, & a pretty sky before the rain!2016-04-26 07.50.32

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20 Miles, Spring Flowers and Easter Wknd Recap.

Hello there! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I am ready for a new work week. Hopefully it will be a good one. I know it will definitely be a busy one too but…we got this. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.

I taught my spin class and got in a wonderful kettlebell workout this morning. This is a great one to do if you are strapped for time. And honey, kettlebells ain’t no joke! My upper body is feelin’ it. I am in love with those Russian swings.

2016-03-28 09.05.53

Let’s recap a bit of the Easter weekend, shall we?

So Saturday…I was back out on the roads for a 20 miler with the Irving Running Club crew. I ran with a few folks that were doing their longest run EVER! Some of us are training to run the Irving Marathon in a few short weeks. I will be an official 26.2 pacer for that race so it was fun to get the miles in preparing for another pacing opportunity.


I tell you what…these long miles go by so much faster if you are running with some fun people.

2016-03-26 12.21.04

That evening was real chill…me and man friend went to meet up with friends out at Trinity Groves in Dallas…at this new to me place called LUCK…Local Urban Craft Kitchen. They have all of these different beers and wines on tap, as well as some yummy eats. I loved the chipotle brussels sprouts and cider from the Bishop Cider Company.


Sunday was church, brunch and family time. I slept in until about 8 or so then ran 8 easy recovery miles in the ‘hood. The springtime flowers are really starting to bloom in my neck of the woods.


I had brunch with mama at Eddie V’s in Uptown Dallas…mimosas, shrimp and grits. The seafood there is super fresh and on point.


We also got to see my Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! I was excited to see this movie but will admit I kind of had low expectations…but the sequel was actually really funny and entertaining! Almost as good as the first one. I definitely recommend seeing it if you want a good laugh.

And ending the weekend in the best way possible…peaceful moment with a glass of red zinfandel. Cheers.


How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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Summer Solstice Party and Wknd Recap.

Happy summer to you! My weekend was filled with lots of hot weather fun…playing outside, running in the sunshine…and fun times with friends.


Let’s do a quick recap! I started things off on Saturday morning with a nice 12 mile run by the lake. Followed up with some burpees and core work afterwards. Man…it was crazy humid all weekend. With the tropical storm that came in a few days ago we still had some left over drizzles. But it did cool things down just a tad and brought in a small breeze.


I ran a few errands, went to Saturday night church and later that evening went to a Yelp Summer Solstice party in the heart of Dallas. Gorgeous sunset with some lovely people.


We were decked out in all white…lookin fly.


The event had 3 floors of food, drinks, fun and even a DJ and some cirque du soleil / acro yoga action on the rooftop. Truly awesome.


Sunday I kinda slept in (which felt amazing) then got in a recovery run to the tune of 7 miles. Just enjoying the nice breeze in my Jalapeño Half shirt. That medal ranks up there as one of my faves.


Then a little grocery store shopping at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Did I tell you Cotton Candy grapes are BACK?!? Don’t tell everyone…we want them all to ourselves. It will be a secret between you and me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 8.43.58 AM

Oh and I got to chat on the phone with my sweet Dad who lives in Houston. I sent him a Starbucks gift card for Father’s Day. That’s right…he loves coffee just as much as I do.


How was your weekend? What new foods have you discovered at the grocery store?


How to Survive the Summer Running Season.

With the Runner’s World run streak going on as well as just folks trying to stay fit in general…I thought it would be a good time to go over some vital things to know when it comes to running in the hot summer months!


Invest in some dri fit clothing. T-shirts, shorts and even socks that wick the moisture sure do make all the difference. I like to make sure I have a ton of light colored tank tops and even bright colored shorts in the summer time. Being outside for hours on end…you will be very happy that you didn’t wear black! Neon is the new black, anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.56.16 AM

Wear sunscreen. I love the spray kind too as it’s just easier to mist on and go. And it does not matter about your pigmentation. Black people burn too!! Just being real. I have had many a sun burn in my day. Haha. Believe it. I love this one below but any other kind that says ‘sport’ or ‘active’ on it will do.


Bug spray doesn’t hurt, either. Texas is known for it’s mosquitoes around this time of year. OFF can be your best friend in the summer time.

Hats, sunglasses, visors…protect yourself against those rays.

Electrolytes. I think salt tabs are excellent things to carry in your spi belt for the marathon training runs. You lose a ton of salt when you run long distance (more than you think) so don’t underestimate this. Accelerade, gatorade and other drinks are helpful too. Mix it in some of your water in your sports bottles. I have had some wicked leg cramps simply because I did not hydrate as much as I thought I did on the run.


Leading up to a HOT summer race, cut back on those things that dehydrate you…like alcohol and coffee. Keep water handy by your desk at work…this helps me to gulp it down.

Get up EARLY. This is an easy one for me but I know it is not for everyone. Get some shut eye so you can wake up rested and ready to go. The earlier you can get up and knock out that long run before that sun hits hard, the better! It sure does make all the difference!


What are some things you do to survive the summer running season?