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Virtual Coffee Date.

I am at my desk sipping on my almond milk chai and thinking about the fact that we haven’t done a VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE in a while! I used to do these all of the freaking time and got away from it. So guess what, we are bringing it all the way back! So, let’s pretend we are on the patio on a breezy afternoon (like it is in Texas today) chatting and catching up. I love me some parlaying on the patio.

If we were on a virtual coffee (or chai, or wine) date…I’d tell you…

Work lately has been a little hectic as I’ve been juggling many tasks but I do enjoy the multi-tasking of it all. Having a big work load is not always fun but it does make the days fly by at times. So I am thankful for that. And also SO VERY thankful I can at least say I am employed at this time. With a job I’m very good at (celebrating 11 years in August, baby!) and pays the bills. Hallelujah and thank you baby Jesus.

I’ve been mixing up my run routes lately and enjoying that very much. I mean I literally have to change things up on a weekly basis right now because otherwise running alone all the time gets super dull. I will say I love doing the Saturday runs with a buddy (just 1 buddy for now due to all of the social distancing stuff) because it makes things more interesting. Also having someone to talk to makes all the difference on a run that’s 15 miles or more.

Today I had an odd hankering for Mediterranean food (hummus to be exact) and I tried out a family owned spot. Trying to support local during these times. It was just okay. The tabbouleh was AMAZING but the hummus left much to be desired. I probably need to just make my own. That’s always the best.

I signed up for an Amazon prime membership (free trial for now) and I’m loving all the perks. Makes me wonder why I’ve been holding off all these years on getting an account. I do end up just thinking about random things I could buy during the day though and end up ordering stuff. Granted, it’s essential items for the house but WAY too easy to just spend money on things when you have the *VIP* version of Amazon. Ha.

It’s hard to be runner during a whole pandemic when you have allergies. I’m sorry innocent bystander that I sniffled. I guarantee you it is not because of the ‘Rona. Also I try to hold it but sometimes the pollen does not care and neither does grass. Or ragweed. I love spring but ready for allergy season to be over.

You know what workout that I really miss? Tae-Bo. I used to do Billy Blanks workouts in my living room and just pop in those tapes in my VCR and go to town. Maybe I can find some of his old workouts on Youtube? HMMM.

What would you share if you were on a coffee date with me? I love a good rant.

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Virtual Coffee Date.

Hey there! Hope your Thursday is rockin’ and rollin’. Or should I say Friday eve! I thought it would be a good day for a virtual coffee date. Or hey, wine or kombucha…whatever is your drink of choice. So pull up a seat, grab that beverage and let’s get it going.

If we were having a virtual coffee/wine/kombucha date, I’d tell you…

That work has been absolutely hectic and I am ready for a beach vacation. One of my besties, Tracy and I are headed down 45 south to Galveston this weekend for a race-cation! Hello Divas Half Marathon. As some of you know I am an ambassador for this race so it will be a good one. This is totally just a ‘fun run’ for me. We got an AirBnB condo right on the beach all to ourselves so it is going down. Perfect way to celebrate my pre birthday weekend (my b-day is April 26th).

I am actually so excited and ready to embrace turning 33 next week. I think being in your 30s is such an empowering, amazing time in your life and I really feel like I’ve grown into my own skin, so to speak. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs the last few years but it feels amazing to be in the place I’m in right now, at this very moment.

Have you tried the Cherry Blossom wine from Trader Joe’s? It’s such a great pinot noir with an excellent price tag too. If you have a TJ’s in your area, you must check it out.

I’ve been loving going to different parks to explore after work lately. It is kind of like my way to unwind from the work day when I am not teaching classes at the gym.

For all of my guilty pleasure Bravo TV watchers, did you watch the RHOA reunion? It was so juicy…4 part series so I am looking forward to catching up on part 2 when it airs. Also…Sweet Home Oklahoma. Hilarious show. I will be catching up on that tonight so do not tell me about the latest episode.

What would you tell me if we were having a coffee/wine/kombucha date?