Weekly Running Report.

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday to you. I’m here to recap last week’s running with you. Lots of miles in the Texas sunshine – Just over 73 miles to be exact! Let’s get to it.

Monday AM- 7.12 lunchtime miles. Lots of running in the shade which was marvelous. Someone on my Strava even commented why I take nature photos with so many trees. HA. Now you know why. It’s pretty much summer in Texas and I love my shade.

Monday PM- 2.21 miles, 7:54 pace before teaching a class at the gym. Waking up the body and mind before I had to go be all peppy fitness instructor. Fun.

Tuesday- Early miles with the run club. 10.20 miles total. Cloudy and humid but a nice breeze. I was loving it.

Wednesday AM- 8.08 morning miles. It felt good to get up early on this day and get it in. Just rocking out to my jams. I honestly truly value the solo run time.

Wednesday PM- 4.10 miles, 95 degrees out, 8:15 pace. Not sure how but somehow I got it done. It was nice to get some happy miles in after work. Love my double run days.

Thursday AM- 10.30 run club miles. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday and then get coffee after. It is absolutely glorious. Plus you can’t go wrong with a nice sunrise.

Thursday PM- Another 4.10 miles before the gym. I wanted to get this one in before my rest day which I was really looking fwd to on Friday.

Friday- REST DAY. I checked my mailbox on this day and found out I received new kicks courtesy of Brooks Running! Love representing them and their awesome brand. I was so excited to slip these babies on for the weekend. Glycerin 15s for the win.

Saturday- 15.05 miles super early in the morning before yoga with my long run buddy Tracy. We are both thinking of signing up for the Dallas Marathon again in December and I have a couple of other races in mind. But running in my hometown is always fun. This was a good run and we found some awesome hills in our neighborhood.

Sunday AM- 11.11 miles at White Rock Lake. Everyone was out and about especially the dad bikers on Father’s Day.

Sunday PM- Decided since Strava is doing their ‘MyMile’ challenge and to put in my bid for some fly running kicks I would attempt a PR at the mile distance. And I did it! It was about 90 degrees out and I don’t know how but somehow I managed. It felt good to knock it out. Especially after running all of these ultras…it’s nice to know I still have some speed on my legs.

I also did a little grocery shopping…peaches just smell so fantastic this time of year.

And there you have it!

How was your week in running last week? How was your weekend?

Weekly Running Report.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and were able to get in some fun in the sun! Let’s recap some of last week’s running. I bumped it back up with a grand total of 70.4 miles last week! On to the recap.

Monday- Post marathon recovery day after my PR at Rock n Roll San Diego. Didn’t do much but stretching on this day since I was traveling. It was quite nice.

Tuesday- Back home, 10.01 miles at a very slowish pace on my day off. Nice and easy recovery running…motion is lotion, as they say.

Wednesday AM- 8.10 lunchtime miles in the shade. I’ll take every little bit of shade that I can get since it is heating up outside. But I’m kind of starting to love the balmy weather.

Wednesday PM- 3.02 miles since I got off work fairly early. Just killing a little time in the evening. Felt good to get back to running twice a day.

Thursday AM- 10.08 miles with the Irving Running Club crew. Talk about a pretty sunrise. I am in love. It was nice and cool and breezy that morning too.

Thursday PM- 2.02 warm up miles, 7:50 pace before teaching a class at the gym. Waking the legs up from the work day.

Friday AM- 7.02 morning miles. It felt kind of odd to run on Friday since this is usually my day off but since I took off on Monday I thought I would run. We had a wild Texas storm come through towards the end of this run so the last mile was done literally in circles in the parking garage. HA. Gotta love that.

Friday PM- 4.02 miles after work. Usually my Fridays are pretty tame so I got my nails done and then did some sunset running in the park.

Saturday- 16.11 early miles with Tracy. It was fun running with my buddy again and catching up. We always have the best girl talk that is for sure. 

Sunday- 10.02 solo miles at White Rock Lake. I did this run in the afternoon and it was fairly warm out so I was surprised to see so many folks out and about. Little kiddos selling lemonade and treats, sailboats, bikers and just causal walkers. Great people watching situation.

Of course, running is always the icing on the cake when there’s brunch involved on that same day. Avocado and eggs for the win.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?
Running, party on Saturday night, brunch, and lots of sunshine.

New PR! Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon 2017 Recap.

Happy Global Running Day!! You guys, this week has been quite the whirlwind. But I am back from my long weekend in beautiful San Diego, California! I almost did not want to come back to Dallas because I was having so much fun. Anyway, let’s recap the marathon a bit, shall we?

I flew into San Diego on Saturday and immediately made my way to the expo to get my goodies. Of course I had to stop at the Brooks Running center to check out the latest and greatest in running gear.

I even ran into my homeboy Meb, fantastic super human Olympian! I met him in Dallas at a UCan event years ago so it was great to hang with him again for a bit.

And alas my running blogger boos Fallon and Mai! We have been reading each others blogs for a while now so it was so great to run into them. Hashtag I’m kind of jealous that they are originally from California and get to run here all of the time.

The next morning I got my bib on and made my way out to Balboa Park. It was a 6:15 a.m. start which is pretty early but with the time change I was wide awake and ready to get going.

I started things off just running by feel, since honestly I did not know what to expect with this race. As most of you know I just ran the 50 miler a few short weeks ago, and have been keeping my weekly mileage fairly high. I knew for sure I was in better shape than when I ran this same marathon last year. So I expected to hopefully have a faster time than last year. But as far as a legit PR, I was doubtful. The full marathon course is tough, going up an intense hill at mile 23 that is basically relentless. A lot of people choose the half over the 26.2 distance for this race because of that very hill. But, I was ready to take on the challenge since I’ve been doing lots of hill training.

The first half of the race I ran pretty conservatively, finishing at the half mark at 1:49 and some change. After the half mark there are some elevation changes and eventually we end up in Mission Bay, which is a great view of the beach and lots of folks out there to cheer us on. I was starting to feel tired around this point which was after mile 18 or so but I kept on trucking because I knew that giant hill up the highway was coming.

On the highway lots of folks start walking but I just kept my head down and knew it would be over soon. Then the course kind of does a bit of a downhill on back into downtown. Lots of spectators here. I looked down at my watch and saw that I had plenty of time and I was actually going to PR. What a thrill that was! I was definitely not expecting to run my fastest ever marathon on this course. Hallelujah. All of the blood sweat and tears is paying off.

3:45:40 finish, 8:37 pace, feeling good feeling great. On a hard ass course! Hey buddy, I will take it.

Celebration with wine was definitely in order. Cheers to life.

How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this upcoming weekend?
Pool time, some hot runs in the sun and catching up with friends. Bring on summer.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey friends! Hope you had a marvelous long weekend. I am definitely looking forward to a rather short work week leading up to the Rock n Roll San Diego marathon (26.2 number 26!) next Sunday! So looking forward to this race-cation and going back to Cali to get away for a bit.

Let’s recap some of last week’s miles, shall we?

Monday AM- 7.27 miles at lunch time. Hot and humid miles with lots of shade. I am discovering new trails and hidden pathways along my route and I kind of love it.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles, 7:39 pace. Warm up before teaching a class at the gym. Uneventful. Sweaty, but pretty uneventful nonetheless.

Tuesday AM- 10.21 miles with the Irving Running Club. Of course I do a few miles with them and then some on my own. I really haven’t tapered much for this upcoming marathon simply because I don’t really care or want to. Clearly. Hashtag ultrarunners run marathons too.

Tuesday PM- Another 3.02 mile warm up before the gym. Honestly it helps me to get a quick run in before teaching classes because I simply am tired from the work day and it perks me up. I love it.

Wednesday AM- 8.02 miles again at lunch. Kept it around an hour so working on pushing it a bit in the heat.

Wednesday PM- 5.05 miles in the evening with a beautiful butterfly sighting at the end of my route.

Thursday AM- Ran with the club again. I love being able to get 10.07 miles in before 7 a.m.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles before the gym. Not much else to say about that.

Friday- REST DAY. A legit one. Yes, I was on a running streak there for a bit but since I teach classes at the gym I really crave at least 1 day off.

Saturday- 14.02 miles at White Rock Lake. I slept in and started extra late so the humidity was off the charts. Good run though and despite it being nearly 90 degrees I kept it at an 8 something minute pace.

Sunday- 7.10 Sunday funday runday miles before celebrating my homegirl Tracy’s birthday. Sushi, vino and some poolside chillin the next day. Perfect weekend for the pool for sure.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! How was your weekend? Hope you were able to get in some fun in the sun!! I’m here to recap last week’s mileage – 71.7 miles of running last week! This is a bit of a step back in weekly miles lately, but I still managed to get some strong runs in! Let’s review.

Monday AM- 7.11 lunchtime miles in the straight up sunshine. It has been getting super warm lately but there is just something about getting a good run in during the workday. The gym is next door so I pop in the shower real quick after and head back.

Tuesday AM- 10.06 miles with the Irving Running Club crew. Fairly uneventful run and my legs were still tired from the Hachie 50. But I got it in.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles at a 7:45 pace before teaching a class at the gym. Somehow my legs woke up during the day and I had a bit left in the tank.

Wednesday AM- 10.22 morning miles with the bae. He did a shorter run then I did the rest on my own. Love running through the trees out in my ‘hood.

Wednesday PM- 2.21 miles shaking the legs out from the work day. It was hot out and pretty much all I had time for but it felt good to wake the legs up.

Thursday AM- 11.01 miles at the early bird club run. Lots of fun girl talk with the ladies that join us in the morning. Usually the guys just run off when we start gossiping. HA. Love my IRC crew.

Thursday PM- 3.02 miles since I had some time to kill before the gym. Again, pretty uneventful and pretty hot. I did have some amazing tunes to rock out to thanks to Spotify.

Friday- REST DAY. Took a half day to help hottie man friend pick out his new car. Gotta love a fly new ride and that new car smell.

Saturday- 15.02 miles, 8:47 pace. Me and hottie man friend went out to White Rock Lake for a long run. He did a few miles with me and that helped time go by a lot faster. We made it just in time for a little post run yoga.

Post long run eats. Turkey burgers and roasted taters and veggies. Cooking with the bae is the best. I see a spin off blog coming.

Sunday- 10.07 miles before celebrating mama’s day with this beautiful lady!

We did brunch and then jetted off to the Dallas Arboretum.

Awesome day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Any new songs I need to be running to?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! Hope you had a terrific weekend. I am here to recap last week’s mileage with you! I’ve got a few items up my sleeve ultrarunning wise so training has really been on point as of late. I put in whopping a total of 90.7 miles last week! Let’s recap it, shall we?

Monday AM- I was actually in Galveston on Monday morning after this race so me and my homegirl Tracy ran 6.02 miles before getting back on the road. Beautiful running along the beach is my absolute fave.

Monday PM- 4.11 miles back in Dallas. It was a nice way to wind down from the weekend and I was pretty spent and went to bed pretty early after that.

Tuesday- 8.11 lunchtime miles. It was pretty warm and fairly humid as per usual this time of year in Texas. I like to push myself through the heat though. It’s great not only physically but mentally to run sometimes in such conditions.

Wednesday- My 33.02 mile birthday run! I took the day off from work on my birthday and went to White Rock Lake after the morning rain. Just rocking out to my music and doing some people watching. There were lots of mamas out with running strollers and such since it’s in a beautiful part of Dallas. I also saw a man walking his dog AND his pig at the same time. I can’t make this stuff up, ya’ll.

Thursday- 10.01 miles in the morning with the run club. I did a few miles with them then the rest on my own.

Thursday PM- I had time to kill before I taught an evening class at the gym. 2.21 miles just warming the legs up after a long day at the 9 to 5.

Friday- REST DAY. A much needed one, clearly.

Saturday- 16.10 miles with Tracy. It was 100% humidity and we were both kind of dragging but it got done.

Sunday- 11.12 windy recovery miles with my neighbor Scott. Scott is a pretty interesting guy who is also my neighbor and he’s thru hiked both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. You know, like that lady off of ‘Wild’? Talk about goals right there. He’s also a badass runner. And a cook. Sweet potato skillet with grass-fed organic meat and peppers and veggies. We had brunch and I borrowed a book from his library. I’ve been meaning to read this one.

And there you have it!

How was your week in running last week?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi, hey and hello to you! Hope you had a terrific Easter weekend! Mine consisted of all of the things I love the most…friends, brunch, fun and of course running! I was able to get in 79.1 miles of running last week. I am tapering just a bit for my upcoming Divas Half Marathon. Anyway, let’s do a quick recap!

Monday AM- 8.10 miles at lunchtime. It was pretty warm and humid in the afternoons all week long last week. I’m definitely going to have to start shifting back to early Monday mornings as we transition into summer training.

Tuesday AM- 10.31 miles with my Irving Running Club. Still hosting the morning runs and it is going well so far. I did most of my miles with them and then a little more on my own.

Tuesday PM- 4.02 miles, 7:42 overall pace. It felt good to get in a faster (for me) run despite the humidity. And especially after the 10 mile run that morning the legs were still feeling strong.

Wednesday AM- 7.16 miles around lunchtime, work was crazy last week. I got some much needed rest and then ran when I had a little down time. Again, humid and very sweaty but it got done.

Wednesday PM- 3.02 miles to hit double digits on double run day. I discovered a new to me park in the area that is absolutely beautiful! It kind of felt like I wasn’t in DFW anymore. I’ll have to make a point to head back out to this park very soon and run some awesome hills.

Thursday AM- We had a great turnout for the morning club run. 12.12 miles total. I think people are trying to avoid the heat and humidity later in the day. I always love when we have a decent size early bird group.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles because I had a little time in the day before I taught class that night at the gym. 15.15 miles total for the day.

Friday- REST DAY for running. This was more of an active recovery day because I took a spin class that night at CycleBar. Glow sticks and a live DJ…come on, how do you resist that?

Saturday- 20.02 mile run with my neighbor in the ‘hood. I was glad to get in another solid training run as I’m running an ultra 2 weeks after the Divas Half. I’ll do one more big run like this before Hachie 50.

Sunday- 11.31 miles on Easter Sunday. My mom gave me an Easter basket! You are never too told for Easter baskets, in my opinion.

And there you have it!

How was your Easter weekend? Did you spend time with the fam?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I am here to recap last week’s running! 82.7 miles of ultra training and the body is feeling good! Let’s review.

Monday AM- 8.25 miles at lunchtime. The weather was pretty much perfection for most of last week so just enjoying the sunshine and spring flowers.

Monday PM- 3.03 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Yes, extra daylight means enjoying a little extra time outside. People watching while running is the best.

Tuesday AM- 11.18 miles in the morning with the Irving Running Club crew. I ran a few miles with them and then the last few on my own.

Tuesday PM- 2.02 mile warm up before teaching at the gym. 7:39 pace. It feels good to get back to being speedy again after all of this ultra training.

Wednesday AM- 10.13 miles at 6 am with my neighbor. Lovely sunrise coming off of the lake. It’s funny how now 10 miles in the morning just feels like nothing. I kind of love it.

Wednesday PM- 3.05 miles getting the legs moving from a long busy day at work. Running can be marvelous stress relief I tell ya.

Thursday AM- 10.26 IRC miles. Love my morning club runs…I honestly sometimes don’t know how I’d get all these miles in without this wonderful crew.

Thursday PM- Quick 3.27 mile warm up before the gym. The weather was again fantastic and we did get some cloud cover. Most times that is all I can ask for!

Saturday- 16.16 miles before yoga. I did tons of hills and the run itself was quite windy! But the sunrise was super fantastic.

Ah yes, post run stretch at Jade and Clover. They have yoga on a weekly basis now and they did a class with a hip hop/gangsta rap vibe! Kind of fun to stretch while rocking out to some Snoop Dogg.

Sunday AM- 11.27 early Sunday miles with my neighbor. And hey, miles are way better when there’s homemade brunch at the end of it.

Sunday PM- 4.11 sunset run because I wanted to push past that 80 mile mark for the week. Hey, just being honest.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?
Lots of running, brunch, cousin’s birthday, Deep Ellum Arts Festival.

Weekly Running Report.

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday! I am here to recap last week’s running on mileage Monday. Just over 81 miles last week! That’s the most I have done in quite a while. I should be good and ready for Hachie 50 in May! Plus a few other spring races that I have on tap.

Let’s get to it!

Monday AM- 7.21 miles at a 8:43 pace. It was a nice and beautiful spring day with all of the flowers blooming. Perfect way to kick off the work week.

Monday PM- 3.02 mile cool down enjoying the sunset after I taught a class at the gym. I kind of am loving the evening runs with the extra touch of daylight. Lots of folks out enjoying and it is always fun to people watch.

Tuesday AM- 11.05 mile run with the Irving Running Club. I always do a few miles with them and then finish up on my own. Since no one is crazy enough to do 11 miles with me I always end up on my own. HA. But it’s all good!

Wednesday AM- 8.28 easy miles solo in the ‘hood. Pretty overcast skies with the sounds of the city.

Wednesday PM- 3.03 miles before the gym. Pretty uneventful, was just killing time on this side of town before a 7:15 pm class. And of course, because it was wine Wednesday. I’m just saying.

Thursday AM- 10.12 miles at the early morning run club run. Taking it very easy. The runs towards the end of the week were super humid. Of course they were. It’s springtime in Texas!

P.S. Running 10 miles in the morning makes you do crazy things like eat an abundance of sushi for lunch. You have been warned.

Thursday PM- 4.02 miles before the gym! I had a little more time before teaching a class so decided to get it in.

Friday- REST DAY. I traveled with my trail running club to Oklahoma on this day to do a FREE race, the DanMan Challenge. We camped out at the ranch on Friday evening and ran the race on Saturday.

Saturday- 26.22 miles at the DanMan Challenge. So this guy, out of the kindness of his heart invites a bunch of trail runners to his property to run, you can choose from either a 10k/half marathon, marathon, or 50 miler. He is a runner as well (of course). Then afterwards there is a big party on his ranch with BBQ! Ya’ll, it was the most fun at a race I think I’ve ever had in life. Can’t wait to run it again next year. Of course this was just a training run for my ultra next month but I absolutely loved it. Trail running will always and forever have a place in my heart.

And this incredible woman, Maryann, who is 80 something years young also completed the marathon that day! Talk about #goals.

Sunday- 8.21 recovery miles with of course a RUNfie break. Because, why not.

And that’s a wrap!

How was your weekend? Tell me about your long run and/or racing adventures!

Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap.

Hope the sun is shining down your way and you’re having a great Monday! The weather is crazy beautiful in Dallas today. I am loving it! Let’s recap Sunday’s race, shall we?

As some of you know I was so thankful to get the opportunity thanks to Brooks to run the Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon on Sunday. I absolutely love this race and try to run it just about every year! Since completing a few ultras in the last year (50k, then my first 50 miler last May and my first 100 miler this past February) its funny because the 13.1 distance feels kind of short to me now. But that’s perfect because I was able to work on my speed and push the pace a bit!

I made my way to the health and fitness expo on Saturday to pick up my race swag. As always the expo is crazy packed with people so we made our way in and out of there. I am loving the race shirts this year with the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in the background. Nice little touch.

Race morning me and my homegirl Tracy hitched a ride with a sweet friend who offered to give us a ride to the race site. I was so very grateful for her friend for giving us the ride because the traffic and parking was crazy. We did a little warm up and of course had a little photoshoot, because that is what runners do.

We are kind of a big deal.

We lined up to the start and went our own ways. She is my training buddy but is a tad faster than me so I was off on my own. I turned my music up and was off. Coming off of running the 100 miler just last month I just knew I wanted to push the pace a bit and definitely try for sub 2 hours. I would have been happy with 1:59:59! I honestly did not taper AT ALL for this race. I just love to run and have been doing a lot of it. I got in a total of 67 miles last week, doing a few two a days. So I kind of wanted to test my legs and see how they would do without a taper.

Temps were soaring that day, getting into the 80s. Perfect poolside weather! But not the most ideal for racing. It was crazy humid too and the course is a tad hilly. So I had a few obstacles in my way but I did not give up and fought the heat and humidity. I had several miles well under a 8 minute pace but once we hit the hills at mile 8 combined with the temps I felt like toast. Then the race heads back downhill into downtown and I was able to pick back up where I’d left off with the pace. I honestly did not know how I’d do since I finished this race in 1:54 last year but I totally exceeded my expectations and ran it in under 1:50. Hello, 1:48:23! Course PR for me so I was a happy camper.

Such a fun day overall and I am so thankful for these strong legs for carrying me though. 13.1 number 31 is done.

How was your weekend? Did anyone else run Rock n Roll Dallas?