Weekly Running Report.

Hi, hey and hello! Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday so far. I’m here to recap some running from last week…I was able to get in 90.5 miles of runnin and gunnin!! It was a great week indeed and I’m super excited for some ULTRA races coming up! Let’s do a quick review and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 6.32 lunchtime miles enjoying the sweet sunshine. YES I am loving the temps in Texas right now. I am without a doubt bracing myself for the hot hot heat in the summer though. So will enjoy this while it lasts.

Monday PM- 4.05 miles after teaching a class at gym. Nice way to watch the sunset and wind down from the day.

Tuesday AM- 10.17 miles solo by the lake. Rocking out to my jams and having fun. Always love getting it in before the busy work day.

Tuesday PM- 3.23 miles with some speedy strides thrown in before the gym. Kept pace in the 7s. Felt good to move a tad faster.

Wednesday AM- 8.12 miles, enjoying the colorful sunrise. The humidity was all the way turned up on this day though. You’ve gotta love those sweaty runs with all of the bugs out. Welcome to springtime in Texas. I’m starting to need my mosquito repellent again.

Wednesday PM- 4.02 yet another solo run, I had some time to kill before I taught spin. This particular instructor that I taught for ALWAYS puts his class up on the sub swap board. Which is great if you want to make a little extra money but I don’t like it when people try to take advantage. So I probably won’t be subbing for him again, for a while. END RANT. Anyway, the class was okay and I like this particular gym. So it was a nice change of pace.

Thursday- 10.22 miles back at it again with my early morning run bud!! Felt good to get the girl chat time in. Our other buddy was still recovering from the Boston Marathon but he will be back with us this coming week.

Friday- 6.08 miles, run streaking and running on my rest day. Relaxed miles.

Saturday- 20.03 mile long run with WRRC. Felt good on this day and picked up the pace a few times. 8:49 overall pace.

Sunday- Double run Sunday! 11.03 miles early, THEN 3.12 miles (PLUS YOGA!!) with all of the awesome Dallas run clubs at Deep Ellum Brewing Co. This was the first time I actually did YOGA and drank beer at the same time (usually the other class I go to we have the beverages afterwards?) So it was kind of interesting doing that. Of course the beer part was optional but it made for a FUN day, for sure. Cheers to good friends and good times. 

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever done yoga at a brewery?!

Weekly Running Report.

Hi, hey and hello! Happy Monday to ya! Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I’m just sitting over here tracking some friends at the Boston Marathon & also recapping some weekly miles! I was able to get in 87.9 miles last week – highest weekly mileage in some months (!!) so I was happy about that!! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.25 early miles before a busy Monday. We had some beautiful weather most of last week although it did get a little chilly for a bit but as always was happy to get it in.

Monday PM- 3.06 miles before teaching a class at the gym. Love me some double run days.

Tuesday AM- 11.25 miles with the breakfast run club crew. We did a few good luck miles with our friend who was jetting off to Boston and then the rest on my own.

Tuesday PM- 3.55 faster miles on the lake in the evening watching the sunset. And of course people watching too.

Wednesday AM- 6.32 hump day miles out and back rocking out to some jams. Solo by the lake.

Wednesday PM- Evening social run with friends. 6.03 miles done catching up with the WRRC crew.

Thursday AM- 10.37 miles at 5 a.m. Love getting double digits in so early in the morning.

Thursday PM- Another 3.03 miles before the gym, picked up the pace a bit with strides thrown in.

Friday- REST DAY. A much needed one after run streak last week.

Saturday- 27.03 miles getting in a good solid ULTRA training run. The Hachie 50 miler will be here before you know it! Body felt good, and it felt good to be back up in serious miles again.

Sunday- 10.03 miles on a chilly turned beautiful spring day. Threw some hills in for good measure. Legs were stiff after the 27 miler but quickly loosened up. Motion is lotion, baby.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend!? How’s the training going?

Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happiest of Mondays to you! The sun is finally shining again here in Dallas (we had some chilly winter like weather over the weekend) and I could not be happier! Of course it is springtime so that could change in the blink of an eye. But I shall enjoy it while it lasts!

Last week I was able to get in 73.7 miles of running!! It was a great week for sure. Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 8.32 early morning miles watching the sunrise. Best way to start the work week and puts so much energy into my Monday.

Monday PM- 3.22 miles after teaching a spin class. Just wearing the legs out a bit with the double run day training.

Tuesday AM- 10.26 miles with the breakfast run club. Lots and lots of humidity.

Tuesday PM- 2.32 miles with some strides thrown in after the gym. I had a stray dog chasing me there for a bit which was also fun.

Wednesday AM- 8.32 hump day miles, just rocking out to my jams on the lake.

Wednesday PM- 3.23 miles before wine Wednesday with my ladies.

Thursday- 6.32 miles again solo, slept in a bit and got it done.

Friday- Run streak week!! Running on my rest day is always fun. 8.35 miles done.

Saturday- Saturday morning I made the trek out to Madill, Oklahoma for the Danman Challenge! I actually decided to run the half marathon on this day, due to the fact that we had some freakish sleet/ice/rain that morning! The ground was completely saturated but made for a muddy good time. So I got my run on and then got my EAT on. You simply cannot beat a FREE non competitive trail race, FREE food and lovely time on the ranch. I was so glad I made it out for some trail running with my buds despite the nasty unexpected weather and freezing temperatures.

And here is a pic of said delicious eats…I actually told my mama who wants to come do the race with me next year…just for the eats afterwards. Ha.

Sunday- Back out on the roads! 10.15 miles in my happy place. It was nice and quiet miles and actually the 2nd time I had a dog chase me! I am not sure what it is with dogs off of leashes these days? I think this little dog was actually lost but it owner came and got him thankfully. He was a sweet dog though so he ran with me for a little bit. But I always love this view running through the canals.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you eat any yummy food!?
You can’t beat some delicious post trail run BBQ.

Weekly Running Report.

Hello there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Let’s recap some miles, shall we? Last week I got in 71.1 miles of ultra run training/runnin and gunnin! The Hachie 50 miler will be here before you know it. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 6.32 lunchtime miles…the weather last week was pretty pleasant…we had a couple of random rainy days (per usual springtime in Texas) but lots of sunshine. I was happy about it! Legs were stiff though on this day so I needed to shake them out after the Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon.

Monday PM- 2.35 miles after teaching class at the gym to hit my 8 for the day.

Tuesday- 10.15 miles with the breakfast club crew in the early AM darkness. It actually rained on this day but we dodged the storm by starting at 5 something AM. Success.

Wednesday AM- 7.38 miles just me and my tunes running along the lake. I’m starting to see a lot of familiar runners in my neighborhood too so we smile and nod and say hello.

Wednesday PM- 4.12 miles in the evening with a bit of misty rain.

Thursday- 10.28 miles back with my 5 AM crew again. The rain cleared up so we had a nice breeze in the air but still a bit humid.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- 20.22 miles with the White Rock Running Co-Op. I’ve found a little posse there to run with now so I have been doing a lot of my 20+ milers with them. I love that they push the pace a bit so they are my faster bunnies I am always chasing after. It was a good run indeed.

After the run I went to a super fun beer fest with my buds! I tried out all of the ciders. My absolute fave- the pear honey from Locust Ciders. They are making their way to the Ft. Worth area to set up a taproom soon. Yay.

Sunday- 10.33 miles on Easter Sunday before church and brunch. Brunch was crabcake eggs benedict which was absolutely phenomenal. I love how they put the crabcakes on tomatoes and that arugula salad was everything. Yes yes yes.

My favorite time of year…Texas Bluebonnets are everywhere.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you get into anything fun?!

Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happy Monday to ya! I hope you had a marvelous weekend. I’m here to recap some of last week’s running – I was able to get in 70.7 miles total last week! Which included the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon with fun friends!! Let’s do a quick recap.

Monday AM- 6.33 lunchtime miles enjoying the sunshine. Fairly relaxed miles after a weekend of back to back running. It felt good to let off some steam in the middle of the day.

Monday PM- 4.03 evening miles after teaching a class at the gym. Had a little time to kill and was loving the extra daylight in the evening.

Tuesday AM- 8.52 miles early morning with the breakfast club. Quick loop around the ‘hood while we caught up on life and such.

Tuesday PM- 2.33 mile warm up before the gym, 7:37 pace.

Wednesday AM- 10.35 solo miles with beautiful sunshine. Just hashing out my thoughts in true only child fashion. Yes I love me some solo miles from time to time.

Wednesday PM- 6.05 mile happy hour run with the White Rock Running Co-Op. We run an out and back down the lake and come back for adult beverages. It is always good vibes and a good time.

Thursday AM- 7.32 miles early morning and kind of was not feeling it but got it in anyway. That’s what running friends are for.

Thursday PM- 2.23 mile cool down after teaching spin. Nice little cool down in my ‘hood people watching.

Friday- REST DAY. Much needed after a bit of a nonstop run streak. My body was happy.

Saturday- 10.35 miles of girl time, relaxed miles before Sunday’s race.

Sunday- Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon! 1:47:32 finish, which was a *course PR*/ my fastest time on that course. Could not be happier with that result! Not bad after literally signing up right before registration closed…like a week ago. LOL. I needed a bit of a tune up race before really ramping up my training again for the Hachie 50 miler.

And of course…I celebrated in true runner fashion, with delicious brunch.

and there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you run a kick a$$ race, or do anything fun in the sun?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of fun. I’m here to recap some miles in the sunshine from last week! I was able to get in a total of 83.8 miles, all smiles. High mileage is going well so far. YES…the countdown begins til my next ULTRA race!!! Hachie 50 miler will be here before you know it.

Let’s recap!

Monday AM- 5.22 miles at lunchtime, 7:38 pace. It felt good to get some faster miles in! I am loving the constant sunshine down in Texas lately. Awesomeness.

Monday PM- 3.32 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Just cooling down from the busy work day.

Tuesday AM- EARRRLY miles with my buds. 10.17 miles done before 7 a.m. Like a boss.

Tuesday PM- 3.22 miles before the gym. Just warming up before I had to go teach class. More relaxed pace.

Wednesday AM- I’m back to feeling good on my double run days! Cranking the miles out. I slept in a bit and ran around 7 AM (yes that is sleeping in to me) 8.33 miles done.

Wednesday PM- 3.02 miles at lunchtime, picking up the pace again a bit. Felt good to throw some strides in.

Thursday AM- 8.12 miles with my breakfast club run buds then some delicious coffee. That is the only way to do it.

Thursday PM- 2.25 miles to hit double digits after a long day. Legs were feeling tired on this day but I got it in.

Friday- Running on rest day. 2nd week of run streaking it with the higher mileage. I was SO HAPPY that I scheduled my massage on this day too! Very relaxed pace, 6.52 miles done.

Saturday- 22.22 miles, 8:46 pace with my WRRC buds! A girl in our group that met us early had her last long run before her marathon!! This was her first 22 mile run AND her very first marathon is coming up! So I was so excited to get in some long miles with her. She totally rocked it out.

Sunday AM- 8.37 miles with some hills thrown in. Easy recovery type run after Satuday’s 22.22 miler. And yes, kind of detoxing after some St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Sunday PM- Just enjoying the last bit o’ sunshine. 3.05 miles of people watching on the lake.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you participate in any St. Patty’s Day fun activities!?
Yes, Greenville parade and celebrating with friends on Saturday post run.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had an excellent weekend and that you have an even better work week this week!! I am here to recap some running – I was fortunate to be able to get in just over 80 miles total! YES…ultra training for the Hachie 50 miler is going smooth so far. Let’s do a quick recap and see how it all went down!!

Monday AM- 12.22 miles in my ‘hood, just enjoying the sunshine. The weather here is finally starting to turn for the better! Of course along with the Texas sunshine we get a touch of Texas humidity. But it is all good.

Monday PM- 3.03 mile cool down after teaching a class at the gym. Enjoying the darkness at 7pm before daylight savings time.

Tuesday AM- 10.02 miles with the breakfast club crew. Always fun getting in a little over 10 miles before 7 a.m.

Tuesday PM- 3.32 miles, 7:54 pace right along the lake in the evening doing some people watching. Lovely.

Wednesday AM- Lots of double run day action last week. 8.12 miles on hump day in the morning, nice and easy miles.

Wednesday PM- Happy hour miles with the White Rock Running Co-Op. 5.23 miles done and maybe a little Wine Wednesday involved after.

Thursday AM- 8.25 miles in the early morning, I did a few miles with friends and then finished up solo.

Thursday PM- 2.22 mile warm up before teaching spin class at the gym. I was feeling speedy so I threw in a few strides. I even saw 6 minute something miles on my watch at one point. Score.

Friday- Running on my rest day. 4.12 miles around the lake done.

Saturday- 17.12 mile long run with WRRC. It was CRAZY HUMID that morning, fairly pleasant weather though. But the humidity about knocked me out. 8:40 overall pace. Legs felt tired on this day.

Sunday- 7.13 miles before brunch. Just getting it done. The real MVP of Sunday- almighty breakfast pizza. Gotta love it.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you partake in any delicious brunch?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! This will be one of those wham bam thank you ma’am posts. There’s a ton going on today so just recapping you on the running front!! I was able to get in 71.6 miles last week. Yes…some double run days leading up to the Hachie 50 mile race in May!! Ultra training is going well. Let’s do a quick recap!

Monday– 6.32 miles after running the Cowtown 50k the day before. Legs were still feeling stiff but of course some nice & easy running always helps. Motion is lotion.

Tuesday AM– 11.05 miles with my breakfast club crew! I did some quick miles with them and then finished up on my own. It is finally starting to feel like spring.

Tuesday PM– 3.23 miles after gym. It’s something about running right after the sun sets that I love. Just had a few things mentally that I needed to process.

Wednesday– 8.22 miles around the lake. My lake runs lately have been everything. Really love the solo time.

Thursday AM– Legs were finally feeling back to normal. 11.32 miles with some strides thrown in. Felt good to get that one done.

Thursday PM– 2.22 mile warm up, 7:40ish pace before teaching class at gym.

Friday– REST DAY

Saturday AM– 15.03 mile long run with the White Rock Running Co-Op, 8:35 pace. A few of them are talking about running the California Int’l Marathon in December and I’m lightweight jealous cuz I want to run it too but it is 1 week before my 100 miler. BOOO. So I’m thinking about an earlier fall marathon instead. I’m heavily leaning on St. George plus I’ve never been to Utah!! So we shall see. I need to start making some 26.2 decisions.

Saturday PM– 4.22 miles in the evening doing some people watching on the lake.

Sunday– 10.03 miles with a light misty rain and humid as all get out. But I threw some hills in there so felt good to get in another double digit run.

And there you have it!!

How was your weekend? Is the weather as lovely there as it is in Dallas? It’s 70 something degrees and sunny today!

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to you! I am here to recap some fabulous running from last week!! It was a bit of a SUPER week mileage wise – 91.8 miles to be exact! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 10.22 morning miles enjoying the cool breeze off of the lake. Getting in over 10 miles before the work day even starts is kind of my favorite thing.

Monday PM- 3.32 miles after teaching spin. I was clearly on a roll that day. Love my double run days.

Tuesday AM- 7.12 miles after the rain. Y’all, we had a ridiculous amount of rain last week down in Texas. It truly felt like springtime with the rain and humidity. So it was a lot of me having to wait until the storms pass to get out there and bust it out. It ended up being a good run during that lull in the storms.

Tuesday PM- 3.22 miles after the gym. Running on some tired legs.

Wednesday AM- 7.25 miles. Humid and breezy. I did love the morning breeze though as the frigid air is starting to get a tad warmer. Back to wearing shorts on the run.

Wednesday PM- 4.12 miles to end the day. It rained again during this run but there was something about running in the rain that was cleansing to my spirit. I know I sound like a total hippie saying that, but oh well.

Thursday AM- 11.05 miles, back with the breakfast club crew. It felt good to get back to running without torrential downpours of rain.

Thursday PM- 4.03 miles done. Of course I had to throw some strides in there for good measure. It felt good to see 7 minute miles back on my watch.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- Last day of crazy rain for the week. I ended up running at lunchtime. I was selected as an official PACER for the COWTOWN ULTRA (first time pacing a 50k race, but I have paced a few times both half and full marathons) on Sunday and needed my legs to be good and tired for the pace I was supposed to be running. So, 10.23 miles done the day before the race.

Oh – and I told y’all I would be posting more food pics (when you run high mileage you forget to do things like take endless selfies of yourself and pics of food what can I say buuuut I am trying to be a better blogger I promise – end rant) Here was my breakfast that morning. Starbucks Americano and egg bites. OMG why didn’t y’all tell me how good the egg bites at Starbucks were?!? I’m in love. I need to recreate these at home, stat. Or, just hire someone to make them for me. 

Sunday- I ran the Cowtown Ultra!! Race day pace day. Recap to come. Me and my pace partner made a great team and got everyone to the finish in a timely manner. Woohoo! I am a tad sore today after all of that runnin.

Pacers gonna pace.

Oh, and I celebrated afterwards in Deep Ellum with adult beverages with friends. Cheers.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been a pacer for a race? Any more races on the horizon?
I am debating on signing up for a St. Patty’s Day 5k in March…just because there will be a lot of fun friends/tailgating involved. We shall see. Oh yeah, and all of these races too. I’ve already signed up for the Hachie 50 miler in May again so getting back on track with more ultra training! Woot woot.

Weekly Running Report.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m here to recap some running from last week! I was able to get in just over 83 miles total and I have survived to talk about it. Ha!! I should be good and ready for some ultras I have on the docket coming soon! Anyway, let’s review and see how it all went down.

Pic above was from this morning – it was 70 something degrees breezy with loads of humidity – felt like I was running in Florida! Hello springtimey weather. Stay around a bit longer.

Monday AM- Y’all, I am getting back into the Monday morning running groove. After doing a bulk of my long runs on the weekends, typically Mondays are tough for me. But it is slowly getting better. I was able to get 8.12 miles in by the lake last week. I have been loving my solo lake runs lately.

Monday PM- Quick strides before the gym to hit double digits for the day. 2.22 miles around the block done.

Tuesday AM- 10.23 miles with the weekday run club. Last week the weather was off and on, literally chilly one day and warm the next. I did some miles with them then got in the last little bit on my own.

Tuesday PM- 3.22 miles cooling down after teaching a class at the gym. I have found a new route right by the gym too which I love. Leave the gym, go for a quick run, hop in the car and head home. Boom.

Wednesday AM- 7.4 miles on Valentine’s Day morning! It was actually a beautiful day that day and lots of folks were out and about. Loving it.

Wednesday PM- 8.02 miles in the evening. I actually went to a WRRC social run that night, which was fun because there were a lot of single runners there too. Girls and guys. Actually, I ended up being the only chick that stayed for dinner. There were like 6 guys at the table, and then me. Haha. So I had lots of run dates on V-day!!! Fun.

Thursday AM- 7.27 miles back with my breakfast club run posse. Just on cruise control.

Thursday PM- 4.12 miles cool down after the gym. I have been enjoying running in darkness lately.

Friday- Run STREAK WEEK! 10.12 miles. How can you not run – when your view looks like this?

Saturday- 15.12 miles with WRRC. Miles and mimosas is without a doubt my favorite way to start the weekend.

Sunday- 5.35 miles on road, then 5.15 miles on the trails with good friends. For a total of 10.5 miles on Sunday. I love me some Sunday trail runs. My body loves it too especially after running on the roads during the week. Nice way to wind down the weekend.

Post run brew – Meta Modern IPA. Honestly I am not a huge cerveza fan (mostly stick to ciders and my vino) but for some reason I am warming up to IPAs. I am loving exploring all of the local ones lately.

And there you have it!

How was your week last week? What are you looking forward to this week and/or upcoming weekend?

Pacing the Cowtown 50k on Sunday, and getting some NEW ROAD SHOES this week! Holla holla.