Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there and happy new week! New week – new goals – let’s get down to business.

I have to say the sunset last night was absolutely spectacular after my weekend 20 miler. I had to get out and shake the legs out and enjoy this view. Let’s recap last week’s miles, shall we?! I ended up running over 40 miles for the week and I’m feeling great building my endurance back up after the off season.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day / taught my spin class at the gym. I actually do love getting on the bike especially after a weekend of running. It’s something about spinning the legs with some sprints and hill climbing that I really love.

Tuesday- 6.31 miles watching the sunset after work. Getting the legs moving after the hectic workday.

Wednesday- 4.02 miles with a quick out and back. I am actually kind of enjoying running in the evenings with the sun setting a little earlier. Brings a whole new energy when I do run at night that I absolutely love.

Thursday- 3.03 miles in the morning before the busy work day of teaching at the gym plus work. Love getting out on the local lake and seeing the usual early risers like myself.

Friday- Early morning 4.25 miles. Love kicking off Friday AM with a RUNrise.

Saturday- 20.02 miles with a good buddy!

We have been changing the routes up a LOT for our longer weekend runs which brings a fresh energy into these longer miles. Honestly I feel like that is what I enjoy the most lately about running longer. New scenery to explore.

Plus the leaves now starting to show some color down in Texas has been lovely.

Sunday- 3.03 miles to hit my numbers for the week. Nice and cool easy breezy miles does the body some good.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you run some long miles and get out and enjoy the view? Or did you enjoy the view from your couch?!
Both amazing weekend options. No discrimination here.

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy November to ya! Hope you have some wonderful things in store for this month. Let’s recap some weekly running! I’m feeling really good lately about my miles and building back up after a bit of an off season. We all NEED THEM every once in a while! After being a ‘high mileage’ runner for years and years without taking time off, my body was absolutely needing the recovery.

We all know that when you do not take the time to do this for yourself – your body will do it for you.

Amen and amen.

It is nice to be balancing things (AND LIFE) with my fitness instructor schedule.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- It was so funny on Monday after taking a ‘long run’ break the weekend prior how much ENERGY I had on this day. I literally popped out of bed and hit the ground running. 6.3 miles done with a glorious sunrise. It was fun to do that and teach my spin class in the same day. Got some major mileage in on the bike too. Some days that is all you need is some ‘fresh legs’.

Tuesday- 4.21 miles after work with a colorful fall sunset. So great to unwind after the work day with some miles and do some people watching.

Wednesday- I got out for a short run after work since I had to work late but I was on a bit of a run streak so wanted to just knock it out. 3.03 miles done.

Thursday- Quick 3.30 miles with rolling hills after teaching a ZERO DARK THIRTY spin class at the gym. Running on tired legs but getting used to that feeling again.

Friday- 4.22 out and back miles with this a view. Very wonderful change of scenery.

Saturday- Got in a luxurious long run with a great pal! I ABSOLUTELY loved this route that we did. The roads were quiet and peaceful and loved all of the colors in the sky. 16.04 miles done.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles to get my numbers in for the week. 3.23 miles and the weather once again was on point. Thank you weather gods for lowering the humidity.

And there you have it! Make it a great week.

How is your running going? Loving the fall weather?!?

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happiest Monday to ya! Hope you have a productive week ahead. I’m here to recap some miles from last week! Things are finally ramping up and YES it is without a doubt blazing hot down in Texas. But I was able to get in 40 miles last week which has me feeling pretty dang good! It’s nice to maintain the miles even when there is nothing quite solid on the calendar. Keeping that fitness and endurance up for these classes I have to teach at the gym.

Monday- A quick 3.23 miles after teaching spin. I actually kind of enjoyed getting out there to watch the sunset and do some people watching. Nice and relaxed miles and a cool down after all of the sprints on the bike.

Tuesday- 4.33 miles in the morning. Nice rolling hills by the golf course. The humidity was insane on this day but still nice to get it in. Drenched with all of the sweat.

Wednesday AM- 5.02 miles with some more rolling hills. The cloudy sky RUNrises were especially beautiful too but still lots of humidity. I have been getting used to the humidity though and can appreciate the breezy 80 degree mornings before climbing into triple digits on the daily.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles! Felt good to get in a good 3.03 miles after work.

Thursday- Thursdays are my triple threat days (teach at gym in the morning, run, teach at gym at night) so I rode 30 miles total on the bike on this day and then 3.23 miles in the AM. My legs were certainly spent by the end of it.

Friday- Quick 3.35 miles after work. Nice active recovery day and I’m glad I got it in.

Saturday- 11.03 miles with the WRRC crew. Always love kicking off the weekend with these peeps.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles on this run streaking week. 6.77 miles in 90 degrees does a body good. Lots of hydration time after.

Plus ending the week on a solid note – my absolute favorite ceviche.

And there you have it!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods – share some highlights of your weekend with me!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

I have been wall to wall busy but checking in with some miles from last week! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend filled with some Independence Day fun.

Let’s get to the running!! I was able to get in 40 miles of running which is the most weekly miles I’ve done in about a month! Just ramping back up and feeling back to myself again post 50 miler. It takes some time to recover from races that long – physically AND mentally as one could imagine. Definitely looking at some fall races and ultras and possibly trail runs in the meantime to really get my groove back. It is nice right now to just run with the run club and run for fun.

Monday- Active recovery teaching my spin cycle class. Things are going GREAT in that arena. I’m actually looking forward to teaching a 2nd class soon! Getting back to doing what I love – post covid style.

Tuesday- 5.23 miles in the evening enjoying this view. The heat and humidity has been super intense lately but just getting it done and enjoying my evening miles after work.

Wednesday- 4.02 miles after a rather busy workday. Just wanted to get this one in but ended up being a nice little night by the water.

Thursday AM- 3.33 early morning miles nice and easy. It was insanely humid though and I was soaked like I had been in a dang steam room.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles waking the legs up after work. Double run day miles are here again.

Friday- 6.03 miles after a particularly stressful work day. Much needed let go and release run. Felt amazing when it was over and ran some glorious rolling hills in the ‘hood.

Saturday- 13.31 miles with the WRRC crew! Loved this run and we had some great cloud cover. Plus ran with some fun friends with fun colorful shoes. I actually planned on doing 10 miles on this day and felt so good so just kept going. Love so much when that happens.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles to hit some numbers for the week. Nice and easy 5.12 miles with a happy sky on the 4th.

And there you have it!

How is your running going?! Did anyone run a 4th of July race??

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happy new week! Hope you have some exciting things in store. Let’s recap some running from last week! I am finally ready to get back to some real weekly mileage after the ultra. Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Last week it was pretty rainy off and on but it made for some nice breezy cooler mornings. Monday as usual was a bit of an active recovery day so I taught my spin class and played around at the gym. We did lots of sprint drills and then heavy hill climbs at the end.

Tuesday AM- Back to the run grind. 4.15 miles around the lake just enjoying a spectacular view.

Tuesday PM- Evening after work miles for double run day. 4.02 miles just catching up on podcasts and such.

Wednesday- Back to my favorite little after work spot for rolling hills! Just watching the sunset and doing some people watching while I got I 7.22 miles in.

Thursday AM- 4.23 miles in the AM with clouds and lots of humidity. It feels good though to get back to acclimating to the crazy amount of sweat! Trying to enjoy this is as much as possible before it gets crazy hot.

Thursday PM- 3.33 miles in the afternoon to get some double run day miles in.

Friday- 4.23 early miles to kick off Friday. I’ve been mixing it up a lot lately with the routes which has been nice.

Saturday- Met a friend early then joined the WRRC crew for my 10 miler. 10.02 miles catching up with friends is always a fantastic way to kick off the weekend! Got some faster miles done in the middle too.


Sunday- 3.03 quick miles on Sunday funday runday to hit some numbers for the week.

And there you have it!


How is your running going? Loving it/not so much/just getting it done on cruise control?

For some reason I’m really loving after work runs lately. I enjoy my AM runs too (and double run days) but feeling like lately decompressing after work with a workout is so needed.

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week to ya! I am finally getting around to getting on this here blog-o-thing. Let’s recap on some of last week’s miles! It was a pleasant week but we have a chilly cold front headed our way! So I enjoyed these miles before the quick cold snap comes in tonight.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day teaching my spin cycle class. I’ve been enjoying my Monday cross training days and so very glad to be getting back into teaching of course. It was tough and I missed not being on stage during the pandemic but I am back! Rainbow leggings by the way for the win.

Tuesday- 8.12 sunset miles / rolling hills just de-stressing from the busy work day. I’m finding lately that is exactly what I do need. Just cranking up my tunes and zoning out in the evenings.

Wednesday AM- Back to some morning miles. 5.23 miles with a bit of humidity but cloudy and cooler.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles. 4.05 miles after work. By the way the Texas bugs are now back! I need to go stock back up on the ‘squito repellant.

Thursday- Another day of humidity and a bit of rain. 4.23 faster miles after work.

Friday- 5.12 miles at lunch in the ‘hood with a lake view.

Saturday- Long run Saturday with the run club! 20.21 miles with some faster miles in the middle and managed to finish strong.

Sunday- Getting my numbers in for the week. Chill 4.23 miles with sunshine and blue skies.

And there you have it!

How is your running going? Has the simple act of running been helping you mentally (and physically) during these crazy times?!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week! Hope you had a fun and productive weekend. Let’s recap some miles! I was able to get in over 50.5 miles for the week last week. A bit of a climb back up and I’m feeling good! Let’s see how it went down.

Monday- Active recovery day teaching some spin cycle. I have to say you know you were born to be a fitness instructor when you can teach with one contact in your eye! I kid you not. After last week I probably need to carry a spare pair in my bag in cases of emergency. Manic Monday for sure.

Tuesday- Sunset miles after a busy work day. Ran some rolling hills. It felt good to just turn a podcast on and let my mind wander a bit. 7.33 miles done.

Wednesday AM- 5.03 miles for breakfast to start the day.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles for the win. 4.05 miles in the evening and it was pretty warm and humid. Time to acclimate in the Texas heat.

Thursday AM- 4.23 quick miles around the lake for breakfast.

Thursday PM- 3.03 faster miles through the heat and humidity! Felt good to run some 8 minute miles when it’s over 80 degrees out. I’ve really been enjoying running in the warmer weather lately.

Friday- 6.38 miles after work felt good after the long week. I’ve been enjoying changing things up.

Saturday- Saturday long run miles! 15.16 miles with my run club crew. Got in some faster miles in the middle.

Sunday- 5.33 Sunday funday runday miles. Plus some amazing brunch on the patio over the weekend for the win.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend?! What was the most delicious item that you ate?

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy new week! It is a good week to have a good week. Let’s get down to business and run talk. I was able to get in just over 40 miles last week as recovery from a 60 mile week the week prior! I enjoyed a bit of a step back and rest time before I climb back up.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day getting back into the swing of things with the work week. I taught an hour long spin class in the evening which was fun and power packed with disco lights. Love it.

Tuesday- 6.33 sunset miles after work. Decompress time and legs were feeling back to normal.

Wednesday AM- 5.02 miles in the early AM. Plenty of cloud cover.

Wednesday PM- 3.23 miles on double run day. Got some progression miles in.

Thursday AM- 7.02 miles for breakfast. Rolling hills in the hood.

Thursday PM- 4.03 miles after work. More decompress time and over 11 miles for the day.

Friday- 5.12 Good Friday miles in the morning with a pretty sunrise.

Saturday- Cloudy and cooler morning but I managed to get in 10.03 miles to wrap up this little recovery week.

Sunday- Much needed rest day. Spent Easter with the fam bam.

Plus wrapping up the month of March with 221.7 miles! Happy April.

And there you have it!

How was your Easter? What did you do??
Family time then got down on some Texas brisket.

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a restful and productive weekend. Let’s recap some miles from last week! It is without a doubt my favorite time of year to run so I have been ramping up those miles. Happy to be feeling back to my normal ‘running all the time’ self once again.

Monday- Active recovery day. Legs were still feeling the weekend long running but I taught a power packed (socially distanced) spin class at the gym.

Tuesday- 5.33 sunset miles. Loving the view and getting the running legs going again.

Wednesday AM- 4.02 miles at lunch time post vaccine number 1. I decided to wait until the work week to get my shot – and glad I did. Surprisingly I feel like I had a strange boost of energy the entire week. This run felt good with a faster finish.

Wednesday PM- 4.23 miles in the evening. Loving the extra daylight. Sun really has been an energy booster for me too and for my mood. Love that vitamin D.

Thursday AM- 7.03 miles of lunchtime rolling hills. Amazing weather and got a good mid-day sweat in.

Thursday PM- More double run day miles! 3.03 miles to get in over 10 miles for the day.

Friday AM- 5.21 miles for breakfast with this stunning sunrise.

Friday PM- Had a bit of energy before my hour long massage in the evening. So I got on a quick 3.33 miles after work on double run day.

Saturday- 20.21 miles for 2021!! Haha. This was a great run with lots of glorious cloud cover. And some springtime blooms. I actually didn’t fuel much for this run – just some Gatorade electrolytes and water. I’m going to start experimenting on these longer runs though with my hydration backpack and huma gels and see how things go.

Sunday- 7.62 miles on Sunday funday runday to hit some solid weekly mileage numbers for the week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you loving your weekend long runs lately?

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week and happy SPRING! I’m feeling good and vaccinated this week!! One down, one to go.

Last week was a great week in the running world. Over 51 miles done. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 4.33 miles after teaching a power packed spin class. It actually felt so wonderful outside. Loved the sunset.

Tuesday- 6.35 miles at lunch. Enjoying the view and a few rolling hills too.

Wednesday- 5.12 miles in the evening after the long work day. Love the after work wind down lately.

Thursday AM- 4.23 miles at lunch. A little faster this day due to being strapped for time but it all got done.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles after work on double run day. Ran some hills with a glorious sunset.

Friday- Friday morning miles for breakfast, 5.12 to start the day.

Saturday- Long run Saturday with some run club friends. Felt so good to feel so good on this run!!! 18.23 miles done.

Sunday- Hitting some numbers for the week with 5.33 miles. Blooming trees everywhere.

And there ya have it!

How’s spring looking in your area? What is your favorite spring flower?
Texas bluebonnets.