Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! Hope you had a marvelous weekend full of some fun in the sun! Last week was a great week of running. 93.6 miles total and ultra training is going very well!! Let’s recap, shall we?

Monday AM- 10.21 miles enjoying the early morning breeze. Felt good after some early morning rain.

Monday PM- 4.11 mile sunset run after teaching a class at the gym. Burning off a little extra steam from the busy work day.

Tuesday AM- 12.33 miles with the run club. I got a super early start with an ultrarunner friend of mine then finished the rest of the run with the group.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 quick uneventful miles. Just hitting some numbers to complete the double run day.

Wednesday AM- 8.21 solo miles. Very humid miles at that.

Wednesday PM- 5.16 very hot early evening miles right after work. Temps were high but felt even higher with the humidity combined. I was truly spent after this run.

Thursday AM- We had some more rain that came on through with a lightning storm so I waited until all of that settled to start this run. It felt good to get 10.11 miles in before the busy work day.

Thursday PM- 3.02 quick sunset miles after gym. Beautiful run doing some people watching by the lake.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- 27.11 breezy turned very balmy Saturday miles. Feels good to just knock out a marathon and then some on your own without a finish line & spectators on a Saturday, ya know?! NBD. Hashtag progress.

Sunday- 10.35 miles with some pretty blooms at the end of my route. Love love.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you get in some fun in the sun?
Yes, lots of pool time sipping an adult beverage in the sunshine.

Weekly Running Report.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start so far. Last week was a solid week of ultra training mileage!! I was able to get in a grand whopping total of 80.3 miles last week. Let’s do a recap!

Monday- 8.2 miles of sunrise. The humidity has been off the charts high as of late but I got this run in before the busy hectic day.

Tuesday AM- 13.21 miles solo. Work has been super busy so I opted to just get up and run on my own on this day. Typically I do my Tuesday runs with the run club but I just needed the miles and solitude, you feel me? Running sometimes really is cheaper than therapy. It felt so good to knock this one out.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 evening miles after teaching a class at the gym. Blowing some more steam off from the day.

Wednesday- 8.11 miles to the tune of a lovely sunrise. The sunrise that morning I have to say did not by any means disappoint.

Thursday AM- Back with the run club. I got a bit of a head start before the group and was able to get some extra miles in. 12.25 miles total before 7 a.m.

Thursday PM- 4.05 miles, back on my double run day game. Feels good to be feeling good after a 100 mile week last week. I am so ready for September and the 100k will be here before you know it!

Friday- REST DAY. Glorious rest day, I do love you so. Sometimes. Ha.

Saturday- 21.32 miles of straight up hills and humidity. I found a golf course nearby with some nice rolling hills which is just perfect for my longer runs. Love it.

Sunday- 10.11 late morning miles after sleeping in, fun night out with friends on Saturday. Hashtag so worth it!

And there you have it!

How’s your Monday so far? Tell me what’s making you smile today.
An amazing 10 mile run this morning after the rain with a nice cool breeze! Still humid but I enjoyed a drop in temps before it heats up again this week.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope your day is going fantastic so far. I am here to recap a wild week of running last week. Yet another great week in the ultra training world. My 100k race will be here before you know it. Buckle up and get ready for the recap!

Monday AM- 12.16 miles. I had the day off from work last Monday so I took full advantage and got all of my miles in. The sun was shining bright at 10 a.m. but it felt good to sleep in a bit and then get some heat training in.

Monday PM- 2.21 miles after I had to teach a class real quick at the gym.

Tuesday AM- 10.05 miles with the run club. It’s never real easy to get up so early after a long weekend staycation but I got it done.

Tuesday PM- 4.11 mile sunset run. It was crazy humid out but kinda nice and breezy.

Wednesday- 10.12 mile solo miles just enjoying the morning before the heatwave. It rained off and on last week so the humidity mixed with the heat was a real killer. So really the earlier the better was the way to go.

Thursday- 11.23 miles with IRC. I kinda broke off from the group and did the back half of this run on my own. Kinda was feeling tired and anti social. LOL. Just got it done and knocked it out.

Friday- Work was crazy stressful last week, with a conference and hitting all kinds of deadlines I was working on. So this was a therapy run kind of day. 8.31 early miles done before Friday mayhem.

Saturday AM- 18.02 miles SO SUPER EARLY but I so super kind of love it. It’s so quiet and peaceful and then by the time you’re awake the run is like halfway done. Love my early Saturday mornings. Then I can go home and make myself protein pancakes and take a nice long nap.

Saturday PM- 16.02 trail miles with the Dallas Dirt Runners at their vampire sunset/night run. I brought a disco ball because it was basically like one big trail party.

Love this crazy crew. We did a bunch of loops on the trail, had great convo and adult beverages after.

Sunday- I was SO DANG CLOSE to hitting 100 for the week so you know your girl had to get in just 1 more 8 mile run for good measure. 8.12 miles done. Oh heck yes. It feels so good to hit that 100 mile mark and live to tell the story. Fun fun.

And then we celebrated mama’s birthday with prickly pear margaritas! Cheers.

And there you have it! Crazy big mileage week for me.

How was your weekend? Anyone else training for an ultra? Or a marathon? Did you do anything else fun?

Weekly Running Report.

Hello there! Life has been busy and I had a luxurious long weekend (burning off some extra vacation days at the J-O-B) but I am here to share my weekly mileage with you once again! Last week was another great week of running. Let’s recap!

Monday AM- 10.3 peaceful early miles. It always feels good to get it in on a Monday before the busy work day. Lately early Monday runs have felt more like therapy than anything else. Pretty relaxed pace after a weekend of back to back long running. Ultra training for this race has been going well.

Monday PM- 2.32 mile warm up before the gym, in the heat at a 7:50 pace.

Tuesday AM- 10.2 miles with the Irving Running Club. I get up pretty dang early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to meet the group. Definitely was wiping the sleep out of my eyes for half of this run.

Tuesday PM- 4.31 miles after work. This was as the sun was going down which was quite nice. Last week we had lots of triple digits so anything below that feels actually really nice. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

Wednesday AM- 11.35 miles, nice little mid week mileage. There may or may not have been a pit stop during this run for some iced coffee.

Wednesday PM- 4.11 trail miles with the Dallas Dirt Runners. Love getting some relaxed trail miles in.

Thursday AM- 10.2 IRC miles. We had a good little turnout that morning with everyone beating the heat.

Thursday PM- 3.02 mile warm up before the gym. I needed a little perk up before I taught my class.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- 17.37 miles…hills and humidity. Definitely a good run though.

Sunday- Back out on the trails with my trail group. 12.02 miles out at Knob Hills. Love getting off the beaten path.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend – did anyone else have a long weekend or staycation? Hows your training going?

Weekly Running Report.

Hello there! Busy day today but I’m checking in real quick to recap last week’s miles with you! Ultra training for the 100k is going well. I was able to get in 91.5 miles of running last week and the legs are feeling good! A little tired, but good. HA. Let’s review.

Monday AM- 10.25 miles in the early a.m. before the busy work day. It’s never easy to get up on a Monday morning but oh so worth it of course.

Monday PM- 2.03 miles before the gym. Just warming up the legs.

Tuesday AM- 10.11 miles with the run club crew. Super early morning as usual but I love it. Always love when I get to run with my dedicated morning runners.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 warm up miles before gym. Last week was super hot with lots of triple digit temps. So gotta love that.

Wednesday AM- 8.33 solo beautiful sunrise miles. The sunrise has not been letting me down lately. Clearly.

Wednesday PM- 4.12 trail miles with my trail running crew. Trail runners make my soul happy.

Thursday AM- 11.25 miles on some tired legs with IRC. I had some extra time to kill so I got it all in.

Thursday PM- 4.05 sunset miles. There’s something so peaceful about running at the end of the day.

Friday- REST DAY. A much needed one.

Saturday- 22.25 early miles solo. It was crazy humid so a few hydration breaks were needed. Thank God for my Dora the explorer backpack to put my water in.

Sunday early AM- 10.11 miles in the ‘hood. Motion is lotion and the legs felt good that morning. It feels good to get some back to back longer stuff in.

Sunday AM- 6.02 trail miles with the Sunday fun day trail run crew. Awesome views from the top.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Looking fwd to anything this week?
Sushi tonight, running of course, and hopefully a day off on Friday. I need a little free fun time.

Weekly Running Report.

It’s Monday, time to rock a brand new week!! But first, let’s recap last week’s miles and some weekend fun. I was able to get in 85 miles of running last week! My ultra training is coming along quite nicely so far. Eat, sleep (lots), run, repeat!! That is the life of an ultarunner, and I love it. Let’s review, shall we?

Monday AM- 11.21 early morning miles before the busy work day. It is becoming more and more imperative that I get these runs in before that Texas summer heat shows itself in full force. Great morning of running enjoying the early breeze.

Monday PM- 2.10 mile warm up before the gym. 7:46 pace in the straight up triple digit heat? I can’t complain at all.

Tuesday AM- 10.30 miles with the run club crew. It was super humid and gross that morning but we got it done. Having good convo while getting the miles in definitely helps.

Tuesday PM- 4.02 double run day miles. Thankful for the shade to get through it.

Wednesday AM- 8.11 miles solo enjoying the sunrise. Legs were pretty tired on this day and the humidity was a killer so I was glad to get it in. Made a pit stop at 7 eleven for my 79 cent big gulp hydration. 7 eleven is the real MVP.

Wednesday PM- 4.31 miles, 8:41 pace loop around the park. Loving my after work double run days, especially after a long day it feels good to release a little steam.

Thursday AM- 10.25 miles, most of this run was with a new runner girl who has joined our group. She’s actually a sub 3 hour marathoner who likes to do her super easy runs with me. So basically my new runner BFF. Love it.

Thursday PM- 3.03 uneventful miles before the gym, just passing time and warming up after work.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday AM- 20.21 EARLY miles in my ‘hood. I actually kind of enjoyed the super early wake up. Mind you I was in bed Friday night at like 8:30 pm. Super exciting, I know. LOL. The sunrise though was oh so worth it.

Sunday AM- 7.11 rocky rooty trail miles with my trail buds. The view from the top was spectacular.

Sunday PM- 5.12 miles around the block, my legs had a little bit of speed left so I pushed the pace a bit at the end.

I ended the day poolside which was quite nice! I almost fell asleep at the pool I was so relaxed.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you get some pool/lake time in?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey friends! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m here to recap last week’s running workouts – 75.5 miles all smiles! Let’s get straight to the recap.

Monday AM- 8.22 miles, 8:53 pace with some straight up heat and humidity. I got this one done pretty early but the sun was still large and in charge that morning.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles before teaching spin at the gym. Warming up the legs from the long work day.

Tuesday AM- 10.30 sunrise miles on the 4th of July! Gosh I kind of feel like that holiday went by in a flash. Pretty American flags waving all around.

Tuesday AM- I was on a roll that morning apparently and decided to bust out 4.02 trail miles with my trail running club. Cedar Ridge Preserve is my favorite way to get a kick ass workout in. Climbing rocks and such.

Wednesday AM- 7.21 miles solo by the lake is always a great way to start the morning.

Wednesday PM- 3.21 miles in the evening. 10.22 miles in for the day.

Thursday AM- 10.20 miles with my road running club. We love us some early miles. And coffee.

Thursday PM- 4.11 evening miles, 8:42 pace after teaching a class at the gym. Getting some nice double run day/sunset miles in even though it was balls to the walls hot outside.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday AM- Me and some trail run buds decided to head north out to Oklahoma for a day of running through the woods! We stayed at a friends ranch house and it was absolutely fantastic. I got in 11.02 miles in navigating some rocks and roots and then we went out a little later for some more.

Saturday PM- 4.02 miles later on after the longer run that morning. Just exploring some more of the beautiful trail.

Sunday- Back in Dallas! 10.22 miles. It was crazy humid yesterday for some reason but I got it all done.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you travel anywhere off the beaten path?

Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happy day before the holiday! I hope you have some fun 4th of July things on your agenda. I was able to get in 85 miles of running last week – which is a strong week of running for me! Ultra training is in full effect. I have signed up for a 100k race in the fall so keeping the training going and the body healthy and strong. Let’s recap!

Monday AM- 8.21 miles in the ‘hood. It was nice and somewhat cooler and breezy early in the morning. I am back to early running on Mondays and it feels so good to get some solo running in. Just rocking out to my jams and watching the sunrise.

Monday PM- 2.20 warm up miles before the gym during the hottest part of the day, 7:40 pace. It felt good to get a little sweat on after a long day at work.

Tuesday AM- 10.10 miles with the Irving Running Club. I always love running with my homegirl Julie. She enjoys running longer with me.

Tuesday PM- 3.05 miles, just shaking out the legs from the day. It was nice to pick up the pace and go a little faster.

Wednesday AM- 8.10 miles solo. I’ve been creating a pit stop in the middle of this run to run by 7-eleven for a quick icy shot of gatorade, HA. Oh thank heaven.

Wednesday PM- 4.10 trail miles with rocks and roots. Lots of lovely shade too.

Thursday AM- 11.03 miles with the run club crew. Ran a few miles with them then the rest on my own.

Thursday PM- 4.21 miles. Not much to say about this one aside from the fact that it was blazin’ hot. It feels good to enjoy summer running again though, my body is finally acclimating to it.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday AM- 5.21 miles before getting stuck in a rain storm with thunder and lightning. So we will just call this the ‘warm up run’ before the long run. HA.

Saturday AM- Finally the storm cleared and I was able to get some good miles in. 15.02 miles feeling good feeling great.

Sunday AM- 10.20 miles with Julie, nice and easy conversational pace. It was her birthday so of course we had to get in a run on Sunday funday runday.

Sunday PM- 4.16 afternoon miles, 8:28 pace doing some Dora the Explorer exploring after church. It was a humid but gorgeous day for sure.

I did also try some birthday cake Halo Top this weekend. It was kind of magical.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you going to see any fireworks tonight or tomorrow?
Pool time and fireworks tomorrow is definitely happening! I live right on the lake so you can see the fireworks from my pool, it is amazing.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to you! I was up and at ‘em this morning for a beautiful run by the rising sun. Feels so good to get it in early at the start of the week! Let’s recap some weekly miles though!! I was able to get in just over 71 miles last week. Nice week just kind of in maintenance mode before racing season ramps back up.

Monday AM- 7.20 hot lunchtime miles. Yeah running for an hour in 95 degree heat. That’s great fun.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles warming up before the gym. The legs needed to wake up from the long day at the office so I got them moving a bit before I went to teach a class.

Tuesday- 11.20 early miles with the Irving Running Club crew. I did a few warm up miles on my own and then the rest with the crew. I was happy to get all of this in before the workday because it was seriously blazing + humidity central out. Oh yeah, I said I wasn’t going to complain about summer running, right? Right. I’m totally not complaining. I love it. Really, I do!

Wednesday AM- 8.21 miles solo in the ‘hood. I like to sleep in a bit on Wednesdays since I’m always doing these a.m. club runs (which I help out with hosting) so dang early. So on Wednesdays I sleep in until 6 a.m. LOL. It is quite lovely really.

Wednesday PM- 4.01 miles before yoga. My body has been really craving yoga too since I’ve been keeping these miles up. I think I’m going to have to start doing some more yoga studio hopping. I also need to check out Super Yoga Palace which I hear is amazing.

Thursday- 10.02 miles with the run club again. We’ve had a few folks join back up with us in the mornings since it is getting so hot. We actually got into the triple digits this past week, and of course with the heat index it feels like it is 2948 degrees. Gotta love Texas. But I do love the morning runs with my club friends in the summer when we get more people joining us. As you can imagine in the winter it is much harder to get a dedicated group.

Friday- 4.10 hot lunch miles. Fridays are typically rest days for me and to be honest 4 miles still feels like a rest day at this point. LOL. I had extra energy to burn for whatever reason and decided to go streaking. Just hitting those numbers.

Saturday- 16.30 miles practically solo since we had storms early. I ran the last few miles with Tracy…typical Texas storm came through quickly and was gone in a flash. It was nice though because it cooled things down a bit.

I participated in some post run festivities with Tricia and friends, doing a little brewery hopping.

Sunday- 7.11 miles, fairly humid but cooler after the rain. It still felt like a sauna out there but I got it done.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend?

Weekly Running Report.

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday to you. I’m here to recap last week’s running with you. Lots of miles in the Texas sunshine – Just over 73 miles to be exact! Let’s get to it.

Monday AM- 7.12 lunchtime miles. Lots of running in the shade which was marvelous. Someone on my Strava even commented why I take nature photos with so many trees. HA. Now you know why. It’s pretty much summer in Texas and I love my shade.

Monday PM- 2.21 miles, 7:54 pace before teaching a class at the gym. Waking up the body and mind before I had to go be all peppy fitness instructor. Fun.

Tuesday- Early miles with the run club. 10.20 miles total. Cloudy and humid but a nice breeze. I was loving it.

Wednesday AM- 8.08 morning miles. It felt good to get up early on this day and get it in. Just rocking out to my jams. I honestly truly value the solo run time.

Wednesday PM- 4.10 miles, 95 degrees out, 8:15 pace. Not sure how but somehow I got it done. It was nice to get some happy miles in after work. Love my double run days.

Thursday AM- 10.30 run club miles. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday and then get coffee after. It is absolutely glorious. Plus you can’t go wrong with a nice sunrise.

Thursday PM- Another 4.10 miles before the gym. I wanted to get this one in before my rest day which I was really looking fwd to on Friday.

Friday- REST DAY. I checked my mailbox on this day and found out I received new kicks courtesy of Brooks Running! Love representing them and their awesome brand. I was so excited to slip these babies on for the weekend. Glycerin 15s for the win.

Saturday- 15.05 miles super early in the morning before yoga with my long run buddy Tracy. We are both thinking of signing up for the Dallas Marathon again in December and I have a couple of other races in mind. But running in my hometown is always fun. This was a good run and we found some awesome hills in our neighborhood.

Sunday AM- 11.11 miles at White Rock Lake. Everyone was out and about especially the dad bikers on Father’s Day.

Sunday PM- Decided since Strava is doing their ‘MyMile’ challenge and to put in my bid for some fly running kicks I would attempt a PR at the mile distance. And I did it! It was about 90 degrees out and I don’t know how but somehow I managed. It felt good to knock it out. Especially after running all of these ultras…it’s nice to know I still have some speed on my legs.

I also did a little grocery shopping…peaches just smell so fantastic this time of year.

And there you have it!

How was your week in running last week? How was your weekend?