Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! I’m here to recap some miles and smiles from last week! It was a strong week of training and I was able to get in a total of 70.5 miles of running last week. Habanero 50k training is definitely going great! Let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday AM- 5.22 early morning miles, more or less recovery after putting in long miles over the weekend. Just getting it in and enjoying the moving meditation before a busy day.

Monday PM- 3.06 sunset miles, unwinding from the day. We’ve been off the charts with the heat and humidity…but just getting in the double run day miles is really helping me to acclimate.

Tuesday AM- 8.11 miles, back with the breakfast run club crew. Hill repeat Tuesday. Never easy but it is getting better the more I do it. Finally getting back in the groove of things with doing the harder work is nice.

Tuesday PM- 2.23 miles after teaching spin to get in some more double run day miles. More or less a cool down run than anything else.

Wednesday AM- 7.21 miles, legs were pretty tired on this day…usually are after doing the Tuesday hill repeats so just keeping the legs going and getting it done. This run was probably the MOST humid of the week. Honestly I can handle the heat (as I actually love drier heat the best) but the humidity is the true beast. Sweat everywhere. Good detox though. Plus chocolate milk recovery after. And the loveliest of sunrises.

Wednesday PM- Sunset miles of double run day. 3.02 miles done.

Thursday- 6.32 miles after working sort of late the night before. Thankful to squeeze in these miles as morning runs have been SO NEEDED lately. For training and sanity purposes.

Friday- 10.11 miles with a good friend on a Friday. Always the best. Love starting my Fridays with double digits.

Saturday- SUPER HOT and HUMID day! 18.01 miles completed with WRRC. I had to start pretty early to knock this one out. It wasn’t that enjoyable honestly especially towards the end. But I was so proud to have gotten this one in. I super needed that boost of confidence for sure.

Sunday- 7.22 miles on a Sunday. FELT SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly probably because I was motivated by mimosas and breakfast tacos.

Plus, National Ice Cream Day was Sunday! So I went to TCBY and got some rainbow sprinkles on top. Oh happy day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? How dd you beat the heat?!
Everything on ice. Even my mimosas.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you are ready to take on another week! It is a good week to have a good week. Let’s catch up and chat about some miles on this lovely Monday. Shall we? Here’s how it all went down last week!

Monday AM- Not going to lie, getting up on Mondays has been HARD lately! I think my body truly still needs that recovery from the weekend of long running. I’ve also been doing some back to back double digit miles leading up to the Habanero 50k. So, heat training at its finest! I got in 5.32 miles in the morning enjoying a podcast and my peaceful morning route.

Monday PM- 3.25 miles with a faster finish at the end. Watching a bit of sunset and unwinding from the work day.

Tuesday AM- I’m back to getting some miles in with my breakfast run club during the work week. It really makes a huge difference to get it in early with friends! We did some hill repeats on this day. 8.13 miles done.

Tuesday PM- Cool down after teaching spin class. 2.23 miles getting in over 10 miles total for the day.

Wednesday- 7.12 miles, very humid morning. We did have some rain come in during the week which cooled things down a bit, briefly. We were back up to the triple digits before the end of the week but a brief dip into the 80s (HA) was rather nice.

Thursday- 8.11 early morning miles with my early crew followed up with lots of hydrating. I think I’m back on a bit of a chocolate milk kick. Sometimes I really crave that stuff. What can I say.

Friday- I absolutely have been loving Fridays for running lately. 10.22 miles done before the busy work day. Running double digits on a Friday just puts a great energy into my day for some reason. Maybe it’s the runner’s high. Who knows.

Saturday- 16.21 miles with my WRRC crew. Love them! They truly make long run Saturdays better. Plus a little pool party fun. Good times indeed.

And then there were breakfast shots…

Sunday- Sunday was definitely a recovery day. 4.11 Sunday runday funday miles.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Doing any summer training or rock any races lately?
I’m finally feeling ready to get back to doing some racing. The 50 miler from May is almost out of my system.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed the long and luxurious holiday weekend!! Last week’s miles- 60.3 total! I know, spoiler alert. I like to spoil things a bit sometimes. Ha.
Let’s see how the weekly running report all went down!

Monday- 5.22 miles just getting the day cranked up. It has been a struggle to get up early on Mondays but oh so worth it when its over. Mondays are more or less recovery days anyway since I’ve been doing some back to back double digit running and run streaking. Just gotta get it in when ya can.

Tuesday AM- 10.02 early miles with some hill repeats thrown in the middle, for good measure.

Tuesday PM- Cool down after teaching spin. 2.02 miles out and back on the lake.

Wednesday AM- 5.35 miles with strides at the end. Listening to a podcast and getting it done.

Wednesday PM- Yoga + social run night with my run club. I tell ya it was so good to get the kinks out and stretch after that hot evening run. 3.01 miles done and over 8 miles in the hot hot heat on double run day.

Ins’t this sign just the best…oh so true.

Thursday- 10.12 miles on the 4th of July! Got my run in then got some pool time in. It was actually the perfect fun day with good friends.

Friday- Quick recovery miles kind of day. 4.32 pretty relaxed miles along the lake.

Saturday- 16.01 miles back with the run group. Another CRAZY HOT and humid day. I swear it has been raining off and on so much lately our humidity in Texas is just off the charts. Sweat city.

Sunday- 4.22 miles just to get that run streak in for the week. Followed by my fave brunch. Post run hibiscus margarita for the win. And pool time, of course. All weekend long. 

And there you have it!

Tell me about your holiday weekend! Did you run a festive 4th of July race or get a solid run in!?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy July to you!! Hope your weekend was quite splendid. I am back to recap some miles from last week and of course a monthly mileage recap for June! Let’s get straight to business.

Monday AM- 5.31 miles early in the morning getting my Monday cranked up. Early Monday runs are always so peaceful and always a great way to set the tone for my work week. I just love it.

Monday PM- 5.01 miles at night after the busy work day. So happy to get some double run day miles in on a Monday.

Tuesday AM- 7.22 miles while jamming out to some random songs on Spotify. Got a mini fast finish in. Always fun.

Tuesday PM- Had to teach my spin class after work, then was able to get back out on the lake for 3.01 sunset miles.

Wednesday- 7.32 miles on hump day. Getting the run in before a much needed Wine Wednesday.

Thursday AM- 5.32 miles in the a.m. Pretty relaxed run just getting it in to attempt another double.

Thursday PM- 3.01 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Just doing some people watching and watching the sunset.

Friday- 14.21 miles in the morning with this girl. She’s training for a hot summer race as well so we are both getting in those Friday miles. Definitely helps to have friends for these runs especially before the work day.

Saturday- 12.32 miles with my weekend run club! RUN MY HOOD is a fun summer social run thing we do where we do a run in different locations every Saturday then have a massive pool party and little potluck brunch. I always really look forward to these for sure.

Then I got my hair done since I had a freebie coupon. So fancy.

Sunday AM- 7.37 miles in the morning after a fun night. Surprised I even got out and got up for this one. Quite ambitious. Ha.

Sunday PM- I’m really getting back into this double run day groove. 3.22 miles done in the evening. And on a Sunday. Hashtag killin it.

And the evening wrapped up with delicious dinner and probably the best crab cake I’ve ever eaten in life. YES.

73.3 miles in for the week. Haven’t hit mileage that high in probably a couple of months.

Plus I wrapped up the month of June with a monthly mileage total of 272.6 miles. Woohoo for that.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you been getting any summertime fun/training in?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hopefully you had a fun-filled weekend. I am here to recap some miles from last week! It was a great week indeed, with 67.2 miles of running total! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 7.23 mile morning, lots of cloud cover and breeze earlier in the week before the heat wave came in. Glad to get it in and get it done.

Tuesday AM- 6.31 miles with a little bit of a fast finish. The humidity has been a killer lately so I’m going to try and start incorporating more strides and things into some of these runs. Summer running kind of makes me feel sluggish at times but trying to keep my fitness up for the Habanero 50k! Man, where has June gone…not too much more time to train so keeping the miles up as we go into a HOT July.

Tuesday PM- 2.21 mile cool down after teaching a spin class. Lots of people watching going on.

Wednesday AM- Another 10k hump day. 6.31 miles done in the morning.

Wednesday PM- 3.31 miles in the evening. And a HOT evening that was. Close to 100% humidity. Felt like running through the steam room.

Thursday- 8.12 miles back with the breakfast run club. It always feels good to get up early with friends when you’re suffering through heat and humidity together. HA.

Friday- Getting back into doing some back to back double digit runs. Feels good! Hard but good. But we all know hard is my jam. 12.20 miles knocked out before a BUSY work day.

Saturday- 16.21 miles done on Saturday with my weekend run club. Kind of a struggle bus run especially towards the end and probably the most humid run of the season. But got it done.

I also discovered my new fave summer beverage. Heaven! Plus kinda hydrating…

Sunday- 5.33 miles with strides at the end. And then went to have some pretty incredible breakfast tacos on corn tortillas. Then they have $2 mimosas. Could get dangerous.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Gearing up for any races?
Habanero 50k and then the Loup Garou 100 miler is all I have on tap right now. Lots of training and keeping mileage high in between.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. Mine was quite lovely with POOL TIME and sunshine! I was also able to get in a great week of running last week- 60.3 miles total to be exact! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 5.21 miles in the a.m. I am starting to realize how much I truly need these early morning runs to start off the week! Especially on a Monday. It was quite glorious.

Monday PM- 3.01 miles in the evening after subbing a spin class. Always feels good to get some sunset time in and people watching all at the same time.

Tuesday AM- 7.11 miles in the morning listening to my favorite silly podcast. Gotta love that.

Tuesday PM- 2.21 mile cool down after the gym. Nice little cool down on double run day.

Wednesday- 6.33 miles on hump day. Got in some faster miles towards the end which felt nice. I’ve been doing lots of solo miles lately and enjoying that. Gearing back up for some summer races including the Habanero 50k.

Thursday- 10.32 miles! Back with my early breakfast run club. Ran a few hills so it was a great run indeed.

Friday- 16 mile Fridays are always the best. Did this run also with friends. Fastest 16 miler in quite some time so happy for that.

Saturday- REST DAY. Felt good to be a little rebellious on a day that I normally run long. Spent the day at the pool with a sweet new bikini and great girlfriends.

Sunday- 10.12 miles with some lovely breezy weather! Afterwards went to brunch with my papa to celebrate Father’’s Day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Father’s Day with your papa?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there and happy Monday! I am back to recap last week’s miles! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and you got some sunshine time in. Let’s see how it all went down!!

Monday AM- I’ve been really enjoying doing my double run days still and splitting up my runs. I’ve been finding lately that doing a short-ish run at night also loosens up my legs from the workday and is a good de-stressor. 4.21 miles in the morning to get my Monday going.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles at night watching the beautiful sunset. This was a bit of a progression run of sorts so that worked out great.

Tuesday AM- 7.32 miles in the morning cranking the miles back up. Faster finish is always a good thing. Feeling good feeling great. I’ve also just signed up for the Habanero 50k!! It’s in the dead of summer for Texas which is August. And also good training as I ramp back up for my 3rd 100 mile race!!

After my free race, the Stars Above Ultra got canceled (boo) I needed something else so that will be a good time with my fellow Dallas Dirt Runners. I’m excited to get back on the trails again and burn up in the HEAT. Ha.

Tuesday PM- 3.01 mile run after teaching spin. Fairly uneventful, but peaceful miles just getting it in for the day.

Wednesday AM- 5.12 miles while listening to some podcasts and such. On tired legs after teaching class at gym the night before.

Wednesday PM- The evening run got pushed to lunchtime since I did the wine walk with good friends that evening. I mean, YA GOTTA RUN for vino, am I right? Just saying. 3.20 miles done.

Thursday- 4.21 miles in the afternoon. More or less a detox run since it was in the middle of the day and it was just SO.DANG.HOT and humid outside! Pretty sure it was 90 degrees and ten thousand percent humidity.

Friday- Heat acclimation miles. 5.12 miles right after work. That’s the thing about Texas. Once we start pushing towards summer all of the runs are just sweaty and gross no matter what time of the day it is. I complain but I secretly love it.

Saturday- Longer runs are always better with friends! 14 miles done with my girl Jenna! And the WRRC crew, followed by sangria, tamales and pool time. Good times.

Sunday- 6.31 miles in the morning just trying to do a mini/baby run streak. I may do a little summer streak and see how things go. It’s very unofficial though. So don’t come harassing me if I break it because I am liable to do that at any time for any random reason. HA.

Oh, plus more pool time. I have to say, I some really attractive friends also. Don’t you agree? I sure do think so.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Happy Monday and happy JUNE!! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I am here to recap some miles from last week! And of course a recap in miles for running in the month of May. Let’s get straight to it!

Running buds, good times and sunshine.

Monday- Rest day on the Memorial Day holiday. It was really nice to enjoy some down time last week and scale back a bit from running so much high mileage. After racing the Hachie 50 miler plus running 70-80 mile weeks consecutively my body surely needed it.
Tuesday AM- Back to hitting that pavement for the week. 7.22 miles before a rather busy work day.
Tuesday PM- 3.31 miles after teaching a class at gym. Just getting in the double run day miles for the day.
Wednesday AM- 5.24 miles in the morning. Chill miles on the lake enjoying the view.
Wednesday PM- 3.01 miles. Pretty much people watching and getting in more outside time since it was gorgeous out.
Thursday AM- 7.12 miles with the breakfast run club. Kind of on this day getting up a little earlier but got it in and got it done.
Thursday PM- 4.22 miles at lunch. Picked up the pace towards the end. Working on my tan.
Friday- 12.01 mile Friday! Lovely way to kick off the weekend.
Saturday- 16.11 miles with WRRC then a burger and a cocktail on the patio enjoying the sunshine. Oh happy day.

Sunday- Rest day and Sunday funday with good buddies. Running friends know how to have a good time.

And there you have it!

also running totals for May- 275.1. Woohoo! Bring on more fun miles in June. 

How was your weekend? What delicious things did you eat? What did you do?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of friends + fun! Last weekend was a great week of mileage for me- 68.1 miles of running to be exact! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.22 miles in the morning enjoying the sunrise. Lately I have been doing a lot of solo miles – which honestly has been great mediation for me. I am kind of taking some down time from racing, and figuring out what I want to do next. Absolutely loving this time for now. It’s like a moving meditation of sorts.

Monday PM- 3.33 miles in the evening to get in some double run day miles for the day! Loving the sunset and the people watching.

Tuesday AM- 5.11 lunchtime miles. There were lots of folks out being active at lunch actually. So got some miles in washed up then went back to work.

Tuesday PM- Cool down after teaching at gym. 2.38 miles, short and sweet and fun.

Wednesday AM- 7.12 miles of rolling hills! Love the hills in my neighborhood. It’s in a beautiful neighborhood near the golf course too so love running over there while I get a tour of pretty homes in the morning.

Wednesday PM- 5.03 miles in the evening. The weather was so glorious all day. Really could not help myself.

Thursday AM- 8.31 miles with the breakfast run club. They always make me and encourage me to run faster than I really want to, ha. Which is great. I was a little sore after this run but felt good.

Thursday PM- Quick 1.6 mile run before teaching spin class. Got my iittle energy boost before I had to teach. You know they really expect me to be “on” and have that game face when I am teaching. So that quick run was just what I needed to wake the legs up after a long day at work.

Friday- 12.02 miles in the morning to kick off the weekend. I am still doing those Friday longer runs and they are feeling oh so good. Will keep this up for a little while, while it is feeling good.

Saturday- Memorial day weekend miles with some of the WRRC crew! We had a few folks run off to run a 5k/10k at the Polkafest (Congrats to my friend Jenna who won an award!) but those of us who wanted to run long got it in also. 16.02 miles of sunrise.

Sunday- REST DAY. Weekend full of BBQ, good friends and amazing fun.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you get any grillin’ and chillin’ in?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there and happy Monday! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend. Mine was filled with fun friends, yummy eats and some SUNSHINE!! Finally I was able to get in a pool day on Sunday after church. And it was oh so lovely!

Anyway let’s recap some running from last week, shall we?

Monday AM- 7.12 miles in the hood. I was finally feeling somewhat back to normal last week after taking the miles down post Hachie 50 miler. So it felt good to be back in business again! Honestly I have 1 race on the schedule right now and it is not until September! But I am looking at a few races (including another 100 miler in December, I’m going back and forth over 2 options) just need to get it together. It is kind of nice to not have much going on right now. I just like running for the sake of running. And for my sanity. You feel me? Feels good.

Monday PM- 3.21 miles on the lake after work…just winding down from the day. I am loving doing some people watching lately in the evenings. Everyone is out since the weather is great so – just so much to look at. People watching is probably up there on my most favorite things.

Tuesday AM- 5.22 miles with insane humidity. Just got it done despite not feeling it that much.

Tuesday PM- 3.01 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Just more of a cool down run to get a double run day in.

Wednesday- 7.32 miles in the morning. Hump day miles with a faster finish at the end.

Thursday AM- 10.32 miles with the breakfast run club. Did a few miles with them then finished on my own.

Thursday PM- Got another double run day in! 3.8 miles at lunch. Another day with lots of sunshine.

Friday- Long run Fridays are back! I had some friends coming to town for the weekend plus we had storms Saturday so needed to get this one done. 15.10 miles finito.

Saturday- REST DAY. Fun weekend with friends and lots of fun pics taken.

Plus…sangria. Because YES.

Sunday- 5.11 miles just hitting some numbers for the week. Plus some pool time after and an ahi tuna bowl for dinner. Literally obsessed with poke bowls. With lots of avocado and sesame seeds. Yum.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Tell me all about the random details!