Weekly Running Report.

Hello Monday!! Nice to see you again. I’m actually really ready for this short work week and super LONG luxurious Labor Day weekend coming up. Let’s get it!

But first let’s recap last week’s mileage! I was able to get in just over 60 miles total as I scale the mileage back to get ready for Big Cottonwood!! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.22 miles in the a.m.…temps all week last week were quite hot so this felt like a heat training run more than anything else. But got it done.
Tuesday AM- Lunchtime 10k. 6.3 miles all smiles. We had some cloudy skies also which was nice. I had a birthday event last Monday so had to push this run to lunch. It always feels to get it done on your lunch break though.
Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Love people watching by the lake.
Wednesday AM- 7.12 miles of hills with the breakfast run club. I’ve been getting in lots of hill training this cycle and I sure do hope it pays off in a couple of weeks.
Wednesday PM- 3.23 miles with WRRC. I’ve missed doing my Weds night runs with them – gotta make this one happen more often.
Thursday AM- 8.22 tempo-ish miles. Gosh I forgot how much tempos make my legs want to fall off. Feels dang good though when you’re done.
Thursday PM- 2.27 miles cool down run just winding down from the day by the lake.
Friday- 5.12 miles in the a.m. Running on rest day. Yes I’m on a run streak and it’s going good so far. The shorter runs have been good active recovery.
Saturday- 16.02 miles back at White Rock with my WRRC posse. I’ve got some buds that are headed to South Africa to run an Ironman so super excited for them. It was good to see them back on the run getting some strong miles in. Fun fun.

Sunday- Pool time and a 4 mile run. Just to hit my numbers for the week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Is it starting to cool down where you live?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happiest of Mondays to ya! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m here to recap some of last week’s running!! I was able to get in just over 74 miles last week. Definitely excited and gearing up for this race! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 4.33 lunchtime miles enjoying the sunshine. Last week we still had a few days of rain so it was quite humid but a tad cooler in the earlier parts of the day. I was pretty wiped out from running over the weekend too but still managed to get in a double run day on this day.

Monday PM- 3.03 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Pretty uneventful except for a lovely sunset.

Tuesday AM- 10.35 miles with back to back hills. I’ve definitely been getting in lots of hill training during this training cycle which is great. Legs were pretty wiped out after this one.

Tuesday PM- Another 3.3 miler around the lake, nice and easy – slowly winding down from the day.

Wednesday AM- 8.12 miles EARLY morning with the breakfast run club. Followed by chocolate milk recovery. Yum yum.

Wednesday PM- 4.03 happy hour miles with WRRC. I’m trying to get back into the groove of Wednesday night social running.

Thursday- 8.32 miles, a few of these miles were at tempo pace. Tempo runs have been rough in this summer heat but just getting it done anyway. I will be so happy when it cools off down here and these runs will feel a TON easier. Bring it on, fall weather!! I am needing you in my life.

Friday- 7.13 miles catching up with a good buddy followed by Sumatra roast coffee. Java Me Up really is my favorite.

Saturday- Big 21 mile run – done!! 21.23 miles to be exact. Taper time is getting close.

Sunday- 4.25 easy miles…thankful for some shade because this was truly a HOT one.

And of course I had to end the weekend with some lovely pool time with lovely friends. Fun fun.

There you have it!!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was quite rainy here! I was still able to get some miles in though this past week. Let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday- 4.32 mile run after teaching a spin class at the gym. Watching the sunset on a Monday.

Tuesday- 8.03 miles with the run club. Track workout followed by a cool down. A very humid cool down at that. Legs were still feeling my back to back long run/high mileage the week prior but still got it done.

Wednesday AM- 10.25 miles, another early morning. Since we meet outside of a local grocery store my new motivation after this run is low fat chocolate milk. Gets the job done.

Wednesday PM- 3.02 miles in the evening…people watching by the lake.

Thursday- 8.22 miles in the straight up rain. It rained so much last week I was getting tired of these downpour runs by the end of the week but it certainly did cool it down just a tad which was quite lovely. Still humidity through the roof but lovely.

Friday- 6.36 miles in the AM before kicking off the weekend.

Saturday AM- 15.03 miles with my WRRC clique followed by mimosas on ice. Crushed ice and mimosas is also my new Saturday morning run motivation.

Saturday PM- 3.03 rainy miles in the evening with my trail run group. We do a run every summer that is at night and then we BBQ and hang out afterwards and drink brewskis. It is great fun. I love my trail run fam.

Sunday AM- 6.32 miles in the morning, 8:19 overall pace. I was absolutely drenched from the sticky humid air (you see a trend here?) and I was not really feeling this run at all. Funny how that happens and it makes you want to go faster.

Sunday PM- Practicing more night running. 5.57 miles done to hit that 70 mile mark. It was actually quite peaceful running at night! Minus a few creepers that I had to dodge. I could get used to more night running.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Has it been raining where you are?
Lots…but I see the sun peeking out right about now.

Weekly Running Report.

I don’t know about you but my Monday is getting off to a LIT start due to my coffee which is absolutely on point. Let’s recap last week’s miles, shall we? I was able to get in just over 85 miles last week!! Woohoo. Let’s see how things went down!!

Creepy night runner pic.

Monday AM- 8.12 miles to kick off the work week. Last week it was a tad on the cooler side, as mother nature gave us a break for a couple of days from the triple digit temps. So that was nice.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Getting in my double digit miles for the day.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles with a bunch of hill repeats thrown in. I am getting my hill work in for this race. It is coming up rather quickly!! Cannot wait. I need a race-cation like no other.

Tuesday PM- 2.35 miles cooling down from the busy day. The humidity of course was super intense.

Wednesday- 8.33 miles with my breakfast run club. Knocking it out before some folks even have their coffee.

Thursday- 7.23 miles after going to a “wine walk” the night before. Yep half asleep but was able to get it done.

Friday- 21.13 miles practicing my long NIGHT running!! It felt weird to do this run after a super long and super BUSY week. But it was great training. This was at my friend’s run party where we ran in circles around her property all weekend. It was a come and go event too, which was cool. So I enjoyed some late night miles which felt good. It was still 90 something degrees though even late night.

Saturday- 16.3 hot afternoon miles on my friend’s property again. This run felt pretty good and the legs felt decent even after 21 miles the night before. Love getting the heat training in.

Sunday- 10.36 miles back at the ranch at 8 am. This run probably felt the hardest after back to back long run days. Good training though for Brazos Bend 100. I actually think I suffered from a touch of heat exhaustion on this day because I felt super weak at the end of this one. But I kind of like going through stuff like that so I can learn my body a little bit better. Anyway, got it in and the HIGHEST mileage weekly I’ve done in a little while.

So it was a successful weekend of back to back long running and the host of the crazy runner party gave us some take home gifts. I did not know they even made shampoo for ultra runners. Pretty cool! Ha.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Tell me something awesome about today!
My coffee is pretty awesome, hello extra shot of espresso.

Weekly Running Report.

You guys…it has been a REAL kind of Monday if you know what I’m saying! Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m back to recap some miles from last week!

Let’s get straight to it!

Monday AM- 7.12 miles along the lake to get Monday started. I always feel better about Mondays in general when I can get an early morning run in. So it was a good day. 

Monday PM- 3.22 miles after teaching class at the gym. Just hitting my numbers on double run day. 

Tuesday AM- 8.02 miles – first few miles were 800s on the track. We are back at it with hill repeats this week…but last week it was nice to get some track work in and then some cool down miles after. 

Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles in the afternoon…going to explore my new fave trail. I need to spend some more time out here. Simply beautiful. 

Wednesday- 7.03 miles with friends in the early morning. I had the day off and went to the pool but it was SO nice to be able to get some miles in before play time. 

Thursday AM- 7.22 miles later on in the morning, since I had a bit of a staycation I got some heat training in. The humidity was also pretty high last week because we’ve had some rain roll through which we truly needed. 

Thursday PM- 3.25 miles ending at a 7:31 pace. Crazy 99 percent humidity and crazy sweaty yes even after a short run. Summertime in Texas…you are the real deal. 

Friday- 5.32 miles running on rest day. I’ve been going at this run streak thing (PLUS running high-ish mileage) for a while and I have to say it is going very well. For me this run was more of active recovery since I run so damn much. So this run did not feel like I was doing anything. We will see how much longer the run streak will last. I may go back to Fridays being true rest days, because I feel like I actually need them since I don’t JUST run. Mentally…especially when my life gets busy or stressful I want to run every day. To keep the endorphins pumping. But teaching classes at the gym plus cross training really does add quite the load. 

Saturday- 16.33 miles with WRRC. 8:55 pace with the heat and humidity. Felt like a good run and it was a fun a.m. with the crew. 

Sunday- 7.02 miles through the ‘hood and the rain that came through definitely cooled it down a bit. I’m telling you…a bit of a breeze and temps below 85 for running in July?! Pure perfection. 

And there you have it!

How was your week in running last week? Tell me something random today!!

I’m going to a wine walk with friends on Weds and already so excited after this crazy busy Monday. 

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there!! Hope you’re having a beautiful Monday so far. Today is actually my Thursday (woot, woot holla if you hear me) and yes I have yet another long summer weekend coming up. SUPER stoked. So, let’s recap some of last week’s running workouts in training for this race, shall we?

Monday- 4.12 miles after teaching class at gym. So glad I waited till the sunset…it was so sticky out. Not that running in the evening really helped much, as its still close to triple digits down here. But you know what I mean.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles in the morning with the run club crew. We did some 800s on the track and then I did cool down miles to hit 8. Kinda felt like I was dragging ass and struggled to keep the pace but got it done.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles in the evening and I’ve discovered a new frozen daiquiri place close to the trails that I like to run. Yes, this could be a problem.

Wednesday AM- 7.22 easy miles in the a.m. Humid as all get out.

Wednesday PM- Another 3 mile run in this new park I’ve discovered. I’m forcing myself to do some heat training which has proven to be really good because I don’t feel like I’m dying as much in this Texas summer sun. Emphasis on AS MUCH.

Thursday AM- 10.03 miles while watching a glorious sunrise. Knocked out some hills that morning too.

Thursday PM- 2.02 miles, 7 something minute pace warm up before the gym. Nice confidence booster since it was 359305 degrees out.

Friday- 4.13 miles to kick off the glorious weekend. Running on rest day, run streak continues. But this was pretty uneventful. It was by the lake so I guess that was a nice perk.

Friday night. A little happy hour action. It was at this place..their avocado toast. Delicious. Of course, we had to have a mini photoshoot.

Saturday- 20.03 miles getting It done. These 20 mile runs have felt a lot tougher lately, I think it is because this is the hottest summer we’ve had down in Dallas in quite a while. One girl joked yesterday that it was hotter all weekend than it has been in Qatar. Ha.

Sunday- 8.35 miles total. Starting on roads and ending on the trail.

We had a little going away event for a girl that is on our trail club. Fresh summer fruits. Love love.

And there you have it!!

How was your weekend? Have you been working on your tan??
YES!! Lots.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Hope you all are having a great Monday!! I’m here to recap some running from last week. I was able to get in 71.1 miles last week! And I’ve lived to recap about it. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.22 miles of RUNrise. Felt good to get this one in early. We had a bit of a cooler front but things have been heating up so quickly!! And when I say COOL front I actually mean temps just below 85 degrees. It is damn near 100 by lunchtime pretty much every day. You’ve gotta love that, right?

Monday PM- 3.02 miles after the gym. Just getting the legs moving after the work day.

Tuesday AM- 8.08 miles with hill repeats thrown in. Torture. But I love torture sometimes…

Tuesday PM- 2.25 faster miles in the evening after teaching a class at the gym. Pace was in the 7s.

Wednesday AM- 7.12 easy miles, conversational with the run club. I’ve been loving Weds runs with friends lately.

Thursday AM- 8.05 miles in the straight up humidity at zero dark thirty. After going out for sushi Weds night this was a tough run. But got it done.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles in the evening. Love my people watching by the lake.

Friday- 6.03 miles on rest day. Felt like an active recovery day, easy miles.

Saturday- 16.03 miles with WRRC. It was a hot day and of course legs felt tired after running all week. Gearing things back up for ULTRA training…this race will be here before you know it.

Sunday- 10.35 miles before pool time. So glad to get this one done early as usually Sundays I have a hard time getting up and getting it done. Love my back to back weekends.

And there you have it!!

How was your weekend? Are you loving pool time as much as I am?? It is so necessary for Sunday Funday.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I am actually excited and ready for a new week to begin. Hopefully it will be a good one!! But first, let’s recap some running from last week! I was able to get in a total of 71.5 miles. Let’s quickly recap!

Monday AM- 7.34 miles in the early AM with one of my running buds. We normally don’t do a run together on this day (usually I run Monday mornings by the lake solo) but thought we’d try something different. It was fun to chat and catch up from the weekend.

Monday PM- 3.03 miles after teaching a class at the gym. It was a little cool down run watching the sunset.

Tuesday AM- 8.02 miles, 7:52 overall pace. This included a few 800s on the track with the run club I run with during the work week. Then I cooled it down on my own. Good stuff and solid speedy miles.

Tuesday PM- Warm up before teaching at gym, quick 2.22 miles. Getting the legs moving after the long work day.

Wednesday AM- 8.05 miles with a lovely sunrise on the 4th of July. Happy to get it in early and happy for run buds that will get up early with me.

Wednesday PM- 4.12 trail miles with my trail running club. We always try to run the trails on holidays and then have a little potluck breakfast/brunch after. Love that crew.

Thursday- 4.25 miles. A bit of a run streak this week. This was a sunset run.

Friday- 7.22 miles in the a.m. before it got way too hot out. I’ve been thinking about making Friday runs a thing every now and again…but typically this is my actual rest day. But run streaking has been fun lately. So we will see how this goes.

Saturday- 20.23 miles with WRRC. It was another “run my hood” event so we got up early and did this run and then went to a pool party after…where lots of celebrating took place. Hey, friends, beverages and a good time by the pool is what summer is all about.

Sunday- 7.12 miles of heat training. OH and then I went to go see the Whitney Houston movie. It was actually a documentary with all of the family in it and goes a little bit more in depth. I liked it but I am a super fan. Ha. So go see it and judge for yourself.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you have any pool (or beach) time?

Weekly Running Report.

HAPPY JULY! I am baaaaack y’all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was long and luxurious!! And much needed.

I also got my miles in during my vacation/staycation! Big shocker there. Are any of you surprised?

Oh how I miss Heather Dubrow. She was my favorite Beverly Hills housewife.

So let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday AM- 6.05 miles with my running buddy Kev. Gotta love running friends that just love to run with you at odd times of the morning. This heat has been no joke so I am loving the early morning breeze before that sun comes out blazin. We’ve had nonstop triple digit temps so I’ll take any bit of breeze I can get at this point.

Monday PM- 4.12 miles in the evening…watching the sunset after the gym.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles of hills, back with the run club. Actually I was kind of dreading all of those hills post Stars Above Run but I got through it.

Tuesday PM- 3.22 miles at lunchtime…before it got way too hot.

Wednesday- 10.07 miles before hitting up the pool on my day off. Felt good to get it in.

Thursday- Another day off from work…loving my staycation. 6.03 miles at lunch. WAY TOO HOT. I am pretty sure it was above 90 degrees by noon time. Lots of ice cold beverages were consumed on this day.

Friday- Run streak week! I got up early with Kevin again and he did a few miles with me then I finished up on my own. 10.32 miles done. I kind of wish I had every Friday off. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

Saturday AM- 16.16 mile long run with WRRC. Hot and humid. Loving these blooms at the end of my route.

Saturday PM- Just hitting some numbers before the end of the month! 4.12 miles dunski. I think I’m going to start back up with these summer night runs on weekends. I kind of love it.

Sunday- 7.23 miles enjoying some peace and quiet. Had some marvelous brunch afterwards with mama. Everything is better with mimosas.

Plus I was able to get in a total of 324 miles in the month of June. Stella’s got her groove back, baby.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you partake in any delicious brunch or mimosas? Tell me about it!

We went to this place called Tupelo Honey and had chicken, greens, mac n cheese. Heaven.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I’m here to recap some miles from last week!! I was happy to get in 80.8 miles – the most weekly mileage I’ve done in quite some time! This also included a race/run at the ranch on Sunday!! Let’s review and see how it all went down.

Monday- I taught a spin class Monday so I did a quick run after to cool it on down. Just getting the legs moving again after a weekend of back to back running. 4.25 miles done.

Tuesday AM- 10.13 miles with the *Rebel Runners* in the a.m. (yes we actually call ourselves that) I did a few 800s with them on the track and then the rest of this run on my own. Good stuff. It was crazy humid that day also a drizzled a bit. Felt like Florida kind of humidity! Sheesh.

Tuesday PM- 3.32 miles winding down from the busy work day. Sunset watching.

Wednesday AM- 7.03 miles back with the early morning crew. I tell ya I don’t know what I’d do without early run friends in the summer. Talk about motivation to get my hiney out of bed. I just love it.

Wednesday PM- Another social run with WRRC. We got a great view of the city on this quick out and back run. I got just over 4 more miles in on double run day.

Thursday AM- 7.32 miles on “Tempo Thursday” except my legs were toast so this was definitely an easier run. I was having to ease up a bit in order to get ready for another weekend of lots of running.

Thursday PM- 4.15 miles at lunch. Just hitting some numbers before rest day.

Friday- REST DAY. Oh glorious rest day my legs do love you so. And I got a massage on this day which was absolutely glorious.

Saturday- 13.3 miles with WRRC. Followed by a fabulous brunch by the pool. Yum yum and more yum.

Sunday- Running on the ranch!! This was the Stars Above Ranch run with the Dallas Dirt Runners. I chose to run the 6 hour loop. On a triple digit day in June in Texas. Torture myself much?!?! When it was all said and done I got in 27.36 miles And thousands of feet of climbing. Yep. Legs are very much done today. But it’s done. And I’ve got a KILLER tan like no other.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to anything this week?
3 straight days off from work “staycation” with lots of pool time and fun involved. SOOO today is technically my Thursday! Hollaaaa holla.