Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m back and slowly but surely ramping my miles back up!! Recovery for my last ultra race went super well. 50K race RECAP is here if you missed it! Thanks for the cheers and well wishes. I’m feeling good and continuing to stay healthy and strong.

Let’s review some miles from last week, shall we?

Monday- 4.21 miles enjoying the sunset after work. Feeling good feeling great and doing some active recovery.

Tuesday AM- Back to some double run days!! 4.32 miles after lunch.

Tuesday PM- 3.21 miles in the evening around the lake. The weather was really lovely all week. Just a bit of humidity but clear and cool days mostly. That fall chill is definitely back in the air which is wonderful.

Wednesday- 6.32 miles after work! Picked up the pace towards the end and added a quick hill climb.

Thursday AM- 4.32 miles in the morning on double run day with this stellar sunrise.

Thursday PM- 3.02 miles after work relaxed miles on double run day. Love listening to podcasts after work especially when I run solo. Almost like chatting with a run buddy especially when you listen to pop culture. I keep it light hearted on the run.

Friday- Morning run with a new running buddy! We did a bigger lake loop and caught up on life and such. 6.34 miles done.

Saturday- 10.12 miles at the lake with seriously chilly temps! Temps were in the 40s for this run. I know to some of you up north that may not be cold but down here it is! I loved it though. That fall chill is my JAM.

Sunday- Active recovery REST DAY. Took a socially distanced 60 minute spin class and the legs were a tad sore this morning.

Plus a rather decadent brunch. Blueberry waffle breakfast sammy for the win.

Also new do for fall. A little Beyonce action.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Share some delicious eats or drinks you had with me!

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope your weekend was splendid. I’m here to recap some miles and smiles from last week!! This was a fall back recovery week after my 2nd ultra of the year – the Remix 50k!!! Recap is here if you missed it.

Let’s see how things went post race! Read on below.

Monday- Active recovery day. I did some yoga stretching at home and caught up on home stuff. And lit all of my fall scented candles. Current fave – mulled cider for the win.

Tuesday- 5.12 after work sunset miles. The legs were still feeling pretty stiff on this day, especially after doing so much shuffling in that dang SAND during the trail race! I mean the sand was deep and loose so my legs were putting in serious work. Good stuff though because races like that really expose you and show you what you are made of!! So I guess I’m made of steel or something because I did not break. Or fall (which I tend to do during trail ultras haha) Happy for that. The relaxed miles after taking time off helped get things going. Motion is lotion, baby.

Wednesday- 5.21 miles after work again! Switched it up and had some off the beaten path miles. Legs moved just a tad faster but I still kept things relaxed and did a loop with a slight incline.

Thursday- Lunch miles! 5.22 miles with a fall view.

Friday- 7.13 early beautiful sunrise miles with incredible fall weather. Temps were in the 50s and I was such a happy camper.

Saturday- Very relaxed 8.02 mile run just enjoyed the cooler weather and people watching.

Sunday- REST DAY

Plus post 50k race eats – sushi and spicy edamame. Come to mama.

There you have it!!

How was your weekend? Anyone also doing some real (or virtual) RACE recovery?!

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! New week, new goals to crush. Let’s recap some of last week’s miles!! I was able to get in over 42 miles last week as I prepare for my next trail adventure! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.21 sunset miles enjoying this beautiful weather down in Texas! Things are definitely cooling off. But more like wearing a sweater in the morning THEN regretting it later in the day. The evenings have been nice though.

Tuesday AM- 4.12 early morning miles with a faster finish. Enjoying some quiet time by the lake.

Tuesday PM- 4.03 after work miles. Got in a short hill climbing loop and changed the afternoon route up a bit.

Wednesday AM- Got away for a lunch run. 4.23 relaxed miles in the sunshine.

Wednesday PM- 3.02 after work miles on double run day.

Thursday- 6.37 miles in the afternoon with the beautiful crisp fall leaves. Love looking for the different colors on the trees! Like a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Friday- 5.12 sunset miles with hill climbing on a Friday. Felt good to get this one in after the work day.

Saturday- Run club run at the lake. 10.23 miles with some faster miles thrown in there. It was nice to see an 8 minute mile in that mix! Thank you fall weather.

Sunday- REST DAY. Spent some time on a boat this weekend. 80 degree afternoons in the sunshine in October, I will take it.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Getting ready for any adventures!?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you have some fall fun in store for the weekend. I definitely have running on the agenda!
Let’s get to this week’s faves!!
Forever loving the changing leaves. I’ve been seeing them on all of my routes lately.
The fact that the London Marathon is happening for the elites. I just might tune in to watch.
How to fall in love with running, even if you hate it. Time to convert all of my non runners to get into that groove.
5 easy warm breakfasts to enjoy on fall mornings. Morning glory muffins. Yum yummy.
And there you have it! Enjoy your weekend.
Any fall festivities planned?
I still need to go carve me a pumpkin. I did enjoy some pumpkin cider the other day.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy new week! The leaves are starting to change around here like crazy!! Hope you all are off to a great start this week.

Let’s recap some thangs, shall we?! Starting with some weekly miles. I’m taking things back a bit in anticipation for my 2nd ULTRA of the year – the REMIX 50k in October!

This will be merely a fun run for me. A comeback ultra of sorts. Just to get back out there and go play on the trails. Plus I just really need to get away! Time to go play in the forest, social distancing style.

Monday- 4.32 miles in the hood to start off my Monday. Just relaxed miles after my 50 mile week last week. Enjoying the view.

Tuesday- 5.02 sunset miles. Picked up the pace towards the end and added some rolling hills.

Wednesday AM- 4.32 miles in the AM. Getting it done despite some sticky humidity.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles. 4.02 miles in the evening. Saw lots of pretty fall colors.

Thursday AM- 7.12 miles in the morning. Could and some more sticky humidity. Breakfast run club miles.

Thursday PM- 3.30 miles just a tad faster in the evening to get in over 10 miles for the day.

Friday- 5.12 miles after bootcamp to the tune of this crazy gorgeous sunrise.

Saturday- Took the miles down a bit. 7.11 miles with some fall foliage.

Sunday- REST DAY after back to back running days.

And there you have it!

Are the leaves changing color in your hood? I’m loving all of the fall colors. Fall time is my jam.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! It was a lovely weekend in the neighborhood and the weather was oh so pleasant! Fall days are here and I’m really loving it. It really does help the miles go by more quickly!

Let’s recap some miles from last week!

Monday- 5.12 sunset miles doing some people watching. It was nice to get out since the evenings are much cooler. Relaxed miles.

Tuesday AM- 4.22 quick miles before work. Had to squeeze this one in.

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles on double run day. Faster finishes are always nice and legs wanted to go faster.

Wednesday AM- Super early morning doing bootcamp and then finishing it off with a solid run. 6.31 miles done.

Wednesday PM- 2.02 miles to get in 8.3 for the day.

Thursday AM- 7.11 morning miles with the breakfast run club. Hilly miles at that. Felt good to get back to those rolling hills. Hills are just spadework in disguise they say.

Thursday PM- 2.02 double run day miles to get in over 9 for the day. It was cloudy and somewhat cooler out this day which made things fly by faster.

Friday AM- I was on a double run day roll this week!! 5.12 miles in the morning after bootcamp to the tune of this RUNrise.

Friday PM- 2.02 faster miles at lunch, quick out and back before the Saturday long-ish run.

Saturday- 13.21 miles with my Saturday run club to hit my numbers for the week.

Sunday- REST DAY and ro-zay. For the win.

And there you have it!

How was your week? Is running starting to feel more do-able now that it is cooling down in your hood??
I’m just happy that triple digit temps are gone.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a lovely weekend full of sun, running and relaxation!! I got a bit of running and just trying to maintain a solid weekly mileage base at this point. Feels good to be feeling good, healthy and injury free! That is always the name of the game.
Let’s recap some weekly mileage!
Monday- I got in an active recovery day on this day. I’m working on incorporating more cross training into my schedule (plus since COVID has jacked up my gym teaching schedule) so bootcamp has been doing the trick. Hella sore doing the bootcamp workouts but it’s all for the GOOD. I need more power in my miles and I know doing more movements when I’m not running will surely help for the better.
Tuesday- Bootcamp run + sunset miles. Since the days haven’t been as crazy hot I’ve been enjoying running later in the day. Gotta mix it up to keep shocking that body. 5.11 miles done.
Wednesday- 5.04 miles of city lights. This was a relaxed run just getting in time on my feet and working out some bootcamp soreness.
Thursday- 10.12 miles after work! I saw some leaves changing. Gotta love the fall foliage. Added a few lovely hills too.
Friday AM- 4.34 miles at lunch to breathe during the work day. Felt good to get the legs moving.
Friday PM- 3.21 sunset miles. Nice and easy before long run Saturday.
Saturday- 16.02 miles of keeping the base building with some AMAZING weather! It definitely felt like fall. I could have kept going but wanted to see how my body would feel since I did 15 the week before. Feels good to be building and feeling good doing it and pushed the pace a few miles.
Sunday- Rest day! Much needed relax time.
And there ya have it!
How was your weekend? Has it cooled down at all where you are?? 

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! It was a busy start to the week (plus the long holiday weekend) but I am back!! Let’s recap some miles from last week, shall we?

Weather wise it has been a little less humid and more enjoyable so it’s helping me keep my hopes up that fall weather is approaching! I tell you what I’m so very ready for the leaves to change color and for crisp cooler mornings! Enough of this hot summer stuff. Plus I’m ready for some fall racing! Excited for this one coming up oh so soon.

I’m slowly taking the miles back up plus I’ve been adding in bootcamp workouts. And feeling that muscle soreness feels OH SO GOOD again. Sadistic, I know.

Monday- Active recovery day after the weekend of running. I did some yoga stretching. This girl is my fave if you enjoy YouTube workouts. I personally love working out in my living room.

Tuesday- 4.11 miles in the evening starting to feel more alive again. Relaxed effort then picked up the pace a bit in the end.

Wednesday AM- Back to double run day miles! 6.23 miles at lunch. Felt so good to get out a bit and breathe during the work day.

Wednesday PM- 3.3 miles after work to get in over 9.5 miles for the day.

Thursday AM- 4.02 mile lunch run getaway. Just a quick out and back down the trail.

Thursday PM- 3.02 mile lovely sunset run. The sunset was especially colorful on this day.

Friday- I had the day off so I did a quick 5.11 mile run. Lots of beautiful cloud cover.

Saturday- 15.02 mile long run with my WRRC crew. Always helps having friends to get it in.

Sunday- 4.23 mile run. Faster finish at the end. This is my favorite shirt right now by the way if you were wondering.

Over 45 miles for the week. Feeling good feeling great. Let’s keep the miles going.

How was your week last week? Are the leaving starting to change color in your area?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy September! It has already been a hectic work week for me but we are coming up on a lovely holiday weekend!! I am super excited about that. Let’s recap some miles from last week!

At the moment I’m still maintaining and building my numbers back up so I can have a strong end of the year and a fun 2021 race year. Let’s hope some spring races stay on the calendar.

And maybe some winter in person or rouge type races if we’re lucky. My ‘Chelsea Trot’ actually is fast approaching. Always a favorite…

Monday- Active recovery day, getting in some yoga stretching after the long work day. I’ve got a lot more responsibility work wise so unwinding with a little down time was much needed to get back in the groove of the week.

Tuesday- 6.31 sunset miles. Did some rolling hills for good measure.

Wednesday AM- Back to them double run days! 5.21 miles to the tune of a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

Wednesday PM- 4.02 miles to get in a 15k for the day. After work miles a touch faster than the morning run.

Thursday AM- Breakfast run club miles. Had to be a work early so I squeezed in 6.32 miles at 5 something AM.

Thursday PM- 2.22 quick miles right after work to loosen up the legs after the long day. Feeling good feeling great.

Friday- 10.11 mile solo run in the morning just enjoying some time on my feet. This particular route has water and potty breaks throughout so that makes me forever happy. Much needed with the Texas heat and humidity.

Saturday- Back to back double digit miles for the win. Another 10 miles of splendid sunrise.

Sunday- Much needed rest and reflection day.

And there you have it! Over 44 miles for the week with 2 rest days plugged in.

How is running going for you? Looking forward to anything this month?
All of the pumpkin things. And the start of FALL. I love fall most of all.

Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happy Monday to ya! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I am here to recap ya on some miles and smiles.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day and a rather busy work day at the office. Of course it has not been easy doing essential work while the rest of the world has been working from home but hey, someone has to do it.

Tuesday- Beautiful sunset miles after another crazy day. I really had a great run though to de-stress. 8.12 miles done.

Wednesday AM- 5.23 miles made in the shade on a rather hot morning.

Wednesday PM- Double run day. 4.02 miles to get in 15k for the day.

Thursday AM- Breakfast run club miles. 7.12 miles of rolling hills and straight humidity. Felt good when it was done though.

Thursday PM- 3.02 miles after work to wake the legs up. It was crazy hot out even in the evening so I got in a bit of heat training.

Friday- I had the morning off so I squeezed in a nice double digit run with friends. 10.02 miles of glorious sunrise.

Saturday- 10.11 miles with the WRRC crew. Getting my back to back double digit runs back.

Sunday- 3.02 miles in 100 degree weather to hit my numbers for the week.

And there you have it! 50.70 miles for my week! Feeling good, feeling great. Still got it, I guess.

Do share – how was your weekend??