Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Let’s recap some miles from last week!

I took the miles back a bit in order to build back up so this was a bit of a recovery miles type of week. I can’t even tell you the last time I did less than 40 miles per week in the last couple YEARS (ha) so this was good for the body mind and soul.

Monday- Took a rest day after a long fun weekend cooking out with the neighbors. I always try to do some type of active recovery on my rest day so I did some yoga stretching and keeping the body limber.

Tuesday- 5.12 miles watching the sunset.

Wednesday- 7.02 miles, massive relative effort. Legs felt good on this day so did some rolling hills. This view though.

Thursday AM- Breakfast run club miles. 7.11 miles just getting it done. The humidity was also not as crazy on this day so was feeling great.

Thursday PM- Double run day miles. 3.02 miles and I was freaking 100 degrees out. Sucker for punishment. Over 10.1 miles total for the day.

Friday- 4.02 lunch miles. Tough relative effort according to my Garmin.

Saturday- 7.01 miles at 7. With my run club to the tune of this sky.

Sunday- Rest day. Got a good selfie in.

And there you have it! 53K miles for the week. I am going to just start using kilometers instead of miles for now whenever I do a low mileage week. HA.

Doing any virtual races at all? If you’ve done them how did they go?? Have your marathons been canceled or are they still going on?
MCM has turned virtual finally so I have deferred til 2021. I may end up just running the distance on my own since they’re charging more money to do the actual race.

Weekly Running Report.

Oh my has it been a scorcher out there or what!? Hope you are doing well and staying healthy! I’m here to recap some miles from last week! It has been both enjoyable and challenging getting it in and just running to maintain the general fitness right now. Plus staying strong and injury free is always the name of the game so I’ve been doing pretty good at that. Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- 4.31 miles watching the lovely sunset after a busy work day. Just what I needed. I actually found out last week that my 50 miler was postponed to 2021. Fine by me. They moved us all to the roster for next May. I think it was a solid decision given the way the cases have been spiking especially in Texas. It wouldn’t hurt me to not completely run my immune system down and put myself at risk. I will always have a love for that race too. One of my faves.

Tuesday- 6.32 miles of beautiful sunset again. Great way to de-stress, just a quick out and back.

Wednesday- 7.12 miles with hills, massive relative effort according to Strava. It was crazy hot that day.

Thursday AM- 7.02 miles for breakfast in some insane humidity but it got done.

Thursday PM- Double run day miles. 3.30 miles to get in just over 10 miles for the day.

Friday- 4.21 miles with an epic sunrise. So worth it.

Saturday- Had a late night grilling out with neighbors Friday but still managed to roll outta bed for a quick 8.02 miles.

Sunday- Lotsa pool time and a rest day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are ya’ll seeing triple digit temps where you live yet?
We’ve had three straight days of temps in the 100s. Brutal.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there it’s Monday! I am here with a little recap of the miles and smiles from last week. Things are heating up down here in Texas for sure! Along with insanely humid summer temps to keep things exciting. Let’s recap and see how it went down.

Monday- I took the the day off to refresh and recover after a busy week. Lots of pool time last week was absolutely necessary. Getting back in the groove.

Tuesday- 7.12 sunset miles with some rolling hills in 95 degree weather. Real feel was 103F. Whew.

Wednesday AM- Back to double run day miles – 4.02 miles in the morning before an early morning dentist appointment.

Wednesday PM- 5.11 miles to hit my numbers for the day. Much needed after work de-stressor.

Thursday- 7.02 miles in the crazy morning humidity. Threw in some hills and spotted a lovely sunrise.

Friday- 8.02 miles in the morning on my day off. Quite lovely! Did a social distance type run with a few run buddies.

Saturday- Decided to keep things fairly shorter this week. 5.02 miles on Saturday hitting my numbers.

Sunday- 4.21 recovery miles with temps at 90 degrees once again. Plus got caught in a random downpour in the middle of the run. Drenched after.

And there ya have it! Still managed just over 40 miles for the week without a long run.

How was your weekend? Hope you all are staying healthy and ‘Rona free!

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope your weekend was a happy one. Do we even know what weekends are anymore though!? Haha. I’m here to recap some miles from last week! Still feeling like a little bit in maintenance mode on the running front. Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- 5.11 miles in the straight up sunshine after the long work day. Felt lovely.

Tuesday- 8.22 miles of rolling hills. Massive relative effort according to Strava. Hills fo dinner felt mm hmm good.

Wednesday- 5.21 miles with a bit of a faster finish.

Thursday AM- 7.11 miles with my breakfast club. RUNrise-ing it.

Thursday PM- Double run day miles for the win! 3.2 miles to hit double digits for the day.

Friday- Decided to move my longer run to Friday and rest the body over the weekend. (I know…2 DAYS OF REST WHO AM I? WHUT) 12.21 miles on this day.

Saturday/Sunday- REST DAY. Brunch vibes.

And there you have it! Still 41 miles for the week although I felt like a lazy butt this weekend. Needed to press the refresh button.

How was your weekend? What’s the most delicious brunch you’ve had lately (or cooked lately)?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday and new week to ya! It was a lovely weekend for me with lots of sunshine. Just trying to maintain my sanity during uncertain times, you feel me!?

Let’s recap some running from last week!

Monday- A quick 4.21 miles after work just enjoying the sunset and unwinding from the busy work day. Much needed.

Tuesday- 7.31 miles, getting in some rolling hills. I’ve really been enjoying running in the afternoons during the less humid part of the day. Still HOT though. Temps were in the 90s. Whew.

Wednesday AM- 5.11 miles around the lake in the morning. Crazy wild humidity but with lots of sweat.

Wednesday PM- 3.2 miles to get in a double run day in for the day.

Thursday AM- 7.21 miles – hills for breakfast with the breakfast club.

Thursday PM- 3.30 very hot miles on double run day. Felt good to get the back to backs in.

Friday- 5.23 Juneteenth miles on this day! I got these miles in on my lunch break. Quite lovely.

Saturday- Shorter 7.31 recovery time miles this day with faster finish just for fun.

Sunday- REST DAY. Got my nails done over the weekend and poolside time.

There you have it!

How was your weekend? What has the weather been like where you live?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week! Hope you all had a relaxing, productive, and fun weekend. I got plenty of sunshine and spent time with the ones I love. Social distancing style, of course. Ha.

Let’s chat about last week’s running shall we? I was able to get in just over 51 miles last week. A somewhat light (for me) mileage week but building the base back up for some local races in the later part of the year.

Monday- 7.02 sunset miles enjoying my “brain movies” and de-stressing from the day. Rolling hills. Definitely quite lovely.

Tuesday AM- 5.12 early morning miles getting the legs moving after Monday’s rolling hills run. Legs felt a tad tired but it got done.

Tuesday PM- Double run day miles running on some tired legs. Finished faster than expected. Got in just over 8 miles for the day.

Wednesday AM- 5.32 miles for breakfast. Glorious RUNrise.

Wednesday PM- 3.21 miles. Late RUNch.

Thursday- 7.32 early morning miles getting it done with my breakfast club.

Friday AM- Decided to run with a friend of mine to get in some early miles. 8.11 miles done with what Garmin would like to call a “massive relative effort”. Good times.

Friday PM- 2.02 quick miles at lunch to get in over 10 miles for the day.

Saturday- 10.21 miles. Historic relative effort. Epic sunrise.

Sunday- REST DAY. Ribs and grilled corn at a friends house for the win. Yes, I also like when men do ALL THE GRILLING.

I also laid out all of my 50 mile, 100k and 100 mile buckles over the last several yers just for fun. Still looking for a legit display for these babies.

And there ya have it!

Share some randomness about your weekend with us!

Weekly Running Report.

Hope your week is off to a smashingly good start! It is HOT as all get out down here in Texas so my runs lately have been all about survival. I took the miles down a bit last week to allow for some recovery. Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- 5.11 sunset miles. Much needed after a busy Monday. Honestly I really look forward to this after the long work day. Work has been so hectic lately so it is a huge wonderful stress release.

Tuesday- 7.22 miles after work with some hills thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday AM- 5.25 miles in the morning on Global Running Day! With the most glorious sunrise. So needed this.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles on Global Running Day! 3.20 miles at lunch. In the crazy hot heat. I’m a sucker for punishment.

Thursday- 7.22 miles with crazy humidity in the early morning. Honestly I think I prefer running in the dead of the heat than these crazy humid mornings. I am more of a dry heat girl though. But gotta get it done. So get ready to hear me continue to b*tch and moan about being drenched every morning.

Friday- REST DAY. Needed a breather from the busy week. I can’t decide if I like Fridays or Sundays better for my rest day. Hmm.

Saturday- 10.01 miles with the WRRC gang! Miles with good friends on a Saturday is where its at.

Sunday- Quick HOT run. Basically another rest/active recovery type of day. Just to get my numbers in for the week. 3.2 miles around the block done.

And there you have it! Nice little recovery week.

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Feeling like summer?! How are you adjusting to the heat/humdiity?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya and happy JUNE! Hope your week is off to a great start. Let’s recap some miles, shall we? I was able to get in just over 50 miles last week and over 200 miles for the month of May! So woohoo for that. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.23 miles getting outside on a crazy hot day. Felt good to get it in on the holiday before partaking in some yummy holiday BBQ.
Tuesday- 6.32 miles after work. Found a few solid hills and switched up the route a bit which was much needed. Gotta fight that running route boredom.
Wednesday AM- 5.22 morning miles along with some crazy humidity.
Wednesday PM- Back on my double run day game! 3.32 miles in the hot hot heat. Temps were close to 90 that day.
Thursday AM- 7.21 miles back with the breakfast club crew. Lots of humidity but getting up and being done with the run before 7 a.m. is always the icing on the cake.
Thursday PM- 3.25 double run day miles. Everyone was out and about on this day so dodging all of the people plus their doggies.
Friday- 10.03 relaxed miles after putting in some solid runs all week long. Felt good to just run by feel.
Saturday- Ran with my girl Jenna! Another 10 miles and tacked on a bit more towards the end. Loving the view.

Sunday- REST day with mimosas for the win.

And there you have it!

Plus monthly miles for the win.

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite beverage during the hot and humid weather?
Hmm. Probably fro-zay.

Weekly Running Report.

Well happy short work week! Proceed with excitement. Hope you had a wonderful lovely long weekend. I’m here to recap some miles from last week! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- Rest day while catching up on work things and such. Work has been pretty intense lately so just trying to maintain a balance with it all. Got it all done though as well as some spring cleaning so it was a rather productive day.

Tuesday- 5.11 miles unwinding from the day and enjoying the sunset after work. Quite lovely and legs felt good after taking a rest day the day before.

Wednesday AM- Back to some double run days finally! I got up and got it in early. 8.22 miles done with some rolling hills in between. Since the humidity has been a killer I schedule a pit stop for hydration mid run. Always does the trick. I’ve also added the HUMA gels for these morning miles to give me a little caffeine boost.

Wednesday PM- 3.22 miles in the afternoon after work. Felt good to have some left in the tank for this one.

Thursday AM- 7.12 miles back with the breakfast run club gang! Plus we had an amazing sunrise to boot. It was a bit of a social distancing run so we met up and then did our own thing. It made me remember how much I freaking love being done with bigger miles before 7 AM.

Thursday PM- 3.21 relaxed miles after work. Since I haven’t been teaching spin class (hopefully will be back at it soon, dang ‘Rona wrecking my instructor schedule) I really enjoy still doing the two a day thing. I think I’ll keep it up for a while.

Friday- 10.32 miles Friday so I could run with a friend I hadn’t run with in a while. She’s a tad faster so that was nice to pick up the pace a bit.

Saturday- 4.32 miles in the straight up rain. Straight up humidity with a faster finish/strides because rainy runs can be fun sometimes.

Sunday- Rest day and lotsa lake time. Lovely weekend indeed.

Looking pretty consistent on the maintenance miles over the last few weeks.

Plus passing the 1000 mile mark already for the year during month of May. Feeling good, feeling great.

Share your weekend with me! Anyone hit up the lake or poolside?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey hey it’s Monday! Hope your weekend was filled with fun, some productivity and relaxation! Let’s recap last week’s miles. I was able to get in just over 50 miles last week. And here is how it all went down!

Monday- Sunset miles to wind down from the busy workday. 5.22 miles and picked up the pace at the end.

Tuesday AM- 5.32 morning miles. Loved doing all my runs by the water with the crisp morning air and we had a few overcast days which was quite nice.

Tuesday PM- 3.26 evening miles to get in a double run day. Lovely sky.

Wednesday- More peaceful sunset miles. 6.32 miles and changed the route up a bit since my usual one has been overrun by the masses. Getting off the beaten path can be quite nice.

Thursday AM- 5.25 morning miles with the most loveliest view.

Thursday PM- Got in another double run day which was a win win. 3.21 miles with a faster finish.

Friday- I decided to move some days around due to the rainy weekend weather so I did this run in the straight up hot heat. 10.31 miles right after work just trying not to die in the humidity but it got done.

Saturday- We had a break in Friday storms so I decided to get out and enjoy splashing through puddles. 5.21 miles with mostly the roads to myself was wonderful.

Sunday- 6.47 miles to hit my numbers for the week. Feels good to be back to my more consistent solid mileage weeks again. Run streak week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Any virtual races going on?
Still trying to decide if I’m going to defer the Marine Corps Marathon to 2021. Dang ‘Rona.