TGIFriday Faves.

Well good morning and TGIF! Hope you have some fun weekend plans in store. I’ve got some yoga, teaching spin and of course some running on tap! Let’s recap some of my faves from this week.

-Getting in some happy hot miles for double run day. Seriously the heat has been a scorcher lately but I don’t want to be ‘one of those runners’ that always complains about something that they can’t control. LOL. So that’s the last you will hear about it! Anyway, it was actually quite lovely. I do love running in the shade.

The reason why we get our best ideas while on the run. I don’t know about you but running is a sure fire way to get my brain working. Funny how that happens.

-A ‘do not disturb’ sun hat? I think I need this in my life.


-A glass of cabernet on the rooftop after a super long day at the office. Sheer heaven.

That’s all for this week! Have a fabulous weekend.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Lots of fun in the sun?

Monday Mood, Moving Mayhem and Wknd Recap.

Monday mood. Why YES…Phaedra. I would love some coffee. Thank you for asking! Coffee and Mondays go hand in hand…am I right?

and yes…I think I am going to get this shirt in every color. Right up my alley.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was quite busy over here! I moved into a new place, got some running in and hung out with friends. Overall it was a productive, yet fun time.


Friday I had the day off from work (sorry, no TGIFriday Faves post!) and that day was moving day. I had all of my boxes ready to go. Thankfully I hired movers and my mama took a half day to help so the process was super smooth. I actually don’t think I’ve had a move go that smooth before! Check out God Brothers and Sisters moving company by the way if you’re in the Dallas area. They are freaking awesome.

Saturday I got to escape from moving mayhem for a long run with one of my IRC buds. It rained earlier that morning but the rain was clear after 8 AM or so. I got in a total of 12 miles that day.


Lunch time with mama…tacos and margaritas from Taco Diner. Well deserved I would say.


Saturday evening was a little trivia night with friends at Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill. I had never been to this place before but apparently they do trivia every Saturday! It was a fun time, definitely a must do again. I also hear they have a great brunch.

2016-05-16 09.26.08

Sunday runday…7 very easy miles around the lake. I was even able to stop and get a shoe pic.


I also opened a new to me pinot noir. It wasn’t my favorite (Meiomi is still my favorite pinot hands down) but I had to do a little taste testing. One of the perks of being a fitness instructor…sometimes your students give you great gifts, like wine. They know me well.


The highlight of the weekend…a lovely sunset from my brand new balcony with a stellar view of the lake. Seriously in love with those colors.


How was your weekend? Did you get into anything fun?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday to you! I am just sitting here plugging away with my coffee and some music to crank out the day. And of course I had to throw in a Prince GIF for good measure. May he rest in peace. I’m sure he is still dancing and rocking out in heaven.

So this weekend is kind of my BIRTHDAY weekend! My actual birthday is coming up on Tuesday…so I will celebrate this weekend while we have some good weather!! I am ready to enjoy some glorious pretty days before rain comes back. Hello sunshine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.43.05 AM

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Thoughts every runner has on a long run. Yes, I’ve experienced every single one of those thoughts.

-A little Wine Wednesday fun complete with a fabulous chartcuterie board. Fabulousness.

2016-04-21 10.37.00

-Some new beauty swag from Sephora. Nothing is better than free birthday treats, right? Right.


Irving Running Club faux tattoos. Yes, they are basically the coolest thing ever. You know you want one.


-The Real Housewives of Dallas! Yep, finally a reality show in my neck of the woods. These women are kind of a hot mess but it’s like a trainwreck. Can’t stop watching. Plus I kind of like to pause a bunch of times while watching to guess where they are in my ‘hood.

That’s all for now! Be good or be good at it.

What are you up to this weekend?
Long running it, paint and sip party, brunchin’ it out.

Back to Back Long Runs, Stellar Sunrise and Wknd Recap.

YAY! It’s Monday…new week, new opportunities to rock it out. That’s a reason to celebrate just a little bit, right? Right.

This morning I taught spin, lifted some weights then went on a nice run around the block. I got to see a pretty stellar sunrise too. Hashtag never miss a Monday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.04.02 AM

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I did some running with the Irving Running Club, caught up on some good shows, and enjoyed some lovely sunshine-y weather!

2016-01-25 09.08.13

Photo cred: Irving Running Club

Saturday morning I met up with the crew out in Coppell and rocked out 15 miles total for the day. It helps when you get to run with some fun people!

Done and done.


I got some sweet swag after the run at the local running store. How awesome are these gloves? The weather has been so bipolar lately but they will come in handy the next couple of months when we have those chilly 40 degree mornings.


They had a rep from the Competitor Group at the store too and she gave me a free shirt since I am running Dallas Rock n Roll in March. Can’t wait for that race! It’s one of my favorite 13.’s that I run all year.

2016-01-25 09.05.40

A little wine tasting in the evening…Gato Negro for the win.


I caught up on some bootleg episodes of the ABC show How to Get Away with Murder…I’m only on season 1 and it’s pretty awesome so far. Don’t tell me anything because I’m only like 4 episodes in. That I literally spent watching back to back. I’m pretty A.D.D. so the fact hat it kept my attention even that long is a success.

Also…tonight I’ll be catching up on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Have you seen it yet? These girls are just a little bit crazy.


Sunday funday runday…11 miles around the lake. On some tired legs after running a really strong 15 miler the day before. It felt good to get some back to back running in. Just about a month left til the Cowtown 50k!


Ending the weekend on a strong note. Food prepping for the work week. Garlic chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, eggs and jerk sweet potatoes. Recipe for the sweet potatoes to come! They are freaking delicious.

2016-01-24 17.30.42

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun/relaxing/productive?

18 Miles, Nice Little Coffee Buzz and Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday and MLK day to you! Hopefully some of you are off work today. I am not so I will be the worker bee buzzing around with a nice little coffee buzz today.

My weekend was equal parts fun and relaxing. I started my Saturday out with a long run with the Irving Running Club. 18 miles for the day. This was the longest run I’ve done since the New Year’s Double! It felt good to get a nice strong run in, prepping for my next 50k next month.


Post run eats…an acai bowl from my favorite little juice bar…lately I’ve been throwing some of my Everlast vegan protein in the mix for a nice boost.


The rest of the day was real chill…then I met up with my girl Angela and friends at this new spot, Neighborhood Services in Addison. To me it kind of sounds like a carpet cleaning place, right!? Well it’s a beautiful restaurant with a great bar and some real serious eats.



This girl moved about 5 hours away from me but it was fun having her in town for just a bit.

2016-01-16 23.48.43

Sunday funday runday…10 miles of beautiful runrise. It warmed up a little bit Sunday…nice to see the sunshine. I was glad to get some back to back longer runs in.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.09.48 AM

More good eats after running…pizza with spinach, tomatoes and goat cheese. Freaking fantastic.


Followed that up with a little date night watching tv and drinking wine. Smart Cookie…the perfect red blend.

2016-01-18 08.49.09

How was your weekend? Do you have the day off today?

8 Before 8, 15 Miles and Labor Day Wknd Recap.

Hello happy people! I got my morning started with 8 miles before 8 a.m. Definitely a great way to kick off this short work week!


Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. I got to run, play in the sun and spend some time with friends and fam! Here are a few snapshots from the last few days…

Saturday morning 15 miler…it was hot hot hot. Good thing I was up nice & early.


Followed by a visit to the Dallas Farmers Market. Seriously need to make this a weekend ritual. Hello juicy peaches.


And I am in love with these colorful squash. Probably because they look like green and yellow pumpkins.


Plus…beer pickles? Pretty freaking incredible.


Saturday night wine time. Meiomi Pinot Noir…is the best. Especially when it’s on sale.


Sunday miles. All smiles.



Pumpkin spiced Americano. Because YOLO.


Sunday brunch / mama time at the Blues and Jazz festival.


Labor Day is meant for yoga, spa pedicures and massages.


And of course, a little more running in my hot pink shorts and shoes.


Ending the weekend with some acai bowl goodness. Extra coconut please. Yum.


How was your weekend? Do you go to the farmer’s market in your hometown?

12 Miles, That’s Kind of my Guilty Pleasure and Wknd Recap.

Wow…Monday again, already? Hope you had an awesome weekend! I tried to make every second of it count. Lots of time was spent outdoors running and enjoying the pretty clouds in the sky.


Here are just a few snapshots from my weekend!

Starting off with Saturday…12 mile run by the lake. This run felt pretty good and it was a little cooler out which helped immensely! Highs were only in the 90s that day (which compared to triple digits is at least little bit of relief) so I got it done and knocked it out.


I treated myself by getting my nails done…yeah that’s kind of my guilty pleasure. Tried out NexGen nails for the first time. I like ’em so far…not sure if I can keep this habit up but we shall see how it goes.


That night I enjoyed sushi and wine with girlfriends. GNOs are the best. Especially when ahi tuna towers are involved.


Love my girls! We celebrated our dear friend Camillia’s birthday since she will be out of town on the actual day next weekend.


Sunday was more running. It was a touch hotter but I actually felt good on this 8 mile run despite being tired from Saturday night out. I even threw in a few speedy strides for good measure.


Then brunch with mama. Her birthday is Thursday so we will be celebrating all week long! I have a lot of August birthday folks in my life. We enjoyed the egg white migas from a new place by her called Mexican Sugar. So yummy.


Oh yeah and I sipped on an awesome wine. You must find this one…it’s called “Poema”… good stuff. Spanish reds are the best.


How was your weekend? Have you discovered any new wines lately?

Endorphins, Vitamin D and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Lots to do today so let me get straight to it. Not going to lie, Starbucks is totally getting me through this lovely Monday. Espresso double blended on ice for the win.


Hope you all had a great weekend! I got in a few training runs and had some fun in the sun with friends. Here are just a few snapshots from the weekend.

11 mile run Saturday. Thankful for temps in the 70s.


Pool time with my sparkly blue aviators.


Wine time with the pretty Texas cheese board. Love the Bishop Arts Winery.


7 mile Sunday by a mesmerizing lake.



Eggs benedict makes my soul happy.


Good times with my bestie neighbor.


Selfie with sun kissed tan lines. It was a good weekend full of endorphins…and vitamin D.


How was your weekend? Did you get any long runs in? How about brunch?

Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Well hey there! How was your weekend? I am just sitting here sipping on some iced coffee after teaching cycle and strength this morning. This week is going to call for some seriously strong java.

Let’s recap a little bit of the weekend, shall we? I ran the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon out in Las Colinas…right in my backyard. The conditions were quite tough with the heat and 90 percent humidity! But I made it, yo.

Backtracking to Friday night…I went to a vino and cheese tasting with friends. There was a nice little spread and reds and whites to try. The garnacha blend was my favorite.


The next day I wanted to get out and get some fresh air before the day got too warm so I was up for 7 easy breezy miles along the lake. Just to get my legs revved up for Sunday’s race. Honestly I hadn’t done much tapering for this one and didn’t really care to since I knew the temps would be so warm, humid and not quite PR worthy. Just running for fun and hanging out with friends.


Sunday morning was the race! We started bright and early at 7 am and temps were already close to 80 degrees with humidity that made it feel even warmer. I did a little warm up to get to the start line and I was already super sweaty before the gun went off! I ran into my buddy Mark who was the 1:50 pacer. He races pretty much every weekend too. Such a rockstar.


This race supports the Wounded Warrior Project so there were lots of Marines and members of the military in attendance which I thought was cool. They did a little tribute and then we were off.


The half course was originally set to hit the Campion Trail Park but since we have had so much rain that whole area was still flooded. So we had to do 2 full loops of the somewhat hilly 10k course plus another out and back. The good thing about this though was that we hit the hydration stations a total of 14 times!! Definitely much needed with the heat and running with the sun pounding our faces. I tried to maintain a solid pace all throughout but slowed down towards the end as it got warmer.

It was at this point I was more than sure I would come in well over the 2 hour mark. Typically too as it gets warmer my pace tends to slow a bit so I wasn’t too worried about that part. I just tried to keep pushing and looked at my watch and reasoned with myself that probably anything just under 2:10 I would be happy with. Besides…I was just running for fun and had not tapered at all for this one!

Once I hit mile 12 I was just around the 1:51 mark. I was surprised to see I had picked up the pace just a little bit! It was at this point I was feeling pretty good about coming in right around 2 hours. My last mile clocked in around an 8:26 pace and I actually finished UNDER 2! I tell ya, it felt awesome to finish sub 2 in those crazy conditions. Well deserved medal. 13.1 number 22 is done. Finished 14th out of 131 gals in my age group.


Stay tuned! There are a few more hot races to come. And then of course an awesome summer marathon training season leading up to Rock n Roll Las Vegas. Then…my first shot at The Texas Double in December to end 2015 on a high note.

Don’t believe me, just watch!

How was your weekend? Did you run a HOT summer race?!

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF to you!! It happens to be payday Friday around these parts so for me that’s always a reason to celebrate. Dolla dolla bills, ya’ll.

Except my rent is due. Haha. So yeah, there’s that.

Let’s get to my faves this week!

A runner’s guide to ice baths. Oh ice baths, we have a love/hate relationship. I know they are so good for you though.

-My shiny new pineapple flip flops. So colorful and oh so fun.


-Coral swim suits. Well, anything coral really. I especially like this one…no straps = no tan lines.


-Standing desks. Yes I have one at work and I absolutely love it. The one I have does have the option to crank it up and down if you need to take a break but it’s awesome. Actually I kind of feel like it makes me more productive.

Why I run. Yes, yes and yes some more.

-Skinnygirl Calfornia White. Perfect for those summer nights on the patio. Thank you, Bethenny Frankel for creating this product.


What are you up to this weekend?
Racing, long running it, some pool time…getting my hair done!