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TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of GOOD Fridays to ya! Hope you are having a marvelous day and perhaps enjoying a day off!! I am working…I guess someone has to work around here. Ha…but definitely counting down the clock to the weekend!!

Without further ado let’s get to this week’s faves!

3 tips to nail your training nutrition. Definitely some good reminders.

Lulu shoes?! Why am I just finding out about this. Not sure if I would run in them but they do look comfy.

Caboodles are back!! I think I want one in every color.

Easy hairstyles and big earrings!! Rocking it all week long. This is my lazy glam look.

Goat yoga with Khloe Kardashian and Kevin Hart. I was watching this at lunch the other day and was seriously LOL’ing all my by damn self. Freaking hilarious.

That’s all for this week…have an amazing Friday and HAPPY EASTER!!

What are you up to this weekend?! Any adult egg hunts or brunching with fam? Who has been to GOAT YOGA??? Tell me all about it! 

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A Night on the Rooftop with Sprouts and the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors.

I thought we’d take a quick break from the run chat to recap my evening with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors! What better way to wind down on a Monday after the long work day than with libations, delicious bites from Sprouts, and a little yoga. This lovely event was held on the rooftop of The Alexan in Dallas. Perfect place to watch the sunset as we did a little meditation practice.

I am simply always go go go, and as a fitness instructor as well as a producer working behind the scenes in television my mind is always focused on my next task. So to slow down for an evening with some yoga nidra and yummies from my favorite local health food store was absolutely a real treat.

What is yoga nidra, you say? Well, it is nothing like power yoga or anything fast moving whatsoever. It definitely helps promote an overall sense of calm and relaxation.


I was definitely ready for some legit sleep after one session. This was perfect after my run I did a few hours prior.

It’s funny because shortly after this pic was taken the instructor made us hide our phones and keep them out of sight. It’s amazing how we are all glued to those things! It was really great to just unplug for a bit.

Sprouts also brought us a ton of goodies to take home, including nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and more. You had better believe I brought a bag of goodies home.

They also had fresh veggies, cheese, and cocktails on deck. Healthy happy hour at it’s finest.

After the yoga session I ventured over to the essential oil station where I made myself some body mist to take home. Lavender has the keys to my heart.

And of course we had some beautiful yogis that showed us some acro yoga poses after. That’s hashtag goals right there.

Overall it was such a fun, relaxing evening with my Dallas Fitness Ambassadors! I am so proud to be a part of this amazing fitness blogger/influencer network. To find out more, check out their website here!

And if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, be sure to check out the brand spanking new Lake Highlands Sprouts location – grand opening is Wednesday, May 3rd!!

How was your Monday? Have you ever done yoga nidra?

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A Fun Evening with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and CorePower Yoga.

As a distance runner I always feel like I could do more yoga. It truly makes me feel restored and re-energized! So I jumped at the opportunity to attend a sunset yoga session with CorePower Yoga and my fellow Dallas Fitness Ambassadors.

I was chosen as a Dallas Fitness Ambassador not too long ago and I am so excited to link up with this group to check out new workouts in the DFW area. I will be posting more about the workouts that I attend and new fitness studios popping up all over the metroplex. So definitely stay tuned for more of these posts!

I have attended CorePower before (check out my review here) and have taken a few different types of classes at their studio. This particular class was held outdoors at the beautiful CenterPark Garden at Northpark Mall! It was a perfect evening for getting your strech on outside. Nice and cool but not too chilly with a sweet sunset and colorful flowers in the background.

Green House Market was there also sampling some of their sweet treats. I loved the little date bites with berries on top as well as the chia seed pudding. Total yum and all natural.

They had a live DJ and an instructor to lead as through the vinyasa flow. I ran just over 12 miles yesterday so I totally needed this stretch! Warrior 2 is my jam.

I love also the concept of doing yoga outside. For me it really helps me to zen out and really get into the practice. Plus the soft surface on the grass was so cozy. Way better than doing yoga on a hard floor or pavement.

After the session DryBar and MiniLuxe had stations for manis and braiding hair etc. They also had a juice bar! ‘We’ve Got the Beet’ – I simply adore beets in juice form. I honestly am not sure why.

Overall it was such a wonderful night of yoga and networking with my ambassador friends. I am thrilled to be plugged in with these amazing folks who are also bloggers like myself and in love with health and fitness! Plus, I can now try new workouts and share them with you so you can get the exclusive skinny on the hottest and latest in fitness.

Hey, it also is nice now not to be the only person constantly taking photos at events. Because all of my blogger buds are photo happy! I love it.

Check out CorePower Yoga to see if there’s a studio near you and if you are in the Dallas area, hit up Green House Market for some healthy eats and treats.

When is the last time you got your yoga on? What’s your favorite type of yoga?
Definitely vinyasa/power flow!

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Weekly Running Report.

Hope you all had a great weekend filled with relaxation and fun. I ran 74.1 miles total last week and the legs are feeling good! This was a little bump up in mileage from the last few weeks as I finally get my strength back after running Rocky Raccoon 100 a few short weeks ago. Let’s recap!

Monday lunch run- 7.03 miles in the afternoon just enjoying the sounds of nature. We had some pretty decent weather last week so I was just enjoying the sunshine and flowers starting to bloom.

Monday PM- 3.01 miles warming up before I taught a class at the gym. I had a little time to kill so I got in a run at the park. Legs kind of felt tired from the weekend. Typical Monday.

Tuesday AM- 10.21 miles in the morning…ran with the Irving Running Club then finished the last few miles on my own. I threw in some hills for good measure. I have signed up for a little climbing challenge on Strava for the month of March so I will be running up every hill I can find in my neighborhood. Gotta love it.

Wednesday AM- 8.15 miles, ran most of this with my neighbor and his doggie and then the last couple miles solo. Legs felt a little speedier today. Also, the sunrise off of the lake was quite wonderful.


Wednesday PM- 4.11 miles, 8:54 pace before running off to gym.

Thursday AM- 10.25 miles, again with IRC then the last few on my own. I love when I have time to get a good chunk of my mileage done in the morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to just run all day long?? But busy working girl has gotta make that money, honey. Glad I got it in.

Thursday PM- I had more time in the afternoon since I got off work a little earlier so I did another 4.11 mile run, under 9 minute pace. Seeing the bluebonnets along my route made me so happy.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- 16.05 miles with lots of hills. I ran with my friends Tracy and Scott. Beautiful morning with just enough cloud cover. Followed that up with a little yoga on the bridge with Scott and my yogi friend Tricia. Just the perfect stretch after my long run.


And hello, brunch with friends in Trinity Groves is always the icing on the cake.


Sunday- 11.21 miles, most of this run was again with Tracy and Scott then a mile cool down. I think we are starting to form our own little run club. It’s always a good thing when you and your friends are on the same page with pace and distance.


And there you have it!


How was your week in running last week? Did you do any other fun workouts?
Aside from yoga, I did some strength training & CycleBar class on Wine Wednesday.

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The Countdown Begins and Memorial Day Wknd Recap.

Hi there! I’m back after a long and relaxing 3 day weekend! Hope you all enjoyed some time off as well. And now we have a short work week ahead so that’s even better! The countdown begins til my next marathon…Rock n Roll San Diego in 5 days. Bring on 26.2 number 20!

2016-05-31 06.48.10

This morning I got in some miles with the Irving Running Club. Lots of humidity but at least we had some cool breeze and cloud cover on our side.

2016-05-31 06.47.28

Let’s recap the weekend a bit, shall we? I think this one would be best if we just did a little review in picture form.

Starting out with an awesome 11 mile run on Saturday…legs were feeling good that day. Glad to get some strong miles in.


Followed by yoga at a brewery in Dallas. So fun.

2016-05-31 09.08.53

Love this girl. We are starting to make our yoga dates a tradition. She actually brews her own beer at home. How awesome is that?


Watermelon all weekend. With a squeeze of lime, please.

2016-05-31 09.08.07

Sunday 10k after the rain.

2016-05-31 09.08.28

Thin crust Memorial Day pizza with tomatoes and basil. Pure happiness.


Soulcycle is now in Dallas. I went to the one in DC a couple years back and seriously LOVED it. I’m now hooked.


SOUL TEXAS. Yes, has a nice ring to it.


Winding down Memorial Day with some relaxed miles on the canal. I could live here right on the water and be perfectly fine with life.

2016-05-30 19.32.17

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

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Gettin’ My Yoga Groove On, Running and Brunching It and Wknd Recap.

Hey hey happy Monday! This past weekend was a fun filled one…I got my yoga groove on and also did some running with friends. Let’s recap!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.57.25 AM


Yes…the Yoga On the Bridge event was nothing short of awesome…but let’s back it up to Saturday morning. I had to get a quick run in with the Irving Running Club. We did 10 speedy miles gettin’ it done. Legs are feeling good since the ultra marathon just last weekend!! I’ve been doing lots of stretching, foam rolling and icing like a good girl. Haha. I had to teach a spin class right after the run so my running buds were nice enough to run fast with me and knock it out, all before 9 am.


The weather all weekend was pretty spectacular. I went home, got all cleaned up, and made the trek out to Trinity Groves for some quick eats over at Chino Chinatown before we got our yoga on. I was HANGRY! Chorizo breakfast tacos for the win.


This event was pretty cool because they held a day’s worth of events, running, bike races, yoga and even activities for the kiddos.


Great for the whole entire family. We made our way out to get our mats situated for the 1 pm class.


Overall I loved this event…an hour of power yoga, doing lots of planks, low pushups and downward dogs. My arms & core were definitely feeling it afterwards. There were over 1,000 people who showed up too which was just awesome.

The rest of the day was real chill…Saturday nite church…resting and relaxing. My body has really been needing the extra rest lately so I was in bed my 8 pm or so! No lie.

Sunday some of the IRC crew wanted to do a funday runday…running and mimosas afterwards. We did 8 miles in the ‘hood and my friend had us end the run with some pretty epic hills. It was a great day for it though.


Maxing and relaxing with the crew. Running and brunching it with friends is the absolute best.

2016-03-06 17.20.55

I ended the night catching up with a little bit of The Voice. I love that Christina Aguilera is back! Just another one of my guilty pleasure shows.

How was your weekend? What is one of your guilty pleasure tv shows?

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10k and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

6 miles this morning after getting an amazing amount of sleep. I think I nodded off around 8:30 pm last night! Felt so good to catch some more zzz’s.


Post run yoga session and legs up on the wall. Much needed. I definitely need to do the legs up the wall thing a lot more. This is a great restorative pose to keep help with recovery and circulation.



Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.23.17 AM

So today I thought I’d share a few items I purchased on my grocery haul this week. This Trader Joe’s is a bit closer to my job so I love stopping by there on the way home sometimes. It always feels like a fun field trip of sorts. Yes I have an exciting life.

Spaghetti squash. Not sure what my fascination is with squash lately but it’s just an easy staple to have around the house. Plus it’s filling and so darn good for you. Nice alternative to pasta too. I made it with jalapeño chicken sausage last night. Perfection.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.58.37 AM


Dark sweet cherries. These babies are fantastic in smoothies and actually just as a snack. They remind me of frozen grapes a little bit…nature’s candy.


Chile lime chicken burgers. I have not tried these just yet but am planning on whipping ‘em up this week. Nice little protein boost. I will report back.


Wild arugula…good alternative to spinach…definitely planning on whipping up some lunches with this stuff.


Cut up butternut squash. As I mentioned in this post I love that this takes a lot of the prep work out. Plus hello, butternut squash mac n cheese is the best comfort food out there. Need I say more?


Chipotle salsa. This has such a good kick of zesty spice and a smokey flavor at the end. Great with tortilla chips too. I may have to make some crockpot salsa chicken with this one.


TJ’s wine. Charles Shaw, I love you. The merlot is great but this week I’ll be trying some shriaz on Wine Wednesday after I teach my spin class. We’ll see how it goes.


Do you have a Trader Joe’s where you live? Have you discovered any fun finds?

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Core Power Yoga Review.

As a runner, there is nothing more healing to my body than an invigorating yoga session. I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and I can definitely tell you it has transformed me and made my life better. Body, mind and spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.07.52 AM

Speaking of running…7 miles done this morning. Enjoying yet another lovely sunrise. Sometimes you have to get up and remind yourself what a blessing it is to be alive. Surviving and thriving.


Today I wanted to do a quick review of a new yoga studio I’ve been checking out lately…Core Power Yoga in Dallas. What’s cool about this facility is they have it all over the U.S. – in major cities too like Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. They may just have one near you.



I heard about this place from a few of my yoga friends and have been meaning to try it. So on DFW free yoga day (which is held every year on Labor Day in Dallas- you can take yoga classes all over the metroplex free of charge all day long) I took advantage and ventured on over for the 60 minute heated yoga sculpt class.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.46.47 AM


I brought my yoga mat, got all signed in and ready to go. This particular class is definitely not your traditional session.

It’s very similar to a bootcamp style class, but also incorporating a yoga flow and we got warmed up with a sun salutation in the beginning of the class before busting out the weights. You use a lighter and a heavier set, and they take you through a series of poses with the weights thrown in. It was definitely hardcore! The instructor made it super fun though, plus the music was super energizing and upbeat…not your typical yoga lullabies you are used to hearing. We rocked out to Rihanna and some top 40 hits while getting our yoga groove on.

Overall I loved this class and I think it’s a nice change up from your typical yoga class. You can go lighter on the weights too or a little heavier but you will pay for it later as the moves really fatigue the muscles since there is no recovery in between sets. I was definitely sore for a couple of days after so I could tell I was working some muscle groups that I had not worked in a while.

In addition to yoga sculpt, they also have your typical power yoga/vinyasa style classes. I really also enjoyed their community yoga class that they offer on Sunday afternoons. They provide a lot of variety to tickle your yoga fancy, and any beginner or advanced yogi can walk in here and still get a killer workout.


So if you have one of these studios in your area, definitely check it out! You can see all of the locations here and they even will offer you a free week if you are a first timer. I believe some studios also participate in Class Pass if that is your thing.

Have you ever tried Core Power Yoga or any fun/different type of yoga class?

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20 Miles, My New Post Long Run Addiction and Wknd Recap.

Hello and good Monday to you! Hope you all had an awesome weekend full of fun. Mine was full of lots of running, some yoga and maxing and relaxing time! Let’s recap.


So Saturday was my 3rd 20 miler of the training season. I have been enjoying these longer runs because it has really been building my mental strength like no other. I think for the marathon distance that’s one thing I want to work on the most. It’s amazing how powerful the mind is…much more powerful than you think. Mind over matter for sure. Anyway…it took me around 3 hours, I drank some gatorade, water and had some Gu to keep me going.


Yes, I may have a problem with consistently going over the mile marker but I seriously wanted to keep going on this run. Let’s blame the awesome weather. I guess I had a bit of a second wind.

After the run I got all cleaned up and re-fueled with some acai fruity goodness. This place is my new post long run addiction. Breakfast to go.


Saturday evening was pretty chill, hung out with bae, ate some BBQ at his place and we watched a little bit of The Wedding Ringer. Funny movie.

Sunday I did some easy recovery miles to hit my quota for the week. 8 miles all smiles.


Followed by early service at church then some Core Power Yoga with my girl Camillia. They have a free community class on Sundays where they let some newbie teachers team teach so it was pretty cool. The rookie instructors did a great job and were trained well, although a couple of them you could tell were nervous to be in front of the class. It was cute because it kind of reminded me of how scared I was when I first started teaching at the gym. And now I dance in front of them and act like a maniac. It’s so funny how quickly you get over those nerves though.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.38.32 AM

Post yoga Buda Juice awesomeness. I have a thing for beets in juice form, not quite sure why.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.44.40 AM

And some sushi on the patio before watching the Cowboys game. So necessary.


Plus I’m super stoked that I hit just over 60 miles in training last week. Which is pretty high mileage for me but I’m very thankful for this strong body of mine that puts up with all of my shenanigans. Win win.

How was your weekend? Are you excited for any fall festivals coming up?
Yes…Grapefest is next weekend. Bring it on.

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Running by the Palm Trees and a Summer List.

I logged a few miles this morning by the pretty palm trees…it’s amazing the things I discover in my ‘hood! Legs are feeling good after running Sunday’s half! I sure am thankful for these strong limbs of mine.


I did one of these summer lists last year and since the summer solstice is just around the corner I thought I’d jot down a few things I’m looking forward to during this sunny season.

Eating/ Green smoothies, salmon sashimi, huge pretty salads, and mangoes…I like to cut them up all fancy.


Drinking/ An abundance of H20. I love it ice cold especially in the middle of a long summer run. OK…and maybe some homemade sangria with fresh fruit.

Practicing/ The art of being in the present moment.

Mastering/ Being organized…I’m getting better at this but still a ways to go.

Learning/ From every individual that I meet. We can always stand to learn something new from or about someone.

Trying/ An aerial yoga class. Because it just looks super fun to hang around like that!


Playing/ More with some of my favorite people. What would life be like without girlfriends honestly? I do not want to know.


Finishing/ A juicy beach read type of novel. Suggestions, anyone?

Reading/ Lots of running magazines. Yeah I’m a nerd like that.

Remembering/ To tell my mama and daddy that I love them everyday.

Wearing/ Shorts, bikinis and flip flops!! And keeping my tootsies pedicured because they tend to get out of hand with all of the running that I do.

Cooking/ Some more BLUE APRON dinners. Nom nom.



Working/ A little bit less in order to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Work smarter, not harder.

Traveling/ to Austin, Houston, Galveston and then Las Vegas in the fall.

Wanting/ to spend more time by a body of water…enjoying looking at a beautiful sunset.


What are you looking forward to this summer?