Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to ya! Hope you have some fun in store for your weekend. It’s a lovely Friday here and still cloudy but I did get up for a run so of course all is well in the world. The sun did its little “peekaboo” thing before going back into hiding. I think Mr. Sun noticed I wanted to get a pic so he made a cameo and then went back into his man cave.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Here’s why your hamstrings are always tight. Lord knows my hammies are in need of that TLC.

What to make for Memorial Day Weekend!! For some reason pimento cheese has been on my mind lately.

Famous flower shows up at abandoned Bay Area gas station, draws crowds. For some reason I was intrigued by this story when I saw it.

I think I found my summer 50k! I may pull the trigger here soon and sign up. First I have to wrap my head around starting a race at 11 PM.

Your Friday funny.

Have a great day! And an even better weekend.

What is on tap for your weekend? Any poolside plans?
For sure provided we get a little sunshine. I think we have some more rain coming first.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

We are having another cloudy rainy week in Texas! But yesterday the sun peeked out just a bit on my run and it was quite glorious. Hello sunshine, nice to see you again.

Frankly I haven’t had much to discuss running wise, post Hachie 50. You know, recovery and all. Recovery did go well as usual despite not going crazy with training. I mean I have been running (pretty faithfully) & teaching my class at the gym but you know how it is. I’m getting better too at actually just running, and not always posting my stats all over social media for kudos and likes. Just running for me, myself and I. And my sanity. Some days that is all it is about.

I do think I’ll be running another ultra-race pretty soon but just weighing my options. I think a 100k before the year is over also would be fabulous. I had the most fun at my last 62 miler. Tacos included are always a plus.

Apparently Trello thinks I need more rest. HA. Thanks Trello. At least it appears that I am getting sh*t done at work.

I would love to be poolside somewhere, real soon. I think weather wise we will be getting tons of sun in the next week so I’ll have to plan for some after work lounging. Sunshine and more wine.

Feel free to share some randomness with me from your week!

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! I was able to get up to get a morning run in before work! So recovery post 50 miler is going so well and I’m so very happy about that. Thankful for getting in some time on the spin bike as well as strength training for getting me though it. Time to celebrate before ramping those miles back up. Of course, right?! I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t “ramp up the miles” much gratitude for this strong able body of mine.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!!

DJ Shinski mix of the day. This one just makes me dance in the office.

New nails!! Back to not being able to text and type, HA. I like voice texting better anyway.

4 ways to boost the calming power of running. Staying connected is what it is all about.

And now for your Friday funny.

Have a great Friday!

What’s on tap for your weekend? Are you taking your mask off this weekend?
Definitely. But still keep yo’ distance.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I don’t know about you but I am READY for some sunshine this weekend! It has been somewhat gloomy weather wise down in Texas. I’ve just been running miles around my ‘hood trying to find some colorful flowers to perk me up. I think the Mr. Sun will make an appearance for the long run on Saturday so that will be good. Much needed.

The older I get the more I appreciate the music of my childhood. This mix on YouTube definitely got me through hump day. I love discovering amazing DJs.

I am so happy to be fully vaccinated because it makes me feel better about travel. This summer San Diego is ON MY LIST. Among other spots. Maybe a trip back to Florida. As many beaches and sunshine as possible.

I skipped my massage last month (thankfully I get credits when I do miss a month) but my body is absolutely FEELING it. Especially after the 50 miler. Just because I’ve done so many of them doesn’t mean my body doesn’t hurt any less. Plus 50 miles on concrete – HARDER on the body than the trails for sure.

I just need to hire a maid and a masseuse to be with me 24/7. In a perfect world! Wouldn’t that be grand.

Share some randomness with me today!

Cross Training, Fitness, Spin class, spotify, Weds Spin Playlist

Weds Spin Playlist.

It has been a crazy long day but I’m hitting you with your spin cycle playlist for this week! This is for my fellow instructors and workout peeps who love high energy music! Hope you do enjoy!!

Check me out on Spotify as well as my schedule to see where I’ll be next teaching a class.

Let’s go for a ride!

Get Together- David Guetta: Warm up
Hype- Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris: Standing run
Level Up- Ciara: Rolling hills
All Night- Cash Cash, Icona Pop: Sprints
Come Get it Bae- Pharrell Williams: Jumps
Pray to God- HAIM: Climb
In My Room- Yellow Claw: Climb
Breathe, Stretch, Shake- Mase, P.Diddy: Seated/standing run
You Know- Tujamo: Active recovery
HADES- Hi-Lo, T78, Oliver Heldens: Sprints
Locked out of Heaven- Bruno Mars: Tapbacks / Rolling hills
Jumping Jack- Justin Mylo: Jumps
Make My Love Go- Jay Sean, Sean Paul: Climb
Lambo- DubVision: Sprints
Say So- Doja Cat: Cool down

Feel free to some workout songs with me!

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 11.19.16 AM

TGIF, happy Friday and all of that jazz! Hope the sunshine is shining where you’re at and you have a great weekend planned. I’ve got running, relaxing and perhaps a bit of productivity on the agenda! So happy that my 50 mile ultra race is behind me (thanks for the kudos) and I can have a bit more fun and let my hair down this weekend. Should be a good one.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

Tried and true socks for the run. I’m definitely in need of some new ones so making a list of these.

23 recipes for Mother’s Day weekend. That blueberry cucumber salad is calling my name.

-Loving this blog I discovered showcasing Black women trail runners and ultrarunners!! I have found my people.

-And finally, your Friday funny.


Have a great one!

What’s on tap for your weekend!? Any poolside time in your near future?

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I was up early for a lovely run in the hood. Thank you Texas for the glorious spring sunshine lately. I’m cherishing these moments before it turns into a death march of a summer with 100+ degree temps.

This week to me has gone by really fast! I think it is just due to work wise and life in general just being so busy. Yes bring on some fun and freedom, weekend ready.

Post 50 mile ultra-RECOVERY has gone very well! The first day or so I was hobbling around like I was 90 years old but after teaching my spin class and being on the bike I felt much better. That is one thing I love about cycling after races it really does help your legs. So happy to be back to teaching and racing again.

I always crave really savory foods / protein after a race – more than sweet foods? Anyone else?!? I’ve been eating eggs all week long and tuna and cheese. Plus big salads with tomatoes, feta, cucumber.

New favorite kombucha flavor. I had forgotten how much I love GT kombucha. Back on my kick.

Share some randomness with me from your week!

Spin class, spotify, Weds Spin Playlist

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there music lovers and spin cycle instructors! I’m back after my 50 mile ultra run adventure and back in the saddle! Check out my Hachie 50 race recap if you missed it.

Today (back by popular demand) I’ve got a hot and fresh playlist for your eardrums!! Hope you do enjoy. Be sure to check out my updated playlists on Spotify as well as my side hustle schedule. If you are local I hope to see you in class very soon.

Let’s go for a ride!

Ride It- Regard: Warm up
Creepin’- CID: Accelerations
God is a Dancer- Tiesto, Mabel: Climb
Paradise- Chris Brown: Tapbacks
El Camino- Black Caviar: Seated/standing run
It Takes Two- Rob Base / DJ EZ Rock: Climb
Last Hurrah- Bebe Rexha: Climb
Desperado- Rihanna, 3LAU: Rolling hills
Addicted to a Memory- Zedd, Bahari: Sprints
Medicine- Jennifer Lopez, French Montana: Active recovery
Miss You Much- Janet Jackson: Sprints
Party Till We Die- MAKJ: Rolling hills / Tapbacks
Be Right There- Diplo: Standing run
Mi Gente- J Balvin, Dillon Francis: Climb
Run Away- Tycho, Accelerations
Guilty Pleasures- Wake the Wild: Cool down

Share your favorite drill / workout track with me!

Hachie 50, Race Recaps, Ultra Running

Hachie 50 Miler 2021 Recap.

Happy new week to you! Hope you all had a fun and productive weekend. I am back from a 50 mile ultra-adventure! And I have lived to tell you the story. It has been a hot minute since I’ve actually done a real, LIVE and in person race! I’m a little recap rusty. But I’ll do my best to share the experience with ya.

The Hachie 50 is a very special race and holds a place in my heart and soul for many reasons. One of them being that it was my very first 50 miler a few years ago! So it feels like a “home turf” of sorts. Everything about this race is just so great to me, which is why I’ve done it so many times. From the swag, to the race director, the volunteers. And even the prayer that we do at the start line. Sometimes intimate races are exactly what you need compared to your super big ones like Chicago or New York.

This race is also held at a really beautiful park where we do a 10 mile course. You can choose to make it a relay, marathon or go for the full ultra gusto. It is a perfect course mentally for me because you really can break it down and your head so the distance is not so overwhelming. So great for first timers or those who want a PR. It is a fast flat course as well.

The days prior to race day we had severe weather and flooding which made the course muddy and lots of treacherous spots to make it tough to navigate. They also moved the start time for us 50 milers from 5 AM to 6:30 AM to give us a chance to see more daylight and navigate the course.

That mud looks fun, yes?

We lined up, said a prayer and were on our way.

I was so very thankful this year to have run buds from my running group as well as many familiar faces on the course. As someone who is very used to doing ultras alone, it was so nice to have the support. We were also allowed to have pacers which was much needed this go ‘round. I had a buddy join me for my 3rd and 4th loop, then another one for my final (victory) lap.

We even had a club tent set up! So fun and a great way to get everyone in the know about the best freaking run club in DFW.

The volunteers were so kind and encouraging providing us everything we needed as far as electrolyte beverage, water, and pickle juice! YES, pickle juice is the magic potion. It definitely came in clutch when my legs were feeling it at mile 35 or so.

My laps seemed to kind of fly by and I never really hit a wall, but for sure adjusted my expectations with the muddy spots. And really just enjoyed the race for what it was. It is all about the community and enjoying the moments with my running family. That to me is what I hold dear and what made this particular experience special. 

Overall this was such a great 50 mile “fun run”. Since the pandemic hit I haven’t run an ultra since October of last year so it feels really good to be back. And I can still say without a shadow of a doubt that I can rock a 50 miler and earn that damn buckle.

Every ounce of my body hurts today but I finished in my goal time and did not get pulled off the course. HA. 50 miler number 6 is compete.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Plus I’m just so damn stubborn that my mind won’t let me quit. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Official results are here. 

How was your weekend?! Anyone do an ultra-race in your neck of the woods?

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you have a fun and productive weekend in store. It has definitely been a BUSY work week around here and I’ve been seriously just trying to maintain my sanity. But hanging in there!! Morning run in the ‘hood does the mind and body some good.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

This 15 minute foam roller workout is what you need right now. Definitely taking advantage of this as of late.

Quiet mornings with espresso. Sometimes quiet mornings are hard to achieve (being that I work in production at a TV station with extroverted creative people) but these times bring my little ambivert heart joy.

My VERY first floatation therapy session this week! It was incredible and I am now a believer. Soaking in millions of pounds of Epsom salt does the body some good.

Back on my chillhop listening game this week. This playlist is my favorite right now.

And finally, your Friday funny.

Make it a great Friday! And an even better weekend.

What is on tap for your weekend?
Doing a little birthday weekend celebrating, running, brunching.