50 Thoughts On Random Thoughts Thursday.

1. It is truly amazing how the body gets used to doing extra long distances. My body feels pretty good post 50 miler. Not feeling like doing much running this week though. So it is good and it is giving me a good mental/physical break. I probably will get back to doing some double digits this weekend.

2. I kind of feel like my appetite has not come all the way back. I thought this week I would be ravenous after burning so many calories but this week has felt somewhat normal. I did crave savory foods earlier in the week. Tacos, specifically.

3. It has been 2 weeks since my birthday and I still have decorations up in my office. I feel like I can celebrate just a little bit longer, yes? Heck, why not.

4. You know what I really need in my life actually, right now? A trip to the beach.

5. I may have to make plans to drive down to Galveston very soon. Yes, the closest beach is 5 hours away.

6. Which I do realize in other parts of the country that is like driving to a whole ‘nother state.

7. Yep, welcome to Texas.

8. Have you bought anything for your mom for mother’s day? I feel super behind on that. I may have to grab something for her tomorrow.

9. Also, must make brunch plans. Mother’s Day and brunch go hand in hand.

10. This is the first time in a long time that I do not have a super packed, full race calendar with all of these races coming up.

11. And I kind of like it that way.

12. I think I may do one or two other ultras longer than a 50k before the year is up. And focus on some faster stuff in the fall and winter.

13. And I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to run a 100 miler this year. The crazy in me says just go for it.

14. Perhaps I will do an ultra on the west coast…hmm…California has been calling my name.

15. I have a great aunt who lives in California who is almost 100 years old…no lie. She is actually more hip and way cooler than me. Living near wine country makes you young.

16. I really should go visit her.

17. Real Housewives of Potomac is back and I am SO VERY EXCITED. It looks like there will be so much going on this season.

18. I never thought I would say this but I really love Snapchat lately. I think it is something about the fact that not everyone is on there like on Facebook or IG. Feels more intimate.

19. Did you keep up on the met gala this year? Social media did a good job of keeping me up to date on all of the outfits.

20. Cardi B was probably my favorite of the night.

21. Also, what in the what was Serena Williams wearing? And why did it look like platter of bacon and eggs?

22. Mmm. Speaking of amazing things like BAE…you have not LIVED till you’ve had Starbucks bacon egg bites. Seriously.

23. I crave it at least once a week. Get you some.

24. Also, the dragonfruit mango drink.

25. I was sad because I had my heart set on the dragonfruit drink yesterday after my run and opened the Starbucks app and guess what?

26. They were SOLD OUT. Talk about crushing my dreams.

27. I may have to go track that drink down today.

28. Do you ever feel like you CRAVE certain foods because it is what your body just needs? For instance I find myself constantly craving sushi…and eggs…perhaps I need omega 3s.

29. Is it just me or is allergy season completely insane this year…so much pollen in the air. I think my running shoes the other day were covered in the stuff.

30. Have you ever used a neti pot? I am hearing this will be the answer to my prayers. But I am terrified…someone give me a tutorial.

31. How do you feel about essential oils? I am a believer in all of the holistic things.

32. Probably my two favorite oils- lavender and lemongrass.

33. Another thing I’ve been craving lately- kombucha. Good stuff.

34. I know…it is an acquired taste. I love any kombucha with ginger in it.

35. This may be an unpopular opinion but I am kind of over the Megan Markle/baby talk. Anyone else? I just don’t care about the small details all that much.

36. Speaking of celebs. This is a funny test to take. Are you in the BEYHIVE? I most certainly am.

37. You know what I am thankful for? Great girlfriends who just get me. And who I don’t have to talk to everyday. Don’t you love just picking up where you left off with people…and not feeling like any time has gone by?

38. Stuff like that is so hard to come by and I become more thankful for it as I get older.

39. You know what I am also thankful for? Coffee in abundance. Especially the week after running an ultra.

40. Alright. Back to RUN talk.

41. You know what I am kind of getting away from? Posting all of my run stats on social media. Granted I do still post my pace from time to time. But- every day? Not sure why people think other people care all that much about how fast you are.

42. OR…how many miles you ran today.

43. You know what makes me giggle? When people run…say 3 miles and take a photo of themselves holding up 3 fingers. Am I in kindergarten? Not sure why you need to spell it out for me.

44. I see this A LOT on IG. And you know what? I will mute you so fast if you do it. Sorry but I am not that sorry.

45. End rant.

46. I am inspired by scenery though…like if you run in amazing place. Or a crazy beautiful trail?? Yes. Post that. I love that.

47. Or post what you want…free country.

48. So now I have all of these ULTRA buckles and they are racking up. My ultra friends do you have a display case or something for these? Or do you actually wear them as belt buckles…help me figure this out.

49. I need more crazy friends who want to travel everywhere and run ultras with me.

50. Currently taking applications.

And there you have it!

Share some random thoughts with me today!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there and happy hump day! It is a rather rainy hump day here but I’m here with the JAMS! We’ve got some throwbacks and new tracks for you today. Perfect for my fellow fitness instructors or just if you need some tunes for your run!

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Let’s go for a ride!

Be Right There- Diplo, Sleepy Tom: Warm up
Cha Cha (DJ Slink Remix)- DRAM: Accelerations
Yella- Smookie Illson: Tapbacks
The New Workout Plan- Kanye West: Rolling hills
Energy- Tom & Jame: Sprints
Pure Water- Migos: Rolling hills
The Drop- Bro Safari: Seated/standing run
Hands In the Air- Timbaland, Ne-Yo: Tapbacks
No Limit- G-Eazy: Hill climb
Get it All- GTA: Jumps on a hill
Let Me Love You (Zedd Mix)- Justin Bieber, Zedd, DJ Snake: Active recovery
Motorspeed- Salvatore Ganacci: Accelerations
Turnin’ Me On- Keri Hilson: Hill climb
One Thing- Mr. Belt and Wezol: Accelerations
Shine Good- Garmiani: Hill climb
Jai Ho- A.R. Rahman, The Pussycat Dolls: Sprints
Common Emotion- Rudimental: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Hachie 50 Miler 2019 Recap.

Well the Hachie 50 has come and gone and once again I have lived to tell you all about my experience! Running 50 miles is surely no small feat, and requires lots of training to arrive to the starting line healthy and ready to go. This year the challenge was quite tough, as we dealt with all of the elements- heat, humidity, rain, and jumping over deep muddy puddles. So let me share my adventure with you and take you on a 50 mile journey.

I arrived to Waxahachie race morning feeling a little worn out from the work week but excited about taking on the day. It had been a challenging week for me work wise- quite draining actually. The one thing I’ve gotten pretty good at though through this journey of running ultras is handling adversity and smiling through the pressure, stress, and the pain. I mean it had truly been the kind of week where you are just so mentally drained that you want to spend the entire weekend on the couch with a beverage in hand. But I knew that I had trained my tail off for this race, so I needed to keep my eye on the prize which was that finish line. I truly kind of went into this race with the intent just to finish in roughly 10+ hours. This was the 4th time I’ve done Hachie, and my 5th 50 miler! So I went into it with a strategy of course and it is always fun to see who shows up to this race. It is so well organized, and the Waxahachie Running Club truly spoils us every year with terrific swag. I mean how many races do you run where they give you your own outdoor chair (with drink holder), 50 mile belt buckle, and bag of goodies (and TX local honey yum yum)? I was overjoyed at all of the goodies and they really do step it up and exceed my expectations every year.

This year we had a bit of a storm roll through in the morning (welcome to spring time in Texas where storms pop up just about every second). So with that the race ended up being delayed 30 minutes – which was no big, it allowed me time to use the potty, collect my thoughts, and take my time before go time. So at 5:30 AM we were off into the darkness! The course itself is a 10 mile loop though the park that we run a total of 5 times. I personally love looped courses because I am able to have easy access to my runner fuel and things and mentally it helps me to count down how many loops I have left. The morning rain eventually tapered off and gave way to some extreme humidity and heat. The park is mostly shaded but starts with this section of the course that is ALL SUN. They put a sign out there too and called this part of the course the DEATH MARCH which I thought was funny. Especially towards the end it truly does feel that way.

The first couple of laps went by pretty smooth, I made sure to drink a mix of water and electrolytes often, stopping at pretty much every aid station. One of my amazing friends who was running the 50 mile relay, Blanca had a HUGE bowl of pineapples. She saw me looking a little tired once I hit loop 3 and gave me some pineapples as fuel to help me stay hydrated. Can I just tell you that pineapples may be my MOST FAVORITE FUEL ever now? Who knew…they were just what I needed at the time when I was feeling overheated.

I really enjoyed chatting with a few friends on the course, and one of my fellow blog readers (HEY FRITZ!) was out there running her very first 50 miler! We ran together for a couple of loops before I had to let her go…she was picking up the pace and looking damn strong. The heat was really starting to take a toll on me and the heaviness of the work week was weighing on me, mentally. I just wanted to be done. I rode out the highs and lows though, this entire race. From feeling good and high energy to just feeling like I wanted to walk. My legs felt heavy and close to about mile 40 I really started shuffling. My music really helped me stay in the game even though I wanted to quit and found myself just kind of running solo. At a certain point I realized that it may be possible that I may be a top female finisher so I tried to just keep moving. Relentless forward motion! Towards the last stretch, I saw another 50 mile girl who was not far behind me and she still looked pretty strong. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that if I slowed down any more…she was going to take that podium spot from me.

So…I dropped the hammer and bit and my determined will just kind of took over my body. I started feeling good and saw that finish line calling my name. My legs got a bit of a burst of energy and I went on in fishing strong and feeling so proud of myself. That 3rd place female award was staring me in the face. I DID IT. I PLACED. For the 4th dang year. IN A DANG ROW. I couldn’t believe it. I could have really given up many times during this race because of how I was feeling In general. But I didn’t. I went there and did what I had been training so hard for and didn’t let LIFE get in the way. And for that, I was so proud.

Hachie 50, you teach me something every single time that I show up to tackle you. The main thing…KEEP SHOWING UP. No matter how you feel. You may just surprise yourself.

Finisher results here.

Did anyone else out there run the Hachie 50 or any other fun race this weekend? Tell me all about it!

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of FRI-YAYs to you! Hope you have some weekend fun in store. I have lots and lots of running (and perhaps a little Cinco de Mayo celebrating) planned! Should be a good one.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

A run retreat?! Now I could surely get down with that.

Pina colada infused black tea. Goodness gracious this really powered me through my workday yesterday. Plus made me feel like I was in the Caribbean. A win win.

Beyonce’s version of Before I Let Go. Instant mood lifter.

This amazing scent- Endless Weekend. Ladies you must try it as a Bath & Body Works wallflower too. Great for a home scent and great girly scent in general.

And there you have it! Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Tell me about your faves this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Can I just tell you how much of a God send the Starbucks mobile app (and just coffee in general) has been to me this week? This has been a hectic week work wise but thank goodness I am making it through. I also MOVED this week. Granted just a few doors down from my other place but ya know…that is a heck of a lot going on you feel me. I hired movers so it wasn’t too awful. I do love my new spot though, it has the BEST patio. Can’t wait to have a party.

It doesn’t help that I’m gearing up for my next 50 mile race, either. So I’ve got all the anxiety and nerves going on. The Hachie 50 is Saturday! This is actually one of my favorite races though. So should be a good time.

I actually can’t believe I am about to run my 5th 50 mile race. It felt like just yesterday I was running half marathons. And now I’ve got 50k, 50 milers, 100k and 100 milers all under my belt. I remember when I first started running I had some crazy ultra friends who somehow knew I would be like them and told me I would definitely be running ultras one day. I laughed and scoffed at the thought. It’s amazing what miles can do.

This week the humidity has been so through the roof though. I am going to start having to get acclimated to crazy Texas heat and humidity for running again. The time is now.

Weeks like this I am so glad I have a job that I don’t always have to dress up for. Being a TV writer has its perks. Jeans, flip flops…trucker hats all week long.

Yes, I am a black girl who likes trucker hats, country music and ripped up jeans? Texas girl at heart.

Hachie 50 in 2018 ready to go with my trucker hat on. Love it.

Don’t you love our little office room divider!? It is so hippie style. So I’m a Texas country black girl hippie. Sounds about right.

Tell me some of your random thoughts this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

I am back with some new tracks and throwbacks today!! These songs are great for running, spin class or any high energy workout! And of course as always I include a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors. Enjoy!

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Let’s go for a ride!

Before I Let Go- Beyonce: Warm up
Keep it Goin’- Deorro: Accelerations
Little Bad Girl- David Guetta: Rolling hills
Oh Lord (Swifta Beater Remix)- Mic Lowry: Tapbacks
LIT- La Fuente: Jumps
Look Alive- Drake: Hill climb
Bun Up the Dance- Dillon Francis: Sprints
Running Back- Sandro Silva: Hill climb
Satisfaction- Benny Benassi: Jumps on a hill
Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan: Seated/standing run
Desperado (3LAU Remix)- Rihanna: Tapbacks
Bring ‘Em Out- TI: Accelerations
Focus- Ariana Grande: Rolling hills
Pinata- Throttle: Sprints
Spontaneous- Flying Lotus: Cool down

What songs are on your running/workout playlists this week?

Birthday Run and 35 Life Lessons in 35 Years.

Well…it’s something that I like to do every year…run my AGE in MILES! It has become quite the tradition over the years and one that I really enjoy. It also helps me to reflect upon years gone by. So, I took time off from work on my actual birthday (which was this past Friday) and ran a bunch of loops in the ‘hood. It was quite enjoyable and a lot to look at for hours upon hours!

Every year I kind of end up picking a different place to run too. Which is nice to kind of change up the scenery a bit!

Things got extremely hot towards the end so I made sure to stash my car aka makeshift aid station with all of the goodies. I had mini muffins, a huge jug of ice cold water and CHOCOLATE MILK on ice to fuel the day. The chocolate milk actually was quite incredible and gave me a nice little carb/protein boost.

If you’ve been reading you know that every year I also like to share some life lessons I’ve learned – 35 years on this beautiful earth! Here are some lessons that I’ve picked up along the way during this incredible journey. Hopefully…just maybe…you can relate.

1. Celebrate others. Always. It is good to put those good vibes out into the universe. You always should get excited about celebrating the ones you love. It says a lot about who you are as a person.

2. Have courage to step away from relationships that hurt. Things that no longer serve you.

3. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

4. Always carve out time for yourself in the mornings. Whether you use that time to reflect, meditate, prayer. Get centered before you step out into the world.

5. Communicate with your parents as much as you can. Schedule dates with them! I go on a brunch date with my mom and dad every Sunday.

6. Make a name for yourself and build your career. Even if you’re married. Be your own person and have your own independence.

7. Have some wild/fun/thrilling stories you can take to your grave.

8. Forgive easily. Oh so, so easily.

9. Kiss slowly. Kiss in the rain.

10. If it terrifies the mess outta you, it’s absolutely a great idea to do it.

11. Eat the icing first. Hey…this may not be that popular of an opinion. But I like it.

12. Feel pain. Feel joy. Feel all of the emotions. Don’t block ‘em out. Feeling the extreme ups and downs and being able to ride the wave is healthy for your body mind and spirit.

13. You are someone’s favorite notification.

14. Discover your love language. Mine is quality time. I am also NOT a words of affirmation person?? No idea why. I like time spent. And physical touch.

15. Moisturize! Sunscreen is your friend even on cloudy days.

16. Ask questions. Seek clarity.

17. You don’t have to share all of your opinions on social media. RESIST.

18. Slow down. Nothing requires that much of a rush. Pump the brakes and live a content life.

19. Decluttering matters.

20. Words are powerful. Choose them wisely with ones that you love.

21. Love people, use things. The opposite never works.

22. Live YOUR version of a delicious life.

23. Who empowers you? Who inspires you? Spend more time with them.

24. What fires you up on the inside? Hold on tight to that passion. Cherish it as if it was your first born child.

25. Not everyone was raised/grew up/had the same background or upbringing/values as you. Consider that when dealing with people.

26. Success is pretty amazing revenge. It also requires you to say absolutely nothing.

27. Spend time in silence. Every day.

28. Eat things that nourish you and make you feel satisfied and not depleted.

29. Move your body. It is good for your body and for your brain.

30. NO is not a bad word. Neither is “I have a prior commitment”, Even if simply taking care of YOU is the prior commitment.

31. Take on as little debt as possible. Don’t let it rob you of your freedom and limit your options.

32. SHOW UP. Make your word your bond.

33. Don’t be a flaky person. I like my pastries flaky, not the people I surround myself with.

34. Experience things fully. Be so present and soak it all in.

35. Continue to learn, to love, to share. Life is for living. Embrace it.

And there you have it!

What are some lessons you’ve learned in your years of living?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So um TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY and I am excited because I have a fun filled weekend planned. Running, good friends, brunching. All of the things I absolutely love. Plus I am working a half day tomorrow. I know, I should have taken the whole day but ya know…adult career things demand a bit of my attention. So at least I am able to take a portion of the day off.

Can we just give a shoutout to jumpsuits right now?! Like the one in the pic above. AND ROMPERS. So feeling both outfit choices at the moment…

I am pretty sure 90 percent of my running workouts this week occurred in some kind of rain or storm. Yes, spring has finally sprung here in TX! And that means lots of random rainstorms. It’s okay, cuz it makes me mentally stronger, right?

I have been oh so busy that I have not seen any of the shows I love. I am actually still behind on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion! I still need to watch part 3.

My Bravo fans- do you think they will bring back Kenya? Phaedra? I think they should bring back both. The more drama rama the better.

I think it is funny when women have super long conversations in the women’s locker room at the gym. Like we are all nekkid and I just kind of want to wash up and go. Plus we don’t really know each other all like that. Some people just like to hear themselves talk.

Like today this lady was telling us how she somehow jacked up her knees working out cuz she was doing some type of stripper routine on the workout room floor. Apparently she used to be a dancer and the staff approved her to do her stripper dance moves at the gym as her workout.

THEN she proceeded to show me these 8 inch stripper silver heels, y’all. No lie.

Can you imagine ?!? I would bust my tail wide open.

I mean they do have those pole dance workouts? I don’t know…not for me. Upper body wise though that workout seems killer.

My friend wrote this about black coffee on Facebook and I can so relate. Drinking my black coffee right now, actually.

Tell me some random thoughts about your week!

5 Reasons to ‘RUNCH’.

So…lately I’ve actually been moving around the time of day that I run, just to spice things up. I am really a morning runner at heart- but there are days that I really get huge benefits from running at lunch! So here are a few reasons why ‘RUNCH’ is absolutely the way to go.

Your legs are already warmed up from the day. For me this translates usually to running faster. I’m sure people have different opinions about this but it takes me some time to get my legs moving in the morning. In the afternoon I am just more revved up and ready to go.

By lunchtime I am just READY to get out of the office and get some fresh air. So I get my nature time and it recharges my brain to go back to work refreshed and productive. 

It helps keep things spicy running wise. In general I am just a fan of switching up the time of day that you run. For me it helps me to not get bored with the same ole same.

Because miles usually taste better than that burger at the drive thru. And it helps me make better lunch choices in general. Usually I will just eat at my desk after I run and wash up at the gym next door which ends up working out great. 

It also makes me want to punch people less. You know, in general. I come back to work a pretty happy camper. 

What is your favorite time of day to run? 

Zero dark thirty usually…but RUNCH is a close second. 

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there…happy Monday and all that jazz! Hope you had a lovely weekend. It is that time again! Time to recap some weekly miles. I was able to get in just over 75 miles of running last week!! That Hachie 50 mile race is ohmygoodness so fast approaching. I’m kinda getting nervous! But I have been putting in the miles and the work in that’s for sure. So, let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 5.23 miles in the early A.M. Last week the weather was pretty crazy humid and sticky which is not quite my favorite but hey you do what you do to get it done. This was a part of the double run day miles.

Monday PM- 3.33 miles watching the sunset. Love having my Monday nights work free lately. I only teach classes at the gym now 2-3 times a week after the 9-5 so my work life balance has been totally improving.

Tuesday AM- 6.31 miles at lunch. Ran some hills and a lil negative split at the end which was nice.

Tuesday PM- 3.53 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Quick route around the lake to wind down from a busy day.

Wednesday- 10.11 miles in the morning. Really peaceful run actually listening to a podcast and my brain movies. Anyone else have BRAIN movies?! I have them a lot. Really more daydreaming but also brainstorming projects and such. Keeps things interesting. Ha.

Thursday AM- 8.22 miles of sunrise. Felt good but kind of dragging on this day. I think I was looking forward to my upcoming rest day after doing some run streaking. Kind of on cruise control type of situation. But made it work as per usual.

Thursday PM- 3.5 miles a little faster I guess for some reason I caught a second wind around lunchtime. Funny how that happens.

Friday- 15.11 miles early morning solo. Good run, time on my feet kind of run. It was a beautiful morning too perfect for running long.

Saturday- Back to back long run days are always a good time!! 20.12 mile Saturday with yet again lovely weather and good friends. I was excited we had a few folks that have been gone for a while make their comebacks from injury and such. It was an awesome morning and yes they made me run faster.

Sunday- REST DAY. Rest days are so precious and glorious to me lately. Good time enjoying the weather with lovely friends.

Oh, and black bean loaded nachos and mimosas for the win. Thankyouverymuch.

How was your weekend? How is your training going? What is the most delicious thing you ate…or drank?? I need details!