TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there! It’s Friday, and I’ve got my coffee. So clearly all is good in the world. Hope you have a fun weekend in store! I definitely do. Running, yoga, and plenty of time outside enjoying the sunshine is on tap!

Let’s get to the Friday faves, shall we?

-Enjoying my runs this week in my new Brooks Ghost 9s. Yes, I am on a quest to get these shoes in just about every color.

-Frozen mimosas? How genius is this idea…please someone sign me up. I’ll meet you with one of these on the patio.

-Discovering new coffee shops in my ‘hood. Society Coffee is where it’s at. Can we please just put fancy coffee shops inside of every gas station now? Specifically with kombucha on tap as well? Thanks in advance.

-Spending a little more time with the kettlebells as of late. Yes, all I need in life is kettlebells and coffee. Okay, and maybe a run. Guilty as charged.

-And this, because shenanigans are wonderful. That is all.

Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Doing anything fun in the sun?

A Newbie’s Guide to Running Lingo.

So for you running newbies out there…(and veterans who just need a laugh) here are a few runner terms you may want to have under your belt! I’d like to call it running lingo.

In no particular order…

Runscape…simply put, a beautiful place to run. This can be a beach, your favorite trail, or somewhere amazing and scenic. Every mile is just pure bliss. The ultimate sweet escape.

Hawaii…now this is what I call a RUNscape.

Half marathon– The gateway drug to running 26.2 miles. Which is another gateway drug to ultramarathons. You have been warned.

Rungry– Something to happens to all of us runners. Hey, the struggle is real.


Racecation– Traveling to run a marathon or half marathon. Otherwise known as, the best getaway ever. Best way to see a city or town, on foot.

The wall. Oh yes.

Runner’s high. Something a runner may or may not believe in. I tell you what I am a believer. See here and here for more of my thoughts on this very topic.

Any more runner’s lingo/terms for the class? Do share!

Weds Spin Playlist.

It’s spin playlist Wednesday! This is the day I provide you with jams for your spinning, running and workout pleasure! And also of course a fresh and fancy cycle ride to go along with it. Hope you enjoy!

And check out where I’ll be teaching spin class next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Also find this as well as more of my playlists on Spotify under username thedancingrunner.

Let’s go for a ride!

Deja Vu- Beyonce: Warm up
Katy Tiz- Whistle: Standing run
Ice Cream- Jacob Plant: Accelerations
I Got You- Bebe Rexha: Rolling hills
Shut it Down- Pitbull, Akon: Tapbacks
Bad Language- Topi: Climb 4/5/6
Cream- Tujamo, Danny Avila: Sprints
Bomba- Deorro: Climb 6/7/8
Energy- Drake: Sprints
Rockabye- Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, Anne-Marie: Active recovery
Nice Flow- Smookie Illson: Rolling hills
Good Feeling- Flo Rida: Jumps on a hill
FIYAH: Seated/standing run
House Party- Madison Mars: Sprints
OMG- Usher: 8/9/10
It’s Not Over- Jordan Burns: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Thoughts on the Run, Spring Edition.

-So yeah…what to wear this morning. Leggings or shorts? I had better check the weather forecast.
-Oh good, it’s above 55 degrees at 5 a.m. Shorts are safe.
-Garmin charged, check. Time to head out.
-It sure is breezy out. And humid.
-2 miles in and I’m already sweating buckets. Gotta love Texas crazy spring weather.
-Is it raining? No, just random rain cloud…looks like it’s passing.
-So humid. At least it’s fairly cool and breezy. I know I will miss this early a.m. breeze come summer time.
-Ew, it smells like skunks out here.
-I think there’s one now. And he is charging towards me?
-Time to re route.
-Oh look, a little daylight. Beautiful clouds.
-I’m in love with Texas bluebonnets and all of the wildflowers. Amazing.
-Pretty sky. Pretty sunrise. Best part of waking up.
-Well that, and obviously, coffee.
-How do some people run in the mornings without having coffee afterwards is beyond me.
-Alright, one more mile and I’m done. So humid. Want to be done. Now.
-Ah, finally done. Coffee time. I think I’ll get an extra shot of espresso today. Because I can.

Check out my thoughts on the run in the summerfall and winter too!

What are some of your thoughts while running in the springtime?

Weekly Running Report.

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday! I am here to recap last week’s running on mileage Monday. Just over 81 miles last week! That’s the most I have done in quite a while. I should be good and ready for Hachie 50 in May! Plus a few other spring races that I have on tap.

Let’s get to it!

Monday AM- 7.21 miles at a 8:43 pace. It was a nice and beautiful spring day with all of the flowers blooming. Perfect way to kick off the work week.

Monday PM- 3.02 mile cool down enjoying the sunset after I taught a class at the gym. I kind of am loving the evening runs with the extra touch of daylight. Lots of folks out enjoying and it is always fun to people watch.

Tuesday AM- 11.05 mile run with the Irving Running Club. I always do a few miles with them and then finish up on my own. Since no one is crazy enough to do 11 miles with me I always end up on my own. HA. But it’s all good!

Wednesday AM- 8.28 easy miles solo in the ‘hood. Pretty overcast skies with the sounds of the city.

Wednesday PM- 3.03 miles before the gym. Pretty uneventful, was just killing time on this side of town before a 7:15 pm class. And of course, because it was wine Wednesday. I’m just saying.

Thursday AM- 10.12 miles at the early morning run club run. Taking it very easy. The runs towards the end of the week were super humid. Of course they were. It’s springtime in Texas!

P.S. Running 10 miles in the morning makes you do crazy things like eat an abundance of sushi for lunch. You have been warned.

Thursday PM- 4.02 miles before the gym! I had a little more time before teaching a class so decided to get it in.

Friday- REST DAY. I traveled with my trail running club to Oklahoma on this day to do a FREE race, the DanMan Challenge. We camped out at the ranch on Friday evening and ran the race on Saturday.

Saturday- 26.22 miles at the DanMan Challenge. So this guy, out of the kindness of his heart invites a bunch of trail runners to his property to run, you can choose from either a 10k/half marathon, marathon, or 50 miler. He is a runner as well (of course). Then afterwards there is a big party on his ranch with BBQ! Ya’ll, it was the most fun at a race I think I’ve ever had in life. Can’t wait to run it again next year. Of course this was just a training run for my ultra next month but I absolutely loved it. Trail running will always and forever have a place in my heart.

And this incredible woman, Maryann, who is 80 something years young also completed the marathon that day! Talk about #goals.

Sunday- 8.21 recovery miles with of course a RUNfie break. Because, why not.

And that’s a wrap!

How was your weekend? Tell me about your long run and/or racing adventures!

TGIFriday Faves.

I don’t know about you but it’s Friday and I’m feeling like that surely calls for a celebration! Hope you have some fun in store for your weekend!

Let’s recap this week’s faves!

-Bell pepper nachos. This made for a fun little dinner project for me this week. They actually turned out fantastic! The more goodness you add in there the better. I made these vegetarian style but you can add chicken or turkey too. They are also amazing with goat cheese and/or avocado!

The secret language of runners. Oh my goodness. It’s like they think they know me or something.

-This runner’s must do strength workout. I have been all about the planks lately.

-“Coffeeology” from my favorite little coffee shop. Yet some more lango that I speak very well.

-Spring and summer sundresses with fun prints. I just want to wear dresses all day long (when I’m not wearing running clothes, of course)

Queens are born in April…yes, that would be me. My birthday month begins tomorrow and this makes my soul happy.

-Current mood. A beach view and coffee. This will be me on my birthday weekend when we go to Galveston for the Divas race. April 26th is the actual day in case you like to buy presents! I’m just saying.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend.

What are you loving about today? Favorite things this week?

5 Reasons to Sign up for a Fall Marathon.

So it’s springtime, and for many runners this is the time of year that we start thinking about more races to throw on the calendar. Here are a few reasons in no particular order why you should hit the registration button and sign up for that fall marathon to gun for a super speedy PR.

1. Training runs with friends or your local running club. I don’t know about you but for me the best part of marathon training is doing long runs with your friends. If you are fortunate enough to have some awesome runner friends it is a great way to bond over many happy sweaty miles.

Throwback Thursday pic! Ice cream and running go hand in hand.

2. Early hot runs especially in the summer time leading up to fall will make you mentally/physically super strong. If you can get through long runs in crazy weather, you can get through just about anything. Come fall and winter after months of training you will definitely see your speed pick up because it will just feel so awesome after training in such conditions.

3. There are just so MANY amazing marathons to sign up for! For me honestly it is a great way to see a different part of the country or explore a new town.

4. RACE-cations are absolutely the best. It just honestly gives me an excuse to travel sometimes too. Fall is the perfect time of year for it.

5. Nothing is more beautiful than running a marathon in the fall. The changing fall leaves, the cooler weather…you simply cannot go wrong. It’s the best time of year to put a marathon on your calendar.

Have you signed up for a fall marathon yet? Which one?
I plan on running an ultra this year in November on a beautiful new to me trail! I am really looking forward to it.

Weds Spin Playlist.

Well hello there! It’s hump day and as most of you know it’s the day that I share my spin cycle playlists with you all! I’ve got two awesome lists filled with songs for indoor cycling, running, and high intensity workouts!

And as always check out where I’ll be teaching spin class next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ride!

Touch- Little Mix feat Kid Ink: Warm up
Work it- Cesqeaux: Tapbacks
Put Your Drinks Up- Kardinal Official: Accelerations
BURNITUP!- Janet Jackson feat Missy Elliot: Climb 4/5/6
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See- Busta Rhymes: Rolling hills
Party Monster- The Weeknd: Climb 5/6/7
House Work- Jax Jones: Sprints
The Right Song- Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, Natalie La Rose: Active recovery
Delirious- Steve Aoki: Sprints
Runnin- Pharrell Williams: Climb 6/7/8
Tambourine- Eve: Jumps on a hill
Come to Me- Diddy, Nicole Scherzinger: Seated/standing run
Pon De Floor- Major Lazer: Sprints
Bad Habits- Maxwell: Cool down

No Letting Go- Wayne Wonder: Warm up
Cha Cha (DJ Sliink Remix)- D.R.A.M.: Accelerations
Say it Right- Nelly Furtado: Jumps
Gossip Folks- Missy Elliot: Rolling hills
Show You Love- Kato Sigala: 6/7/8/9
Countdown- Beyonce: 8/9/10/11 (Heavy climb)
Messin’ Around- Pitbull: Active recovery
Both- Drake, Gucci Mane: Rolling hills
Night Cap- D.O.D: Seated/standing sprints
Give it 2 U (Remix)- Robin Thicke, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz: Jumps on a hill
Carry Out (Manon Dave Remix)- Timbaland & Justin Timberlake: Tapbacks
Runnin- Low Steppa, Kelli-Leigh: Standing run
Chameleon- Pnau: Rolling hills
Stretch 2-3-4- WatchTheDuck: Tapbacks
Right Now (Ralphi Rosa Remix)- Rihanna: Accelerations
Distraction- Kehlani: Cool down

What songs are you grooving to lately? 

5 Ways to Mix Up Your Morning Run Routine.

Many of us morning runners do the bulk of our mileage in the morning because of demanding careers and busy work schedules. But for some of us, after years of running in the a.m., the routine can get a bit stale. So here are a few ways you can shake things up and keep that run exciting and full of flavor.

1. One foolproof way – constantly change up your route. I like to play Dora the Explorer from time to time and throw in random hills and go to unique parts of town.

2. Head over to Strava to explore segments in your community. If you are not on Strava already, it is high time that you join! Add me as a friend too when you get a chance. It’s a great way to keep track of your training week to week and explore parts of town you wouldn’t normally frequent.

3. Run to grab a cup of coffee! Literally. That is what I look forward to the most honestly after my morning runs. Our runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays start and end at the coffee shop so even better. Guatemalan roast from Java Me Up never tasted so good.

4. Throw in a track workout. Most training plans these days will have times during the week where you will do some speedwork. Plan your route with a high school track in the middle so you can warm up and head on over to do those 800s. You can also do these types of workouts on the roads too, but I just love the softness of the track. Much more forgiving on the joints. Track workouts aren’t easy though, but when you’re done you’ll feel like a total badass.

5. Save time at the end of your run to get your yoga on. I love doing a little yoga sequence and stretching my hips out post run. I recommend this youtube video, it’s quick and easy to do after a run.

What are some ways you like to mix up your run routine?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I am back to recap an awesome week of running last week! I was able to squeeze in just over 75 miles, got some strength workouts in and taught my classes. But let’s talk running!

Monday AM- 7.15 miles at lunch. The weather was nice and warm and breezy. I love my lunch time runs because it enables me to ease on into the work week after a weekend of usually back to back running or racing. This was a nice recovery type of run.

Monday PM- 3.01 miles, just getting the legs warmed up before I taught a class at the gym.

Tuesday AM- 12.22 miles, easy pace with some hill work thrown in. I ran with my running club and then added on a little at the end. I’ve been bringing my change of clothes and gym bag to the club run now so I can go straight to work after. It works out really well and definitely saves time. The gym that I teach at is fairly close to my 9-5 job so it’s perfect. Sit in the sauna a bit, shower and off to work. Perfection.

Tuesday PM- Quick 3.02 warm up before job number 2 for the day.

Wednesday AM- 6 a.m. run with my neighbor and his pup in our local park, 10.05 miles total.

Wednesday PM- 3.05 miles. I was all about the short 3 mile progression runs after work this week apparently. It’s a nice way to get the legs moving after a long work day.

Thursday AM- IRC run and then some. 10.01 miles total. One of my trail buddies that was crew for Rocky 100 came out to run with us…great catching up with him. Love this crazy group.

Thursday PM- 2.02 miles, all I had time for before teaching a spin class that night.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- Long run day, 16.06 miles most of it with my homegirl Tracy. We got an early start, saw the sunrise and I got some delicious coffee after. All was right in the world.

Sunday- 9.32 miles at the Wine Down Relay in Ft. Worth with Tracy. We ran fairly even loops, finished the 18 miles total in 2 hours and 30 minutes and made it to the top 10 overall finishers.

Out of 71 relay teams! I wish that they would have split up the 2 person vs 4 person relay groups so we would have won an award. But hey, wine at the finish line will definitely make up for it.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever done a relay? How did you like it?
Yes, I’ve done 1 other relay before which was overnight on a trail. Lots of fun indeed!