Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happiest of Mondays to you! Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m here to recap some weekly miles with you! I was able to get in over 72 miles last week!! Let’s see how it all went down…

Monday- 7.35 miles total before and after teaching a class at the gym. It felt kinda good to do some night time running. I need to get some more evening miles in too leading up to my next ultra. The day is getting closer and closer!

Tuesday AM- 10.2 mies with some hill repeats thrown in then ending on the track. The weather last week was quite pleasant and it is finally getting to that time of year where running is feeling good and effortless and not as much insane Texas heat. I just love it. Gotta love fall temps. 

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles in the evening…it was super dark out too. Dodging cars and trying to not get chased by stray dogs. Yep.

Wednesday AM- 6.65 early miles with some faster strides before the 9 to 5 followed by some Southern Pecan coffee. Heck yes. 

Wednesday PM- 4.06 miles. Actually I had to push double run day to LUNCHTIME because we had some random downpour rain in the evening forecast. Another one of those random Texas downpours in the middle of nowhere. It was still a bit of a rainy run but got it done. 

Thursday- 11.02 mile morning with fun friends and good convo. Love when that happens. 

Friday- 10.3 miles with a good buddy of mine. Friday runs are my new thing now. It kinda makes me look forward to the amazingness that is Friday when I can get a good early run in. 

Saturday- 20.11 miles with WRRC. It was a great run and the fastest 20 miler I’ve done in a little while so I felt good about that. Even on tired legs. I can’t wait till it gets even cooler so I can do some more super strong 20 milers. Love it. 

And later on that night I went to a concert of one of my fave R&B/soul artists. Maxwell –we were so close to the freaking stage it was incredible. Thanks to my date for getting us killer seats. 

Also had a great dinner…these beef tenderloin enchiladas with black beans and lemongrass rice. Heaven.

Sunday- REST DAY. And a much needed one at that. And I’ve already gone past the 300 mile mark for the month of October, which makes this ultrarunner girl very happy. 

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Who ran the MARINE CORPS MARATHON?? If so, congrats! That’s one of my faves. 

TGIFriday Faves.

TGIF and happy Friday and all of that good stuff. Hope you have some fun times this weekend in store!! I definitely am looking forward to some Texas sunshine (yes the sun is back after the rain finally), friend time and long run time!! Let’s get to this week’s favorites.

Some Halloween social run fun. Okay if I can be honest it was more of a power walk since I ran that a.m. & we were handing out candy but I have not gone OUT out on a Thursday night in so freaking long. Hey, YOLO.

Um…excuse me…CROCKPOT CRUSTLESS PIZZA?! All the cheese though. Where do I sign up.

Running a Halloween race? Check these tips first.

3 creative ways to redefine your phone habits. I actually really like the phone box idea.

Friday sunrises. Aren’t they always magical? Yes and yes.

-Oh and it is NATIONAL PUMPKIN DAY. So please go celebrate and enjoy something yummy. You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend!

What is on tap for your weekend?!
Running, Halloween festivities and doing some adult-ish things.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and happiest of Thursdays to you! This is a great day for some random thoughts and confessions, yes!? Running and non running related. Let’s get straight to it!

So tonight I am going to a Halloween social run/birthday party thing and I HAVE NO COSTUME. I do, however, have a leopard mask from a couple of years ago that I found in my drawer the other day. So, should I just put that on and call it a good day? I will be a tail-less leopard runner. Sounds good.

I also need to figure out another Halloween costume because I am supposed to be going to something else on Saturday. I do have a pink tutu in my closet. What goes good with that? I need ideas. I’ve been seeing some unicorns and bunnies with tutus on, on Pinterest. So they could be on to something.

Ultra training is going super well this week and the body is feeling good. I feel like this race will be here before you know it! Plus, I’m getting back into my high mileage running groove and that is feeling good too. We all know I love me some double run days.

This week I have really been loving me some SLEEP. I think I’ve been in the bed every night by at least 830-9 PM. Last night I believe it was 815. Of course it takes me time to actually nod off but when you are in your 30s – being in bed at 8 something is quite the luxury.

I really am loving the “Workout Twerkout” station on my Spotify. It is officially the soundtrack for Thursdays. Believe it.

What randomness is on your mind this week?

Halloween Ride- Weds Spin Playlist.

Hi there and happy hump day! Well since we are exactly 1 week out from HALLOWEEN I thought I would hit you with a Spooky Spin Ride! These songs are also great for running or any other high intensity workout. Hope you do enjoy!!

And yes…that is a Pinterest find above.

And be sure to check out where I’m teaching spin cycle next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Also peep me on Spotify under thedancingrunnner.

Let’s go for a ride!


Candyman- Christina Aguilera: Warm up
Scream- Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson: Accelerations
Teeth- Lady Gaga: Hill climb
Get Ghost- Mark Ronson, Passion Pit, A$AP Ferg: Jumps
Voodoo (Extended Mix)- DVBBS: Sprints
Dark Horse- Katy Perry: Rolling hills
Touch Me (Throttle Remix)- Starley: Seated/standing run
Dirty Mind- Flo Rida: Hill climb
Bad Girls- M.I.A.: Jumps on a hill
Don’t Wake Me Up- Chris Brown: Tapbacks
King’s Dead- Kendrick Lamar: Accelerations
Bangarang- Skrillex: Active recovery
Bad and Boujee: Migos: Hill climb
Hoohah- Fox Stevenson, Curbi: Sprints
Blacked Out- Yussef Dayes: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Great Ways to Fuel and Power Through Your Long Runs.

So I was having a conversation with one of my running buddies on the run this morning and he was asking me “so how do you FUEL for something like a 50 mile race?” It is honestly a question I get on a consistent basis especially when we are talking about ultras. So, I am here to share some of my best kept secrets and how I get myself through such a hardcore ultrarunning event and not die. Haha, kidding…well not really. Not dying…is kind of a part of it all too. 

Electrolytes are the MVP. There comes a time in your run when just plain water does not really do the trick. I am a big fan of products like Heed and/or Gatorade to serve as fuel for a run. With the Gatorade some of my friends prefer the G2 because it has less sugar so I will do that sometimes, or water down the Gatorade so it is not so strong tasting. Also…I’m a huge fan of salt tablets especially for long runs when it is hot and humid and when I just feel depleted. I took a salt tablet when I hit a major wall at mile 30 of that 50 mile run – and can I tell you, it made a world of a difference and changed the game for my race in a major way. 

Explore more natural fuel options over GU – I know, GU is easy and you don’t really have to think about it but sometimes I am not sure that GU is always the answer. If I do any type of energy gel I will do Hammer gels as I feel they aren’t as harsh on my yummy. Also I LOVE DATES and dried fruits! If you have not yet tried a medjool date you are missing out on life. 

Figure out what YOUR body prefers as an energy boost. What works for your running buddy may not work for you!  I honestly like more savory or salty snacks over sweet. Even during my 100 miler last year…all I wanted were savory things. Thankfully at trail races there are so many options it is like a buffet. LOL. But I skipped the m&ms or whatever and went straight for pickles and pretzels. And pickle juice is indeed a game changer especially when dealing with cramps and etc. during ultra runs. Believe it. 

Eat and drink when you are not feeling it. This for me has always been the hardest to nail down. Because let’s be honest…when you’re at mile 18 or mile 35 (for my ultra unicorns) and you feel depleted NOTHING looks, sounds, or tastes good. But you have to fuel and keep fueling early because if you wait too long it will be too late and you will wish you were more diligent. So stay diligent and respect taking care of yourself during these runs. And your next long run may just be that much more awesome. 

How do you fuel and power through your long runs? 

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there and happy Monday to ya! I’m here to recap some miles from last week! It was a great week post 50 miler as I keep things going leading up to the Brazos Bend 100 miler! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- This was my first day back running since the Orion Ultra so I got in 2.2 miles and I was still pretty sore so just shaking out the legs and getting them moving. I also taught my regular classes at the gym so it felt great to be back on the bike and that always helps as a bit of active recovery.
Tuesday AM- It rained pretty heavy off and on all week last week but I was still able to get out and get some miles in. 5.33 miles done in the AM with a few hill repeats thrown in.
Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles watching the sunset on the lake is always nice. Slowly throwing the double run days back in there.
Wednesday- 6.32 solo miles with a few drizzles but got it done. The rain was actually quite nice last week because it definitely cooled things down and we really need it after a crazy hot summer.
Thursday- 13.32 mile morning which felt GOOD to get that kind of mileage in on a Thursday morning. I also found a running buddy in my weekday group that runs triathlons on the weekends, so she likes to do her longer runs during the week. Which is a win win for me. YES. More longer miles for the win.
Friday- 10.12 relaxed miles again in the rain before a busy Friday. Good stuff.
Saturday- 20.33 miles with WRRC. Early miles and mimosas make my heart happy. I also went to the State Fair of Texas with the bestie that evening so I’m pretty sure I did close to a marathon that day with mileage. Love it.

Sunday- 5.12 miles before spa day with running friends. This was actually at a Russian spa which was really cool.

They had 2 SUPER HOT dry sauna rooms, 1 steam room, and a cold plunge at the end to finish off the treatment. So I did a few cycles with that and then ate some Russian food. Which WOW is actually really delicious! I feel like it is a best kept secret.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to a spa/sauna place?
I need to go more. So good for my achy runner muscles.

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to ya! Hope you have a great weekend in store. I’ve got lots of running and fun friend time on the agenda! Plus it looks like the sun will come out to play after the rain all week so should be a good one.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Preventing a kick in the gut. Someone asked me about this issue not long ago so I found the perfect article. Honestly for me, not overloading on the GU and excess calories is what does the trick. Also caffeine tends to mess with my tummy so I do it but in smaller doses. It definitely takes time to nail the nutrition stuff down with training and running. Trust me, I’ve been running marathons and ultras for nearly 10 YEARS. And I’m still freaking learning.

This Ciara song. HOT. My peeps in the spin classes that I teach love it.

Lovely Friday solo miles in the rain. It was everything.

STAY WILD. Love this coffee mug. Love all of my Pinterest finds.

This about Texas weather. It is OH SO TRUE especially this week. Man, I wasn’t really ready.

That’s all for this week! Have an awesome Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend? I know a lot of you have your last longish run before NYC!! Excited for all of my blog friends and their training.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there and happy Thursday to ya!! Today is of course of my favorite days of the week- random thoughts Thursday! Here go some of my rants/raves/and confessions in the most random of orders…

-I think they are trying to do that dance in the above gif that all of the young folks are doing lately? Does anyone know how to do it properly?!? Teach me your ways…

This entire week has been nothing but RAIN RAIN RAIN and cold. I think it is the wettest October we’ve had in Dallas in quite a while! But, I’ve still been getting all of my runs in like a good little ultra runner while I continue training for BB100. And no, treadmill, you will not win. I am just not a treadmill girl you guys. I’d rather road, track or trail it any day of the week. Plus running in the rain makes me feel like a super badass. Just one more day of gloom and I hear we are in for some sunshine this weekend. YAY.

This weekend I am supposed to be hitting up the State Fair of Texas and it is actually the last weekend to do so! I heard on the radio this morning that since we’ve had so many rainy days they will be extending the fair hours too. So yay, that is a win win.

I am obsessed now with the coffee/computer room at my apartments. Mostly because no one really goes in there and also I do not have a Keurig so I will sneak in there and grab a cup of coffee before work. They have all of the different flavors of coffee and everything! I was even up at 4 something this morning sneaking in there getting coffee before this morning’s run. It feels like my little hideaway coffee secret. My a.m. dose of happiness.

Now that the weather is getting chilly I am back in love with leopard. This time of year I always have to have my pumpkin EVERYTHING and then my leopard. Shoes, scarf, you name it. Deep down inside I am a basic white girl. I’m sure most of you already knew this. I am a mixed girl anyway so I am allowed to claim that without it being offensive. So, thank you. You know everyone is offended by everything these days so little disclaimer there.

I have not figured out what I am going to be just quite yet for Halloween. I’m leaning towards mermaid? There are so many cute costumes online but there’s not enough time. I’m thinking I may have to make it a DIY situation. Or do something completely different. But I like the mermaid idea! We shall see.

I need a massage like CRAZY. My back is in knots and the only person who can cure me is Everett (my angel therapist). Scheduling one today…

What are some of your random thoughts this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! It has been a crazy week work wise (and jumping right back into ADULTING after a 50 miler– ALWAYS A BLAST) but- thought I’d stop in and deliver this week’s spin cycle playlist! Hope you enjoy and if you’re local come see where I’m teaching next in the DFW area.

Also follow me on Spotify where I post updated workout playlists on a weekly basis.

Let’s go for a ride!


Flawless- The Ones: Warm up
I’m the Ish- DJ Class: Tapbacks
Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato: Rolling hills
Praise the Lord- A$AP Rocky: Accelerations
Play Hard- David Guetta: Rolling hills
Dose- Ciara: Hill climb
Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix)- DJ Snake: Sprints
For Your Entertainment- Adam Lambert: Active recovery
Can U Werk Wit Dat- The Fixxers: Hill climb
Drop That Low- Tujamo: Jumps/Tapbacks
The Beat- Mike Williams: Sprints
Rinse & Repeat- Riton: Tapbacks
Finesse- Cardi B, Bruno Mars: Hill climb
Hit the Lights- Jay Sean: Jumps on a hill
Bad Bad News- Leon Bridges: Cool down

What songs are you grooving to this week?

50 Thoughts While Running 50 Miles, Beach Edition.

1. Wow, peep that killer sunrise headed our way. I mean my goodness…wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that just about everyday.
2. Alright. Time to lineup with some runners to run some miles. Let’s size up a few of these folks. She looks like she might beat me. This one, not so much.
3. Everyone looks nervous.
4. Okay two minutes to go. GPS signal ON.
6. What if stuff goes wrong today? What if it ALL GOES WRONG? What if I start chafing in random places.
7. Nah, I’m good.
8. I’ve totally got this.
9. Okay gun has gone off and we are rollin’.
10. This sand is super runnable. Way more runnable than predicted.
11. People actually DRIVE over this sand it is so packed. That is pretty cool.
12. I wonder what would happen if I just became a beach bum and lived here the rest of my life. Wouldn’t that be lovely.
13. Actually no, it wouldn’t. Because hurricanes.
14. Dang it, that sunrise. I have to stop taking pictures.
15. Totally pass that chick, she started out way too fast.
16. Chill out girl, 48 miles to go.
17. Okay…aid station time. They have all the goodies like at trail runs. I’ll have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
18. MMM Coca cola. It tastes so much better during a run for some reason. Otherwise I never drink the stuff.
19. Need a little caffeine boost.
20. Mile 10. A runner guy asks me how I’m doing. Um. So we are at mile 10, dude. TOO EARLY TO DETERMINE.
21. Time to turn around and head back. By the time I’m back I’ll be at 20.
22. Got DANG. This is a long ass stretch.
23. Like really, really long.
24. Okay. One foot in front of the other. Eat. Drink. Be merry.
25. Mile 20. I feel alright.
26. It’s getting a little hot.
27. That sun is relentless.
28. Maybe it was a bad idea to “TAN” during a 50 mile run.
29. Nah, I’m good.
30. Hit that marathon mark. Keep it moving.
31. Dang it this is long stretch. Everyone looks tired.
32. There are a LOT of people walking. It’s a little too early to walk.
33. Mile 30. I feel like sh*t.
34. Whyyy. Body don’t fail me now.
35. I need a chair. And pickle juice.
36. Nothing tastes good. Nothing at all.
37. I guess I’ll eat half of this oreo. It’s all soft and wet and gross. Not sure why.
38. Okay, time to get up and go now. That electrolyte pill helped.
39. Time to head back. Mile 40 I am going to make you my b*tch.
40. Race director tells me I’m “doing good”. Not sure what that means. Probably I’m one of the lead females.
41. Okay one more out and back and then we are done. Done done done. Can’t wait to be done.
42. I need a drink. I wonder if that would give me a bit of mojo.
43. Keep moving. Drinks after.
44. Dang this is a long stretch.
45. Tired.
46. HOT.
47. Face is burning. Literally my skin is burning off of my face.
48. Mile 45. This sand is not feeling as runnable as it once was.
49. Time to turn around.
50. Home stretch. Hot, tired. Placed. Top female. Need a chair. NOW. Finito. YAAS.

What are some of your thoughts during a race/run? Any more ultrarunner unicorns out there?