Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday! I am back to doing my weekly running reports. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Here is a quick recap of last week’s miles – which came out to 83.3 miles of running! I have a couple of ultras on the horizon so we are gearing up for some fun. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- As most of you know last week was the BIG Dallas to Ft. Worth fun run that I do every year! 33.3 miles. Legs actually held up better than I thought they would. If you missed it you can catch the recap here. I love running crazy long with people as crazy as I am.

Tuesday- 3.02 miles in the evening after teaching a spin class. The next day was definitely recovery just to shake the legs out. I really do feel better after runs like that if I can get the legs going and the blood flowing. Even if the run is short, for me it is better than sitting on my couch eating bon bons. (What are bon bons really by the way? Has anyone had one? Do tell me what they are all about.)
Wednesday- 4.22 miles in the cold rain in the evening. I’ve found a great route over by work that I like to run so this worked out well. I am mostly a morning runner you know but it is good sometimes to switch it up.
Thursday- Another COLD, rainy morning but 6.32 miles done. Texas weather is being bipolar again (the high is 70 something degrees today, YAY springtime temps) but yeah I believe that morning it was 30 something. Ice cold rain calls for hot coffee.

Friday- Run streak week! 6.31 miles on the lake. Friday runs are always pretty relaxed before the long run on Saturday. This is typically when I would do a rest day but it has been fun maintaining my sanity and running all week long.
Saturday- 20.02 miles with the run club! I did get a massage on Friday night so that helped revive the legs a bit. But I need to start incorporating some back to back long runs for ultra training. Anyway, mimosas and breakfast tacos were had immediately after.
Sunday- I ended up having a low key Saturday which made room for some Sunday funday miles! 10.13 miles running a new route with my Sunday morning run crew.
Oh, and I tried a new chicken place! Cowboy Chicken. Fitting for Texas, right?

This place was pretty good last minute comfort food type of meal. I hear they also do rotisserie chicken tortilla soup and enchiladas so I have to go back for that.

And there you have it!

How has your running going? Tell me something fun about your weekend!
We celebrated the Cowboys winning on Saturday. Sometimes I like to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday to ya! The sun is shining down in Dallas and I am feeling oh so good!! I hope that you are too. I’ve got some running, Netflix and chillin and other items on the agenda for this weekend! It should be a lovely time.

Let’s get into my faves from this week!!

My adult bevvie of choice this week. Dark cherry cider from Locust Cider (which they now have a tap room in Ft. Worth! Yes). This stuff is dangerously awesome. And hey they say that dark cherries are good for runners so, ya know, that makes this runner girl happy. I’m just saying.

Speaking of Ft. Worth, I love everything about the Japanese Gardens. I went here recently and took a to of pics. Such a peaceful place.

Expressing gratitude can help you run better all year long. I can get behind that.
All of the fun Snapchat filters. How cute are we ringing in the 2019. Love it love it.

And this. Makes me giggle. EXACTLY why I don’t do it. Thanks.

Have a great Friday!

What’s on tap for your weekend? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

So today is the day that we talk about the randomest of things- rants, raves and confessions! Some of them are running related and some of them definitely are not! So, without further ado let’s get straight to it!

Yes, grab some tea and sip sip sip. Kenya Moore had her baby by the way if you have been living under a rock. Cutest baby girl ever.

Is it just me or is work just really hard to jump back into this week??! Also, coworkers who think they are your boss- no ma’am. Homie don’t play that and it will not be tolerated in 2019. Ya feel me.
I am not making a ton of resolutions this year. BUT I do have a few- I definitely want to get into more yoga and increase my flexibility. I am forever a fan of yoga on Youtube. It is just way too convenient. Gotta keep it going.
-Running is going well and I have been running ultra distances like it ain’t no thang. Up next is the Cowtown Ultra and then the Hachie 50 miler. I may throw a marathon in there for good measure. But, my race calendar for 2019 is still developing. I kind of like it being loose and relaxed for right now especially after just finishing Brazos Bend 100.
Black Santa is still up in the office and you know what I kind of don’t want to take him down. Should I leave him up another week or so? I think he still wants to make his presence known.
Another thing I want to get back into is food prep. Not for dietary reasons honestly more just to save MONEY. Like it is ridiculous how much money one can spend during the week on Starbucks and such. I do have to have my fix every now and again. But yeah. Dolla dolls bills y’all.
It has been COLD and rainy here in Dallas all week and I cannot wait until this weekend because temps are supposed to reach the high 60s. Hallelujah and thank you JESUS. I need my patio weather temps back. This girl loves some sunshine.

What randomness is on your mind this week?

Dallas to Cowtown 33 Mile Run Recap.

Hi there and HAPPY 2019! Hope you had an incredible weekend and celebrated the new year doing some fun things. Today I figured we would do a RECAP from my fun long weekend of running!! Something I like to do every year is a big run across my town with some of my ultrarunning friends! That’s right, it’s not a race- no medals or special recognition or anything. But just a fun way to end the new year with some major miles and with a BANG! So today I will tell you how it all went down. Hopefully if you’re local you can join us on the next one!

So this is the third year in a row that I’ve done the Dallas to ‘Cowtown’ run. For those of you unaware, Cowtown is slang talk for Ft. Worth – which is the other big bustling city near Dallas. 30+ miles outside of Dallas to be exact. Ft. Worth is very “cowboy” esque– they have rodeos, they have people that like to ride horses on the side of the road, they have all of the things a TRUE Texas city should have. It is a little different from your ritzy Dallas and it definitely has its own charm. So, one of the coordinators for this race (who is an ultra runner like myself) will post this run on Facebook every year and anyone who is everyone can join in.

Typically, the distance is 33 miles long, and we run near/along the local train rail system. So, you can opt to do the entire distance- or shorten it a bit and hop right back on the rail and head to your car. We all parked at Denny’s in Dallas this year and made the trek WEST towards Cowtown.

Since I just finished Brazos Bend 100 a few short weeks ago, I knew for a fact that this would be a FUN RUN. No worries about pace, and I knew since it wasn’t a race I could stop whenever I wanted. But I did want to do the entire distance and wanted to see how my legs would hold up. This year we had a lot of takers that wanted to do the whole shebang. I love it when the FUN runners show up for stuff like this because it really makes the experience memorable.

I arrived in just enough time for the briefing, then we took pic and we were off. I stayed pretty conservative pace wise with something I could hold onto forever without crashing, which was in the high 9s/low 10s range. The sunrise over Dallas was lovely with some nice cloud cover.

We made a couple of pit stops early on, for water/gatorade and there were lots of gas stations on the route which was perfect. Temps stayed pretty chilly in the morning and then the sun came out to play a few hours in. At around mile 20 or so, my legs started talking to me so I grabbed some pickles from 7-eleven which turned out to be a God send. The salt really got rid of the calves cramping which was great.

Along the route, we pass through a few cities doing an uphill climb, then it’s a little bit of downhill and another big uphill into Ft. Worth and downtown Ft. Worth. I also love running along the Trinity Trails, which were included in our route. We found a great mural in this area and of course I had to grab a pic.

Once we arrived to our destination there was a pub that said they would allow us to crash and have a little post run party. I finished with the distance and added a bit to get 33.3 miles because why not? The point 3 was for the 3rd year that I’ve done this run. Good times indeed and met a lot of super fun people who like running and chatting and listening to jams along the run just as much as I do.

I think next time we run in that direction I may park my car out in Ft. Worth so I have my vehicle to drive home. Hopping on the train was nice for my legs though because I got to stretch out and play on Facebook. But yes, fun!! Join us next time if you dare. Run a little bit of it or run the whole thing. Great way to end 2018 with a bang. And, I got to see two great city skylines. Hey, Ft. Worth!

And when it was all said and done, I ended 2018 with a crap TON of miles! 2018 miles- 3,793. Holy cannoli.

Happy New Year and cheers to getting out there and busting out some more miles and making more memories!

How was your New Year’s Eve? Did you do anything special?
Ran 33.3 miles and then danced the night away. After a massive nap, of course.

My Year of Running 2018.

Oh yes, you are getting not one but TWO posts from me in a day!! So I figured we would do a quick recap of a fabulous running year since I always like to do these posts. It’s always great to take a look back and see all of the fun racing, running and training experiences! So herrrre we go…

Best race experience?
Oh wow, that is a tough one. But I am going to have to say my most recent one, which was my PR at the Brazos Bend 100 miler. My 2nd 100 mile trail race to date! I fought super hard dealing with such a muddy, tough terrain and I was just really in the GAME mentally and physically. I definitely plan on going back to this race soon and hopefully when the trail is dry to run a killer fast time. Yes, it is fun being a ultrarunner unicorn.

Best run?
I would have to say my most favorite run would be any of the runs I did in the summer with my running group! This was my first year to do the “Run My Hood” series with my club, the White Rock Running Co-Op. I have to say out of all of the running clubs I’ve been involved in, this one is my absolute favorite. Simply because we all work hard AND like to have a good time! The best of both worlds. Anyway, for RMH we did a route in a running buddy’s neighborhood, then that said running buddy would usually host a post run brunch/pool party in their backyard. And yes we basically did this EVERY Saturday in the summer. It was SO much fun! I can’t wait to do it all again in 2019.

Best new piece of running swag?
Probably my BCG hydration pack I bought from Academy. It is just so functional and comfortable to wear. I’ve worn it during a FEW ultras (including my 100 miler) and it just worked out so well. I definitely recommend it especially if you run trails!

Best piece of running advice you’ve received?
This. Actually I just LOVE all of John Muir’s quotes. It sums up very much how I feel about running and what makes me happy about this sport.

Most inspirational runner?
I have to say any badass woman that runs ultras and absolutely crushes it is my ultimate inspiration. I’ve been listening to the Ultrarunner Podcast and think Ailsa MacDonald is a beast. She WON her first 100 miler, at Sinister 7. And, she actually kills it in road races too!
Plus she’s jacked and from what I see on her IG is a wine lover (like myself) check out the podcast here.

If you could sum up your year of running in a few words, what would they be?
Wide Open

How was your year of running? Answer any or all of the questions!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey hey hey hope you had a great holiday! My Christmas was absolutely wonderful and restful. I’m actually back to work just for today (!) so I’m super thrilled to have YET ANOTHER super long weekend ahead.

But first I thought I’d deliver some (running and non running related) rants/raves/confessions. Let’s catch up. Grab a cup of java and let’s get to it.

I have to say this was one of the most relaxing Christmas holidays I’ve had in quite a while. I did nothing but run, relax, and eat GUMBO. Yes, my mama’s got some Creole in her and thinks she is the gumbo guru. So we have it every holiday season. All of the shrimps for the win.

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Danity Kane. I know, I have no idea why. I get on these kicks with random music and then I listen to it on repeat until I’m tired of it. Showstopper was my jam. Maybe I’ll throw it on my spin playlist for tonight’s class.

I’m planning on doing my annual Dallas to Ft. Worth run on New Year’s Eve! Some of you remember I’ve done this in year’s past. We should have more of a fun crowd for it this year so I am super looking forward to some big miles to wrap up 2018.

I was at my mama’s for the last few days so when I got home yesterday can I just say how EXCITED I was to clean my apartment…I was having some company over so it had to be spotless. Some days I get into these moods where I just want to clean everything and light all of my smell good candles. I need to actually have company over more often so I will be forced to clean my place.

Actually, I think I’m going to make DINNER PARTIES a thing in 2019. Just invite some of my random favorites over and make them a meal. Bring the wine and we will have good convo and go to town.

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? I actually don’t really make them but for some reason I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a year of CHANGE for me in a major way. Adjustments are going to occur. I love it.

I feel bad because I haven’t been sharing my Weekly Running Reports with y’all! I promise I have been running. I haven’t been too much of a slacker since my 100 miler. In fact I ran just over 65 miles last week! Feels good to have some solid weekly miles again.

And there you have it!

How was your Christmas? Any fun plans for New Year’s Eve??

TGIFriday Faves.

Hello and happy Friday to ya! Is it just me or is this week prior to the holiday been super lonnnnng?! Oh well, the holiday weekend is HERE and I could not be happier for the next several days off! Family time, friend time, lots of free RUN time! Let’s get it.

Without further ado let’s get to this week’s Friday faves!

24 slow cooker recipes under 300 calories. Lots of tasty finds on here!! I’ve actually never done eggs in the slow cooker before. This may have to be something I explore over the weekend.

All of the running under the Christmas lights this week. I went to a social run Weds night and we ran by the “house of a thousand Santas”?! Yeah. Kinda cool, kinda creepy.

There is a  UNICORN dessert bar in Dallas now open! I’m extremely intrigued. I’m going to have to venture over to Deep Ellum this weekend to see what it is all about.

The Dallas Jingle Bell run last night! Official results here. I think I did better than I thought I would do, considering I just ran a 100 miler 2 weeks AGO. And considering I did not care about doing well at this race AT ALL. Ha. Anyway, good times were had.

And there you have it! Have a marvelous holiday.

What are you up to this Christmas holiday? Any traveling!?
Staycationing it for me spending time with loved ones.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello…it is the Christmas edition of RANDOM THOUGHTS Thursday! This is the day I share my random rants, raves and confessions with you.

Side note. Every time I think of the word “thoughts” I always want to spell it another way.

If you didn’t get the joke, then you just didn’t get it…ha.

Anyway…let’s get to the randomness this week!

If you missed my Weds Spin Playlist this week you may want to grab it for your holiday workouts. It is festive and there are a lot of high energy Christmas tracks on there. Love it.

SOMEONE PLEASE send help. We are in decadent foods overdrive at work this week. I normally stay far away from the breakroom but a coworker makes these from scratch for us, every year. I had one of each. And now I am DONE.

I guess I can say it is fueling the 10+ miles of running I am doing today.

Yep…today is a double run day and I am running the Jingle Bell Run 5k tonight!! I already ran this morning with my run club so it should just be a fun run. I didn’t do this race last year so now I am kind of looking forward to it.

It does seem like this time of year people are MUCH nicer. I’ve encountered a lot of nice people this week for some reason.

Even though people are nicer, I feel like my road rage is even worse right now because everyone is out shopping right after work and it is so much traffic everywhere. I think I’ve been like 5 minutes late to everything this week.

AND…that is why I like morning workouts. Even though I still workout at night. But you know, because I get paid to do it and stuff. Teaching the spin class and such.

Also…the sauna is my HAPPY PLACE right now. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in a hot sauna after being outside in the cold. Heaven.

What festive things are you doing this week? Anything random to tell the group?

Jolly Jingle Ride- Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! I’ve got a festive holiday spin cycle playlist that I know you will enjoy.

And be sure to check me out on Spotify (thedancingrunner) and see where I’ll be teaching classes next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ‘Jolly Jingle Ride’!


Santa Tell Me- Ariana Grande: Warm up
Jingle Bells- Wubbaduck: Accelerations
Sleigh Ride- Tamar Braxton: Rolling hills
What Christmas Means to Me- John Legend, Stevie Wonder: Seated/standing run
Winter Wonderland- Pentatonix, Tori Kelly: Jumps
What You Want for Christmas- Quad City DJs: Tapbacks
Tropical Holiday- LIZ, Hoodboi: Sprints
Kiss to Kiss- The Swiss, Amtrac: Tapbacks
Count on Christmas- Bebe Rexha: Hill climb
Run Run Rudolph- Frankie Ballard: Accelerations
Winter Wonderland- Earth, Wind, & Fire: Active recovery
Carnival (Xmas Edition)- 4B: Hill climb
My Only Wish- Britney Spears: Jumps on a hill
Oh Santa!- Mariah Carey: Sprints
Little Drummer Girl- Alicia Keys: Cool down

Any festive things you are looking forward to this week?
Jingle Bell Run 5k this Thursday. I can’t tell you the last time this ultrarunner has done a 5k. HA.

Run Humor Tuesday.

You know some days we all need to laugh, am I right? Lately I’ve been obsessed with memes – they seriously always brighten my day! With all of the holiday hustle and bustle some of us can get stressed out and get TOO serious- so I figured this would be a good day for this. Plus, there’s always something to laugh about when it comes to any and all things running…

When the hills are alive…

I think I’ve posted this one before, but still hilarious. I’ve thought every one of those thoughts before.

Because port-a-potties are classy.

This except I’m crazy AND I like to run. Perfect combination for success.

THIS. Need.

Women who like carbs are hot.

I’m a fan of the humblebrag.

and finally, me…on the trail at mile 65 of a 100 mile ULTRA.

Share some run HUMOR with the group!!