Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hello and welcome to the randomness that is random thoughts Thursday! I have a few rants and raves for you this week. Let’s jump in.

Training for this marathon (and ultra) is actually going pretty well. I’ve been doing track work and hills and all of the stuff a good runner is supposed to do. I actually cannot believe we are in July already though!! I have my eye on a couple of summer HOT races to kind of rev up my racing engine to get it ready. One of them is the Hell’s Acre 25k and the other is the Habanero 30k. Not sure which one to pick!! I do think I will have more fun at Habanero and that one is a trail race. So I would get to party with my trail fam. Decisions, decisions…

I am craving Korean food again…I think I may have to have bibimbap for the 2nd time this week. Someone teach me how to successfully make this dish? Or perhaps I should just follow this recipe. Yum yum yum.

I think it is cruel for everyone to have to go back to work the day after partying on the 4th of July? Seriously why can’t today and Friday be considered holidays as well. I get it, that would just make too much sense.

More run talk…so I found out not too long ago that they CANCELED the Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon?! At least I got to run it one last time after running it basically every year since it started. I mean, I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming but it truly made me real sad to hear this news. You should have seen the expo this year, talk about bare bones with barely any good merchandise to purchase. It really was different from the other years. Now I don’t have a legit half marathon to run as speedwork in the springtime so I have to go find another one. Talk about #firstworldproblems. I really did enjoy this run though. RnR Dallas you have been so good to me over the years. I’ll never forget you.

This legitimately made me laugh this morning when I saw it on IG. And the comments made me laugh even harder. So which one do YOU say? I call it “poor people food”. OK I’m not going to lie I will partake if I’m waiting on payday. Skip the salt packet and add some veggies and your own spices and you have yourself a gourmet meal. Don’t hate.

What’s on your mind today?

Mystery Blogger Award.

Okay, y’all…(and yes I said y’all – I’m a Texan! Get used to it) it has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve done one of these survey type of posts. You know, the ones back in the day we used to do all the time? Blogger awards. Yes, love ‘em! Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers right now, Charlene, nominated me for the “mystery blogger award”! Thanks lady!!! So those of you that are new here, it will give us an opportunity to get to know one another, a little better! So…let’s get right to the questions! And I have a few folks that I would like to get to know better and nominate! So keep on reading…

Here are the rules…

-Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog
-Tell your readers three things about yourself
-Nominate bloggers you feel deserve the award
-Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
-Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny one
-Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Let’s go! Here are three things about myself that I’d like to tell you today, in random order.

I can be a little OCD, about very random things. Like for instance, when it comes to running + my weekly mileage. I am a NUMBERS JUNKIE. I love going slightly over the mile marker when I run. Also, I hate when something ends on .99 or “9 miles” because I feel like the run is incomplete. I mean, you ran 9 miles but come on. 1 more mile and you hit triple digits!? Hey, it’s the little things.

As far as food goes- most of the time I prefer savory things over sweet. My favorite brunch items are always BAE (bacon and eggs) over french toast or pancakes. I am also obsessed with all things eggs benedict.

I always have to have my nails done. Call me a girlie girl if you want. Usually the day before I run the Hachie 50 miler (an ultra race I’ve done for the last 3 years) I HAVE to get my nails done. Priorities, right? It is like a tradition. Call it a good luck charm if you will.

Now to the five questions Charlene has asked me…

How long did you think about starting a blog before you did it? Wow, good question. I started blogging some years ago…mostly because I felt like a had a LOT to say, and growing up as an only child sometimes I find that I’m always in my own head about stuff. So I constantly feel the need to just LET IT OUT. Whether it is about running or just life issues, I feel like blogging is my own personal corner of the world where I can share with mostly complete strangers but I’m always surprised when people I actually know in real life care enough to read my blog. It’s quite fun.

-What’s your main motivation for blogging your way though life? Mostly since this is a running blog, I enjoy being able to chronicle my races and training from week to week. For me it’s also great to be able to look back and see what worked and what really didn’t. I also like reading other’s blogs and the blogging community in general. Everyone has so much goodness to share and I really enjoy seeing what is on the mind of other people. Be it in training for an endurance event or just day to day life.

-What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten? WOW – I mean I am a foodie and a Yelper. I’ve eaten so many delicious things in my lifetime. I would have to say right now the best thing I’ve eaten and could eat over and over again is Korean food. The dish I am LOVING right now is bibimbap. I am actually kind of sad that I’m just now discovering how much I enjoy this dish! It has ALL of the things I love the most. Including rice and eggs and veggies and yummy Korean spices. For the win.

-What’s the one thing you need to accomplish in 2018 for this year to feel like a success? Probably knock out my next 100 mile race. And to PR in that distance. Running 100 miles was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. And for some reason I want to do it again. Sadistic, I know.

-What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever bought? Again…so many things in this category. HA. At the time I will say a pair of fall boots I bought on Amazon knowing that they were too small in size but I wanted them SO BADLY. And they were half a size too small but I thought perhaps I could squish my feet in them anyway…dumb dumb dumb. LOL.

Alright. That was fun! Here are the folks I’m nominating next! Do the survey or just answer the questions below. I won’t judge.

Kwame ~ Run There, Drink That
Tara ~ Tara Runs the World
Charlotte ~ Journey of a Tigress

Here are my questions for my nominees!

-What is your proudest moment in your life thus far?
-If you had to post one more picture on social media and then never post again for the rest of your life, what would it be a picture of?
-What is your favorite summer beverage (alcoholic or non alcoholic) besides water?
-How long have you been blogging?
-What is the best blog post that you’ve ever posted?

Everyone else! Tell me something random about your day today? Or just answer whatever questions on this page you want. Even if I didn’t nominate you. i’m easy.

Weekly Running Report.

HAPPY JULY! I am baaaaack y’all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was long and luxurious!! And much needed.

I also got my miles in during my vacation/staycation! Big shocker there. Are any of you surprised?

Oh how I miss Heather Dubrow. She was my favorite Beverly Hills housewife.

So let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday AM- 6.05 miles with my running buddy Kev. Gotta love running friends that just love to run with you at odd times of the morning. This heat has been no joke so I am loving the early morning breeze before that sun comes out blazin. We’ve had nonstop triple digit temps so I’ll take any bit of breeze I can get at this point.

Monday PM- 4.12 miles in the evening…watching the sunset after the gym.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles of hills, back with the run club. Actually I was kind of dreading all of those hills post Stars Above Run but I got through it.

Tuesday PM- 3.22 miles at lunchtime…before it got way too hot.

Wednesday- 10.07 miles before hitting up the pool on my day off. Felt good to get it in.

Thursday- Another day off from work…loving my staycation. 6.03 miles at lunch. WAY TOO HOT. I am pretty sure it was above 90 degrees by noon time. Lots of ice cold beverages were consumed on this day.

Friday- Run streak week! I got up early with Kevin again and he did a few miles with me then I finished up on my own. 10.32 miles done. I kind of wish I had every Friday off. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

Saturday AM- 16.16 mile long run with WRRC. Hot and humid. Loving these blooms at the end of my route.

Saturday PM- Just hitting some numbers before the end of the month! 4.12 miles dunski. I think I’m going to start back up with these summer night runs on weekends. I kind of love it.

Sunday- 7.23 miles enjoying some peace and quiet. Had some marvelous brunch afterwards with mama. Everything is better with mimosas.

Plus I was able to get in a total of 324 miles in the month of June. Stella’s got her groove back, baby.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you partake in any delicious brunch or mimosas? Tell me about it!

We went to this place called Tupelo Honey and had chicken, greens, mac n cheese. Heaven.

Random Thoughts Tuesday.

Soo HEYYY!! I have declared this day to be RANDOM THOUGHTS Tuesday simply because I am off the J-O-B for the rest of the week (hello staycation- how u doin’) so I thought today would be a great day to spill what’s currently on my mind as of late. Usually that has to do with nothing more than frivolous matters…and of course, running. So…let’s get to it shall we?

Nothing else is getting me though this short work week other than rocking out to my music while working…and getting my miles in. I’m actually still kinda stiff from the Stars Above Run but I am loosening up quickly thanks to teaching classes at the gym and getting the body moving. Motion is lotion, baby.

-I actually thought briefly about taking a road trip to Austin since I have some significant time off but…I feel like a staycation is like way overdue? I just want to be at the pool, relax, clean my apartment…be selfish in all of my pursuits. Ya know?? The idea of this feels absolutely amazing. Plus I just went to Houston a week ago (4 hour drive, I guess that is like driving to another state for some of y’all up north! Ha) and road trips kinda wear me out.

Beach…or pool. Whatevs.

Lately I’ve been loving nothing but eggs. I don’t know why – I think sometimes I truly crave savory breakfasts. And protein. I’m getting away from the sweet stuff. I am sweet enough. Plus, have you guys tried the chicken chorizo egg bites from Starbucks?! Heaven.

People on Strava are doing the most lately. I feel like some people are so serious about it like they are playing a video game or something!? It is simply a training log to me. Y’all are really doing too much with the comments and etc. I also feel like Strava can be a double edged sword, you know? I mean seriously most of us are not Olympians (although sometimes I feel like I am one inside of my head) Anyways, do you. Who cares what everyone else is doing. Some days you are at the top of your chosen leaderboard (?) and others you are not. Do you and forget the rest. End of story.

It is really too hot outside here in Texas to be playing around. Drink your water, people. I got done with that run on Sunday and felt like I was going to die and I swore I had drank enough water. Then I tried to celebrate by having an adult beverage and by body was like NO NO NO. So…stay hydrated, my friends. It’s not a game. Especially when it’s 100 degrees.

I have been loving my weekend long runs (in the heat) with friends lately. I mean running and then pool time immediately after is like my dream come true. I think we are having too much fun. I love these folks forever.

Well that’s it for this week, y’all! Be good or be good at it.

What are some of your RANDOM thoughts today?

Stars Above Ultra Loop – Race Recap.

So it’s time for another race recap! And this race was indeed a special one for me. I love doing races with my trail family, the Dallas Dirt Runners, because the community is so warm and welcoming. No matter your pace, age, gender, race, or wherever you’re at in your running journey…they make you immediately feel like you are a part of their awesome tribe. I have done many races with them over the last couple of years (including my very first 100 miler last year!) and it is always an incredible experience.

This run/race was super cool because it just so happened to take place on my friend Mike’s ranch out in the country! I’ve actually been wanting to do this run for quite some time now. This is the 3rd year they’ve put on the race, and I’ve read about how awesome it was in Ultrarunner Magazine. So this year, I knew I needed to jump at the opportunity. Not only was this run FREE (it capped out at a small-ish number of runners) but it offered different distances to take part in. You could choose to run the loop for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours OR LMS (Last Man Standing). That’s right…you literally run out there until you could run no more!! Crazy, right?! Well I knew because I am working on ramping up for the Brazos Bend 100 at the end of the year (as well as a marathon in the fall) that I needed the time on my feet. So, I chose the 6 hour run.

We made our way out there on Sunday morning for the early start. They had a few folks out there camping the night before (and running a beer mile, as the owner of the property, Mike, works for a local brewery) but we chose to do the quick trip the morning of. About an hour and some change later we were out in the sticks. Kind of in the middle of nowhere! But it was absolutely beautiful.

That is what I love the most about trail running in Texas – it allows you to discover some hidden gems so to speak that you didn’t know really existed. The course was mostly paved, with a few major climbs and then a loop that was all trail with a few rocks and roots. We did loops and then the aid station was back at the beginning. They were grilling up burgers, had tons of snacks and even kegs of beer if you wanted to partake during (!) or after the run. I saved my beverage for after, simply because it got so incredibly hot out there and I really was working on not being dehydrated or overheating.

Early morning we had a nice breeze and some cloud cover but that gave way to the BLAZING sun. Temps soared towards 100 degrees after lunchtime and it was just so brutal. You saw people literally slugging it out and walking up the climbs. I tried to preserve some energy in the beginning because I knew it was going to get super hot and also because I wanted to run and finish in 6 hours. I got about 10 loops in total then added on a bit to hit the 6 hour mark. Success! This race wasn’t really timed per se…no chip timers, no bibs…but it was based on kind of the honor system and you reporting how many loops you got in. So…with all of the hiking, running, trying not to die in the heat I managed to get in 27.36 miles total in the 6 hour duration. Tough day! But I felt good about getting in just over a marathon in those brutal conditions.

After the run we hit up a winery that we spotted on the way into the country called Pemberton Cellars! It was fun stopping in and trying their vino. And perfect way to end a fun day of running in the sunshine.

I am hoping Mike and his crew put this race on again next year! I really had an amazing time. It was so great getting to see all of my friends all throughout the run too and everyone was so encouraging! High fivin’ and just having fun with it.

Community…that is a huge part of what this journey of running is all about. A supportive community of people that looks out for one another and wants the best for each other. I am so thankful for this community and for the gift of running. It has truly impacted my life in so many ways.

What do you love about the running community? Do you have a trail tribe that you enjoy running with?

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I’m here to recap some miles from last week!! I was happy to get in 80.8 miles – the most weekly mileage I’ve done in quite some time! This also included a race/run at the ranch on Sunday!! Let’s review and see how it all went down.

Monday- I taught a spin class Monday so I did a quick run after to cool it on down. Just getting the legs moving again after a weekend of back to back running. 4.25 miles done.

Tuesday AM- 10.13 miles with the *Rebel Runners* in the a.m. (yes we actually call ourselves that) I did a few 800s with them on the track and then the rest of this run on my own. Good stuff. It was crazy humid that day also a drizzled a bit. Felt like Florida kind of humidity! Sheesh.

Tuesday PM- 3.32 miles winding down from the busy work day. Sunset watching.

Wednesday AM- 7.03 miles back with the early morning crew. I tell ya I don’t know what I’d do without early run friends in the summer. Talk about motivation to get my hiney out of bed. I just love it.

Wednesday PM- Another social run with WRRC. We got a great view of the city on this quick out and back run. I got just over 4 more miles in on double run day.

Thursday AM- 7.32 miles on “Tempo Thursday” except my legs were toast so this was definitely an easier run. I was having to ease up a bit in order to get ready for another weekend of lots of running.

Thursday PM- 4.15 miles at lunch. Just hitting some numbers before rest day.

Friday- REST DAY. Oh glorious rest day my legs do love you so. And I got a massage on this day which was absolutely glorious.

Saturday- 13.3 miles with WRRC. Followed by a fabulous brunch by the pool. Yum yum and more yum.

Sunday- Running on the ranch!! This was the Stars Above Ranch run with the Dallas Dirt Runners. I chose to run the 6 hour loop. On a triple digit day in June in Texas. Torture myself much?!?! When it was all said and done I got in 27.36 miles And thousands of feet of climbing. Yep. Legs are very much done today. But it’s done. And I’ve got a KILLER tan like no other.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to anything this week?
3 straight days off from work “staycation” with lots of pool time and fun involved. SOOO today is technically my Thursday! Hollaaaa holla.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey, hello and happy Friday to ya! Hope you have a fun weekend in store. I’ve got lots of running, fun friend time and sun time on the agenda!!

Anyone know what the above dance is called? I thought it was just the shuffle dance but apparently that is not it?? You know I’m not WITH IT like the kids are these days.

Let’s get to my favorite things from this week!

Can training for a marathon make half marathons easier? Good stuff and yes I definitely think so…actually it’s funny because the same is true about running ultras and then going back to run 26.2. It definitely makes it feel like a short jaunt, so to speak. Funny how that happens.

-Party in the back…loving lightweight tops like this one. I’ve been finding all of the good stuff on Pinterest.

Breaking news…athletes love to EAT. Hahaha thanks Strava.

-Posting my favorite pic on IG on summer solstice & #nationalselfieday (yes it’s a thing)…did you participate? This was actually the night after I ran a marathon a while back. I’ve got that 26.2 glow.

Have a great Friday!!

What’s on tap for your weekend? Anyone going on vacation soon?! Or staycation like me. Ha.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy Thursday to ya!! It is a day where I share some randomness with you all. Sometimes it has to do with running- and other times it absolutely does not…SO, let’s get to it…shall we?

UM so it is the FIRST day of summer, apparently. But why is this such an anti-climactic day…well probably because down here in Texas it has felt like the first day of summer for the last few months.

The new group I run with during the week (I kid you not I am in like three running clubs right now, haha love it) is always running and they want to run together everyday pretty much. It’s like dang I love y’all but I am going into social fun friend time overload? I am an only child you guys!! I need my solo run time too. So I need to figure out when my solo run days will be. Mondays and/or Fridays are always good days for that.

Can we say I’m actually ready for FALL to get here?? State fair, fall scarves and boots, cooler non death like weather…and dare I say it. Pumpkin spice everything?? I’m serious y’all can we get straight to it? I simply cannot wait. Here for all of it.

In other news I do love me some pool time so that is one thing that is winning about summer. I took THREE straight days off next week and I will be at the pool 99.9 percent of that time. It is not a game you guys.

PET PEEVE of the week (Yes I am making this a thing)- Social media friends that either like something from 800 years ago on your feed, when you just posted something new…OR will like a whole crap ton of things ALL AT ONCE. I know…pretty PETTY right…but just funny/annoying to me. End rant.

I am feeling like a hairstyle change is coming again soon…and just change in general really. First it was curls, then I wanted straight. Now I am thinking about color again. Remember when my hair was sangria colored? Perhaps we will do that. Or DARE I say braids of some sort. I get tired of the braids look real fast though. Braids I feel like can be so 1997. We will see…I may have to experiment in the coming week.

Apparently it is also national selfie day. So get to snappin’. I want to see all of yall’s mugs on IG today.

Tell me some of your random thoughts/pet peeves this week?!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Oh yes we’re back with the Wednesday spin cycle playlist!! There are lots of new tracks and throwbacks for you to enjoy today. Are we friends on Spotify yet?! If not we should be!!! You can find me here. I use all of my playlists there for both running and gym workouts.

Also check out where I’ll be teaching spin class next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ride!!

Jackie Chan- Tiesto, Dzeko, Preme, Post Malone: Warm up
Pretty Brown Eyes (Jersey Club)- DJ Smallz, Kyle Edwards: Accelerations
2 Reasons- Trey Songz, T.I.: Hill climb
Sweet Memories- CID: Tapbacks
Dey Know- Shawty Lo: Seated/standing run
Rinse & Repeat- Riton, Kah-Lo: Sprints
Funk You- Tujamo, La Fuente: Active recovery
Follow the Leader- Wisin & Yandel, Jennifer Lopez: Rolling hills
Hard- Rihanna: Jumps on a hill
0 to 100- Drake: Hill climb
Krishna- Dropgun: Accelerations
Now and Later (Henry Fong Remix)- Sage the Gemini: Rolling hills
Turn Left- Snavs: Accelerations
She Bad- Cardi B, YG: Hill climb
The Party- Joe Stone, Montell Jordan: Jumps
Fun- Kaskade: Sprints
Good Vibes- Josh Heinrichs: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

How to be a HYBRID (Trail and Road) Runner.

As someone who’s been running marathons/ultras for almost 9 years, I love bouncing around and mingling with different clubs and social run groups. It keeps running exciting for me, and I never get bored of the same ol’ same. Running is a journey and one that has truly brought so much joy and happiness to my life. Another part of it is being able to switch up the surfaces that I run on from time to time! So for those of you road racers (or trail hippies) that want to be able to easily bounce between both, here are a few ways you can be a HYBIRD runner and really enjoy both pavement and trail.

I hear a ton of road runners say they don’t like trails – because they feel that they are too clumsy. Well to that, I say it is very simple. Ease up on the speed when it comes to trail running. Do you want me to tell you a secret? I too used to not like trails, when I first started really getting good at running on roads. I was used to being the fastest in my run groups, I was used to winning all the age group wins in all of my 5k/10k races that I ran. But when it came to trail, my EGO took a little bit of a beat down. It was only until I let go of being so pace driven on trails, that I really started loving it. I know, it is easier said than done, it just takes time.

Think of trail running as your RECOVERY/easy runs. Every runner needs recovery pace miles. Not only will this make you a stronger runner in the long run (pun intended) but it will lessen your likelihood of injury if you learn to mix it up when it comes to stuff like this. My favorite thing honestly is to do a long run on Saturdays and then run nice and easy on the trails on Sundays. Try it, you just may love it.

Trail runners –work on the shorter/faster stuff when it comes to pounding the pavement. Work on your speed on the roads! Now, it is interesting because on the flip side of the coin, I run with a trail club. And a LOT of them hate roads! Mostly because they like the challenge and agility training on the trails – they like to CLIMB steep climbs/mountains…they like elevation changes, they like rocks and roots and all of the stuff that makes trail running “hard” to road racers. So, trail runnners- find a short local race where you can push the pace. Or, hit up the track with friends during the work week! You may find that working on your speed will make you faster on the dirt, too.

Regardless of what surface you run on…it’s always more FUN with people! That’s what makes the running community so awesome. If you’re looking for a trail run group in your area (or a road one) I recommend doing a search on meetup.com or even Facebook! Also, local running stores have road groups that do trail runs from time to time. Change it up, step outside of your comfort zone, and you may find that you just may like it.

Are you a HYBRID runner? Trail runners…tell us what you LOVE about the trails? (I have a lot of roadies who read my blog so let’s get them moving over to the dark side…haha)