Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! First Monday of 2020. Hope your year is off to a great start! Let’s recap some miles from last week!! I did my big run across DFW which got me some big weekly miles! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.33 miles on my day off enjoying the sunshine! We’ve had some great days for running in the last week with chilly temps in the AM and sunshine! I’ve also been loving having a bit of an off season with my runs. I do have another ULTRA coming up so I’ve been working to keep the body strong but this was a good run for sure.

Tuesday- My 34.31 mile Cowtown to Dallas run! The recap is here if you are catching up. I really enjoyed this run and meeting new folks along the way. Legs were really feeling it after but I absolutely look forward to doing this one every year and seeing what my body is capable of.

Wednesday- Serious recovery miles. My body really was not feeling it but hey motion is lotion, baby! 3.03 miles done.

Thursday- The rest of the runs for the week were all mostly recovery/maintenance after Tuesday’s miles. The body did start feeling better though towards the end of the week. I was mostly just tired and wanted to get a TON of sleep which was lovely. 3.22 mile run Thursday after teaching my first spin class of the year.

Friday- 4.21 lunch miles. Picked up the pace a little towards the end. Weather was pure perfection.

Saturday- 12.02 miles on Saturday with the run club! It felt good to get back to doing some double digit miles for sure.

Sunday- REST DAY. Sushi Sunday vibes for the win.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Did you do any races or runs on New Year’s Eve?!

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Another weekend is upon us again – hooray for that! Hopefully you have some weekend fun planned. I definitely am looking forward to doing some more 2020 celebrating with running and fun times with friends!

Let’s get straight to this week’s faves!

5 goal setting tips that will transcend the new year. Find your WHY. All about that.

Turkey taco stuffed peppers! I used to make these all the time. Loving this take on a great recipe.

60 lunch ideas for 2020. Trying to get more creative with the meal prepping. These definitely fit the bill.

-Celebrating NYE with these lovely friends. YES. After my 34 mile run. (plus a shower and massive nap ha) Crazy fun.

-Plus a little funny for your Friday.

Have a great weekend! Be good or be good at it.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Cowtown to Dallas 34 Mile Run Recap.

Happy 2020 to ya! Hope you are entering the new year with enthusiasm, bliss and love. I’m here to recap my CRAZY run across town with some of my faves!! So this ‘rouge’ run of sorts is one that I’ve done 4 years in a row with my DFW ultra running community. We all love to run long and free so we’ve decided to keep this run going from year to year! I’m thankful for the folks who have done a phenomenal job organizing this trek across DFW. If you have been keeping up, last year we ran from Dallas to Cowtown for a total of 33 miles! THIS year, we switched things around and ran from Cowtown to Dallas. And yes, the term ‘cowtown’ is slang talk for Ft. Worth. The total distance this year ended up being a little over 34 miles! Some of the group thought it would be cool to end the run at a brewery so we tacked on that extra mile. Sheer genius.

We started the run bright and early in Ft. Worth and were off making the trek through downtown and into the busy streets. This is definitely a ‘run at your own risk’ type of run situation, as we are not running on blocked off streets like you would normally be doing if you were racing. So we had a lot folks honking at us and wondering what these crazies were doing in the streets. But thankfully runners look out for one another so we practiced the rules of the road and such! The route also went through a few parks and it was a beautiful morning to run. Temps started out pretty chilly at 30 something degrees and quickly soared well into the 50s. Actually I got a little sunburned since the sun came out in full force! The route also got pretty hilly as we entered the ‘mid-cities’ (Hurst, Euless, Bedford) and then on into Irving. I always enjoy running through Irving since it is where I live. It kind of feels like I’m running home for a bit.

After we go though Irving we do a bit of a downhill on into the Dallas area and back into some busy streets. The long stretch of busy road then winds around to a running/bike path which took us to where all of the breweries were at. Then BOOM! We end up at Peticolas for a total of 34 freaking miles. Crazy town. But the most PERFECT way to end the run at a place known for its wonderful brews. My fave there – the ‘Sit Down Or I’ll Sit You Down’ IPA.

Overall I went into this run not quite sure of my ability to finish although I’ve successfully completed it in past years. My love for running lately has not been all the way there. Mostly because of personal life stuff and just dealing with things (and trying to fix things) outside of my control. 2019 was a tough, rough year for me in that way. I think I’ll always have a fire in my soul for running though. And you know what, sometimes that fire doesn’t burn so brightly. But some days all you need to do is ignite that fire. Or re-light the match. And then you’ll find that fire where it always was.

I will say, I’m ready for change in 2020. I’m sensing now more than ever before that things are going to shift for me in this new decade. And guess what? I’m oh so ready for it.

Cheers and happy 2020 to all.

2019 miles. 3,342. Yep! It all counts.

How was your weekend? Did you do any 2020 celebrating?
Yep, big run and big NYE party plus New Year’s Day brunch with some freaking great people.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Back to the after Christmas grind for me! At least for today. I have to work today but definitely looking forward to another long weekend!! This morning’s RUNrise was quite lovely. Nice, breezy and plenty of cloud cover.
Yesterday I did the Christmas Day run with my run club. We ran and then had some treats and eats (and mimosas) and all was well in the world. Such a fun event! Glad I got away for a bit and went.

Plus Christmas dinner with fam. Chopped steak, mashed potatoes, veggies, sausage. Incredible.

My fave southern cafeteria was open on Christmas and that’s where we went for dinner. Hey, cafeteria food sometimes is all you need! Southern comfort at its finest. All about it.
Mama and I are suckers for selfies.

What are you doing for NYE? Well of course I have a ultra run planned but I still am debating on a few evening things. That’s if I can even move after my annual big run across DFW. Regardless should be a fun day with some fun peeps. Cheers to that.

Share your random thoughts with me today! What did you have for Christmas dinner?

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and Merry Christmas *EVE* eve! Hope you got all of your holiday shopping done. I’m here with some weekly miles and smiles from last week. Let’s get into it!

Monday- 5.31 miles at lunch time. I had a bit of a long weekend last week so Monday I ran in the sunshine. Quite lovely.

Tuesday- 6.31 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Loved rocking and rolling with my spin peeps and then running after. Great two a day type of day.

Wednesday- 5.12 miles. Had to get this one in early before a 7 AM dentist appointment! So that was a nice productive morning. Legs also felt stronger last week after scaling the miles back a little.

Thursday AM- 5.11 miles with the most stunning sunrise. I did a lot of solo runs last week which was much needed. Had a lot of brain movies in my head I needed to watch.

Thursday PM- 3.33 mile progression run after the gym. Actually since the gym is kind of in a sketchy area this motivated me to run even FASTER. Ha.

Friday AM- 5.31 nice and easy miles before the Jingle Bell Run that night. I wanted to get some more double run days in to see how the body would feel.

Friday PM- Jingle Bell Run FUN!! Although I signed up for the untimed version of this race I decided to race against myself. And honestly- I haven’t felt that good on a run in a while!!! Running faster definitely gave me a boost and ignited a fire in me especially after just recently finishing my 100k Ultra. I really loved the shorter faster miles! Definitely more to come.

Saturday- Had a teach a spin class (last one of 2019!!!) so I got up early before that to run 7.02 miles. Got it done, feeling good feeling great.

Sunday- REST DAY. A much needed one at that. And lot of brunching also went down over the weekend. Eggs benny for the win.

There you have it! Merry Christmas, falala lala and all that jazz.

Anyone else do a rocking Christmas race last week? How was it??

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday y’all! Yep my Texan accent is back. Hope you have a fun *almost Christmas* weekend planned! I got in the holiday spirit this morning with a Christmas run in my ‘hood wearing my hoodie from my last 100 miler. It’s definitely a favorite.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

9 kitchen gifts your meal prepping friends will love. I got my EYES on that instant pot.

Rock n Roll Cancun! Looks so fun. I know what I’m putting on my bucket list now.

Runner beanies!! How cute are these. Need them in my life right now.

Plus a little funny for your Friday. You are welcome.

Have a great weekend!!

What’s on tap for your weekend? What do you want for Christmas?!
World peace.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well we are back to the up and down temps in Texas. It was 28 degrees during my run yesterday morning!! That’s right, right after it was in the 70s on Sunday. I feel like I may be having hot and cold flashes at this point. I also never know what to wear.

Hot flashes, yeah I think 35 is a little bit too early to have those? I mean I ain’t no spring chicken I am aware. But let me hold onto my feeling youthful in my mid 30s as much as possible, thank you.

I cannot get enough Christmas music. I play holiday jazz at work ALL DAY long. Love it.

What’s a Christmas song favorite of yours? Mine is probably Feliz Navidad. It makes me feel like I’m on the beach in Mexico somewhere.

A beach sounds really great right now by the way. It’s really time to get away. Who’s got me on the plane ticket? I’ll pay you back. Balling on a budget.

The Jingle Bell Run is tomorrow and part of me actually wants to race it even though it is untimed. Hmm…maybe I will just race it myself and time myself on Strava. Yeah, that sounds good.

Oh and this. Never gets old.

Share something random with me today!

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Tuesday! I had a bit of a long weekend so technically it is my ‘Monday’! Well let’s recap some miles from last week!! I am in a bit of an off season/fun run mode but still keeping my running going strong. Definitely in maintenance mode so I can start gearing up for races in the new year. Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- REST DAY. I needed a day of rest after the busy weekend and it was quite lovely. I took advantage and used the down time to satisfy my sushi craving. OH YES.

Tuesday- 5.21 mile run after teaching spin. Relaxed miles doing some people watching on the lake.

Wednesday AM- 6.32 miles, picked up the pace a bit at the end on my usual out and back route. The weather last week was darn near perfect for running and we also had some spring-like days. Loved every minute of that.

Wednesday PM- 4.02 miles sunset run. Getting in some double run day miles for the day.

Thursday- 8.03 miles back with the breakfast run club. I super look forward to Thursday mornings to run with my buds. Always puts a little pep in my step for the workday.

Friday- I was off on this day so super looked forward to getting those 7.22 miles in. Plus sleeping in was super sweet. Side note I’m jealous of those who work from home and can just run whenever they want. This is probably my favorite time of year to run midday. Beautiful weather, sunshine, everyone is at work and clear streets. Loved it.

Saturday- 12.03 miles on the lake enjoying this marvelous view. Feeling good, feeling great.

Sunday- REST DAY. Actually those of us in the off season went to cheer on runners running the Dallas Marathon! This is one of the first times I’ve been on the cheer side for a change. Love supporting running friends and running fam.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What races (or fun runs) are coming up for you?
Jingle Bell (fun) Run, then my annual crazy run across DFW.

My Year of Running 2019.

It is that time of year again! Time to recap some of the highlights of this year of running, racing and training! It has been quite the year for me I must say. Both in running and in LIFE – in general. But you know what – I would not have it any other way. Let’s get to the miles and smiles!

Best race experience?
This year I mostly focused on ULTRAS. It was a phenomenal year for all distances BEYOND the 26.2! Probably my best experience this year would be the one that recently occurred –my PR at El Taco Loco 100k! Not only did I set a personal record for this race (by literally finishing HOURS faster than my 1st 100k) but it was just all around a dang good time. The people around me made it even that more special. I’m thankful for awesome running buds along with me for the journey. PLUS I proved to myself that I could run pacer-less (while absolutely terrified) in the woods in the dark to the tune of a pack of coyotes. So woohoo for that.

Best run?
My 35 mile birthday run. Running your AGE is never easy but always something I look forward to. And a great way to reflect on the year and the many blessings to come. I always enjoy doing this run solo (I had a friend that ran the first few miles with me, then I was on my own after that) as a way to really feel each mile. Plus it was great ultra training and time on my feet.

Best new piece of running swag?
Probably all of my sweet BUFFS. I now have a collection of em all. Mostly I get them at trail races but I tell you what I am a buff fanatic now. They’ve replaced my trucker hats. Who am I even?! Just a buff wearin’ ultra runner, I guess.

Best piece of running advice you’ve received?
Trust the process. Respect the distance. That rest and recovery is just as important as putting in the work. And to do epic sh*t. Scare the living daylights out of yourself and do the crazy thing!! You’ll be glad you did.

Most inspirational runner?
Can I just put my entire running club here? I mean, my running friends are pretty dang inspirational. And fun! Each and every one of them. Our group is so awesome, so diverse. From different backgrounds and all. It is just a talented group of athletes I am proud to call friends. I’m thankful to have found MY PEOPLE that I love running with, every Saturday morning. Miles, breakfast tacos and mimosas for the win.

Hey girl hey Jenna Runs! Special shout out. Run buds for life. 

If you could sum up your year of running in a few words, what would they be?
No limits
Sometimes dirty, sometimes paved
Merrymaking (I was looking for a synonym for FUN!! This one fits the bill.)

How has your year of running been!? Answer any or all of the questions!!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well Texas is back with the up and down weather! It has been downright chilly for running this week but also quite pleasant. This morning’s chilly miles were absolutely everything.

I’m definitely looking forward to having this long weekend coming up. I’ve got some time left over before the year is up to play around with so it will be a catch up type of weekend. Actually I’ve been thinking about doing some serious cleaning (PURGING of sorts) with stuff around the house before the new year. You know, adulting and such. Much needed.

Trader Joe’s has all of the holiday goodies, ya’ll. I’ve been trying to not be too naughty and stay away but I made the trip over there last night after work and LET ME TELL YOU that was kind of the highlight of my week. Because I bought the peppermint pretzel slims. Ohemgee. I have to hide them from myself before I eat the entire bag at once. So yummy.

So I ordered my Google Home Mini (I get one free for being a Spotify premium member) a couple of weeks ago and am starting to wonder if it got lost in the mail or something. Is Google Home Mini like Alexa? I don’t even know what I ordered. Ha.

I’m super into beanie hats lately. Beanies and holiday java from Starbucks and no one gets hurt. I wear my beanie all day at work too in the office. It is like my security blanket.

So excited to CHEER on all of my friends running the Dallas Marathon this weekend! This is the first time probably I’ve ever been on the other side and not actually racing it! But a bunch of my runner club friends (those of us in the off season) are going out to spectate and it will be one BIG massive party. Good luck to those running it! See you out there.

Tell me something random about your week!