Find Your Bliss.

Well you guys, I am out the rest of the week and embarking on yet another incredible marathon experience. So, I will leave you with this and I hope that you enjoy. This guy’s attitude certainly makes me smile. He has found his bliss. This is ultrarunner badass-ness at its finest. I’m going to take this and put this in my pocket when I return and ramp back up for my 2nd 100 miler, BB100.

“I guess that’s all you have to do for 100 miles. Keep having a good time, keep your sense of humour and don’t take it too seriously.” – Ryan Sandes

Have a great week!!

Chronicles of a High Mileage Runner.

Hello, friends! Well it is RACE WEEK around these parts. I’m counting down the days til my next marathon (and currently scaling back the miles- yes the taper has been glorious) so as I get the legs ready for the challenge ahead…I thought I’d share a few tidbits on my thoughts while training for this race as well as for my upcoming 100 miler at the end of the year. Without further ado let’s get to it.

-Ahh…Monday morning…just another 10 miler on the schedule. Let’s knock it out. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.
-Chicken wings…those sound really good right now. All about that RUN-ger.
-Chicken wings for breakfast. I could totally make that a thing. Hashtag protein.
-My legs are still tired though from back to back long runs this past weekend.
-Oh well, today is double run day. Man up.
-Shooting for 70-80 miles this week. Just a normal running week in the world of Chelsea.
-What am I eating for lunch today? Spinach with a pile of feta cheese, and some eggs and other veggies? Sounds legit.
-I’m hungry. What else is new.
-Too bad I’m a poor television writer. I would eat ALL OF THE FOOD all of the time. I need a raise so I can buy more food for this training.
-Friend is texting me about running tomorrow morning. Hill repeats. My legs. Ouch.
-It is 3 PM in the office and I’m literally about to fall asleep at my desk due to said morning workout. Coffee time again. Fill ‘er up.
-I simply do not know how people who workout everyday early morning are not coffee drinkers. I like to refer to them as psychos.
-Or maybe I am the psycho.
-Okay, work day over. Caffeinated and ready for run number two.
-It will be short and sweet because it is 100 degrees outside still at 6 PM. WHY, TEXAS SUMMER. Just why.
-At least I have another group of buddies to do this run with.
-I have at least 3 running groups I run with right now. It is awesome. I have a runner friend for every one of my moods.
-Evening run done. Now it is time for a beer. I only like beer in the summer time. Then when fall rolls around I will switch to red wine.
-Cooler weather…a fire…and a glass of red. HEAVEN.
-I will definitely be oh so very glad when this training cycle is over and it gets cooler. Give me cooler weather and all of the FALL THINGS.
-*Friday rolls around – okay, it’s rest day. Let’s run a quick 5 miles…it’s active recovery.
-It is funny how 5 miles seems like not even running at all after all of this mileage.
-20 mile Saturday. Knock it out. Just another weekend.
-Mimosa because you’ve earned it.
-Okay…Sunday, 10-15 miles to hit some numbers. Legs…tired…again.
-Done and done. Love hitting those numbers.
-Time to foam roll…and scheduling that massage. Treat.YO.Self.

What are some of your thoughts while training for a marathon or race?

Random Thoughts a Day Early.

Just a few random thoughts, a day early…since I will be off for the long luxurious holiday weekend! As most of you know…I usually do this post on Thursday but I will be going on a short hiatus for Labor Day! Hope you enjoy yours.

I have to say I’m absolutely in love with my curly summer hair. Dare I say…MAYBE, just maybe I’ll extend this look out for the fall? It’s just ridiculously easy and I get all of the compliments. Some lady even asked me at the pool the other day if she could touch my hair. LOL…usually I would object, but she asked so nicely so I gave her a pass.

Confession, I had watermelon for dinner twice this week. IT WAS AWESOME. So hydrating honestly after running in the heat.

THIS POST below on the Revel Race page. Um, did we not just talk about this!? Freaking hilarious. Love it.

I have listened to The Chainsmoker’s “Side Effects” about 20 times today. The music video is EVERYTHING also. You must watch. Love love love.

My Running is Cheaper Than Therapy coffee warmer mug thingy. What do you call these things? Koozies? Anyway, I keep it at my desk so it is a nice reminder when I’m having a stressful day. Then I smile and all is well with the world.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

What’s on tap for your Labor Day?
Pool time, more pool time, perhaps a margarita is also in my future.

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! Hope you’re having a lovely hump day. I got my day started of course in usual fashion with a beautiful sunrise run. And I’m here now to share some workout tracks with ya!

But first, be sure to follow along on Spotify as well as see where I’ll be teaching spin cycle classes next in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

Let’s go for a ride!

Ball for Me- Post Malone, Nicki Minaj: Warm up
Finest Hour- Cash Cash: Tapbacks
Do it Well- Jennifer Lopez: Rolling hills
Came to Get Funky- Cazztek: Accelerations
Wild for the Night- A$AP Rocky: Hill climb
We Still in This- B.o.B., Juicy J: Seated/standing run
Electric Church- Mike Taylor: Sprints
OMG- Tommy Trash: Rolling hills
Lean On- J. Balvin & Farruko Remix: Jumps on a hill
Stay for It- RL Grime, Miguel: Active recovery
Independent- Webbie: Hill climb
Do it Tonight- Cedric Gervais: Rolling hills/Tapbacks
Finesse- Cardi B, Bruno Mars: Accelerations
Morning After Dark- Timbaland: Hill climb
Everyday We Lit- YFN Lucci: Standing run
Broken Clock- DJ Lilman, Jiddy: Sprints
Day and Night- Miguel Jordan: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Personal Running Pet Peeves.

So it is probably something not a lot of people talk about in the realm of running since the sport is really mostly a positive and encouraging one. But I am here to talk about it. Why? Because we can! Runner pet peeves…I am here for it. Allow me to give you a few of mine in no particular order. Of course, with gifs very much included. 

Oh, how I miss me some RHOA a la Phaedra.

Non-runners thinking a 5k is a marathon. Actually to me this is more funny than anything else. Come on people. Marathons are so common now. Really…26.2 miles is quite the feat but let’s be honest. A lot of people do it. So, you should know by now. Stop asking how many miles it is. Thanks.

Just people at random honking at you in their cars while you run. Same goes for cat calling. It’s just not cute. I just want to get through this last mile without you annoying the crap out of me with these noises. Peaceful. That is how I like it.

People that join run groups and leave their headphones in the entire social run. I wanna get to know ya, okay?! At least keep an earbud out so you can be safe. Don’t come to the social run and be anti-social. You won’t be invited to the cookout next time. 

Another FAQ by the non-runner- Doesn’t running BOTHER YOUR KNEES?! Actually, no it doesn’t. Sometimes other things but damn I’ve got some pretty strong knees. I must say. Thank you baby Jesus for that. 

People that stare you down as you pass them while running. I know, you wish you were running with me or something like that. Okay. Join me next time? I don’t bite. Usually. 

Runners that run a little too close to you when you are running together. Okay, bud. We are both super sweaty and your arm keeps rubbing up against mine and I kind of need some personal space?

Maybe you just like affection!? This is not the time for that. Let me have my runner bubble. 

What are some of your personal running pet peeves? 

Weekly Running Report.

Hello Monday!! Nice to see you again. I’m actually really ready for this short work week and super LONG luxurious Labor Day weekend coming up. Let’s get it!

But first let’s recap last week’s mileage! I was able to get in just over 60 miles total as I scale the mileage back to get ready for Big Cottonwood!! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.22 miles in the a.m.…temps all week last week were quite hot so this felt like a heat training run more than anything else. But got it done.
Tuesday AM- Lunchtime 10k. 6.3 miles all smiles. We had some cloudy skies also which was nice. I had a birthday event last Monday so had to push this run to lunch. It always feels to get it done on your lunch break though.
Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles after teaching a class at the gym. Love people watching by the lake.
Wednesday AM- 7.12 miles of hills with the breakfast run club. I’ve been getting in lots of hill training this cycle and I sure do hope it pays off in a couple of weeks.
Wednesday PM- 3.23 miles with WRRC. I’ve missed doing my Weds night runs with them – gotta make this one happen more often.
Thursday AM- 8.22 tempo-ish miles. Gosh I forgot how much tempos make my legs want to fall off. Feels dang good though when you’re done.
Thursday PM- 2.27 miles cool down run just winding down from the day by the lake.
Friday- 5.12 miles in the a.m. Running on rest day. Yes I’m on a run streak and it’s going good so far. The shorter runs have been good active recovery.
Saturday- 16.02 miles back at White Rock with my WRRC posse. I’ve got some buds that are headed to South Africa to run an Ironman so super excited for them. It was good to see them back on the run getting some strong miles in. Fun fun.

Sunday- Pool time and a 4 mile run. Just to hit my numbers for the week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Is it starting to cool down where you live?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to ya! Hope you have some fun weekend plans in store. Here are my faves from this week!!

-Hello my name is Chelsea and I’m obsessed with poke bowls. Have you hopped on board the poke bowl train? I love all things ahi tuna & salmon. Plus, a local spot just opened up in my ‘hood. This could get dangerous.

This song. In love. And on repeat. As well as this one.

-All of the Big Cottonwood Canyon pics. Cant wait to be there oh so soon!

-Have you peeped the Brooks trail run collection from REI?! I am needing me a new pair of Pure Grit kicks right about now.

-Ripped yoga leggings. Need.

-And this. Always this. 100.

Have a great Friday!

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hi there! It is random thoughts Thursday so get ready for the random rants/raves and confessions in no real order whatsoever!! It will be short and sweet. Let’s get right to it.

BTW Who watched the VMAs? I heard J.Lo rocked it. I’ve been too busy to watch tv lately- need to catch up.

Also, who watches the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders making the team reality show? Whatever it is called on CMT. I actually know some of the judges so I like seeing their take on some of the girls. Plus the tryouts are usually entertaining.

So apparently eating coconut oil is considered to be “pure poison” now. I know people (some of my friends included) that swear up and down this stuff is like the ultimate superfood. I prefer it as a “lotion” of sorts and rub it on my skin as a moisturizer. Hmm. Not sure whether to take not eating it as gospel or not.

Yes, my marathon is fast approaching and y’all it is official I am going to TAPER. Which I never really do much for races. But this training cycle has been pretty strong and I’m kinda ready to back off and take some of my high mileage down.

-No, really. I know some of you don’t believe me. Anyway, when the marathon is over I have to get right back in the groove for the 100 miler. So, there’s that.

-I’m ready for some more pool time this weekend. You know, in north Texas going to the POOL is like equivalent to being by a real body of water for some of y’all on the coasts. All day everyday. And thankfully my apartment pool is like my little Las Vegas so it’s amazing. And all of my neighbor friends meet up there every Sunday. GRILLIN and CHILLIN. We don’t even have to call or text each other anymore. It is telepathic.

What’s on your mind this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Here’s your weekly lineup of workout tracks! Be sure to follow along on Spotify where I am constantly posting new playlists!

Also, see where I’m teaching spin class next here!

Let’s go for a ride!

Made for Now- Janet Jackson: Warm up
Rock & Rave- Sick Individuals: Accelerations
Get Your Money Up- Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, Trina: Rolling hills
My Name- Maxim Schunk: Tapbacks
0 to 100- Drake: Hill climb
Sweet Memories- CID, Kaskade: Jumps
Romani- Kryder: Sprints
Instruction- Jax Jones: Active recovery
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Q-Tip, Fergie, GoonRock: Seated/standing run
Fine By Me- Chris Brown: Tapbacks/Rolling hills
In the Dark- Dev: Hill climb
B.O.B.- OutKast: Accelerations
The Beat- Mike Williams: Hill climb
Lose Control- Missy Elliot: Sprints
Stuck With Me- Tinashe, Little Dragon: Cool down

What workout songs are you loving lately?

Thoughts While Running an Ultra.

-Checks weather- alright…nice and cool this morning, it is going to be a great day for running!
-Hydration pack ready, Gu is in my arsenal. Let’s do this thang.
-Time to head to the start. Look at all these other crazies along for the ULTRA ride. They are all just as crazy as me I bet.
-I really love doing ultras on trails…zone out and be immersed in nature.
-So much better on the body too. I don’t want to die as much when it’s over.
-Alright, start nice and easy. Conserve that energy.
-Dang look at that HUGE uphill. Ease on up, glide on down.
-Okay…this dude behind me is way too close for comfort, here…go ahead and pass me.
-Because I’ll be passing you later for sure after you blow up from going too fast in the beginning.
-Okay let’s see about navigating this trail. Looks like the race director put out plenty of signs.
-Getting LOST on the trail…probably my worst nightmare.
-Look…what is that, a skunk? A raccoon? Just a raccoon. Pretty harmless.
-AID STATION! Aid stations on trails are probably just the best thing ever.
-Give me all of the pickles.
-Okay! Half way done. It is a good day.
-Is that a root or a snake? Phew…just a root.
-Oops, almost tripped and busted my ass. Good save.
-We are getting close to the finish!
-Time to pick up the pace a bit, feeling good feeling great.
-Done and done! Give me my medal/belt buckle. Time for a well deserved adult beverage. Yes.

What are some of your thoughts while running an ultra/trail run/race?