Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happiest Monday to ya! Hope you have a productive week ahead. I’m here to recap some miles from last week! Things are finally ramping up and YES it is without a doubt blazing hot down in Texas. But I was able to get in 40 miles last week which has me feeling pretty dang good! It’s nice to maintain the miles even when there is nothing quite solid on the calendar. Keeping that fitness and endurance up for these classes I have to teach at the gym.

Monday- A quick 3.23 miles after teaching spin. I actually kind of enjoyed getting out there to watch the sunset and do some people watching. Nice and relaxed miles and a cool down after all of the sprints on the bike.

Tuesday- 4.33 miles in the morning. Nice rolling hills by the golf course. The humidity was insane on this day but still nice to get it in. Drenched with all of the sweat.

Wednesday AM- 5.02 miles with some more rolling hills. The cloudy sky RUNrises were especially beautiful too but still lots of humidity. I have been getting used to the humidity though and can appreciate the breezy 80 degree mornings before climbing into triple digits on the daily.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles! Felt good to get in a good 3.03 miles after work.

Thursday- Thursdays are my triple threat days (teach at gym in the morning, run, teach at gym at night) so I rode 30 miles total on the bike on this day and then 3.23 miles in the AM. My legs were certainly spent by the end of it.

Friday- Quick 3.35 miles after work. Nice active recovery day and I’m glad I got it in.

Saturday- 11.03 miles with the WRRC crew. Always love kicking off the weekend with these peeps.

Sunday- Sunday funday runday miles on this run streaking week. 6.77 miles in 90 degrees does a body good. Lots of hydration time after.

Plus ending the week on a solid note – my absolute favorite ceviche.

And there you have it!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods – share some highlights of your weekend with me!

Friday, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Happiest Summer Friday! Here is what I’m all about this week & weekend –

Birthday cake with this lovely lady – celebrating her birthday all day today. Now you know where I get my sunshine from – I most definitely ‘get it from my mama’.

All about the coconut waters for hydration. My Sprouts Farmers Market has the best by the can – I love the one without the pulp. I could drink this in the summer all day long.

Eyeing this bacon wrapped grilled corn. I may have to make this a thing.

To the Breakfast Club radio podcast. Fun fact I love listening to this especially when I run after work. I feel like I am having a pop culture convo with friends…recapping the day.

All of the episodes of VERY CAVALLARI! I never watched this when it was on so now I’m super bingeing it. And Kristin and her hubby are not even married anymore but their dynamic cracks me up. I love discovering shows all late. Haha

Plans to hit up my own…or SOMEONE’S pool this weekend. Absolutely happening. Need sun.

Feel free to share what you are ALL ABOUT this week! Have a rockin’ weekend.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I was up for a morning run after a quick 14 mile spin cycle ride with my crew this morning! Check out this peaceful RUNrise sky.

I’m all in my feelings about this movie me and my editor are currently editing. Hashtag TV producer life. Usually I don’t even get into the movies we air but I like the actress.

Back to balancing teaching classes at the gym with work is going well so far. I think it has something to do with the Trader Joe’s cold brew. Thank you, TJ’s you are the real MVP.

To save a little money I switched to press on nails vs. the salon kind. Lots of pros and cons to this! Pros are the ones on Amazon look AMAZING and better than the salon.

Major con, when you sweat outside a lot the glue does not keep the nails on so the upkeep is insane. The struggle is definitely real. Keeping glue in my purse usually does the trick.

I wish I didn’t like groomed nails so much. But cute nails are absolutely my guilty pleasure.

Post run and gym treats – love these protein balls and latte. It may be my new Thursday morning thing.

Gotta teach a class tonight! Wish me luck that I will stay awake and have energy for the 6PM. Frozen beverage may indeed be happening after class.

Feel free to share some randomness with me today!!

Indoor Cycling, Spin class, spotify

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day peeps! I’ve got some new jams for your workout playlists today! Enjoy – be sure to check me out on Spotify!!

For all of my instructors and cycle enthusiasts the spin cycle workout is also below.

Check me out to see where I’m teaching classes next!!

Let’s go for a ride!

By Your Side- Calvin Harris, Tom Grennan: Warm up
The Party- Joe Stone: Accelerations
ILYSM- Steve Aoki, Autoerotique: Rolling hills
Oh Lord- Mic Lowry, Swifta Beater: Tapbacks
That’s What I Like- Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars: Climb
Hero- Afrojack, David Guetta, Dubvision: Sprints
Scream (R3hab remix)- Usher: Rolling hills
Good Things- Cedric Gervais, Just Kiddin, Kyan: Active recovery
TTU- Flosstradamus, Waka Flocka Flame: Climb
Tambourine- Eve: Accelerations
Rock That Body- Black Eyed Peas, Skrillex: Climb
I’m Good- Blaque: Jumps on a hill
Work- Rihanna, Drake, Bad Royale: Sprints
Sweet Memories- CID, Kaskade: Jumps on a hill
Love That Never- Tokimonsta: Cool down

Feel free to share some randomness with me today! What songs are you loving?!? Share some workout songs that I would want to add to my list! 

Friday, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Hey there and happiest of Fridays to you! Here are the things that I am loving on this lovely Summer Friday…

The most colorful and the spiciest of ceviche dishes. This plate truly was like a work of art. Really hit the spot after my triple threat Thursday.

Anything ice cold. Including Trader Joe’s instant cold brew with some pumpkin spice creamer! That’s right. I’m bringing the PS back early. Hey, it is almost August! I see you judging but you know what I have no shame. I don’t do the lattes but a little drop of creamer in the strongest of coffees makes Chelsea a happy camper.

Plans to go to down to the beach in August. Sun and sand is much needed right about now. Simply cannot wait.

A bowl with rice and chicken and feta and veggies with hummus. I may have to make one this weekend. Also a big juicy summer peach. And plums! I used to eat plums in the summer a lot growing up. Gotta bring the tradition back.

To Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Love watching her podcast too on YouTube. It’s just light hearted with a touch of guilty pleasure celebrity gossip.

Michelle Obama showing love to Simone Biles. Just makes my little black heart (mixed with sunshine) so very warm and happy.

That’s all for this week! Hope you have a marvelous weekend.

What is on tap for your weekend? Any fun outdoor activities?
May check out this Mermaid bar (finally) and of course friend time, yoga time, long run time.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Spin class

Random Thoughts Thursday.

LOVED starting my day with a quick 12 mile ride on my spin bike plus a run before work. This view outside the gym was absolutely fantastic and I was drenched in sweat after.

It is fun finding routes around the gym to do my runs…this gym in particular is in a really affluent neighborhood so I feel like I’m watching HGTV or something running around mansions getting my miles in.

I had a fabulous turn out this morning too for class. Things are a bit socially distanced still at the gym but our cycle studio is massive so plenty of room to spread out. I love good morning energy too and my class definitely brought it. I am looking forward to teaching tonight too (today is my double dose day)

I always sleep amazingly well when I have a TRIPLE THREAT THURSDAY. That’s what I like to call it – I used to do them a lot back in the day = gym (bike & weights) / run / gym.

I’ve been hydrating like crazy lately with the Texas heat and humidity. This morning felt like an absolute sauna. I’m definitely eating all of the watermelon and drinking my electrolytes.

Has anyone been getting into shows on PEACOCK?! I’ve been watching Dr. Death (listened to most of the podcast) and I am not one to enjoy blood and violence (I have a tattoo of a sun for goodness sakes – just call me Miss Sunshine) but it is something about this story that sucked me in. Maybe because the Dr. was based out of TX and my dad was a doctor growing up it is just an interesting story watching people in the medical field and seeing all of the hot mess that goes on behind the scenes. I had to take a break from it because it got heavy earlier in the week but I may jump back on it today.

Share something random about your day with me! Good – bad – or just to vent. Here for ya.

Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Motivation, Music, Spin class, spotify

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! I’ve got some hot tracks and throwbacks for your eardrums today!! Hope you enjoy this GOOD VIBES RIDE for my fellow instructors, spin cycle lovers and workout fanatics!!

Check out my schedule to see where I’m teaching next, and as always follow along on Spotify where I post all of my workout playlists.

Let’s go for a ride!

I Got Love- Don Diablo, Nate Dogg: Warm up
Do it Well- Jennifer Lopez, Ludacris: Accelerations
Just a Little More Love- David Guetta, Wally Lopez: Rolling hills
The Portrait (Ooh La La) R3HAB, Gabry Ponte: Standing run
Calling On Me- Sean Paul, Tove Lo: Climb
Don’t- Don Diablo, Ed Sheeran: Jumps
High on Emotion- Sultan + Shepard: Tapbacks
Deeper Love- Jauz: Climb
Everytime Tha Beat Drop: Monica, Dem Franchise Boyz: Active recovery
Post Malone- Sam Feldt, RANI: Rolling hills
GUD VIBRATIONS- Nghtmre: Tapbacks
My Friend- EDX: Jumps on a hill
Light Me Up- SNO: Sprints
The Rhythm- MNEK: Climb
Sweat- Snoop Dogg: Climb
Runaway- Galantis, Dillon Francis: Sprints
Simmer- Mahalia, Burna Boy: Cool down

Share some of your favorite workout tracks with me this week!

Friday, Fun, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

It is a fabulous summer Friday around here!! Here’s what is going on with me this week and weekend.

All of the easy summer salads. Obsessed with chickpeas and red onions and baby tomatoes lately too. Eating all of the colors of the rainbow.

Kung fu tea…actually I had a boba tea here and hadn’t had boba in QUITE a while. It was yummy after burning ALL OF THE calories teaching back to back classes at gym + running.

A lot of promos here at work…and putting together shows for TV. Gotta love the producer life. It definitely helps having a blog to practice my creative side / writing all the time and sharpening my skills.

Some sun and a FROZEN MARGARITA. I talked about this yesterday but did not get to have that very thing after spin class. So that will without a doubt be happening this weekend.

To anything and everything on my Spotify. My music selections have been a little A.D.D. lately but lately I’ve been loving high energy music. This heatwave playlist has been my absolute jam.

The book of HAPPY. Whenever I just need a random pick me up.

This quote.

Happiest of Fridays to you!

Share with me what you are eating/drinking/loving lately!!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Sunflower sighting on the run this week – my favorite flower without a doubt. Kind of like my spirit animal of flowers?! Wild and bright like me.

I was up bright and early for a run this morning after teaching class at the gym. I actually got to discover a new to me running route – which is always nice!! Playing Dora the Explorer.

Teaching classes in the morning is always chill – I love the chill vibe of the gym and the streets. As someone who is used to teaching during the busiest time of the day (after work crowd) it is a nice change of pace. Everyone is more focused with getting their workouts in and getting in and outta there. Love that go getter mentality.

This new gym I teach at is SUPER nice and luxurious, even the locker rooms feel like you’re at some type of resort. All of the freaking amenities. There’s also a lounge and café if you have time to chill after or if you want a pedicure etc. It is crazy. I felt like I was at the spa showering to get ready for the 9 to 5.

This is my busiest day so I go right back to teach spin tonight. After work. Then I will be done with the day. Making that summer money, honey.

I’ve been so tired in the evenings I rarely have time to turn on any TV shows but I have been watching some more guilty pleasure reality stuff. Love me some Hills New Beginnings and anything Hills related. Any Hills fans out there? Yall have to watch Whitney Port and her husband Timmy’s recaps of my favorite show growing up. I literally do feel like I grew up with these kids.

My allergies have been kicking my butt lately. I really do feel like mine are absolute worst in the summer time. Gotta love that good ole ragweed and grass pollen.

I’m starting to think about fall and winter marathons (and ULTRAS). The Dallas 50k is a very real possibility and I love that it will be local. So it is between that and a trail race but loving the idea of a low maintenance race right now. A “baby ultra” after my spring 50 miler may be just what I need in life and then I will have a good amount of time to train for it.

I feel like I am a loud TYPER when I type stuff at work. Like heavy handed. Do you type loud? I have stopped wearing the nails for now (back to the natural look for a little while) so I feel like I type really fast and loud when I am doing the natural nails instead of the fake ones. Sorry coworkers.

I may treat myself to some ice cream today after this crazy busy day of work AND workouts are over. Or maybe a MARGARITA. That sounds better.

Feel free to share some randomness with me!! 

Friday, Fun, Running, Summer

Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays are back!! Here’s what I’m into this week…


Splitting the most amazing fajitas with my mama after teaching my spin class last night. I haven’t heard that *fajita sizzle* in oh so very long. Just hearing that alone last night made me happy. I think it is funny the way my mama eats fajitas also. She gets excited about the beans and rice part first and just goes in for the kill. Then forgets about that fact THAT WE ARE SPLITTING THE MEAL. Never mind mama, you can have all the sides that you so desire. Next time I’ll have them split it for us prior to.


All of the iced teas, unsweetened please. Just put some fresh peaches in that bad boy.



Spotify playlists all the dang time. Back to teaching class at gym multiple times a week so gotta keep the game strong. Check out my Spotify if you are needing workout jams.


This new Mermaid Raw Bar. Can’t wait to see what this is all about! Dallas has some really cute spots cropping up lately. Need to do a little weekend exploring.


Outdoor Seaside Café all day. It is my writing music mostly when I am at work. Surprisingly when I am not working out I am like an old lady with my listening choices.


The 1st episode of the new season of the Real Housewives of Potomac! Jury is still out on the NEW girl. But living for all things Karen Huger.


ANYTHING NEON. Neon all the time in the summertime. As a far of fact I think I may go get a neon pedicure after work.


How to make a delish (and “noo-trish” can we make that word a thing?) smoothie for the post run. I LOVED spinach in my smoothies back in the day. And coconut almond milk. MMHMM good.

And there you have it! Enjoy your Friday.

Share some of what you’re eating/drinking/craving!!!