Trail running

Trail Running 101.

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are still enjoying your holiday and letting Christmas linger a bit. I know I sure am. I have finally come out of my chocolate coma from consuming a few too many of these babies…
so yummy…yet so dangerous.
I will be working this week but thankfully I have the day off on Friday as well as the following Monday so it’s all good. It is basically a ghost town here in the office which is also fine by me.
I am back and running, literally! Yesterday (after sleeping in & watching a few episodes of the Kardashians – don’t judge me) I ventured out to the Northshore Trail in Grapevine for an afternoon trail run with my friends Pepsi, Ann, and a few other running buddies. We thought we were going to be rained out with the gloomy weather but the drizzles slowed down and we were on our way! On Christmas Day after my 16 mile Christmas Eve run, I ran 1 slow recovery mile on the treadmill at my mama’s house. It was very uneventful. So Monday was much needed. I wore my red Inov-8 F-Lite 195 shoes which turned out to be the perfect minimalist trail running shoe. Thanks to my friends over at the Natural Running Store I believe I have found my off road match!
The trail is beautiful and sits right outside of Lake Grapevine. I didn’t have my GPS watch on that afternoon (yes, still without a Garmin charger, and the store has been closed for the holiday…oh Garmin, my Type A self misses you so!) But we did about 6 or 7 miles. It was nice to get off of the pounding of the pavement and just be immersed in nature.
After the trail run we all went over to the Lazy Dogz Grill over in Flower Mound for some treats and eats. It was a good time.
In the mean time, I am contemplating on getting more into trail races this year after running the Deck the Trails race. It is so different from road races but it is a change that I certainly enjoy.
For your entertainment, I’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts for trail running – just from what I’ve learned thus far. Here goes.
DO wear some shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Because you WILL get them dirty whether you like it or not. I recommend investing in some trail shoes or some shoes with some good gripping at the bottom. My Inov-8s are minimalist shoes but they were just perfect and helped me with my footing because they are not at all bulky.
yes…dirty shoes are a good thing!
DON’T lose sight of the ground in front of you. It is very easy to get distracted especially when you are chatting with a friend out on the trail but just make sure you are careful and look down at all times.
DO bring buddies to run with while out on the trail. Primarily for safety and so you have someone with you in case you get lost. Plus it’s just more fun talking while galavanting through the rocky terrain. I also recommend bringing your phone with you – so you can take pics of course!
good times with good trail buddies
DON’T try to be all type A speed racer…trails just for easy paced, chillax type of running. It is much easier on your joints too provided you do not go all out and try to kill yourself. Trust me, I know this from experience. Easy pace, conversational.
DO enjoy the elements. After all, that’s what trail runs are all about! Keep your ears open for everything around you. I recommend running sans music. Listen out for bikers that come up behind you and be courteous out there.
So, in the spirit of trail running, I have signed up for the Grasslands Trail Run – Half Marathon in March!
It’s March 24th, and then the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon will be the next day on Sunday. I am looking forward to doing back to back half marathons! Cuz…I’m CRAZY and I know it!!
Cue the LMFAO…
This weekend is the New Year’s Double – again, back to back half marathons, one on NYE and another NY Day! I’ll be doing it with a few other crazy runners so of course it’ll be a good time.
I think the bibs are pretty cool…
Doing anything fun for New Year’s Eve? 
I’ll be making some cameos to a couple of parties, but at midnight I turn into dust.