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Jingle Bell 5K Run Recap.

Cheers to the Christmas weekend…I’ll drink to that!
Good morning beautiful people! I hope everyone’s day is kicking off just nicely…whether you are plugging away at work or in your pajamas with your coffee. Today is my Friday here at work, Hallelujah for that!
Last night was the Jingle Bell 5K Run at the Anatole Hotel in downtown Dallas. What a great event to burn off a few cookies and make room for more cookies! The event was sponsored by Luke’s Locker, who always puts on a stellar event, not that I’m bias or anything.
Traffic was a total beast, so I made sure to get off of work plenty early to have time to sit in traffic a bit. I arrived to the event about 45 minutes early, and went to grab my race number. The race itself was actually right outside of the hotel, and the post race party/registration stuff was all inside. The hotel was beautifully decorated for the holidays.
I met up with my Luke’s buddy Jessica, who was there with a few of her friends. I was glad to see some familiar faces out there at the race, because often times I do a lot of these holiday races solo. Believe it or not it’s REAL hard to get people to commit to running during the holidays. Really, you don’t say? So I just run whether anyone joins me or not. Thankfully, there were a few people there that I knew so that made me happy. Anyway, Jess and I took a photo by the big Christmas tree in the lobby.
After waiting around a bit, it was time to line up at the start line. The event is mostly family oriented, so a lot of people bring their doggies and dress them up, which I think is totally adorable. Lots of people also wear Christmas lights (like wrap themselves up in lights…how they run this way, I do not know) but it was totally cute. I wanted to wear more Christmas garb but honestly, I was there to RUN, and run fast and I didn’t need those things weighing me down. Besides I figured the faster I ran, the quicker I can get to the post race pizza and adult beverages right? Right.
So I lined up with all of the fasties in the front as to avoid all of the families and dogs. Up at the start line I ran into my friend Adrianna, who takes Danceaton class with me at 24 Hour Fitness. It was so nice to see a dancing buddy there! She brought her beautiful collie dog Chloe, who apparently is a very speedy runner as well. We all got the “GO” signal and were off on our way. The course takes you through a little bit of downtown Dallas, in an area with a few nice shops. It was hard to see everything since by the 7pm start time it was very dark. But they did have a water station and the mile markers which was nice, even for a 5K race. I was running fast, and just trying to maintain a pace where I was slightly uncomfortable the entire time. Mile one, just under 7 minute per mile pace. Just flying along. Then one of my legwarmers started sliding off. Really, legwarmers? Oh well, keep running, I thought to myself. But legwarmers, unless they are as tight as compression sleeves, seriously, NEVER again. I digress.
Made it to the finish. 23 minutes. 7:32 pace. Finito.
Not a PR, nearly a minute off from that. But it’s all good. I still placed 6th in my age division out of 105 girls. Not bad for my first night time 5K race.
I went back into the Hilton Anatole where the post race party was bring held. Found Adrianna and took some photos with her and Chloe.
Bossing around Adriana's brother on how to take a photo. He thought it would be funny to capture me in mid 'TUDE.
Ahh yes. Much better.
Met up with Jessica at the Luke’s tent and enjoyed a Corona or three. Danced to the live band. Good times. Went home.
So overall, it was a FUN holiday race and totally a MUST DO next year. I love me some festive races.
Next race is the NY Double next weekend! Stay tuned!
Oh and if you’re wondering, the RW Holiday Run Streak…still going strong.
Have a very Merry Christmas!