My Fitness Instructor Schedule


Not only do I LOVE spin…I teach it! Join me for some spin cycle action weekly at the following locations! 

*Monday- Cycle: 5:30 PM – Life Time Fitness Colleyville – STARTING MARCH 1st!! 

To view the full class schedule and locations, click here

See you in the saddle!! 

5 thoughts on “My Fitness Instructor Schedule”

  1. You should check out the new Cycle Bar in Dallas, I am from Dallas originally but moved to Florida in 1993. I currently teach at the CycleBar in Fort Lauderdale and love it. They are just opening and hiring new instructors. I love your blog BTW. Keep doing what you are doing! I could really use some Mi Casina’s Nacho’s in my life.

    1. Aw thanks for your comment! I am very familiar with CycleBar. I love the flexibility of working at 24 (part time) along with my full time career at the moment but thank you! Cheers and happy spin cycling!! 🙂

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